Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mid Week Ramblings...

Sketchbook Skool semester 2, "Seeing",  started last Friday
and in an attempt to make myself accountable and do the homework
 I am blogging this week's homework
We started by having to draw toast
yep toast... weird right
kind of gloriously weird though
and due to Phantom's celiac-ness, and my intolerance I had to draw some gluten free fruit toast
as that was all we had in the house
It is quite palatable when hot
but when it is cold it should be known as Spongebob Squarepants on a plate
I swear this stuff could absorb an ocean when it is cold

the second part of the homework was to lay down background colour quickly
then add detail slowly in pen, concentrating on observation
kind of fun even if I didn't get into the detail so much
I enjoyed it enough to give it another shot
and painted and drew the bloody kitchenaide mixer
it was quite meditative and gave me time to consider some mid week oddities

like the fact that my Dad came in for a visit yesterday
and it turns out we have matching hair at the moment
like seriously matching
I like to call it my electric badger look as it is very dark at the roots
but takes on quite a silver tip
and I now know who to blame for the fact that my hair permanently looks like my finger is stuck in an electrical socket as it grows out after chemo
Nice one Daddy dearest... thanks for those genes

Sinus man is also becoming quite the handyman and studio renovator
check out the rack he added to the wall to complete the studio makeover
beyond perfect for larger sketchbooks
I have no clue what happened to my old husband
who, quite frankly was about as handy as a one armed, drunken blind man
but I am keeping the new version
he is showing some serious skills
skills which included passing wind and laughing like a maniac while installing this beauty
but hey the stench dissipated and I was left with this wonder

It does feel as though my ramblings are starting to ramble
so I am going to leave it there
and get back to attempting to revitalise some urban sketching skills
thanks to a fabulous photo that my friend Mary took on the 4th of July
if Sinus can show new skills then surely an electric badger can
minus the farting I hope
happy painting all ...


Anonymous said...

beautiful home work assignments, your hair sounds pretty,

Anonymous said...

Sure wish there was a picture of your hair. I like the kitchen aid.

Jaz Higgins said...

You've been a busy bee! Those files for your sketch books are a great idea!!

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Excellent work. Love your sketches!

Jennifer McLean said...

Yay for Sketchbook Skool! (working on my homework too, lol). Sending hugs and tell Sinus he ROCKS.

Dianne said...

Fabulous drawings...would not have thought you needed a class, but I bet it's really fun and you are having a terrific time! love the color of that mixer!

minnemie said...

Hahahaha, I so get the sponge bob GF bread bit! But yours does look quite palatable in pen and ink:-) Now that last piece...the street scene... WOW. Where is it? Love it...great depth, leading me into the picture!

PaintingWrite said...

Great illustrations-I like the loose colour idea overlapping the pen drawing. Sinus is a dab hand-that's a great sketchbook rack. Steve made me a paint tube box this week too-I do love a handy man!

Unknown said...

Keep up with the homework, it's looking great... :)xx

pauline said...

i LOVE your first painting... it kinda looks like silkscreen art. Really love the colour going beyond the lines in both paintings. Wishing you a wonderful midweek Tracey... xx

Jo Murray said...

I reckon the electric badger look could catch on. No need to say anything about your drawing skills....other than...SUPERB.

Lorraine said...

great sketches and I was thinking spongebob too with that yellow

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hey Tracey, awesome images. the colours are fabulous!! I think it's awesome that you are taking a class and doing your homework too. What a good student. Gold star for you ;)
The kitchen aid is awesome (again, lol), but I like the idea of setting down paint first and then sketching. I guess it takes away the anality of getting the paint perfect, but gives the satisfaction of a finished piece. (I guess)
Also I love that street picture. Very cool Trace. Very cool.
Love n hugs
Mo xoxox
ps - I hope the stench has gone by now, ;)

Rita said...

That certainly does sound like strange toast. Love the mixer done in reverse with color first and that you and your dad have matching hair--LOL! Sinus having new talents is quite interesting...and helpful. Love the sketch. You have been quite busy. Hope you are having just the best week ever!! :)

Maria Medeiros said...

Absolutely beautiful! Truly bold and beautiful colors and I love your style!

Maria Medeiros said...

Absolutely beautiful! Truly bold and beautiful colors and I love your style!

Unknown said...

Lovely work! I love your colours a lot. said...

OOh, I like the idea of putting down the paint first, then filling it in. It kind of takes the pressure off I guess and stops us being so precious about what we're doing.

The hair sounds fantastic!

Sandra Busby said...

Sketchbook Skool sounds fabulous and I wish I was involved - but still I can learn a bit from your posts so that's nice! That's something I have never tried - lay colour before line... hmmm... must try that one! Sounds fun! The upper half of hubby sounds amazing! Can I borrow him? You can keep the lower half though!! ;0)

Neesie said...

Some interesting homework there Tracey, I love how lose it all is. Oh how I wish I could loosen up in that department...not so much as to beep (fart) but certainly not to be so tight I almost squeak!
Your urban sketch is fantastic. Love it!
By the way I used to have my hair shaved which was so easy to maintain, so enjoy the electric badger stage while you have it...I now have a daily challenge with my curly frizzy longer locks plus a 'Mallen grey streak' at the front thanks to my Mum's gene's!
Enjoy your new man ;D