Friday, 12 September 2014

Daisy Dream And Irises....

Short-ish and sweet today as the weather is just gorgeous
 way too nice to be stuck inside at the computer
or even in the studio painting
and I am totally impatient to get out and push the dog off the sun lounger
where he is sunbaking lying on his back, looking like a toad squished on the road
which is not his best angle
especially as the new hair cut somehow shows his belly in an unflattering way
no fur to hide behind now buster

So here is a speed wrap up of the week
Daisy Dream perfume bottle watercolour finished
a pure delight to paint from beginning to end

loving the whole series actually
and have two more drawn up and ready to go
 and I would have gotten to them
but it has been a week of things like dog haircuts,
baking, procrastinating about cleaning
and making lists which amount to nothing
except to look impressively organised and efficient
 well maybe it doesn't look impressive or efficient
this is the view above my computer....

actually that was it two days ago
there's more bloody post-it notes there now somehow
I think they have been reproducing while I am not looking
there are similar collections on the door of my bedroom
above the kitchen bench, near the phone and beside the bathroom mirror
scarily I actually think that is possibly what my brain may look like if my head was opened up
it would just be a mass of post-its piled on top of each other
and tangled into a giant post-it rubbish tip

between wall papering the entire house in post-its
I also got to catch up and have a cuppa with my friend Von this week
and she bought me these beautiful irises
they were just begging to be painted up
several times and in different sketchbooks actually

the purple of the blooms looks awesome next to the payne's grey sofa
yep I picked it because it is one of my favourite paint colours to use
isn't that how everyone decorates?
anyway I have a dog to unseat and some sunshine to absorb
so happy painting all...xx

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Anonymous said...

I did a blog post today about the cold and you are entering the warm season, that makes me realize how very far away you are from where I am,,,isn't it all magic, lol, your perfume bottles ae amazing, such rich vibrant colors, I always say Paynes Grey is my favorite color and never knew it came pre mixed until 2 years after I started painting, I always mixed my own up and still do, I live under a rock obviously,lol,,,,, enjoy that sunshine and soak up some for me!

minnemie said...

LOVE those irises! And i want a close-up of those purple bubble thingies hiding behind the post-its... looks like fun!

Ayala Art said...

Oh those irises are so beautiful!!!! Gorgeous!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the perfume bottles and irises. Valerie

sharon said...

love love the irises! the perfume bottles are gorgeous too!

Claire said...

I look forward to seeing your lovely sketches each week - just love the Chanel bottle!
September is always so busy, isn't it??
Happy PPF :)
no. 17

Neesie said...

Oh how I wish I could come and sit on a lounger and soak up some sun... I'd even bring my own lounger and share it with Mutt. I'd probably have to bring my Mutt anyway if she knew I was coming to visit you.
Fabulous floralness today and I have to confess I've been a wee bit snoopy because I zoomed in to your post-it's! I know I'm not proud of it but I couldn't help myself.
I have one of those silver chains too (wink wink) I'm not jealous at all that you and Von have had a get together :/
Anyway enjoy your sunshine... xoxo
p.s. Paynes Gray is my favourite too

PaintingWrite said...

I just have this image now if your brain being a big ball of post it notes now! At least yours are sick up neatly on a noticeboard my are scattered all over the computer desk until Steve gets feed up and bins them all! ! I love the daisy bottle-my favourite aqua type colours and yes i agree i have a large amount of duck egg Blue/aqua in my house as that's my favorite background colour for my pet portraits!

Jennifer McLean said...

well isn't that just interesting. Three of the four of us absolutely LOVE Payne's Gray. Huh, that must mean something... OH ya, we're all artists. And YES, that how everyone (who's smart like us) chooses a couch. Of course, mine would probably be green, lol. I;m in love with all your perfume bottles, but then you already know that. What don't you know? well, we're cold here in Canada, but I'm ok with that. Enjoy your sunny day! hugs.

