Friday, 27 June 2014

Studio Tour In Paint....

The epic studio clean up of earlier in the week
led to me rediscovering all sorts of parts of my studio that were interesting
and inspired me to get in and sketch some
I had grand plans of doing a really detailed sketch
but that got lost in a haze of tea, chocolate, gossip magazines and crap tv
which is great for the soul occasionally
there is something so therapeutic about seeing stars without makeup,
hurling snorts and scorn at reality tv
and complete wonder at the sheer magnificence of the Great British Bake Off
but it does take up sketching time

I felt totally justified in having that trashy lazy afternoon
because I had documented evidence that the studio had been cleaned and sorted
and it appears from lots of comments for a Tuesday post
that plenty of you like having a good old sticky beak at other people's studios
I know I stalk those studio boards on Pinterest like a mad woman
but it got me thinking what other things I would like to have a sneaky sticky beak at

Scarily I couldn't really think of anything exciting
Ok studios... any studio
that goes without saying
but my lack of curiosity pulled me up short

Of course I would love to set up a nanny cam and see what the mutt gets up to while we are out
especially as when we get home he either looks like he has been dragged through a swamp backwards or he is very sheepish and can't look us in the eye
and I would also love to take him in the car when we go through a car wash just once
it would completely do his head in I think
but those sort of things are a given

I have to be curious about more than mutt antics though
after all how can a brain that shares a scary resemblance to a hoarder's front room
not spit out more interesting things to sticky beak at
so I am going to contemplate it while I get into some more perfume bottle paintings
plus I am also attempting to write up a post for Tuesday about how I drew my pen container
in the photo below
which I am hoping will be more interesting than it sounds written here...

Happy painting all... xx

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Epic Studio Tour...

The earth must have slipped slightly on its axis yesterday
because I have a clean studio
it is a rare, rare thing so I thought I would immortalise it while it is so tidy
and give you a little virtual tour

Who knew it was possible to have such a clean palette
almost scared to mess it up again
I even tried to scrub the paint scum from the water bowl
 well a half arsed effort... but it is cleaner than normal so I will take it

The shelves are sort of organised
nothing spilling out at least
we won't open the draws and look at the piles of work strewn in them
which is one of the downsides of liking to work on paper as well as sketchbooks
although I did organise some of the sketchbooks and journals as well
and the different pencils are even in their correct pots 

Desk is relatively clear
and computer area almost tidy

 the reason for the less comfy stool in the computer area
is to both discourage too much time on the computer
and also to stop certain members of the family hanging out too long while I am working
Next to the printer is the white box that I use for photographing work
which is now clear and relatively dust free
and the storage under the printer holds everything from less often used paints to paperwork
to bookbinding supplies, cards and different papers
I would be lost without this set of drawers and love them
even if I do bash my elbow constantly while at the computer
I must type with enthusiasm or something to bash myself so often
but totally worth it for all that storage

the new baskets for holding sketchbooks and things are working a treat
they were actually pots for plants that Sinus screwed onto the wall for me
Sinus and Pinterest are quite the combination it turns out
these are a perfect solution for such a small space

I love this corner of my desk now
basket for work waiting for paint
a favourite old photo of my sister and I from when we were young and glamorous
some little apple oil paintings that I did years ago
and the new shelf for all the paints I commonly use

I also love my box of index cards from the Cuppa With Friends project
which is starting to ramp back up
especially as it is behind my beloved little box of squashed marshmallow rabbits
I mean look at those poor squished bunnies... hilarious

I also love my half teapot which holds the chords for the cameras

Not to mention the leis that cushion the teapot chimes
I love the chime but the bloody mutt sleeps up against the door
and every time he moves he rattles them which wakes him
then he gives me the hairy eyeball like I am somehow responsible

One of the best things about doing this yesterday and this morning has been that it has got me looking at the studio with fresh eyes and inspired me to draw up some sketches

so I am going to leave it there and get busy adding some paint to them
happy painting all...xx

PS... within a half hour of publishing I had four emails asking about how i stored my work
so here is some pics of the drawers
I have one with pieces of work in plastic sleeves to protect them
but I have been very lax with that lately so this drawer
is filled to the brim with ones that have to be sorted and popped into their protective sleeves
a huge job to sort them though so it will wait for another day...

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Picorgi....

 Some of you know me very well it would seem
and I was sent this gem of a gift
which is genius on so many levels it makes my brain hurt
Some might see a flying pig
and start to make all sorts of smart arse comments
about things that may need to happen in my world before pigs actually fly
things like joining a gym, giving up chocolate
or not laughing like a madwoman at the fart soundboard thing that Phantom found
that I mentioned in the last post
there is one called Oprah Wind-fry, and another called the Bowels of theTitanic
I swear anyone would get the giggles
but I look at this little beauty and I see not a flying pig
but the perfect companion to our Solar Queen...
I take great pleasure in presenting to you
our Picorgi... 

