Friday, 31 October 2014

Twinkling Georgia....

I got a couple of emails during the week asking about the birthday Yoda
and whether Phantom Steve had made it for me yet
and I must report that poor Yoda has not made an appearance so far
and despite a conference with her friend, Lenny the origami guru
poor yoda is still eluding her
but she is totally forgiven for being remiss
because one present that her and Sinus Man got me was Twinkling Georgia here
a glorious plastic cow skull
complete with twinkling lights
she is glorious right

Some of you may be a touch perplexed as to my delight, and the name
but anyone of my vintage who went to any sort of art school will totally get it
we were all subjected to at least one teacher, who in their passion for Georgia O'Keeffe
hogtied us to many hours of tonal drawings of cow skulls
albeit without twinkly lights, and usually without a moustache

I spent many a Monday morning in my student days
sitting in the drawing studio grumbling about bloody skulls
though there were times I was uncannily grateful
as Sunday night used to be a bit of a night on the town
and facing life class was infinitely tougher when you are feeling a bit delicate
especially as we had one rather hairy, middle aged, very overweight man
who favoured poses mirroring the athletes from Greek pottery
let me tell you being late to class when he was the model was never good
as you ended up spending three hours being confronted by a very hairy butt
reliving its younger, more athletic days
almost enough to make you stop drinking

note to Phantom... this is all based on hearsay of course 
as I was the perfect student and never went out clubbing on a Sunday night
and I always sat primly ready for class with all my supplies lined up
but I saw others wandering in with two different shoes on and rogue glitter still in hair
shocking behaviour for university students and I know you will never stoop to such lows

So in a glorious nod to those days I now get to see Twinkling Georgia everyday
she sits above my computer and makes me smile
so Yoda can turn up when he gets here as I have her to talk to instead
she has kept me company all week
as I embarked back into the land of the Cuppa With Friends Project
which meant I jumped in and drew up this lovely lidded mug that I also got for my birthday
I painted it up as a bit of a practice for getting into mug and cup mode for the project
which has been so awesome to get back to I must say

If you haven't already done so
you need to go back to Tuesday's post as there is a giveaway for the relaunch
and if you don't enter then you can't win can you

In fact some mugs and cups are calling me now so I am going to get painting
happy painting all...xx

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cuppa With Friends Giveaway ....

The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes
 and even a shallow pool like myself has to sit up and take notice sometimes
 one morning in the recent past, my darling daughter Phantom Steve and I were having a  cuppa and a chat about life post treatment for breast cancer
 she asked me if there were things that had been put to the back burner painting wise during that time that I really missed now I am in survivor mode
and there was... I missed the Cuppa With Friends Project
it had been such a fabulous time, but in many ways I associated it with diagnosis
and every time I had tried to paint up some cups during treatment it just wasn't the same
but now when I thought about it I didn't see bad news, treatments and stress
I saw it as having a cuppa with my friends again

Now this alone was fabulous and made me excited at the thought of restarting the project
but then my ipad dinged and there was an email from a company called The Tea Spot
and they had come across the project and wanted to send me a cup to paint
if and when I felt up to it, or even not to paint... just to say they support me
I mean that is awesome isn't it and seriously freaky timing right 
that universe is quite the thing sometimes

So The Tea Spot and I had a bit of a chat and they are pretty amazing... they support cancer wellness charities and are all round wonderful to talk with
plus they are going to send a Red Steeping Mug
to someone who enters the relaunch giveaway
it is gorgeous right
and it has a lid so it is very very studio friendly as it not only keeps your tea warm
but also saves from the inadvertent paint brush dip
not that a bit of paint in your tea will hurt you
but it can mess with the flavour if you do it often enough

So I decided to include a few prizes myself as I am too excited to get all this started again
just seeing the pile of printouts of mugs and cups sitting on my desk makes me happy

So the winner of the re launch giveaway will get The Red Steeping Mug
plus a pack including an A4 print of my blog header
and 5 cards of mixed designs of my work

 while three others will get print and card packs

So here is how it works
I am going to run it for a week and you can enter via the rafflecopter set up below
the days of getting the dog to push names out of a bowl while hunting for treats is over
writing out all the names and getting the mutt to cooperate
 and then having to touch dog slobbered strips of paper almost did my head in last time
mind you installing techy things like this is almost as stressful lol

So  please head over to the Cuppa page
and read the details of the project
it has been updated and revised and gives all the details
if you have already sent me photos then rest assured they are on my desk waiting
but that doesn't mean you can't send me more
picking a favourite tea cup or mug can mean different mugs for different days
so please send me your mugs and cups
cool or ugly, old or new I don't care
I can't paint them if you don't send them to me
my email address is

so a huge thanks to The Tea Spot and their support
and make sure you leave a comment to be included in the draw
happy entering all...xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 24 October 2014

Freak Out Week ...

