Friday, 19 September 2014

Goodness Me...

I signed up for this thing called a Goodness Me box
 which is a bit like a lucky dip for grown ups
 remember them... I used to love Lucky dips in toy stores
 the whole anticipation of not knowing what was inside
so even crap stuff like plastic soldiers were awesome if it was a surprise
although then having said crap toy soldier things stolen by your brother
and hung from your ceiling fan so it almost takes your eye out when you turn the fan on
added a whole new delicious risking life and limb to the exercise 

so here is the swag... well what is left of the swag
the chocolate didn't even make it to the end of unpacking I must admit
and it is a tad decimated a few weeks in
and everything we have tried has been fabulous so the whole thing is a winner
it is a great concept as every month you get sent all sorts of healthy stuff to try out
and they send recipes and all that
and the packaging is swoon worthy
so much better than flying toy soldiers

But other than painting up the magnificent haul
I also got in and worked on more perfume bottles
this one is coming along
sort of
not quite there but there are bits I am really liking

like this bit

and especially this bit 
and this larger one is starting to come together as well

though it would appear it has a bit of a wonk happening
I am hoping it is the photo as it looks ok when I look at it

maybe I will stick to this part
no discernible wonk in this bit
plus I started a drawing of my salad servers in a sketchbook
which also looks mercifully wonk free
lots and lots of work going on at the moment
which is awesome

I am thinking it is because every morning now I am greeted by this lovely light
when I come down to the studio

there is something about great light that makes the world a more inspiring place right
hope you are all similarly creating up a storm
happy painting all... xx 

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TwinkleToes2day said...

Whooop! I'm first in the door :D Love the lucky dip box Tracey and especially the paiting of it. What a fabulous idea. I may look to see if there's such a thing over here, tho' I strongly doubt it.
Have you tried that cashew butter? What's it like? The coconut oil would be lovely when toasting sunflower seeds, mmmm.
The perfume bottles are gorgeous, the colours are always so vibrant and smile-worthy. But, not as much as that studio light. Wow,! Light like that always makes me smile. I think it holds a promise of warmth and comfort.
Have a great day ((hugs)) xoxox

Unknown said...

Wondeful post Tracey. That morning light is incredible. Loving your perfume bottles! It makes me so happy seeing your work and reading your posts. Have a wonderful weekend. Xx

tgarrett said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog- always love to connect with another art teacher!

Helen Campbell said...

Your Goodness Me box looks heavenly! As do your perfume bottle paintings. You have the knack for taking small ordinary-ish things and making them extraordinary. Have a wonderful weekend, in your inspiring light.

froebelsternchen said...

JUST GORGEOUS all this Tracey!
Happy Friday!

Giggles said...

Wonderful box of goodies...I can only imagine how good they are!! My cousin used to wear Shalimar....smelled awesome on her!
Wonderful artwork, and wow those salad tongs are quite a feat to shade!

Hugs Giggles

scrapmanufaktur said...

I'm a big fan of your sketches. I love them all. And what a great idea to sketch the inside of the box. :-)

Neesie said...

You've given me a magnificent boost this morning Tracey, with your gorgeous perfume paintings, treasure boxes of goodies and that light!!!
Oh for beautiful light like that. Here in bonnie Scotland I'm on day six of fog!
Thank you for brightening my day my friend.
Have a great weekend xoxo

Anonymous said...

Nice page again mate (is there a female expression for mate????). Your painting is marvellous as ever, a bit more colourful which I like. That box of surprises is something I would drool over, I just love things like that. Must see, if we have something like that here...

soulbrush said...

Your drawing skills are exemplary. And I so love that light coming in through the slats. Have a great Friday and a great week. Happy PPF. xx

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Love your wonderful illustrations! And I wouldn't mind a Lucky Dip like this myself. :)

Snap said...

I followed the Goodness Me link. Found the cute pix of the "founders" ... would be really impressive if these sweet young things were 50!!!! Fun post. Love your bottles. Hugs--

PaintingWrite said...

