Friday, 11 July 2014

Blame Sinus...

Every now and again I am forced to wonder how on earth Sinus and I have lasted for 25 years
now I know I am no picnic to live with sometimes
and all three of us are pretty strong in the pester power stakes
especially Phantom... she is truly gifted in wearing us down
but this week Sinus has driven me nuts harassing me into writing this post
personally I didn't think it was post worthy
but in the interests of humouring him so that he changes the subject
and also so that I am not forced to stab him in the eye with a pitchfork while he sleeps
I am writing this lame arse post
I wanted to write about the deer heads, or the model hand that I bought
and yes it has been arranged to make rude gestures
I have never pretended that we are into highbrow humour around here
so in defiance of Sinus's badgering I did sneak it into the drawing
but if you find the post boring then blame Sinus....

Costco has finally come to Brisbane
yep that's about the extent of it
well not quite because nothing is ever that simple with Sinus
Sinus and I braved the drive north to find it
which given the fact that Sinus can be directionally challenged was no sure thing
then he got distracted by the Bunnings next door to Costco
Bunnings is a big box hardware store for the non Australians
which was the cleanest Bunnings Sinus had ever seen apparently
I know this because he told everyone... employees, strangers, everyone
but once we got out of the cleanest Bunnings in the world we finally headed across the road

we then braved the line to join because Sinus may have overstated his having signed up online
turns out he was too cold to get out of bed and get his card
so huge line it was
but finally we had our cards and entered that cavernous wonderfulness
 that houses epic amounts of toilet paper and paper towels
it was rather weird as there was a strong sense of deja vu from our time in Florida
but not quite, as it of course has a huge number of Australian products
which made it familiar ... but not 

There were all our old favourites
giant jars of olives and peppers
breakfast cereal in containers so large that they could see you through the apocalypse
and those giant packets of crisps that could act as pillows for small animals
but then there were also some new wonders
huge packets of leeks that were actually affordable
compared to the normal cost that practically requires you sell a kidney
and giant packets of bed socks
which are necessities as we suffer through an unusually cold winter
not to mention my favourite pens for next to nothing
I was mightily excited by those pens
and perhaps I was a bit punchdrunk and went on about the pens a bit
but that pales in comparison to Sinus harassing me to draw the pens
and write about our Costco trip
it is no exaggeration to say he has "suggested" this post 21 345 times in the last four days

So there you have it
we went to Costco
we got cheap pens
we got lost coming home
and we have toilet paper for the next several months
I am now going to go and draw the miniature cardboard deer heads
that are new to the studio wall and are begging to be posted about
there are soooooo many deer puns I could be using right now
but in the interests of preserving marital harmony you have Costco
and hopefully I now have peace....

happy painting and Paint Party Friday all...xx


Sheila said...

I have no doubt about the # you gave for repetition of the suggestion. You crack me up Tracey! Thank you. :)Why is it... they do not listen, or do not hear what we say, but what they say is sometimes so important, it bears repeating, over and over, each time the commercial comes on or a certain actor appears. (That he can not stand by the way and he has no clue that as much as he HATES "it", is exactly how much it annoys you to have to hear about it for the billionth time.) So see... your post was not a total waste of time. I am sure i am not the only one who will get a giggle. Enjoy :)

Rita said...

We got a Costco up here now in Fargo and Dagan and Leah shop there all the time. I, myself, have not been there yet as they have assured me that the trip would involve endless amounts of walking and standing, but I would maybe like to get a look at it one day. They are kind enough to pick me up a few things from there--in bulk, of course--so I have reaped some benefits even if I have not roamed the aisles. From what I hear you will probably be back...several times. ;)

Ayala Art said...

Woman you are hilarious! Tell Sinus I do appreciate him pestering you for this post, it was worth it hahahahaha Hugs!
Oh, have fun with the pens! :oD

Helen Campbell said...

