Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Turn ...

Last time I used this painting it was Phantom Steve who was exploding all over the shop
 one little session of holding a teapot
 so I could work from photos and she was beside herself
 now it is my turn to look like this
I was cleaning out the drawers in the studio the other day as room is getting a bit tight
and thought I might do a sale over on my facebook art page of some of my originals
and yes I still have a desk full of other work that needs finishing
and no I didn't think it through in any way, shape or form
but half arsery still reigns supreme around here folks...

So here are just some of the originals that are in the sale

and some more that have just gone up
plus way too many to put up here
and while it is so exciting to see so many sell
and the card packs have been going great as well
it is a bit scary on brain power requirements
so I now need to try to put my head back together 
I am thinking tea and chocolates might do the trick
pop over and check them out if you are interested
just click here... happy painting all...xx

A huge thank you to all the people who have bought work
I have been a bit overwhelmed by so many people buying work
It has surpassed any expectations, 
and while there are still a few originals and card packs left
I never dreamed so many would be sold and haven't stopped smiling for days
Normally it would be a bit hard to let go of my babies but
It makes me so happy to think of my work heading off all over the world
And will find themselves well looked after in loving homes

Happy thanksgiving to all the US readers and happy painting all...xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

Pavan ...

It has been a week of mysteries and wonder I have to say
 I have actually been productive
 the miracle is that I used a planner type sheet thing and actually stuck to it
 it was only mildly painful and made my brain ache occasionally at the thought of such  organisation, but the results have been impressive
 I managed to get to finishing some commissioned perfume bottle pieces
 plus the November illustration for the GoodnessMe Box
 which means I can tuck in and scoff the deliciousness
 now I no longer require them as models

I also painted up this incredible bottle out of a catalogue for a wine merchant over here
no clue what it tastes like but the colours were just too perfectly me to not paint
and it all went smoothly
no paint in hair, no drips on the dog... small miracle, but wonderful none the less
plus I did a little painted sketch of some of the glorious frangipani blooms
which are making the studio smell so amazing
I managed to capture the colour, though the actual blooms look a tad dodgy

I also found a lost earring, magically remembered where I had stashed my list of ideas for Christmas gifts, cooked two new recipes without any eye rolling and gagging sounds from the family and I didn't get sneezed on once by the dog

 It wasn't all smooth sailing though, there were mysteries
the dog did gut a toy and I woke to a garden
that looked a little like it was covered in snow drifts
but as yet the actual outside of the toy is no where to be found
so innards are everywhere but I have no clue which toy they are from

there was also a rather large spider spotted in the dining room
but he was too quick on his feet and got away
so now there is a rogue spider somewhere in the house
which is doing my head in in a fairly major way
but I am going to put that aside and distract myself with what's on the desk
happy painting all...xx

Did you miss Tuesday's post?
Here is the Link ... Swifty Paris ...

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Swifty Paris...

I needed a bit of pretty in my days
so I painted up a bottle of Paris
not that my days have been awful or ugly
I just felt like dipping into some pinks
Pinks have been on my mind as the bougainvillea are blooming like crazy
and the frangipani over the back is in full glorious colour
the smell is amazing and it is a riot of hot pink and orange
and I do love some electric colour
there is never a day that can't be improved with a bit of bright colour 

The day hardly needs improving as it is a studio day
but the colour is a mood lifter anyway
which can be scary as I started in a good mood
and there are times when you can just tip over into the maniacal
not that I believe there is anything wrong with those crazed moods
where you feel like singing but it does worry the daughter and dog
as I am completely and gloriously tone deaf
and I have been playing that bloody Taylor Swift 1989 CD in the studio
so I am slaughtering song after song
with my enthusiastic renditions

There is actually a bigger issue at stake with the whole Taylor Swift thing
as I must admit I have never been a fan
not that I have actively disliked her or anything, just would never have it on in the studio
until this one... it is glorious, unashamed pop music
and I will also come clean and say I may have been a bit wrong about the girl
I used to think she may just give the mutt a run for his money in the lack of brains area
but a bit of instagram and tumblr stalking shows that she may in fact be a genius
she is witty, she bakes, she takes adorable photos with her parents and pets
and she has no trouble making fun of herself
I may have to agree with Phants and consider that she may in fact be an oracle
and it may be going a touch far but you never know
good Old Swifty is a surprise packet
and she made painting this up a breeze

So with the ipod on repeat I am off to go and attack some of the teacups and mugs
I have drawn up this morning
happy painting all...xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Cheese Burn ...