You can actually get a solar corgi
which would be an awesome companion for the Queen I admit
but anyone can have a corgi
and while the actual Queen may not be ready to embrace a pig as a pet
she may be tempted if we tell her it is a hybrid
a one of a kind, a unique companion in a world of blandness
She is the woman who has everything I would think
so maybe a picorgi would appeal
I know it appeals to me

I have enjoyed having the Queen waving at me for the last year or so
it gives me a boost to see her sensible shoes and solar handbag
especially when the full sun hits her and she starts waving like a mad thing... endlessly funny
but she was looking a tad lonely at times
but now I think she looks very cheery
I think the picorgi completes her

So as I sit at the table and have my afternoon cuppa 
I now get to see the Queen waving like crazy
and the wings on that picorgi going like the clappers
and I feel infused with their combined energy

hoping they infuse you also
happy painting all...xx

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

3 Random Things...

Week 2 of managing two posts in a week
well it will be if I get my act together for Friday
but let's be positive and say I will make it on Friday
only problem with making it back to the realm of two posts a week is having decent content
so while painting up this new teacup and tea container
the tea is delicious by the way
I tried to think of what to blog about... nothing... nada
big fat blank
well actually three things cropped up but I dismissed them as being a bit random
even for me
but in the absence of anything else here they are

I think the lift and look feature on the toaster
is possibly the greatest invention of the last few years
I love being able to check on my toast because I am picky about toast
hate it under done,so it requires more than one cook
but even one tiny speck of black and these lips are clamped tight
one whiff of burnt and I am gagging and fanning the air
not that groundbreaking I know but there you have it

also in the slightly odd category is we discovered that the dog likes watermelon
thought it would be funny to watch his little face as he tasted it
but no he loves the stuff
and is hoovering it off unguarded plates left, right and centre
might try him on broccoli next
he has to make a funny doggy face at broccoli surely...

Final weird observation of the day
is that I started my day being woken by Phantom sharing a youtube video
that was a fart soundboard drinking game
yep woke up to a wide variety of fart noises
with great names like air biscuit and variety show
it was quite the way to start the day
happy painting all ...xx

Friday, 13 June 2014

Some Changes....


This week I have been thinking about all sorts of changes that are cropping up
Some things are getting back to a more normal rhythm
like managing to blog twice in a week for the first time in many, many months
and being gloriously haphazard at housekeeping
but there have been some significant changes as well...

After twelve years of getting up at 5 am-ish for Phantom to go to school
I am embracing the life of the mother of a university student
and not getting up until at least 6.30am
on some mornings 7 am
Sounds mean spirited but there is something truly delicious about still being tucked up in bed
and listening to the neighbours hustling their little boys into the car to get them off for the day
yes they have an early start, and I feel moments of pity for their plight
but then I snuggle back in and remember that I did it for all those years
scalding my fingers on nuclear toast, 
being sneezed on by the mutt, which is worse at 5 am let me tell you
and generally cursing a world that requires you to be putting together lunch boxes
at a time when your eyes can barely open.... Uni is sooooo much better

 This getting up later caper has led to some changes for the mutt
and I have been amazed that our middle aged dog
who has always been lazy as sin and dumb as a bucket of rice
is suddenly showing an aptitude for new tricks
Well not tricks so much as turning into a right scallywag

He has finally discovered that he can sniff at and try to get into his feed packet thing
It is in the same place it has been for ten years but he has only just noticed it
of course he hasn't twigged that the treats are on the shelf just above
and infinitely easier to get into so I don't think he is ready for doggy Mensa just yet...

He has also been trying to scam a second breakfast by sitting at the fridge door and looking longingly at me when I get up
He got me once and I muttered and mumbled through making it up for him
cursing Sinus under my breath for forgetting our poor loveable furball 
After feeding him I sent off a strongly worded text to Sinus regarding his doggy parenting skills
 The reply to this text...
You were played
Brilliant.... Who knew he had the brain power..... I was almost proud of the scally
He hasn't managed to scam me again but that hasn't stopped him from trying every single day

We also are the proud owners of a new lounge, or sofa and chairs...
Very exciting and required after the last year 
where I have not been vigilant regarding stain removal regarding the old lounge
and it would appear that me sitting on it with indian ink on my butt
was the last straw in its ability to look presentable
so a new un-ink butted lounge has been delivered and it is all sorts of wonderful

It is still at that stage of newness whereby I get a shock every time I walk down the stairs
it is a slightly different configuration and depth from the last one
and Mushu hasn't quite timed his jumping yet
Which is leading to much hilarity as he has the occasional bounce off the front of it
Before you feel poorly for him
let me tell you he is currently continuing his licking project
which requires him to systematically lick every millimetre of every surface in the house and a new lounge requires quite the commitment to his project
It is gross but luckily after the first lick or two it is a dry lick... Still weird to watch though... 