The problem with finishing treatment for breast cancer
 is that now I have to start living up to all the bloody deals I made with myself
you have so much time on your hands feeling lousy 
 that you make all sorts of grand plans of what you are going to do post treatment
which is not a bad thing
after all how often do we get time away as an adult to stop and think about what we are doing and how we want to live
it is a rare thing and is also this awesome opportunity
but then you have to start living up to the promises you made to yourself
and that can lead you to a week
 that has you longingly drawing cocktails during breakfast on a Thursday

so this has been a bit of a snapshot of my week...

freak out that it is gaining followers steadily
and feel like I have to be less half arsed and become professional all of a sudden
this is trumped by my natural half-arsery and I then only put up a few posts
so feel comfortably back in my haphazard comfort zone

start to put together some stuff for the online shop
realise it is going to require me to organise the pit of a draw where I keep finished work
which makes me have a mild anxiety attack so figure I will sort the online stuff first
spend an hour achieving nothing
other than reinforcing my belief that I may in fact be tech dyslexic 
freak out completely that no one would want to buy prints and things
and promptly drink 4 cups of tea and twenty squares of chocolate to calm myself
and achieve absolutely nothing... nada... zip
except for being well fuelled with tea and chocolate

I also managed to procrastinate my arse off by doing all those necessary things like
alphabetising some cd's, not all of them mind... just about a third
stacking all the food mags that I want to go through into a teetering pile
then didn't touch one of them
I even mopped the bloody floors and I hate mopping an inordinate amount
but then I decided to jump back in
 after all I can't wimp out on all those plans that I made in the middle of the night while thoughtfully stroking my baldy head

so next I decide to start planning some classes in more detail
and spend 2 hours trying to round up the different notebooks that have all the ideas in them
I swear those notebooks are sick sadists who like to torture me 
by hiding and moving when I am not looking
and yes one notebook would make more sense
but let's just remember who we are talking about here... 

thinking of classes reminds me I am teaching at a class next year
so I decide it is time to film the teacher interview for Soul Food
and freak out at seeing myself on screen
that last half eyebrow really doesn't want to come in I have to say
try again and freak out when the dog sneaks in and licks my leg
causing me to use an expletive that is not very Soul Food appropriate
the next try is interrupted by a yelp and cry from the dog
which is due to him heading to the back yard and being rushed by a rogue scrub turkey
that mysteriously has taken up residence in our yard at odd times
saving the little leg licker from the creepy turkey
 was followed by a sneezing fit two minutes into the next try
the next version ended up being shot at a tilt
then I got a bit handsy and excited and spilt a cup of tea on myself
and finally another expletive moment when the dog revisited licking my foot
at which point I decided to give it a rest for another day


At this point it is Thursday morning
and I decide it is time to give myself some painting time
which resulted in the cocktail page above which magically calmed my brain
and after a solid day in the studio creating the paintings in this post
my brain was functioning enough for me to actually get some things achieved

So the achievement is that I have most things in place to do a big relaunch of
or maybe Wednesday... no let's go with Tuesday
starting the project back up was one of the biggest promises I made to myself during treatment and I am actually doing it
so pop by next week and check it out... there is a very cool giveaway involved
happy painting all...xx

Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Coronation ...

It has been quite the week I have to say
 lots of plans being made and changes sneaking in
 exciting projects and happenings are afoot
 all sorts of fun stuff that I can't quite tell you about just yet
 but enough has been happening to have me spinning and whirling like a mad thing
  so what do I do when my brain is going 5 squillion miles an hour
  and I am so hyped my voice comes out something akin to a chipmunk on acid?
  I make Pinterest inspired washi tape decorated straws 

Pinterest is kind of my happy place
I look at all those boards of people who are organised, making cool projects,
decorating like pros and creating food that looks delicious
and while cruising my feed I revel in the delusion that I too could create such wonders
of course most attempts at anything Pinterest related
have resulted in epic fails on a level that can only be imagined
I actually see Sinus and Phantom sneaking worried looks at the mere mention of the word
but no longer am I a Pinterest embarrassment
thanks to some straws and a bit of washi tape
I am basking in Pinterest glory
and so that this moment is immortalised I painted up the success
which I must admit was almost as fun as actually making these little buggers

you may be scoffing and snorting at the sorry achievement that I am celebrating
but let me point out that it now gives me a success story
which can be used to counter the eye rolling, smirks and general angst that accompany the mention of planned projects
no longer will I need to quietly retreat to my reading chair
and pretend to be emailing while cruising for projects
in fact I am hereby declaring myself Queen of Pinterest
ok... that might be a bit much
but when you come from spectacular depths to dizzy heights you are a queen in my books
it is heady stuff I have to say
so my subjects, I bid you a royal catch ya later
happy painting all...xx

PS ... I now have a Facebook Art Page... click on the facebook icon on the side to like it
or maybe just click here... xx

Tuesday's post link is here...

