Friday, 5 September 2014


It has been a bit of a messy sort of  week
not around the house mind you
because I have been in a bit of a mad cleaning frenzy
which is a rare and wondrous thing I must say
I have this theory that the cleaning mood hits when the hairs in your nose get too long
because by the time I have bleached everything in sight those puppies are fried away nicely

Despite my hairless snoz, gloriously clean showers and gleaming kitchen
the week has still felt all over the place
We had some spring days which saw me hauling pillows and duvets outside to give them a good thwack which is amazingly therapeutic, if a little dangerous at times
carrying king size duvets down a couple of flights of stairs
with the help of the mutt who thinks that pulling at the corners
and providing a furry little obstacle course is all sorts of fun
is epically fraught with comedic possibility
mind you it also adds a frisson of fear to the whole process which is kind of thrilling
Plus I may have called Spring a touch early and those wonderfully warm days
were followed by a blast of freezing winds that could blow a poor dog off a lead
which drove us all back under the now dust free duvets
and pretty much halted the uncharacteristic relish in domestic chores in its tracks

But cleaning mood over and nose hairs dispatched meant the home front was under control
and I duly retreated to the studio, smug in my domestic achievements
and finished off the watercolour of the daffodils
drew up and painted a bit of kale and a few other bits and pieces
which is part of my new morning practice of painting while drinking my tea and leafing through cookbooks and magazines looking for likely subjects to draw, thereby justifying my obscene collection of cookbooks and teetering piles of food magazines
even those pocket watches were in a food mag
weird right... it was about organising, or saving time in the kitchen or some such thing
I didn't actually read the article
as those sort of stories always lead to feelings of gross inadequacies on my part
and I prefer to stay happy in my delusion that procrastination and haphazard half-arsery 
are, in fact, valid methods of housekeeping, though the picture was fabulous

But the pocket watches has been pushed aside by the new perfume bottle I started
and it is practically shouting at me to get off the computer and get into it
so I will wish you a happy PPF and happy painting all...xx


Anonymous said...

I really think you need to stop buy cooking magazines if they produce guilt. Of course, I understand you buy them for the picture not those long drawn out cooking ideas. Cooking... that thought give me the shivers. If it doesn't get cool here soon I'm going to melt into a puddle of goo. Then I'd be Boo Goo.

Rita said...

I've been cleaning and rearranging and purging over here. Good thing I don't use bleach--LOL! You've been making up the most beautiful paintings lately...just drooling over them. Enjoy your spring. We are slowly heading toward winter in these parts. ;)

minnemie said...

it is all good, but i am especially impressed with the kale... only you could successfully execute such a curly subject!

Jennifer McLean said...

I have to admit, I'd pick painting pretty perfume bottles over food magazines and cleaning the house. I guess you and I are in the same mood this week though, Trace. C-Granny and I spent each afternoon "thinning the herd". Now we only have a gaggle of stuff, no more herd. Hugs from cooling down Canada!

Lynn Cohen said...

Tracey, your art is always a breath of fresh air. And your sense of humor most welcome, the combo absolutely perfection! Happy weekend!

Christine said...

oh I love your daffodils Tracey!

sharon said...

Wonderful daffs Love that intense blue with them, Its freezing here, somebody has not told the weather gods here in kiwiland that spring is officially here!Have fun in your studio.

Lynny Dee said...

I love your multi removal and stain removal with the same product and activity. Half- arsery has a touch of brilliance to it that I had never before considered.

Unknown said...

What a lovely daffodils, it's one of my favorite flowers and you just captured them so nicely, loved your painting. Happy PPF! Ruth

PaintingWrite said...

Your daffs are gorgeous and I'm very intrigued by that glimpse of the new perfume bottle-the colours look amazing. I love the random objects you paint-pieces of kale? Genius!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Wish I could have a cleaning frenzy...never mind, it will come along one day, just hope I don't miss it! Love your posts, as always and seeing your paintings is a joy :-)

Giggles said...

Your art is always such a joy to my eyes and your words uplifts my heart!! Can't wait to see that funky little perfume bottle. Sounds like spring hasn't quite sprung... but soon it will... It always feels good to get at the go girl...however instead of all that heavy lifting and could just give in an get some nose hair clippers!! Or borrow Sinuses..eww...second thought stick to bleach!!

Hugs Giggles

Hugs Giggles

Claire said...

The blue around the bottle really makes the yellow daffs pop - super image!!!
Thanks for stopping by - Happy PPF :)

BLOGitse said...

oooh love these!
And your table is so organized!
Happy weekend!

my blog is here - > BLOGitse

froebelsternchen said...

I so adore your watercoloring style Tracey! This flowers in the bottle are utterly beautiful!
Happy PPF!

Miss Marple said...

I sooo much love your paintngs and sketches! Happy PPF too - Irma

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I always enjoy reading your whimsical posts about your week's antics, as well as perusing through your amazing artwork. I loved especially hard with the comment about your nasal hair. Happy PPF and Blessings, my friend!

Neesie said...

