Friday, 29 August 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

Spring has well and truly sprung here in my part of the world
I thought that maybe it was a bit of a false spring for a few days
even though I saw the first blooms of jasmine
and smelt its wonderful fragrance
every now and again you get a rogue bloom
so I wasn't quite ready to believe it may be here

Even when I was woken up by a veritable horde of rainbow lorikeets
swarming the tree outside our bedroom window and devouring its seed pods
while screeching to each other at the top of their birdy lungs
I still wasn't quite ready to declare winter done for

and despite having our first mosquito put in an appearance the other night
which was duly dispatched with glee and karate type noises
plus I left that carcass on the wall as a warning to other little bitey buggers
they enter at their own risk people
even the appearance of that annoying little blighter couldn't make me declare it

the bougainvillea in the neighbor's yard was showing a few blooms
and I admit that I was starting to be hopeful
the light is gorgeous, the skies are clear blue, and the breeze has that first hint of warmth
and my hopes were getting higher and higher
but what if it is really one of those false Springs
that send you shivering and diving back into sweaters unexpectedly
might be best to be a touch cautious before I start washing sweaters and blankets

The paper on these watercolours dried fabulously quickly as I finally finished them off
which should be an indicator
especially as these are quite large by my standards
and I used 600gr paper to avoid the whole stretching paper palaver
which always sees me somehow ending up covered in water
with tape from head to tail and still having dry patches in the paper
but it wasn't until this morning that I was ready to finally say winter is done for

And that is because I woke up to that indicator to end all indicators
a dog sneeze in the face... yep the mutt gets hayfever
only in spring and then he becomes a roving mass full of snot, sneezes
and epic snoring that has to be heard to be believed
he opens the day with a sneeze, proceeds to sneeze all day long
and most disgusting is that he likes to sneeze on something
your foot, your leg, or your cup of tea if you let him get too close
then does the best impression of a drunk trucker that a small fluff ball can achieve
So when faced by the wall of disgustingness that is doggy hayfever
I have to call it... Spring is here...

So in celebration of the change of seasons
and as a distraction from the dog sneeze that just hit my leg
I am getting stuck into the suitable bright paintings on my desk
happy painting all...xx

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Unknown said...

AMAZING! These are beautiful Tracey! Love your post, I'm happy spring is here, the days are lovely. Xx

Rita said...

OMG!! I love the colors on your Chanel bottle! That is just gorgeous. And the new things coming up--can hardly wait to see them finished. Try to keep out of close range of the sneezer--LOL! ;) Glad your spring has arrived.

Anonymous said...

beautiful paintings and Happy Spring!

Unknown said...

So lovely..I can smell the perfume just looking at your work.
We are wishing for cooler temps, it seems like summer will never end over here.
Good luck with the dog...I wonder if you can train him to use a tissue??!

sharon said...

Yep, Spring has sprung here too, the Magnolias are out in flower, and I have hay fever! Promise not to sneeze over your post! I just love the oranges in that perfume bottle, scrummy.

Giggles said...

Gorgeous perfume bottle but you can have your spring...I am sooo tired of the heat and dreaming of autumn!! Enjoy....and I will love settling into my Winter not far down the road!! Adorable are the doggy sneezes!!

Hugs Giggles

Katie Jeanne said...

You can gladly have spring. Here..CATCH!! We've been at 100+F for weeks. Locked inside every day, I have cabin fever soooo bad. I'm ready for my favorite seasons..fall and winter. Sweaters, hoodies, hot chocolate, falling leaves, cold air..ohhh, yes!!! Can NOT wait. :D

BLOGitse said...

I LOVE this style!!!Just pure art!!! I've tried to learn this style (even bought a book) but being too control freak it's difficult but I will not give up!

my blog is here:
ps. would be great to have URL option leaving a comment...

PaintingWrite said...

Oh that all sounds wonderful (apart from the mosquito and the dog sneezes! ) makes me sad that summer is pretty much over here with the nights drawing in and the husband of our to photograph the milky way and northern lights again-always a sign in our house that winter or at least autumn is on its way!
Rainbow lorikeets sounds fab-any kind of rainbow bird sounds fab actually! Love the perfume bottle. Have you changed something about your style of painting as I can't put my finger on it but something seems different-whatever it is I really love it. X

TwinkleToes2day said...

That's it! You've stolen it!
You've stolen the last of our Summer to set off your Spring and sent in the Autumn! Yah-boo-sucks! Heheh ;) We have started to wear light jackets or sweaters and the ground is dew-wet in the mornings with a light frost on higher ground *sigh* Summer was all too brief, but on the upside - I love the darker nights. Closing the doors, shutting the curtains and cosying in. Nice. So enjoy your Spring and I hope the mozzies don't cause too much trouble for you. Do you use nets on your doors and windows to try and keep them out Tracey?
I googled Rainbow Lorikeets. Bou, they are gorgeous!! I can't imagine having such beauties on ones garden! Our birds (my neck of the woods) are mostly browns and blacks. There's the occasional Blue-Tit and Robin, but nothing so bright as the Lorikeet. Could you get a photo of them in your yard?
Have a great weekend Tracey (hugs) xox

sheila 77 said...

It's strange to think it is Spring in another part of Blogland. Here it is delicious autumn with trillions of plums on the trees.
Love your splashy orange perfume bottle and the glassy stopper, I can almost smell the perfume, yes.
I didn't even know 600 gm paper existed, sounds like stiff board but that should sort out any potential cockles.
Aarghh, doggie, please don't sneeze (or worse) on my comment!

Carol Rigby said...

I just love the colours in your Chanel bottle. Happy PPF!

Snap said...