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Breakfast Table Sketches...

The birthday weekend was all sorts of awesome
 and while origami Yoda hasn't make an appearance yet
 I have been assured that he is on his way
 Phantom is blaming his tardiness on being traumatised during the night on Saturday
because she woke up Sunday morning with a deer head in her bed
 not an actual deer head
 but a very large cardboard one
 which somehow jumped off its hook above her bed during the night
and bounced off Phantom's chest at about 2 am
which would have been quite something I acknowledge

Of course the leap of the deer head has caused much hilarity
not just because we have been able to ponder who she might have upset
ala mafia warnings using a horse head in the bed
but also because on its way down
it managed to knock a giant scrabble letter P off a shelf
so she not only woke up with a deer head beside her
but also there was "P" in her bed
the resulting teasing totally made up for yoda being late

After such a great weekend filled with hilarity, family and multiple celebrations
not to forget there was a fabulous post from my friend Kristin
who drew up Mushu as a cheese sandwich after reading my last post
I must admit I was a touch weary
but I have managed to string together a few mornings in a row
and have done some drawing at the kitchen table while having breakfast
just little sketches using the koi travel kit that I stash there for just that reason
but starting the day with a cup of tea and a bit of paint is pretty close to perfect

Also pretty close to perfect was the fun I had painting up this month's GoodnessMe box
after I painted up the first one I received a few weeks ago
they contacted me and asked me if I would do some more for them
which is beyond cool because it is great fun to be involved in a small way
and this month's box was perfectly stocked with bright and fabulous products to inspire me
so I am now off to drink that Lemon, Ginger and Manuka honey Pukka Tea
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Birthday Yoda....

It is just a few short days until my birthday so the pressure is on Phantom Steve
 because an origami Yoda I want
 I want one of these so bad it is embarrassing
I can just see him sitting on the shelf above my desk dispensing wisdom
because let's be honest the bloody dog is short on conversation
other than the occasional theatrical sigh or snuffle while perched on my desk
I just don't feel he is a positive presence quite frankly
mind you I should possibly cut him some slack
as the poor mutt has had quite a week or two with Phants on holiday from university
this is the sight that greeted me the other day when I popped upstairs

Mushu had been origami-ed in his sleep
which was actually kind of genius in a way
and is testament to both Phants stealthy sneaking and just how soundly this mutt sleeps
plus Phantom Steve had thoughtfully shredded a sheet of paper into a six metre strip
which then became a bit of hair for him
just in case he was missing having a bit of a shaggy head in his post haircut world
He must have liked it though as he happily kept this on for the next hour or so 
and basically just lay back down after the photos were taken
and fell asleep in the thing resigned to the mild animal nightmare that is holidays

Of course he may have been more impressed had he realised that his origami addition
actually converted to a buzzsaw type weapon thingy
which is at the top of the photo here
I think Mushu missed out on a magnificent opportunity
as he could have taken on superhero status and shrugged it off nonchalantly
and flung it at encroaching bad guys and the like
taking their eye out at the very least
but sadly this is impossible as he not only does he have no opposable thumbs
 he is also lazy as sin and about at bright as a cheese sandwich
but at least Phants was putting her current origami obsession
to a practical use

my favourite at the moment
is the origami skeleton hand which is very cool and creepy
though if Phantom can pull off a Yoda the hand will be downgraded to rubbish lickety split
in fact I will be a bit gutted if Yoda doesn't appear on Sunday morning
as I have put up with walking into rooms and having to dodge bloody buzzsaw things
plus there are these ninja throwing stars, which fly like a dream
but turn entering any room into some sort of mad obstacle course
I find myself peeking around doors in case my dear daughter lies in wait
and can I remind you all she is 18... dear god it is a mad house at times
so it is a miracle I got any painting done at all quite frankly

I did manage this perfume bottle though
and of course the Yoda pic above
but outside of that it has been a lean week painting wise
but constantly being under threat of losing an eye from origami will do that to you

happily she is ensconced upstairs trying to meet the Yoda challenge
and keep her dear mother from being disappointed for my big day on sunday
so I am going to make the most of the origami weapon free zone and get painting
GoodnessMe asked me to paint up the new box for them
and quite frankly I am wanting to get into it not just because it is all sorts of awesome
but I really want to get in and use the tea and other assorted goodies in there
so happy painting all... xx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spring Break ...

So I am taking a few days away to make the most of the glorious weather
I plan on resting up, reading some truly rubbish books, and scoffing lots of super foods
to speed the final little bit of healing from last week's de-porting
all while attempting to embrace the madness that seems to descend 
on our house during the spring break holiday
I have no clue why it brings out such madness in both child and dog
but every year it is the same
Happy painting all...xx