Ahh... so that's the secret of frazzled nasal hair. I'm a bleach fanatic, so that's why when I check my nasal passages (as I've been advised to as it's a good practice for someone of my age ~ cheek) but I've never found any of significance! Yet another reason to use bleach eh? Don't you just love it?
Oh how I wish the daffs were coming out here, but we've got autumn and winter to survive first. Wish me luck.
Love the clocks, perfume and kale. Yet again more fantastic work.
Now where was I... oh yes I was going to continue to paint whilst everyone was out of the house... but you've reminded me of all the chores needing my attention.
Maybe I'll just hide under my dusty unthwacked dunna!

Neesie said...
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Twist of Pink said...

Love the work you have awaiting to be finished there on your studio table. Beautiful Daffodils as well!
Happy PPF!

DVArtist said...

OK now that I am done laughing.... I can see you trying to get down the stairs with the dog helping you. Glad you house is clean now too. ha ha. I really like the flowers. You art is very inspiring so it is always a joy coming to your blog. Thanks for the comment about your college teacher and re-doing canvas. That actually makes me feel better.
Have a great weekend

TwinkleToes2day said...

'Half-arsery'! What a FANDABulous expression, I shall have to pilfer that to use when little boys ears are not wigging, which they are prone to do on a regular basis even room to room, (been caught out a couple of times with some 'swears'_oops) ;)
Love those daffies, the blue portion of the bottle is so cool, the greens of the kale are lush and the new perfume bottle looks like a perty one ;)
So glad you 'made it' safely down the stairs without foresaid mutt forcing an ungallant A over T descent ;) but with any luck you'd have landed on the downy duvet, hehe ;)
Have a safe and unfettered weekend :o) xox

Linda Kunsman said...

I always look forward to your posts Tracey. Your drawings are perfection to me! You have a really good idea and discipline to sketch while having breakfast but that just wouldn't work for me-I don't want to start my day getting totally frustrated-which I would. I am trying-at a much slower pace:) Happy PPF and have a great weekend!

Valerie-Jael said...

Nice post! I gave up cleaning years ago, and that gives me more time for nicer things. Valerie

Unknown said...

You go girl! I begrudgingly and with a chip on my shoulder started my Fall cleaning. The weather isn't cool yet but the boys are in school...I cleaned but with a stout Gorgi obstacle, not stairs or I would surely kill myself and not a good attitude. Angry cleaning burns more calories don't ya know? Plus it's the boys mess! Ha! I am in love with your daffodils.

Thanks for sharing,
xo Tam Hess
Happy Paint Party Friday!

Sandy said...

I am a cook book addict too - and I also go on cleaning splurges. But I don't draw or paint nearly as well
You do!!
Sandy xx/

Jo Murray said...

Oh it's great to see the daffys out...and your beautiful drawing. Roll on Spring.

My name is Erika. said...

I know what you mean about a cookbook obsession, but I never thought about drawing from them. That might help justify the piles I have. And lucky you, daffodils. I think living in a year round spring would not be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whir of activity is happening in your world. Hopefully the daffodils will pop from the ground and stay up and Spring will settle in. xox

GlorV1 said...

Oh you have been busy. House cleaning an all. Mine sure needs it. Love your daffs and your kale is scrumptious. We grow kale every year. It's very good for you. Excellent work as always.;)

Debbie said...

It's been a while since I've been to your blog which makes me wonder why, when your posts are always full of fun and laughter and wonderful art! Happy Ppf.

JKW said...

I could feel those daffodil petals. Beautiful. Oops, cleaning. . .Yikes. . .it will always be there, but the cooking magazines won't. Might as well enjoy. It is so much easier now without carpet. Ugh, the dirt in that stuff. Blessings, Janet PPF

denthe said...

Wonderful daffodils, and I LOVE the start of that perfumebottle. Interesting to see your work in progress :-)

Cindy D. said...

Fantastic! The daffodils are so pretty but that new bottle you have started looks totally amazing!

Oh my goodness, I too have a furry little slow-moving obstacle. Mine is a Lhasa mix called Wilson and he just does not understand the getting-out-of-the-way thing!

myra anderson said...

love your glorious paintings!

Carol said...

WOW! Love those Daffs!!!! Yours are getting ready to bloom and ours are just getting planted or replanted I should say before the cold weather gets here and the ground freezes. I Did my cleaning gig 2 weeks ago and actually managed to maintain most if ...don't worry life will return to noraml I'm sure. No way will I ever when the HOMEMAKER of the Year Award. Love your art and your writing ♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Cleaning frenzy! How lucky you are! I'd like to have a soft spree in cleaning, it would be enough. But oh no, never.

I love your daffodils, the touch of your brush is gentle and strong at the same time.

Sirkka said...

Love your daffodils and your story.

Gillena Cox said...

kale and daffodils, can you we eat the flowers too ?


happy you dropped in at my blog

Much Love…

Paper rainbow said...

Love your daffs it seems so strange to see their cheerful yellow blooms just as we are beginning to feel a hint of autumn in the air.
( I love kale, a very under valued vegetable!)

Louisette said...

Really lovely painting.
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Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my goodness! need to write a book--not only are you a wonderful artist, who's artwork fills my eyes, but you are a fabulous writer, who makes me laugh. Thank you. I needed that. :o)

Sandra Busby said...

Oo-er! I almost missed this one! And it is bursting with stuff I love! I particularly like the look of the one with the fog-watches... I'm intrigued! And only you could make a bit of Kale look interesting! :0)