Costco is a fine store to have nearby... many splendid deals including favorite pens.
And you can now tell Sinus that yes, I've posted it, now let me draw my deer heads. :)
Have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

Well, he's right! It IS post worthy ;) haha Sweetie and I used to brave Costco but then someone got feed up with the lines and chaos and has left me to do it alone. Boo Hoo! LOVE your drawings...thanks for sharing your adventures. :)

Lynn Cohen said...

It's fun hearing someone discover BIG COSTCO and seeing all the Big STUFF and leaving with the cheap pens , me understanding YOU NEED them for SKETCHBOOK Skool! I get that. I enjoy your humor as much as I enjoy your art Tracey! Thanks for making me laugh!

lorik said...

Thanks for making smile...a big smile:) I like the art as well as obviously enjoying the worlds:)

Neesie said...

You're right to post about Costco Tracey, if nothing else but for marital peace...but I have to say that was a giggle. You have the amazing ability to not only draw everyday objects into incredible art but also changing mundane chores into hilarious tales.
We have a Costco here, but I've been putting off going there for a few weeks. My hubby has been requesting things that they stock and our year supply of toilet rolls are finally about to run out so it must be time.
I remember Bunnings but we have a similar store here called B&Q (no idea what that stands for) and I was there only yesterday! See I'm living on the edge here.
Love the deer heads by the way.
The real deer here are coming out of the woods to play, but not near enough for me to capture them on camera...oh but I will ;D
Enjoy your weekend with all that peace :D

Jo Murray said...

Must say Costco was not on my list of 'things to do' until you said "pens". Will make the journey south next week and check it out. That is, if I'm feeling intrepid enough.

Faye said...

I just realized that I have not seen any arty/crafty supplies at our Costco, but as you say, there is an abundance of toilet paper. I will have to ask around next time. I found your post fun and not boring at all. I loved the photo that showed some of your paintings and the deer heads hanging on your wall.

Karla B said...

Thanks for the smile!Love your work!

Anonymous said...

We have a Costo 40 miles down the road and I've never been there. So you are one up on me. How cold is it in Australia? I'm glad you kept Sinus happy and your trip to Costo was interesting? Are Crisps what I call potato chips?

Linda Kunsman said...

So glad you posted your experiences and art Trace-too funny! Look, you could draw a stack of the toilet paper and I wouldn't think it boring:):) Never been to a Costco-they've been trying to get one in our area to no avail thus far. The deer heads are very cool-hope you do get to drawing them.

Snap said...

too funny! ya'll "done good" as my Granny would have said!


bellefrogworks said...

So you managed - once again - to make an ordinary event very funny. I love Costco by the way and have to hold on to my spendaholic tendencies whenever I am there (only about once every 5 weeks since it is over an hour away from us now) Love your drawings and can't wait to read about the deer heads. Marital harmony is quite important - we all have to control those tendencies to stab our spouse with a pitchfork as they sleep at times!!!

Linda said...

Men! Loved your post.....and all your art, of course!

Anonymous said...

Now I always read your blog posts to my husband -- he cracks up too. I no longer have to describe who you are -- he knows the funny artist from down under!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Love it! It is always a balancing act when living with others - especially non-artistic others! No one understands me when I have to jump out of the car and take some really wonderful photos for later reference for painting. It happened yesterday! They all just sat in the car and looked at me oddly. My daughters keep suggesting I paint things like badgers in business suits, and swimmers without heads! Really, what are they thinking? Well, I hope the peace comes to you at last, and I can't wait to see what you do with the deer heads! Happy PPF!

Joy Murray said...

You are never lame, my dear, even when you try to be. Thanks for making me laugh. I love your pens and hand, by the way. You did a great sketches of them both. Your hand's thumb is a bit strange -- perhaps it hitchhiked too often. Keep sketching!

Lorraine said...

deer heads ha ha...great post and we have a store called makro whichis similair..great cavernous place you get lost in

GlorV1 said...

