Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Wrap Up ...

I am finally finishing up homework for the first session of Sketchbook Skool
which in itself is a bit of a miracle
because homework is one of those words that makes my soul freeze over a little bit
except when I was teaching in a high school
and then it was delivered with a relish that I am not proud of
but I can happily say that the personal homework demons have been put to rest and I completed all assignments except one
which is pretty good going for me and testament to how inspirational it all was

 I love drawing in all its forms
it soothes my brain which always seems to be permanently stuck in frenzy mode
ink and watercolour is an instant mood changer
and stops me from stabbing people in their stupid beady eyes with forks
it saves me from having my head explode at least a few times a day
and gloriously allows me to ignore the permanent state of disarray that exists in our home

Sketchbook Skool was a great way to transition back into my creative life
now that treatment is done and lefty is recovering
I am madly growing crazy tufts of badger coloured hair
and the final half an eyebrow has started to show up
so I no longer have to spend half my day trying to will those eyebrow hairs to grow
and all that extra energy means that I find my brain craving creative outlet
and a return to regular doses of ink and paint is a very good thing

I shared some pages from early in the course
but I figure a wrap up is in order so I decided to show a few more bits and bobs
it really was a great class to take
and it had my brain fizzing and popping in a good way on numerous occasions
so much so that I am counting down to the next session in a few weeks
a bit more brain fizzing and popping sounds like just the thing...
happy painting all...xx


RosA said...

So pleased that you are well and truly on the mend, by the sound of it :)
Love that coloured sketch of your kitchen! Did you use watercolour pencils, or straight watercolours?
It's so bright and happy!

Alicia C said...

Glorious drawing! I just spent all day cleaning, and drawing is more fun :)

Anonymous said...

your sketching skills are amazing, I am so glad we got to see the results of the brain fizzing and popping!

Michellem said...

What a happy surprise to see a post from you in the middle of the week. Love your kitchen!! Can't wait to see what the next semester will bring your way!

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Wow, beautiful sketching, Tracey, and love the colors..

Nordljus said...

Gorgeous drawings! So happy to hear that you're getting back to normal, and especially back into your creative old self, and to see more of your beautiful work again. And congratulations for having completed the homework! I've done bits here and there, and taken lots of notes, but I still have to do most of the drawings, especially the kitchen one. But I agree, it was a great experience, and me too, I can't wait for the next term. xx

Rita said...

Oh, these are the best!! Who'd think of drawing a faucet from the underside? LOL! I heard this was a great course. And you're taking the second round, too--nice! Enjoy! Have fun! Sketch and paint--because we don't want you to poke anybody's eye out. ;)

Art Matters said...

This is such good news - lovely to read. Looking forward to greeting together to sketch. said...

So happy to hear you are getting back to normal Tracey, and wonderful to see a post from you in the middle of the week. I love your ink and watercolour sketches. And I'm so intrigued by the course. xx

Snap said...

YeeHaw! She's back! oxox

Sandra Busby said...

I really want to take part! Am quite envious - I want homework too!! But time is not on my side is it and I think you need a fair amount of it, am I right? So I will just watch your own work instead - which by the way is awesome :0)

Jo Murray said...

The mileage you do with watercolour and ink is obvious. You are an absolute wiz at sketching....AND a very amusing writer. Glad to see your health returning...even slowly.

Linda Kunsman said...

I am thrilled to hear you are feeling better by the day (and growing back hair too)! I am continuously in awe of your sketching and that kitchen scene just blows me away!!Love the enthusiasm and energy in this post.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Phew!! I was beginning to think that all the fizzing and popping was another dimension to the damn tinnitus that I seem to have developed. It is SO annoying! I think it's because hayfever season is upon us and my sinuses are blocked and so my ears keep bunging up and I find myself blowing my nose like a demeneted deep sea diver several times a day to get a little relief. At which point i'm surprised to find that the world around me isn't quite so noisy and I don't need to shout for people to hear me, unless of course I end up making them deaf by shouting! (and breathe) Sorry about that. I tried to be funny (interpose sarcy), but I eneded up twaddling like a blibbering eejit, lol. Mind you, Twaddling is what I'm best at these days. Well on my blog. A wee bit. Not as much as I do here actually.
You're a bad influence.
Love the drawings by the way. Delighted to hear there is still a possibility of a uni brow developing; and even more delighted to hear that you are getting more painterly as days go on. Yay!! :D
what pen do you use Tracey? I've beem having problems with my micron blending in, when I add water....maybe it's just a dodgy one. Should I be heat setting before painting? what do you think?
Right. I'm off to make a cuppa, as it's nearly time for bed here. Have a fab day, whatever you are upto, and an even fabbier weekend ((hugs)) :o) x