Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Epic Studio Tour...

The earth must have slipped slightly on its axis yesterday
because I have a clean studio
it is a rare, rare thing so I thought I would immortalise it while it is so tidy
and give you a little virtual tour

Who knew it was possible to have such a clean palette
almost scared to mess it up again
I even tried to scrub the paint scum from the water bowl
 well a half arsed effort... but it is cleaner than normal so I will take it

The shelves are sort of organised
nothing spilling out at least
we won't open the draws and look at the piles of work strewn in them
which is one of the downsides of liking to work on paper as well as sketchbooks
although I did organise some of the sketchbooks and journals as well
and the different pencils are even in their correct pots 

Desk is relatively clear
and computer area almost tidy

 the reason for the less comfy stool in the computer area
is to both discourage too much time on the computer
and also to stop certain members of the family hanging out too long while I am working
Next to the printer is the white box that I use for photographing work
which is now clear and relatively dust free
and the storage under the printer holds everything from less often used paints to paperwork
to bookbinding supplies, cards and different papers
I would be lost without this set of drawers and love them
even if I do bash my elbow constantly while at the computer
I must type with enthusiasm or something to bash myself so often
but totally worth it for all that storage

the new baskets for holding sketchbooks and things are working a treat
they were actually pots for plants that Sinus screwed onto the wall for me
Sinus and Pinterest are quite the combination it turns out
these are a perfect solution for such a small space

I love this corner of my desk now
basket for work waiting for paint
a favourite old photo of my sister and I from when we were young and glamorous
some little apple oil paintings that I did years ago
and the new shelf for all the paints I commonly use

I also love my box of index cards from the Cuppa With Friends project
which is starting to ramp back up
especially as it is behind my beloved little box of squashed marshmallow rabbits
I mean look at those poor squished bunnies... hilarious

I also love my half teapot which holds the chords for the cameras

Not to mention the leis that cushion the teapot chimes
I love the chime but the bloody mutt sleeps up against the door
and every time he moves he rattles them which wakes him
then he gives me the hairy eyeball like I am somehow responsible

One of the best things about doing this yesterday and this morning has been that it has got me looking at the studio with fresh eyes and inspired me to draw up some sketches

so I am going to leave it there and get busy adding some paint to them
happy painting all...xx

PS... within a half hour of publishing I had four emails asking about how i stored my work
so here is some pics of the drawers
I have one with pieces of work in plastic sleeves to protect them
but I have been very lax with that lately so this drawer
is filled to the brim with ones that have to be sorted and popped into their protective sleeves
a huge job to sort them though so it will wait for another day...


Maria Medeiros said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing studio! Truly beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Love your studio Tracey! Mine is a mess...combined with our junk room etc I'm just not loving the space and so not getting any art done. I'm considering taking over our rumpus room. Humourous as always! You always manage to make me smile. :) xxx

Raine said...

Love it! I can't wait to put some order in my studio as well! Question: how do you storage or archive all your past works? The watercolor ones I mean. Do you put them just in folders? or into the special boxes?

aimee said...


Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

I am so happy to see you back with full enthu and energy, Tracey!!
You have wonderful craft room thank you for the tour. And yes you made great sketch again, and I can imagine, now, you must be filling in your lovely colors- blue, violet, green!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for the tour. I'd have to clean for three months before I could give a tour of my studio.

You crack me up with the dog and the hairy eyeball.

I saw the piece I did for you hanging on your wall. I am honored.

Can't wait to see your drawing painted.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for the tour. I'd have to clean for three months before I could give a tour of my studio.

You crack me up with the dog and the hairy eyeball.

I saw the piece I did for you hanging on your wall. I am honored.

Can't wait to see your drawing painted.

Unknown said...

Love this. I especially like the little holders for the notebooks and sketchbooks. It made me look at my pile of them on my desk and wonder how I could incorporate a box for mine.
Then it struck me that I have an empty one (or two) hanging on the wall and that is exactly what will go into them.
Thanks for the reminder.

Lori said...

This is wonderful! Your posts make me smile and are beautiful to look at!!! Your studio is lovely and would make me want to paint paint paint!!! :) thanks for sharing. I love the holders for the sketchbooks - how neat! And I can't wait to see more Cuppas and the studio sketch painted

Marji said...

Wow, totally impressed! Kudos to Sinus and his shelf hanging skills. I'm very inspired now to get to organizing and beautifying. I really love how you have a beautiful wall of framed artwork above your workspace. I have lots of prints and cards and artwork I have purchased as well as my own favorites, but it's all stacked and not displayed. It brings so much inspiration to have it all up on the wall. You are totally organized, beautified and ready for Pinterest fame!!! I know I'd love a browse in that drawer of paintings in the sleeves :).

Jennifer McLean said...

OMG, I seriously have studio envy. It's looking so great Trace and it made me a little teary eyed to see my peas painting framed so prettily. Thanks for that. Hugs to you and hope monday went well.

Serena Lewis said...

I love, LOVE, LOVE your studio, Trace! It looks totally awesome! Thanks for the tour. My daughter gets tons of ideas on Pinterest...so handy!