Your humor I so enjoy and your art is delicious. Love that hand and it would have been funnier if the hand had been making a gesture, tee hee. Beautiful post as always.:))

PaintingWrite said...

Think it's hilarious that sinus pestered you to blog about Costco! I sort of know what it is although we don't have it here- there is one called Macro but nowhere near us (we don't have many shops near us at all actually which is why the Amazon fairy brings new parcels practically every day!) I love the hand and those deer heads-the only kind that should ever adorn a wall-love them!

Sheila said...

Just came across this.... Thought of you, that you might appreciate a good laugh. I owe you quite a few.

No way right?? For your eyes only. It could be truely dangerous iin the hands of any male over 5. Make that, any male.

Jo said...

You have a great sense of humor. Not only is your art wonderful but so is your writing. Thanks for cracking me up. :)

Sirkka said...

I like your humourful story.

Precious Worker said...

Hi Trace, You could never in all your life write a boring blog! Thanks for today, laughed out loud! I see we have some similarities. I am a penaholic and am very particular about my toast!! lol. Anne

Precious Worker said...

Hi Trace, You could never in all your life write a boring blog! Thanks for today, laughed out loud! I see we have some similarities. I am a penaholic and am very particular about my toast!! lol. Anne

Christine said...

Nice work Tracey! I love Costco, wish it was closer to you.

Giggles said...

I tried three times to post a comment, first time I fell asleep....only because it's so hot here.....honestly...... second time I was called away, third times the charm.

Joe complained about the price of computer paper. His friend told him to go to costco because it's so cheap there! Joe balked,"NO IT'S NOT." " Yes it is," his friend argued! "No it's two hundred bucks!" said Joe. " How do you figure?" questioned his friend. "Well every time I pick up computer paper at Costco I don't get out of there for under two hundred bucks!"

Hugs Giggles

My name is Erika. said...

Even though now you have to find a place to store the toilet paper, Costco is so exciting. Next time you shouldn't get lost. I hope. Love your drawings! Not just today the past few posts!

alarmcat said...

i laughed when i read this post. because the last time i was at costco...i bought about 4 packs of these pens!! my justification was that i live 4 hours i wanted to make sure i got enough :)

only a fellow doodler would understand

DVArtist said...

You are soooo funny. This is a great post. Costco is about 80 miles from me so I NEVER go there. LOL Love your art, your humor, and your way with words.
Have a great weekend.

Carol said...

Great post and thanks Sinus for insisting that you write it. I enjoyed the laugh and needed it today :) Great art too ♥

Carol said...

Great post and thanks Sinus for insisting that you write it. I enjoyed the laugh and needed it today :) Great art too ♥

Polly Birchall said...

Hilarious. I was imagining going with you! And what sensible bargains you bought. Hope the toilet rolls last a long time!

Cindy D. said...

Holy cow, a model hand, what a great idea! Hilarious that you've posed it rudely. I always love your ink drawings, so dynamic and beautifully executed.

Lisabella Russo said...

You make any experience entertaining, in no way boring at all! I love the piece with the pens and the hand! Your art is so wonderful. We go to Costco too, but your telling of your trip and your husbands insistence on telling us about it are far more funny then I could ever make the experience. Thanks for the giggle!

Sandra Busby said...

Well I've never even heard of Costco, so it seems that we Brits are missing out again! It sounds like quite the Aladins Cave to me! I enjoyed the post and I'm impressed that you didn't pose the hand in one of the rude gestures you spoke about, hehe - that must have been very tempting!! ;0)

Michellem said...

Are you going to draw your several months worth of toilet paper??!!

Debbie said...

Great story! I'm slowly making my PPF rounds after getting sidetracked with...well, life. I have such a love/hate relationship with Costco and really have to get in the right mood to go there. But once inside, the magic ensues!

Anonymous said...

But you must understand that no one has the ability to write about a trip to Costco and draw mannequin hands and pens like you do so really Sinus was right all along.Very enjoyable and I loved this very much.(Both the drawing and rememberings.) ;)