Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Holiday Hangover....

Let's talk holiday hangovers
a week has passed since we came home from the beach
and I think I may still have a touch of holiday -itis
I am wafting through the days in some sort of daze
partly because every now and again I get a whiff of salt in the air
this whiff may or may not be due to the fact that Sinus insists on dousing all food in salt 
in what I can only think is an all out attempt to harden his arteries
and excite his blood pressure
but whether it is Sinus or that the winter beach is just too hard to let go of
I have to say motivation has been on the scant side

I finished off this page of shells
which is not a shell from the beach but is one that Phantom had handy
and I finally finished off this sketch from  a photo that Mary took on the Fourth of July
it was a task and a half as it has been many many years since I have drawn anything similar
plus I was battling not just a holiday hangover
but also, perhaps, maybe, a little bit of a Fireball induced one
I am such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol it is embarrassing
but hangovers aside, I loved every challenging minute and the many cups of tea it required
I am thinking there may be some more streetscapes in my future

I am not alone in my holiday post holiday malaise though
 Mushu the wonder mutt also appears to be suffering
I keep finding him standing in the middle of the yard/ bed/ garden/ new sofa
nose in the air, sniffing and looking wistful
of course this could be due to the fact that he is girding himself
for the teasing and taunts of the neighbourhood dogs
which are surely accompanying him on his afternoon walks
because before we went up the coast we gave him a reverse poodle
and shaved his legs but left some hair on his body in a nod to the chilly winter winds
he does have a bit of a white hairy potato on toothpicks look about him
which is endlessly hilarious
plus he didn't bring half the beach home every day

So as I contemplate how long it will be before we can head back to the beach
I am painting up some little accordion artwork book things
they are going to come together I am sure
but they are at that scruffy stage
and I hate to leave them in that state for me to face in the morning
so I am going to get back to it
happy painting all...xx


PaintingWrite said...

Your streetscape is brilliant-you should definitely do more of these.I laughed at your description of Mushu-we did the same thing to ours last winter and they did look funny with wee skinny legs and furry wee barrel bodies but it made them slightly easier to keep clean! I hope you'll stop by my blog later as I'm very excited to be posting my 1st ever timelapse video of a painting!

pauline said...

Tracey, i lOVE the seascape!! Very different than what we're used to seeing by you. :-) Laughed my head off at the poodle imagery. hehehehhee. Hilarious, Thanks for making me laugh this morning. Blue skies to you. xx

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the streetscape. I do wish you had included a photo of the white potato on tooth picks. Poor Mushu. As usual, thanks for the morning smile.

Carol said...

Lots of good art in the making here and I really really love the street sketch ♥ The accordion artbooks are very interesting.

Susan said...

Tracey, you need to do more streetscapes. This is wonderful! I can picture the reverse poodle and it isn't pretty. The indignities our dogs suffer at our hands.

alarmcat said...

looks like your holiday really energized you!! so much artwork going on here :) love LOVE love the accordion art book.

Sandra Busby said...

I hate coming home from holidays - I always feel so sad to thump back to the reality of day to day work! But - if I lived where you do, surely I would always feel like I was on holiday!! I can't imagine living anywhere more perfect! I love your sketches... you seem full of inspiration to me! Maybe I should post a sketch on my own blog next... I haven't done that for ages! Yep - am inspired! :0)

Terrie said...

Yep - love your street scene - it's so different from your usual, yet equally engaging and well done!

BTW - I haven't written in eons (sorry about that) but wanted to let you know I'm in the midst of a book set in Australia - it's White Earth by Andrew McGahan. It's a bit of a grim read about a crusty old farmer and how he's teaching his nephew about the land. There's lots of historical and geographical references that I find interesting. A good read if you haven't already....

Rita said...

With all the beautiful art one would never know you are suffering from the after vacation blahs. ;)

Giggles said...

Wonderful different artwork Tracey... I am imagining Mushu in that poodle cut...can't help but giggle!

Glad you enjoyed the holiday!

Hugs Giggles