Friday, 25 July 2014

Fireballing ....

A couple of weeks before we headed off to the beach for winter break
my recently turned legal age baby... otherwise known as Phantom Steve
came to me and asked to be driven to the bottle shop
and yes I do think if you are old enough to be able to buy and consume alcohol you should also be old enough to drive yourself
or at the very least have your learner's permit... kids these days right
anyway I must admit to being a little taken aback that lightweight Phantom made such a request
and enquired as to what she might be wanting to purchase from said liquor store
and with a twinkle in her eye she informed me she wanted to try
 which is cinnamon flavoured whisky

seriously... Cinnamon flavoured whisky
now this is concerning to me on a number of levels
I love cinnamon in baking
in fact Swedish cinnamon buns would make it onto my last meal menu
but outside of baking I truly believe cinnamon is evil stuff
this was not helped by a rather unfortunate incident
which involved a bet to consume a mouth full of cinnamon altoids
totally not worth doing to get Phantom to clean her room I must say
and then there was the surprise Big Red Gum incident
not to be confused with the surprise yolk incident which is a story for another day
but in short while Phants loves cinnamon flavoured anything
I however, am no lover of the stuff and held grave fears for just how awful this may be
but hey being young and stupid and trying disgusting things is part of being an 18 year old
and she did seem to be exhibiting quite the enthusiasm for trying it

Of course such enthusiasm led to the concern that my little baby
may be heading down the booze hound path
and yes I know it is perfectly normal for university students
to consume copious amounts of alcohol
but part of me immediately worried that she was going to do a full Miley Cyrus on us
and start wearing butt skimming shorts, chop off her hair, sticking her tongue out all the time and contemplate getting some meaningful ink tramp stamp
but I put my fears aside and reminded her of the whipped cream vodka she wanted to try and how that turned out... or the god awful Rambler incident of recent weeks
but she swore that it got a huge recommendation
on youtube... yep she is is getting booze reviews on youtube

In the end the tipping point for getting in the car and heading off with her
was the fact that she offered to buy it herself
which due to the fact that Phants was born with frightenly short arms and crazy deep pockets
is reason enough to put aside my worries
and witness the miracle of seeing those moths fly from her wallet when it is opened

After all that stress, worry, teasing and miracle wallet opening
I would like to be able to tell you that I was right
and it is awful on a level that can only be dreamed of
but no... it is freakin delicious
plus it was fabulous to paint and I loved having it sitting on my desk for a day
 felt very bohemian
but the only way she is letting me share Her bottle of the stuff
is if I publically acknowledge the fact
so were right 
now can Mummy have a Fireball tonight please

happy painting and Paint Party Friday all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

Oh the horror! The day has come where your baby is right and you, mommy are wrong. Damn. Now you NEED that drink, huh? Hugs from Canada (P.S. Hope that holiday was smashing!)

Sinderella's Studio said...

Look up oatmeal cookie shot and use instead of hot damn

Rita said...

Sounds dreadful to me, too. I haven't had any alcohol for about 20 years. Just doesn't interest me anymore and I think I had enough of it in a few short periods of time to cure me of the desire--ROFL! But it was a most excellent art source...along with that other alien bottle. They are colorful and splashy!! I guess you know time is flying by when you suddenly find yourself asking for a drink from your daughter's bottle--ROFLMAO!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to say it does not sound delicious to me but I bet my dad would love it. I'm a serious light weight when it comes to booze. You had me chuckling over the whole Miley Cyrus.. butt showing skirt thing.

The painting is fantastic!!

Michellem said...

Whipped cream flavored vodka sounds pretty yummo to me!! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to alcohol - I'm just now catching onto the pomegranate flavored liquors - tasty!

Neesie said...

I'm afraid we're totally purests in this house especially living here in the birthplace of whisky. The only addition being possibly ice so this intregues me. I mentioned it to hubby (the main consumer) and he almost baulked and he likes cinnamon! I'm at the same stage of having kids constantly 'keeping me right' as they put it. Don't you just love em?
Fantastic painting. looks like the bottles on fire never mind your throat when consuming! It looks like you've certainly given it a serious taste test by the amount thats missing.
Have a fantastic weekend XOXO

PaintingWrite said...

Well I think Whiskey is disgusting however I love anything cinnamon flavored including air freshener so the thought of cinnamon whiskey could only be an improvement. I'm glad you liked it-does it have any of that horrible whiskey/paint thinners taste or is it deliciously cinnamon through and through? Great illustration as always. X

Carmen said...

As a lover of whiskey AND cinnamon I'd've been in the car before she finished asking - oh my it sounds yum! Nice to be wrong on this one time eh? Have you tried Glayva (can you get that there?) It's a blend of whiskey, honey, cinnamon and spices. OMG - my favourite tipple in the world ;)

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

That's something I never heard before but then again I'm not really a drinker. :) Love your illustration!

Unknown said...

Love your sketches of the bottles :-) I love whiskey and cinnamon buns...hehehe...being a Swede :-)My fav drink is Irish Coffee, for the simple reason I love the combo of Whiskey, coffee and whipped cream. Have a fantastic Weekend!

Lorraine said...

just love your wit and art..ha ha ha great post and am smiling as I type this..tramp stamp ha ha

Lorraine said...

just love your wit and art..ha ha ha great post and am smiling as I type this..tramp stamp ha ha

Sandra Busby said...

