Friday, 10 October 2014

The Birthday Yoda....

It is just a few short days until my birthday so the pressure is on Phantom Steve
 because an origami Yoda I want
 I want one of these so bad it is embarrassing
I can just see him sitting on the shelf above my desk dispensing wisdom
because let's be honest the bloody dog is short on conversation
other than the occasional theatrical sigh or snuffle while perched on my desk
I just don't feel he is a positive presence quite frankly
mind you I should possibly cut him some slack
as the poor mutt has had quite a week or two with Phants on holiday from university
this is the sight that greeted me the other day when I popped upstairs

Mushu had been origami-ed in his sleep
which was actually kind of genius in a way
and is testament to both Phants stealthy sneaking and just how soundly this mutt sleeps
plus Phantom Steve had thoughtfully shredded a sheet of paper into a six metre strip
which then became a bit of hair for him
just in case he was missing having a bit of a shaggy head in his post haircut world
He must have liked it though as he happily kept this on for the next hour or so 
and basically just lay back down after the photos were taken
and fell asleep in the thing resigned to the mild animal nightmare that is holidays

Of course he may have been more impressed had he realised that his origami addition
actually converted to a buzzsaw type weapon thingy
which is at the top of the photo here
I think Mushu missed out on a magnificent opportunity
as he could have taken on superhero status and shrugged it off nonchalantly
and flung it at encroaching bad guys and the like
taking their eye out at the very least
but sadly this is impossible as he not only does he have no opposable thumbs
 he is also lazy as sin and about at bright as a cheese sandwich
but at least Phants was putting her current origami obsession
to a practical use

my favourite at the moment
is the origami skeleton hand which is very cool and creepy
though if Phantom can pull off a Yoda the hand will be downgraded to rubbish lickety split
in fact I will be a bit gutted if Yoda doesn't appear on Sunday morning
as I have put up with walking into rooms and having to dodge bloody buzzsaw things
plus there are these ninja throwing stars, which fly like a dream
but turn entering any room into some sort of mad obstacle course
I find myself peeking around doors in case my dear daughter lies in wait
and can I remind you all she is 18... dear god it is a mad house at times
so it is a miracle I got any painting done at all quite frankly

I did manage this perfume bottle though
and of course the Yoda pic above
but outside of that it has been a lean week painting wise
but constantly being under threat of losing an eye from origami will do that to you

happily she is ensconced upstairs trying to meet the Yoda challenge
and keep her dear mother from being disappointed for my big day on sunday
so I am going to make the most of the origami weapon free zone and get painting
GoodnessMe asked me to paint up the new box for them
and quite frankly I am wanting to get into it not just because it is all sorts of awesome
but I really want to get in and use the tea and other assorted goodies in there
so happy painting all... xx


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, what a week you have had! Happy Birthday on Sunday , I hope all your wishes come true,

froebelsternchen said...

What a week! Have a wonderful birthday ! AMAZING ART!

FLO said...

Post plein d'humour, c'est un plaisir de retrouver votre blog!bonne semaine à vous

BLOGitse said...

You should contact these perfume companies and get your art as their ads! So beautiful!
Happy birthday on Sunday,
happy PPF!

my blog is here - > BLOGitse

PaintingWrite said...

Origami yoda I love!! Poor Mushu he's such a long suffering wee soul! That's brilliant that goodness me asked you to paint for them! I love those goodie boxes-I'm now getting a Graze box every other week and a vegan tuck box once a month - it's like Christmas opening them to see what you got!

Giggles said...

Not only is Yoda a dreamy painting but "dumb as a cheese sandwich" will stick with me for life!! Hope all your dreams come true!! Happy Birthday beautiful lady ....even though you could be a splotch monster cuz I've never seen your photo. However I knows a beautiful soul when I read it's quirky blog and see it's amazing art!! Besides, you can't fake Funny!! Celebrate the beauty that is you my friend!! Cups up to ya!!

Loads of Love doll

Jo Murray said...

Your depiction of an origami Yoda is amazing....but is it possible? Congratulations on you Goodness Me commission.

Netty said...

Happy Birthday dear Trace and hope you get what you want. Girl you have the patience of a saint, I tried origami and found a whole lot of swear words I never knew I the perfume bottle. Enjoy the weekend, Happy PPF, Annette x

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Happy Birthday! Fabulous Yoda! :)

Boo G said...

As always, you had me smiling first thing in the morning. Mushu is a very patient mutt if he let's Phantom do these kind of things to him. Of course, maybe she is that stealthy... is she studying to be a secret agent?

Faye said...

Not good at origami myself, but I do wish you a happy birthday. I love the painting of the perfume bottle. Gorgeous colors.

Carol said...

It's always great to wake up and find one of your enlightening post to read ♥ I too will always think of the "dumb as a cheese sandwich" every time I run across anything that falls into that category :) So love that saying!!!!! Have a fun weekend and HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS!!!!! ♥

Helen Campbell said...

