Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hydrangeas and Homework...

I mentioned on Friday that I have been on a quest to mess up my work a bit
to get the paint doing fun things and generally making as big a mess as possible
and I have to say I managed to take the mess to a whole new level with these hydrangeas
I swear I had paint from tip to toe
and it turns out when your hair is no longer the long brown locks you were used to
but instead is a very sticky-up-y  light grey
that the permanent rose truly lives up to its name
that little splodge that ended up on a tip seems to be in for the long haul

the photo I worked from was truly lovely
who regularly sends through photos of her glorious blooms and garden to inspire and cheer me
and I had a great time painting this from the first splatter to the last
of course the pink tipped hair and blue hands were quite the look
but it turns out that scrubbing the shower without gloves
actually removes the worst of the paint from fingers
even if you are using organic, earth hugging, no nasty spray
I actually considered spraying my hair for a minute
just to see if it would get rid of the pink
because who wouldn't want to know that right
luckily I remembered just how inaccurate I am with any sort of aiming
and I had visions of aiming at fringe type hair and getting my ear, or an eye. or the dog
so common sense did prevail in the end... just

So in order to give my poor hair and hands a break
I decided to get in and do some homework from Sketchbook Skool
Andrea Joseph set one exercise to draw an object using ballpoint pen
so one of Phantom's boots is in the hot seat so to speak
It is quite the change of pace from the splashing paint around of the past few weeks
 but it is oddly soothing in a obsessive compulsive sort of way
happy painting all...xx


Jo Murray said...

You couldn't make a mess if you tried....that is, on the page.

alarmcat said...

those hydrangeas look so juicy in those colors!

and what a great boot! I always love Andrea's work. sketchbook skool looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me with your use of white space to make shadows. I so wish I could draw. Your boot is amazing.

And of course I love the bright flowers... I like pink hair.

Maria Medeiros said...

Tracey truly beautiful!!!!!!!!! I really love love what you did! So wonderful! Thank you for mentioning me. :) so sweet of you. I love the colours on the hydrangeas! Truly beautiful. Big Mess is so much fun! I really love the crosshatching pen work on the boot! Truly beautiful and thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. you are so thoughtful, kind and caring friend. Also very very very talented and I'm your number 1 FAN! :D

Linda Kunsman said...

your hydrangea is so gorgeous!! We had such a bad winter that I only had one big bloom on my shrub this summer-but at least it didn't die-I love those flowers. The pen marks on your boot are really fab-so detailed and intricate!

Belinda Basson said...

And then there are some peeps like me who spend 3 hours at the hairdresser to get permanent pink hair! Go figure! But then I do it for a reason. I lost my bestie suddenly on the 8th December to the Chemo for breast cancer which killed her liver and ultimately her. So I do it to remember her and others like you who boldly manage to have a sense of humour through it all and make us talk about the dreaded C word and talk friends into doing the checks and so far this year I have saved 2 other friends with my pink hair cos they went, got tested and have had lumps removed. So wear your pink PROUDLY, you of all people know first hand what it is like to survive the dreaded C.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Gorgeous colour for the hydrangea...sorry about the paint everywhere...still, it's a great pink. Love the boot, what a great drawing...amazing how you got all those very tiny lines - brilliant.

froebelsternchen said...

amazing pieces Trace!

Ali H said...

I just love hydrangeas - and your painting is great - just captures the exuberance of the flower ! Thanks for sharing Ali x

VonnyK said...

Ah Tracey, nice to see you are becoming a loose woman, so to speak. Love the flowers. I knew if you hung around me long enough,you would start to become a 'messy girl'. Keep the pink in your hair, you will look trendy, if anything I'd be adding more colours :)
Luv Von

Darnell said...

Oh, dang, you do fill me up, girl, in just two photos!! I thought your paintings were divine (as this painty magical colorful organic hydrangea is), but that pen drawing made me GASP!! Swear to God you could sketch dog crap and I'd be delighted to hang it on my wall!! And I'll bet you can rock bright fuchsia spiked hair tips!! Hugs, Darnell

Rita said...

I do love your loosey-goosey hydrangeas!!
I have always wondered about Andrea's ballpoint drawings. You are doing an amazing job on Phoebe's boot. Does look like it might be meditative.
Have a great week. And may the color in your hair not wash out right away. Sounds cool! :)

Unknown said...

The Hydrangeas are gorgeous.I don't see mess,I see beauty and vibrance and then beauty again.The ball point sketch is awesome.I would have never guessed it was a ball point pen.Leave the hair alone.Pink is the new black or is it the other way around or something.Maybe add some purple to the tips of the hair to give it more dimension and depth.hee hee

bellefrogworks said...

OK - so I am the world's messiest painter (maybe a little exaggeration) so I love your hydrangeas and the rest of the painting you did (your hair, etc). However, I am also mucho impressed by that ball point pen boot. Great job so far. Maybe I need to go to Sketchbook Skool too.

Sandra Busby said...

The flower is gorgeous! And I quite like the idea of pink hair... Not quite brave enough to do it on purpose though - and I often have multi-coloured streaks on a weekend of oil painting anyway! I imagine that boot really is a change of pace! Therapeutic probably... It is amazing already! :0)

minnemie said...

Excellent combination of the paint doing it's own thing and the pen defining. Beautiful! Phantom's boot is so very impressive.That is, I like her style AND your rendition - phenomenal lines!

Debbie Nolan said...

Wow - I love the mess you made...those hydrangeas just vibrate off the page. As for your hair - who cares - pink is cool! Have a lovely day.

Serena Lewis said...

Love the hydrangeas and I LOVE Phantom's boot! Nice work on the cross-hatching.:)