Well, your painting is of course wonderful but the drink sounds disgusting! I have always DETESTED cinnamon with a passion and I can't even bare the stuff in apple pies! In fact, I can detect the tiniest amount in just about anything and I just can't stand either the smell or the taste! If someone were to ask me to describe the taste cinnamon, I would say it was how I'd imagine, dried, ground wasps to taste... Not that I have ever eaten a wasp in any form, but I imagine that is what it would be like. So, YUK! I can't imagine liking this Fireball stuff, so when you are glug-glug, woohooing on that, I'll be sticking to a G&T! :0)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I love cinnamon everything too! But I don´t like alcohol so I´ll sit this one out. :)

Unknown said...

You bastard.. you make me wanna try this.. hahaha! I'll tell if I turned to a dragon or something like this.. hahah

Linda Kunsman said...

Fabulous illustrations Trace! The whole Miley Cyrus thing had me ROFLOL just picturing the whole scenario! Although I'm not one to drink the hard stuff I would try it since I do like cinnamon-not that I'm going to buy this whiskey anytime soon.

alarmcat said...

first of all, your drawing is great! I'm not sure I would try cinnamon whisky though. I had whisky when I was 18…many years ago…and it cured me for life. I got so sick I never wanted to touch it again. Ever!

Unknown said...

the art works are so appealing to my eyes. very vibrant and well done. Cheers to you for being adventuresome and fun !

Faye said...

I love cinnamon, but have never tried cinnamon whisky and doubt that I ever will. The Altoids used to be my favorite candy. I love your artwork. You are so talented in so many ways.

Beth Niquette said...

I love cinnamon--I've never head of cinnamon flavored whiskey before. You do a very good job of painting those bottles, too.

Ayala Art said...

I am not a drinker, but I like cinnamon. I doubt I would like that fireball hahaha But I do like your rendition of it, and I guess I would feel also very bohemian with it on my desk, even if just to sniff it once in a long while :D

Giggles said...

Now I want a cinnamon bun...also on my last meal list and every meal list if that was even sane!

Not much of a drinker anymore, this is now on my list....damn you!!

How could you make this so darn pretty and appealing after all that balking about cinnamon. Girl they should hire you to market Fireball!

Now you got a boozin buddy and you can exhale because at least she's not twerking!! Win Win!!!

Hugs Giggles

GlorV1 said...

Hi Tracy. Hope you are doing good. Love your illustration of that bottle. I don't drink whiskey, but as far as cinnamon, I take about a tsp. daily to bring down sugar levels and it works. I just put it in my coffee. Love your work and story behind it. Have a great day.

Carol said...

I can always count on you to make me smile :) Great art and like you I only recently discovered FireBall and I'm in love with it too. My son is the one who shared it with me so it must be a family drink :)

Life moments said...

Very inspiring, dear Tracey! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Too funny that stuff is delish. I would have painted it as yuck myself, not a cinnamon fan unless in sweets as you mentioned. Who knew, well I guess Phants did. Ha. xox

Jo Murray said...

Sounds quite revolting!...still...I'd try it.
Guess you'll have to cough up for a bottle of your own. Certainly makes a great drawing.

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Cinnamon is great for Scandinavian bakery as well as oriental meals, yummy!
And I once got a hot Toddie with cinnamon, which I liked a lot!
So why not cinnamon and whiskey in one bottle? ;-)
Yes growing up kids! I've one of these as well, turning 18 in October!!! And moving out for studying very soon - things will change around the house…

Wishing you all the best,
Ilona xx

Anonymous said...

I have smelled this evil elixir of which you speak, I have not personally drank it but I have cleaned up after someone who had, sorry TMI, beautiful painting though and I agree, great label!!!

Jo said...

Awesome paintings, hiccup. I like that you said you felt bohemian with the bottle on your desk. I think I would have all the same worries/concerns had my child asked me what your child did. The more you described it, the more I wanted to taste it. I imagined it to feel very warm going down, and I am not one for the fireball hot taste. I could never keep one of those candies in my mouth for very long but I actually think I would enjoy this. lol

Christine said...

lovely work Tracey, and congrats on coming of age to your daughter (good luck with that!)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

i'm up way to early for a Saturday morning, so your post brought me a much needed laugh. The legal drinking age in the USA is 21, so I'm experiencing similar situations with my oldest who just had that birthday wanting to try different spirits. I enjoy having a Whiskey with Frangelico sometimes, so I can imagine Fireball would be good too. Plus, like you said, the bottle made a great art subject. Enjoy your nightcap!

Jennifer Wolfe said...

My daughter is almost leaf all to drink in the US...I imagine it will be a very odd experience- like when she learned to drive! Aren't they still our babies?

bellefrogworks said...

That is funny - I would have thought it was horrible - cinnamon burns when it isn't used in cooking - but who would've known - the teenager wins once again. Great drawing and it tastes good too!!!

AM Zafaran said...

Oh, Wow! Talk of kids growing up!! I keep telling my son, (the crazy paranoid neurotic that I am), to keep away from all alcohol and he says "Mom, I have no idea as of now, but you keep giving me ideas!"
Anyway, cinnamon is a flavor I LOVE and goes into lots of Indian dishes. And I come from the South Indian state of Kerala the land of cinnamon! Maybe Phantom would love it here. Tracey, those are really mouth watering sketches!

denthe said...

It sounds disgusting but it looks great (or better: you make it look great!) And don't forget: cinnamon is supposed to be really healthy ....