It's always an adventure at your house! Sounds like quite the week you're having, but you have a fabulous birthday coming up. I'm sure Yoda will appear as you wish, now that he's gotten all this build up. :)
Happy Birthday on Sunday!

Linda Kunsman said...

fantastic paintings! An origami yoda-too funny! And poor Mushu-although he doesn't seem to mind...I just tried a mock up of an origami panda for a friend who wants my help making a pair for a special occasion. Some of them sure are trying on your patience, but they are fun. Happy, happy birthday to you-hope your day is very special!!

Anonymous said...

Origami Yoda, now that is a new one, but I like him too. Hope you get your birthday wishes. xox

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hilarious!! Having to dodge paper stars and buzz star thingies. Hilarious!! And Mushu, bless him, is a shining example of the patience needed to live in a crazy house, lol.
Your perfume bottle is totally lush and the Yoda pic is super cool, because that is what he is, indeed!
Have super duper weekend and hope the Burpday celebrations abound!! ((hugs)) xoxox

Neesie said...

Oh my word... I've got a stitch from laughing Trace :D
I only just have to look at that photo of Mushu and I loose it all over again.
Gorgeous perfume painting even with all the antics going on and your Yoda is fantastic!
The GoodnessMe drawing looks fantastic. They'll love it.
So at the risk of repeating myself again...
Have a brilliant Birthday or Burpday (I like that)
Enjoy my lovely!!! xoxo

Rita said...

Happy birthday on Sunday!! I hope you get your Yoda. Mushu looked so funny, but like he knew he was so cute. Love the latest perfume bottle. Your work in progress was fun to see. Have a great birthday!! Say hi to Phoebe! ;)

fairy thoughts said...

Love the Yoda .... Everyone should have one if these in their life. Happy birthday too

Unknown said...

Holy cow, that dog just about had me rolling on the floor!!!!
Hope your birthday is full of laughter and fun. And paper yodas.

Ritu Dua said...

Absolutely gorgeous is your perfume bottle!! Mushu's expression is lovable :)

Anonymous said...

How how HOW did you paint the Yoda origami without having one? I want one too!

Did you know spell-check knows Yoda? That is pretty impressive. And origami and without. I guess I better have coffee first!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying having Phantom home, despite the occasional ninja star throwing war zones. I love your painting of the origami Yoda. Blessings, my friend!

Jo said...

Yes, I remember what it was like to have two 18 yr olds around the house......... and your sweet little dog cracked me up. AS always your paintings are awesome.

Bronson Hill Arts said...

Origami Yoda. Who would've thought? What a unique gift for which to wish! Happy birthday, Tracey!


Unknown said...

Hi Tracey
I love your origamis and the yoda illustration is really cool.
The dog looks so cute :) your new illustration looks really cool and love the perfume bottle.
Have a lovely Sunday and happy birthday!


alarmcat said...

Happy Birthday Tracey!!
I've always loved Yoda. When my daughter was a baby, she was a hairless beauty with big, old ears. We called her Yoda all the time. At least until she was 3 and grew hair long enough to cover up her ears :)

Tammie Dickerson said...

Happy, happy birthday!! I hope your dreams of Yoda come true - and the ninja stars all miss their mark!! Wonderful painting - I love how the colors mingle together :)

Beth Niquette said...

Goodness gracious! How talented you are! I'm of the generation who saw Star Wars and that technology for the first time. I will always love that series.

Your artwork is INCREDIBLE!! Wow! You are so talented in so many mediums...your pup is a cutie pie, too. :D

Cindy D. said...

Aaah, the Yoda origami is hilarious! What a face! Super cute dog, too. And another amazing perfume bottle!

Sandra Busby said...

Oh God, that is hilarious! Almost a 'Tenalady' moment! There is no way Sherlock would put up with such shenanigans! He would just eat the origami immediately! I have never heard of a 'Yoda'... Isn't that something to do with Star Wars? Hopefully you will post it when it's done! :0)

Kristin said...

You always crack me up!! I love the idea of you dodging corners - and your drawing of said inspirations is brilliant. PLUS, I LOVE your "First" drawing! It's particularly special to me because that was the perfume my dad used to buy me when I was younger. It brings back such memories! AND CONGRATULATIONS (see, now I'm yelling at you ;) on your new publication! I would love to see that book! xoxo

Serena Lewis said...

Wonderful and comical post, Trace! I certainly hope Phants came through for you on your birthday and presented you with your very own origami Yoda. :)

PocketSize said...

Fantastic, origami Yoda is! Hilarious, too, your account of weapons and dog-ornaments ;)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Tracey - Been behind on my emails and reading of your blog. Your origami is awesome and for sure your writing had me grinning. Hope you had the best birthday ever. Take care and have a great week.

Jackie PN said...

My goodness- you make everything look so yummy with your painting skills! xo

Jackie PN said...

and Happy Belated birthday Tracey! hope it was all you wished for! xo