I like the sound of that box. I love the description-you're right it is like a lucky bag for adults! I used to always get the boy's bag in case there was a toy pistol so i could get more into character as one of charlie's angels! ! I get one called graze box every fortnight which had 4 little nibbly packets in it, sweet or savoury and I've just started a monthly subscription for the vegan tuck box which has the most amazing 'bad' but oh so good things in it! ! I really love the vibrancy of your paints are they still watercolors?

denthe said...

that lucky dip sounds really interesting ... Wish I had known about it sooner :-) Love the bright colours in your illustrations, and that are some weird but wonderful salad servers you have there!

My name is Erika. said...

Love those surprise boxes too. Never heard the term lucky dip but how appropriate. Your drawings are always so fun-enjoy the rest of that yummy box of treats-if there's still anything left.

alarmcat said... many treats!! thanks for capturing it in watercolor before devouring :)

Twist of Pink said...

Your ongoing perfume bottles are to die for! Love them. What a great box and neat idea someone had.

sharon said...

Wonderful work this week. Love the colours in the perfume bottles and flowers and the drawing is awesome.

Anonymous said...

What is it about boxes of goodies, there are so many online services now sending out food in various forms. YOu can get a whole dinner set up to cook now. It feels a bit robotic to me, but I am glad you enjoyed it. Nice perfume bottles in the making. xox

Fallingladies said...

Everything here looks great... I just bought some packets of that brand nut butter myself here at our wegmans store, beautiful bright pieces of art!

VonnyK said...

Ooh a box full of goodies every month, sounds yummy but it would be better if it was a box full of chocs and nutter butter!! I love the colours on the perfume bottles. I cant' see any wonks so maybe I'm bent. Love the flowers.
Have a great weekend.
Luv Von

Michellem said...

Love that last photo - I am endlessly fascinated by how you can get such vibrant colors without it blending into mud!

Ayala Art said...

Joucy is the word that comes to mind when I see your art ☺

Jo said...

I just love your art work! The goody boxes sound like fun!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post with great art work. The health-food shop here does a surprise box each week for those who sign up, and they are full of lovely fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, snacks, fresh bread and all sort of sticky delights. I only bought one once, as they are too much for a single household, so I hope they will start making smaller ones! Valerie

Tammie Dickerson said...

So wonderful! Love the movement of color in the perfume bottles! What a wonderful box of goodies!! Who doesn't like getting a surprise box? So glad to see you creating so much artwork! Happy PPF!

bellefrogworks said...

Your vibrant colors woke me up this morning - what a great box - I love surprises! Your salad servers are definitely wonk free! Love all the colors and the post. Enjoy the light - we are losing ours here in the US - fall is coming, but luckily where I live no snow or ice!

Cindy D. said...

You are so right about the light! I wish I had more natural light in my office. So many gorgeous paintings, particularly that Goodness Me box! I may have to get some of that. :)

Beth Niquette said...

I do SO love what you write along with your magnificent artwork! This morning with the picture of small plastic army men twirling from an overhead fan, I laughed and giggled through my solitary breakfast.

Thank you for the smiles and for your lovely artwork.

Laney said...

I absolutely love that morning light in your studio. :)

Alexandra MacVean said...

Your perfume bottles are absolutely gorgeous! I don't know anyone else who can illustrate such beautiful bottles!!

Good to see you painting again and LOVE seeing glimpses of your studio. Wish we lived closer, so you can help me fix mine up and create space. I've about given up on trying to find a way to do so. hahaha

Love you! xx

Rita said...

What fun to get those boxes every month!!
I am just loving your artwork lately...all of it! This latest perfume bottle is the bomb! :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Tracey - looks like your surprise box held some wonderful gifts. Like you the chocolate would have been gone before it was completely unwrapped. Loving the perfume bottles...gorgeous colors and so cheerful. Your studio with that morning light would certainly inspire me. Have a super day.

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh yes, I agree entirely! I want to do a still life by a venetian blind so I get those glorious strips of light... need to invest in a blind though first!
Your paintings are a feast of colour! They are going to be gorgeous! And what a nice parcel to open! I'd love to have a box of goodies like that arrive in the post! I'm quite sure it wouldn't last more than a day in our house though ;0)