Giggles said...

Tracey I just love these gorgeous perfume bottles..I was thinking how difficult it must have been blending the green and blue, just fabulous!! Also love those purple irises..and visualizing Mushu sprawled out like a movie star!!
Thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles

Netty said...

the post it notes sounds great unless you are like me and forget to read them......... Loving the perfume series the latest bottle is gorgeous and also the irises. Enjoy the sunshine. Happy PPF, Annette x

froebelsternchen said...

so so so so so BEAUTIFUL !
Happy weekend!

BLOGitse said...

Oh, I love your bottles, irises.
I'd like to see my perfume bottle painted by you - Lady Million by Paco Rabanne?!
Happy PPF!

my blog is here - > BLOGitse

Anonymous said...

Love that daisy bottle. Fancy perfume. A brain filled with post it notes, ha, love that visual. I used to write botes, but necer went back and read them so I gave it up. Hope you like my book list. xox

denthe said...

I so love your perfume bottle! I would buy it only for the bottle :-) Enjoy the sunshine! I love it that it's getting warmer again ....

Fallingladies said...

I love how your perfume bottle watercolors are so loose and liquidy, (now there's a professional artist term for you!?) and I also would love a payne's gray sofa, my favorite watercolor as well!

Snap said...

Enjoy the sun. Love the perfume bottles, but the iris are my favorite!

alarmcat said...

I just had to smile when I got to the bit about your collection of post-it notes. As I look up above my computer, the view is very similar. Yes, I'm a list maker, too. But it does feel so great to check things off the list as you do them. Or even take down the post-it and throw it away. Done! :)

Linda Kunsman said...

stunning perfume bottles!! I see you in a job designing these for a perfumery. Beautiful irises too. Enjoy the great weather.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gorrrgeous!! The perfume bottle is so very pretty but the Irises are just lush! I love Irises, their colour is always so striking. Hope you got to snag the sunlounger and spent some time cosy in the sun. We've had a few nice days here, so we're not totally into Autumn mode yet, but the nights are cooler and the haze takes longer to clear. Hoping for a fine weekend to do some season end gardening and perhaps get my Christmas cake made too! Hehe - yup, it's that time of year for some of us anal types. The fruit has been soaking for a week, so the baking is now on the horizon. Have a fab weekend Tracey ((hugs)) xxx

Faye said...

I love how real your perfume bottles look, Tracey! And the iris painting is gorgeous. I keep forgetting it is spring into summer down there.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I laughed out loud when I read about your brain being covered with sticky notes, because that's probably mine as well - LOL! Anyway, I love the watercolor of the irises you got from Von, since they are one of my favorite flowers. Happy PPF and Blessings to you and your family, my friend!

Beth Niquette said...

I am positive that you must be a published artist. Your artwork just fills my eyes. I love daisies.

Christine said...

lovely work, and what a beautiful perfume bottle Tracey! Your board looks ok to me, well compared to mine!

Tori B. said...

I love your perfume bottles and the irises are so lovely.

Studio Kaufmann said...

Gorgeous iris paintings - they are my favorite flower. And I love your flowery perfume bottle painting too. I hope your dog's hair grows back to hide his muffin top. Happy PPF

soulbrush said...

Love the art. Even your post it notes are artistically arranged. Hope you had a great day in the sunshine. We are also having a burst of summer here.

Sandra Busby said...

I envy your approaching spring as we approach Autumn... That said, with Autumn comes red and gold leaves, windy nights and log fires which is all quite romantic really - It's the short days I find hard. At the end of October it'll be dark by 5.30pm, so the evenings are very long and also we wake in the dark! Never mind, at least for once in a very long while we have had a consistently warm and dry summer, so I'm not about to complain! I adore your perfume bottles! I really do! In fact I think this is my favourite series of yours so far! Do you work from photo's? Or do you actually have this much perfume??? Wish I could have had a cuppa with you and Von! :0)