Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Breakfast Table Sketches...

The birthday weekend was all sorts of awesome
 and while origami Yoda hasn't make an appearance yet
 I have been assured that he is on his way
 Phantom is blaming his tardiness on being traumatised during the night on Saturday
because she woke up Sunday morning with a deer head in her bed
 not an actual deer head
 but a very large cardboard one
 which somehow jumped off its hook above her bed during the night
and bounced off Phantom's chest at about 2 am
which would have been quite something I acknowledge

Of course the leap of the deer head has caused much hilarity
not just because we have been able to ponder who she might have upset
ala mafia warnings using a horse head in the bed
but also because on its way down
it managed to knock a giant scrabble letter P off a shelf
so she not only woke up with a deer head beside her
but also there was "P" in her bed
the resulting teasing totally made up for yoda being late

After such a great weekend filled with hilarity, family and multiple celebrations
not to forget there was a fabulous post from my friend Kristin
who drew up Mushu as a cheese sandwich after reading my last post
I must admit I was a touch weary
but I have managed to string together a few mornings in a row
and have done some drawing at the kitchen table while having breakfast
just little sketches using the koi travel kit that I stash there for just that reason
but starting the day with a cup of tea and a bit of paint is pretty close to perfect

Also pretty close to perfect was the fun I had painting up this month's GoodnessMe box
after I painted up the first one I received a few weeks ago
they contacted me and asked me if I would do some more for them
which is beyond cool because it is great fun to be involved in a small way
and this month's box was perfectly stocked with bright and fabulous products to inspire me
so I am now off to drink that Lemon, Ginger and Manuka honey Pukka Tea
happy painting all...xx


Linda Kunsman said...

Marvelous illustrations Trace!! LOVE what Kristin did for your birthday. Congrats to on yet another commission on your gorgeous work-celebrate on!!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

wow!! You are soooo talented and disciplined in sketching everyday. I'd like to see your koi travel kit that you talked about using to do your sketching and painting at the breakfast table. Awsomeness Tracey!

♥Lee Ann

Carol said...

Great art!! My kitchen is full right now of the real peppers in your first drawing. I plant a package of " assorted hot peppers" well so much for assorted. I got 8 Cayenne Pepper plants and 1 Poblano Chile Pepper plant. Needless to say it was also a bumper year for peppers here so I have Cayenne peppers everywhere drying :)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your work such beautiful work you do, and if deer fell on me while i was sleeping I would be a bit traumatized for sure, I wrote tonight about the deer stealing my apples, deer everywhere it appears lol,

VonnyK said...

Oh dear poor P (okay, I'm still chuckling really), I bet she's looking over her shoulder now. Just lucky she didn't wake up with the deers antlers stuck up her nose! I love the Mushu cheese sandwich by Kristin, looks just like him.
Glad you had a great birthday.
Luv Von.

PaintingWrite said...

Kristin's Mushu cheese samdwich was hilarious! I think it's brilliant that they asked you to illustrate another box for them-it looks fantastic. Glad you had a great birthday and i hope the origami yoda turns up once phantom gets over the trauma of the deer head!

Jo Murray said...

It was SO good of Phantom to provide the light entertainment for the big day. Glad it was hilarious. Your Goodness Me box is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, but Phantom must have been a bit freaked out. If only she had the "force" with Yoda in the house, she would have fared better. Let us know how the tibetal dahl is, yum. xox

Karla B said...

Tracy, I love your art. Wish we had deers aroud here. Wonderful post.

Rita said...

Lovely page spreads! Beautiful painting of your goodies box. Too much of a perfect set up for teasing with Phoebs--ROFL! Who knows when you'll get Yoda now--LOL! ;)

Neesie said...

Well it's all happening at your place!
I've just seen Kristin's fantastic post and don't think I'll ever be able to eat another sandwich without seeing Mushu's face ^..^
Gorgeous breakfast artwork and I hope Yoda makes an appearance soon, although I can understand Phoebs would be a quivering wreck after the antics during the night.
Congrats on your commission... what a brilliant bright box of delights to enjoy twice. First to draw then you get to eat/drink the model!!! Perfect

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,
I love your breakfast sketches, love your work! :-)

Serena Lewis said...

Great post, Trace! Kristin's Mushu cheese sandwich was so funny and Phantom's run-in with a deer head in the middle of the night was hilarious. Your sketches are awesome as always....the Goodness Me Box sounds like a fun idea. I'm not surprised they requested another illustration. :)

Tracey FK said...
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Sandra Busby said...

Okay - I have a story about a deers head that you probably won't even believe! But it's too long to share on a blog roll, so I'll tell you via email... LOVE the birthday post by Kristin! How cool to do a portrait on a cheese toasty!! As always your paintings are more than gorgeous and I love the graze box :0)

Unknown said...

Okay, your home must be one of the funniest places to live. You have such a great way of looking at things and expressing yourself. i really enjoy reading your posts. Its a wonderful way to start my morning...cup of coffee, plate of eggs and a good chuckle.

sheila 77 said...

Love reading your entertaining crazy stories.
Paintings are fabulous too and your GoodnessMe illustration is divine.

Giggles said...

Oh my that birthday toast is amazing..and the yoda. Love your squigglies too!! Hope you are still celebrating the beauty that is you!

Big hugs Giggles

Jackie PN said...

fabulous array of goodness here! xo

Debbie Nolan said...

Love your drawings Tracey. Had me laughing too about deer head...sounds like that must have been quite a shock - glad to hear you were able to get out of bed and do some wonderful breakfast sketches. Have a great week.