Well, if spring is springing there then fall should be falling here ... right?!? I wish!!!! Love your Channel bottle and a big bless you to Mushu.

donna said...

LOVE the daffodils!

Sandra Busby said...

Well I just love your perfume bottle!! But nowhere can I see a place to buy your stuff! And it might be something I can persuade Paul to buy me for Xmas! Anyway - clearly you are back on top form - unlike Mushi, who is clearly not, though I doubt he feels as sorry for himself as Sherlock does right now. He is just coming round from an anesthetic having been detached from his two best pals... poor lamb! Hope this is the last op he has to go through for a very long time! xx

Helen Campbell said...

Yay for spring... even if it brings doggie sneezes. :) Your Chanel bottle is wonderful, I just love how your get your colors to flow so nicely. Have a wonderful weekend!

GlorV1 said...

Hi Tracey. Hope you are doing well. My bottle is almost empty, time for another. I love Chanel No.5. It so invigorates me. Your painting is wonderful, free flowing. Great job. We are going into Fall and I so look forward to it. Have a great day.

Unknown said...

I'm not big fan of perfumes but this Chanel No.5 illustration of yours is just gorgeous. I must say you are very inspirational. Your art is almost like "still life illustrations" they still have lot's of movement in them. I need to paint more some interesting objects also :)
Love light and inspiration -Niina

JKW said...

I love the Chanel picture. . .my Chanel days are over, so many of us are allergic to perfume nowadays. The bright pictures and nod to Spring are wonderful. I will be glad to be into winter (we've had 90 degree days with feels like 100 for 4 months). Blessings, Janet PPF

DVArtist said...

Hi Tracy I just love your description of spring. Especially doggy hay fever. We are heading into what is known as Indian summer. Those day just before autumn that are so nice, warm and not too much wind, with cold crips nights full of very wet fog off the ocean. Your art as always is so impressive.
Have a great weekend

Maria Medeiros said...

Tracey how beautiful! I adore the colour and the joy in your work! I love how beautiful spring shines through your pieces! We are in the opposite side and I'm excited for fall. Well we have extreme weather unlike you. haha I love everything! I Love the Tea TIN! WOWZA! CUTE! love the vase and the perfume!!! Absolutely Gorgeous! Hugs!

Faye said...

Your Chanel #5 perfume bottle is gorgeous! I have always wanted to save perfume bottles, if only for the residual smell. But usually the shape is wonderful too. Lucky you, getting into spring. I'd love to have spring again this year, but autumn is now approaching and I like October, a month of much remembrance. Lots of birthdays plus dh's "homecoming" date. Enjoy all those gorgeous birds and flowers.

Linda Kunsman said...

AMAZING perfume bottle Tracey!!! I'm happy for you that your Spring is arriving despite some of the crap that does come with it :) Our summer is ending and it makes me sad knowing I'll have to wait so long again for it to return...

Marji said...

Beautiful! I was loving those perfume bottles even before they were declared done. Lucky for spring. Winding down here into autumn. I know I would love rainbow birds outside my window. That sounds pretty wonderful. Sad for Mushu and his doggie hay fever. But I'm sure he is happy to see spring arrive too. M.x

Janet said...

Your Chanel bottle paintings are gorgeous!!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Wow! Your paintings are lovely! Love the spread and mingle of colors, love the linework, and love the compositions! How wonderful to be swarmed by lorikeets and spring, and I am in the hot dog days of summer here in the states! Happy PPF!

My name is Erika. said...

Gorgeous Channel bottles. And lucky you, spring coming.

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Hope you have a lovely spring. We had a very rainy summer so I hope the autumn will be nicer. :) Gorgeous illustration as ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy paintings indeed. You are waking up in your part of the world and we are heading toward rest and reflection here in ours. xox

Irene Rafael said...

You nailed that hunky Chanel bottle. I can feel it in my hands. It brings back memories of my mother. She had the small black spray bottle bottle but I can still smell it. Happy Spring!

bellefrogworks said...

That Chanel bottle is a jewel - I might have said that earlier this week and it is still true!!! My Boston Terrier sneezes all over the place all year long!

Unknown said...

Dogs have hay fever too!Now that's a revelation.We are well past spring in my neck of woods.Its just dark and grey and a tiny bit cold too.Love your perfume bottle sketch.I love the flowy loose watercolour effect.Beautiful vibrant color too.When oh when will I be able to do this!Melodramatic sigh...

Unknown said...

Tracy, I haven't left a comment for you in quite a while. So I thought it was time. As usual your art is outstanding and beautiful. I LOVE your work!!! You should put it all together in a coffee table book. Hoping you are well. (((HUGS)))

Unknown said...

I really liked your post about Is It Spring Yet?

Bronson Hill Arts said...

Absolutely delightful post, Tracey!

And, though I am an anti-perfume advocate (allergies), I am secretly in love with Chanel No. 5. I swear I can smell it's elegance drifting off of your watercolor!



Studio Kaufmann said...

How do you do it woman? Create such delicious, sensory Chanel No 5 bottles that I can smell it from here. As a teen I could not afford the perfume so had to make do with the soap. Deprived childhood! I am glad spring has sprung where you are. Here on the E Coast we are still roasting away...hope fall comes soon to bring relief. Happy PPF

pauline said...

omg, you fucking CRACK me up... mosquitos and karate type noises. BAHAHAHAHA!! Ah, now my stomach hurts. ;-) You are onto something with those perfume bottles. The colours flowing into one another are just gorgeous. Your art always makes my jaw drop. THANK YOU for sharing. xx

Fallingladies said...

Wow, i so LOVE the juicy colors here, so pretty and inspiring! I am off to check out your other posts i have missed!