Do you have a favourite watercolour paper that you prefer to work on? I love all the loose leaf paintings...so bright and colourful!

OH, those poor squished up bunnies! Will you ever put them out of their misery? hehe

Little Wandering Wren said...

Wow Tracey good to see you back in Superhuman mode, normally I only go into such a frenzy of cleaning when I'm pregnant so that is only three times in my life.
I am not brave enough to bare my work space to the world but am enjoying visiting yours :)
Wren x

PaintingWrite said...

I love your studio-Thank you for the tour! Those plant holder shelves are a great idea!

Papier and Cakes said...

Love your half teapot hook! So quirky.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love your studio and your artwork.

Carmen said...

Oh I love seeing where people work - especially if they have a small space like me. Ideas, lots of ideas :)

Thanks for inviting us in - I loved having a snoop!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Fabulous studio tour Tracey. I do like a right old nosy around other folks work areas. I may take some pics of my wee spot one day. Bearing in mind it is no bigger than your work/computer area in total, it may only be three photo's, haha.
Are they foot rollers under your desk? Excellent idea. I like the 'uncomfy' chair ploy, very crafty. That is the type of chair I have and I'm surprised my a'se isn't flat. Well actually, I guess it could be, I'm not to know am I?! And hubs wouldn't DARE to say so, lol
Right I'm off to re-read the PiF post. I'd all but forgotten about it, (even tho' I've done three pieces), until my Mr Postie brought a fabulous box from the land of Aus this morning ;) ((hugs)) xx

Neesie said...

Where do I start Trace? I am drooling at your space. It's just perfect and no wonder it provides inspiration.
It's fantastic to take a peek and I'm going to spend time having a real good close up snoop! Yeah I care less lady....I'm going in!
Gorgeous space, art, equipment, etc etc (sigh) now how can I emulate all of that!
Thank you so much for sharing your special space with us. Especially your favourite photo ;D
Take care my friend and I'll pop over for a natter soon...and a cuppa obviously xoxo

Sinderella's Studio said...

love seeing this. I am a disorganized traing wreck. I hope to be inspired by this.
cheers, dana

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Niiiice! Love your studio, so filled with cool pieces and good tools to keep creating. Enjoy! :)

soulbrush said...

I love every square inch of it, the colours, the walls, the drawers, the space. It is just YOU! Thanks for showing us.

Halle said...

So pretty and organized!

Giggles said...

What a joyful trek through your art studio....and all the yummy art work displayed. You are such an organized tidy lady!!....Today!! lol

So good to see you putting some order to your life...I know how good that feels...nothing pleases me more when I can do that too!

Hugs Giggles

kat said...

Your studio is looking fabulous, so many wonderful things to create with, like a little shop! Happy creating with so many lovely yummy materials to play with, have fun!

Colleayn said...

Thanks for the Studio tour. You have a great space. I love how you organize it- especially the pots on the wall and drawers. Fun!

Netty said...

wow I love your organised and tidy studio space, such a comfortable place to be, hugs Annette x


Sandra Busby said...

Okay.... Very envious of your perfectly Pristine studio... It all looks like it belongs in a magazine... But - WHAT, IS WITH THE VEGEMITE?????????

Jo Murray said...

Definitely too neat by far. I expect that wont last long. LOVE your inspirational wall.

Life moments said...

That just makes me rethink my space and go for something new! Thanks for sharing with us, I love your studio!

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

Your studio looks terrific! Thanks for sharing photos. I love seeing how others arrange their "stuff". I'm always looking for new ideas. Always enjoy your work and your posts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks wonderful and your teapot hook and mobile are swell. xox

Tammie Lee said...

how wonderful to see your studio space
love all the details you shared
some day i hope to have a work space

wonderful too how it inspired your charming art!

Unknown said...

Che meraviglia il tuo studio! E' bellissimo!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Exciting to see where you art! Question. Do you feel sketchbook Skool is making a significant change in you as an artist?

artfullycarin@gmail.com said...

Thank you for sharing your studio with us! It's awesome. *Now goes of to look for pots to hang on wall*

Unknown said...

Wow, Tracy - Wow and wow.. I am impressed - I want to move in your creative room ;) It looks awesome - yes!! I can imagine how it looks like when not tidy - But I love it anyway .. Thanks for sharing
Kind Regards

PS my contribution is here:

Linda Kunsman said...

you did a spectacular job in your studio Trace!!! It is SO bright and cheerful. I love how all the white really showcases the art and the supplies. And the half teapot is wonderful! What a real treat to see not just your gorgeous art but also your creative space.

Raine said...

oohhh thank you for uploading more pictures! It does look like a lot of work to sort out all the 'unprotected' paintings but still, you already have it all so neat! Awesome job with everything! Really love your studio - I am ready to move in. :D

Rita said...

I think blogger ate my comment. :( I thought I had already said this quite a while ago--I loved seeing your studio!! All that organizing does my little OCD heart good. And I adore seeing all your artwork--so lovely. That was a big project. :):)

Lori said...

A few of those things on the wall look familiar. I am so happy to hear about your 1 year anniversary celebration in the following post. Congrats, my friend. xo