The final change is that Sinus has put up some shelves and storage baskets in the studio
Which means I now have sketchbooks and paints to hand
And a place for unfinished sketches and scraps of paper with ideas have a home
So I managed to finish some things off this week
Hence the slightly mixed bag of paintings in this post
I actually had even more fun painting the Chanel bottle than I did the Dior one
thinking I should do a whole series
they would make great post cards I think, or prints... they would be great prints
Even more exciting is that the eyeball that has resided on my desk since this time last year is now at eye level
And I get to eyeball the eyeball.... 

happy painting all...xx

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Wrap Up ...

I am finally finishing up homework for the first session of Sketchbook Skool
which in itself is a bit of a miracle
because homework is one of those words that makes my soul freeze over a little bit
except when I was teaching in a high school
and then it was delivered with a relish that I am not proud of
but I can happily say that the personal homework demons have been put to rest and I completed all assignments except one
which is pretty good going for me and testament to how inspirational it all was

 I love drawing in all its forms
it soothes my brain which always seems to be permanently stuck in frenzy mode
ink and watercolour is an instant mood changer
and stops me from stabbing people in their stupid beady eyes with forks
it saves me from having my head explode at least a few times a day
and gloriously allows me to ignore the permanent state of disarray that exists in our home

Sketchbook Skool was a great way to transition back into my creative life
now that treatment is done and lefty is recovering
I am madly growing crazy tufts of badger coloured hair
and the final half an eyebrow has started to show up
so I no longer have to spend half my day trying to will those eyebrow hairs to grow
and all that extra energy means that I find my brain craving creative outlet
and a return to regular doses of ink and paint is a very good thing

I shared some pages from early in the course
but I figure a wrap up is in order so I decided to show a few more bits and bobs
it really was a great class to take
and it had my brain fizzing and popping in a good way on numerous occasions
so much so that I am counting down to the next session in a few weeks
a bit more brain fizzing and popping sounds like just the thing...
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 6 June 2014

Where The Fairies Go....

 I have had quite the traumatic day or so and it is all because I had to do the dishes
this situation came about because the newly adult 18 year old daughter
Who thanks all of you for the birthday wishes by the way
Toddled off to uni and didn't unpack the dishwasher
Now some mothers may just get in and unpack it, shaking their heads and smiling at the forgetfulness of their spawn
But principle dictates that I do no such thing and let her lazy sod arse off the hook
So I did what all normal mothers do and passive aggressively muttered about doing the dishes by hand and started to fill the sink
I pushed the strainer plug thingy into place and turned the water to full bore Niagra setting because it isn't hand washing unless there are suds up to your chin
and happily squeezed in some dish liquid and it was then that I saw it
In that horrible moment I realised where the cleaning fairies had gone

In my hands was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen... 
Ok not the most disturbing, after all there was the time I picked up what I thought was one of Mushu's old toys in the yard but it turned out to be some sort of disgusting fur ball instead... That was gross on a level that can only be imagined
But it was pretty horrifying to think I was washing dishes with a bottle of liquidised fairies
my immediate thought was to abandon the now traumatic experience of hand washing in favour of the dishwasher
but I then realised that maybe Sinus had also changed our dishwasher tablet brand as well
And you guessed it... More poor fairies... These ones were blue and green and squished up into little pillows of horror.... so many levels of wrong right there

Now I'm not saying they deserve it but my fairy was nothing to write home about
 Never bloody turned up and did a rather ordinary job when she did
but even slack arse fairies don't deserve that I expect
  And though I do confess to being a tad curious about what sort of machine is used to squeeze the lemony smelling cleaning essence out of fairies
 I am feeling a bit worried that maybe they are being bottled into extinction. 
Making it all worse the label has a crest/ crown thingy
which makes me think all this has the Queen's stamp of approval
the fairies have obviously done a rubbish job at Buckingham Palace at some stage
moral of the story is to not get on the wrong side of the Queen obviously

Added to the potential horror of the Queen approving wholesale slaughter of fairies
there is also a confusing baby on the label... A very purposeful striding baby 
Why? .... Is he the fairy catcher? .... Is he a special baby that poops fairies and then they bottle them? ... Is he striding off the label in some sort of baby outrage? .... Or  is he so jaded he is bored by the whole thing and is popping down the pub? 
No clue why he is present, or what he has to do with the large scale kidnapping and juicing of fairies, but he is striding with great purpose...

Confusing striding baby aside I was now left with a quandary
Do I wash the dishes in poor fairy juice seeing as the sink is already half filled or do I take a stand and refuse to use any more fairy products?
Of course it isn't going to help the fairies already bottled for my cleaning convenience so I decided to honour those poor glittery souls and do the dishes as planned
See the trauma that not unpacking the dishwasher can lead to
there is a lesson to be learned from all that...

happy painting all...xx

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