Tea cup from Brianne at Sweet Limes
So one week in to the relaunch of the Cuppa Project
and I am already a day late on posting the week's paintings
I actually have a pretty good reason for this for a change
well maybe not a good reason, but a reason other than being half arsed

mug from Brandi Phillips
I had plans to post yesterday
and was on track to share the amazing teacups and mugs
that people have shared for me to paint
when I got the dreaded cheese burn
yep I am that person who seeing dripping hot cheese
oozing out of the side of a grilled cheese sandwich
and tries to catch the molten cheese in two fingers and burns the bejeezus out of them
worst thing was I wasn't even trying to snaffle the cheese as a cooks treat
I was actually trying to save the recently scrubbed kitchen benches from a greasy drip
and scrubbed and gleaming benches deserve to be protected at all costs
those benches had gone a bit feral over the few days I spent battling a plague like flu
which I secretly think I caught via email from a friend who has just had said plague 
and it would appear that no one else in the house knows how to clean down a bench
so once they were all gleaming and shiny again they deserved protecting

mug from Kristin Dudish
so I spent the rest of the day being a tad pathetic
and using it as a glorious excuse for doing bugger all
should I hang out the washing?... nope...cheese burn
should I get in and paint some of the commissions waiting on my desk?... cheese burn
should I answer the fifty squillion emails waiting for attention?
are you kidding ...  I have a cheese burn people
should I fix global warming, or various political nightmares that the news is full of?
well I would except for the fact that I have a dirty great cheese burn

mug from Leslie Armstrong
add to that I got in a sneezing war with the dog due to the sinus nightmare that is spring
and sadly I do believe he won as he managed to get in the last sneeze

plus I spilt my cup of tea, dropped my banana while attempting to peel it one handed
and the house was devoid of chocolate

so it was quite the day and excuse fest wasn't it
plague, lazy arsed daughter, husband, dog sneezes
kamikazi bananas, spilt tea, a chocolate shortage
and most importantly the cheese burn

lets hope today is less action packed
happy painting all...xx

Mug from Debbie from Zenzi B studios

Friday, 7 November 2014

But It's A Dugong ...

Sometimes I get to the end of the week and it is a bit tough
 to find something to write about and illustrate
 not often mind you, but it does happen
 this week was not one of those weeks
it opened with a very frustrating discussion with Sinus Man about this new tea infuser
I showed him and commented how not much makes me happier than a good tea pun
which led to a bit of a puzzled look and head scratching from Sinus

the ensuing conversation went something like this

look at the newest infuser thingy ... I love a good tea pun infuser don't you?
tea pun? ... it's a dugong where is the tea pun in that?
it is a manatee...  spelled m-a-n-a-t-e-a...  get it
but a manatee is a dugong right
yes, well at least I think it is, if they aren't the same thing they are pretty bloody close
so it IS a dugong...  a dugong isn't tea pun related you know
but its not a dugong it is a mantea
but you just said they are the same thing, so it is a dugong
for the purposes of tea drinking it shall remain a manatee in my eyes
you mean a dugong pretending to be a manatee...

at which point I threw my hands in the air and retreated back to the studio
mind you that might have been his plan all along
as he was doing some serious couch surfing while watching 50 sports channels at once

other possible blog topics this week included the dog being in a weird reclining phase
that is seeing him lying constantly on his back... legs straight up in the air
he looks slightly like a cow that has been tipped
but I secretly think is allowing his very smelly bottom burps greater room penetration
which is leading to eye watering stench value

plus the first mangoes are in the market
which leads to sneaky sniffing of the fruit
in the hopes of getting that first waft of wonderful summer scent
 you can look a bit odd taking in gulping snozfulls of the fruit
so you have to be a bit stealth about it
but at least I wasn't the only one I spotted doing it the other day
and while I admit the gentleman I saw doing it looked decidedly mad
he went for the two handed major sniffage and sigh
whereas I went for the casual passing sniff
which I am sure I carried it off with style and charm

plus I finished drawing and painting up some artichokes which means that all week
I have had Sinus' stupid artichoke joke in my head
no I am not going to tell you the joke because it is truly appalling
plus if I did then Sinus would take it as a sign that he was secretly hilarious
and much bad joke telling would ensue
and I am not quite ready to forgive him the manatea/ dugong debate just yet

happy painting all...xx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Winners Are....

I have to say it was great fun hitting the button to find out who the winners were
  maybe not as much fun as getting the mutt to draw it
 but infinitely tidier and gloriously free of dog slobber
 so without further ado the winner of
 the Steeping Mug from The Tea Spot
 and a print and card prize pack is...

Linda K....

The three winners of the print and card packs are...

Jo Murray 

Dorothy Whelchel 


congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to everyone
 for supporting the giveaway and the cuppa project
and a special thank you to The Tea Spot for their prize

I have had so many new people joining the project and sending me mugs and cups
and it is like my whole desk is exploding with inspiration and colour
which makes just walking in the studio a glorious exercise in wonderful

So here are the first three done for the rebooted Cuppa With Friends Project...

The first mug I tackled is this seriously awesome one from Catherine Constance...

Patricia Dattoma sent me this one...

This final one for week one was from Donna from My Cup of Tea

I have a desk full of mug and cup drawings just waiting for me to add paint and ink
so I am going to get stuck in and get messy
thanks again for being part of the fun
and the awesome support, it is so appreciated
happy painting all...xx