Tuesday, 17 June 2014

3 Random Things...

Week 2 of managing two posts in a week
well it will be if I get my act together for Friday
but let's be positive and say I will make it on Friday
only problem with making it back to the realm of two posts a week is having decent content
so while painting up this new teacup and tea container
the tea is delicious by the way
I tried to think of what to blog about... nothing... nada
big fat blank
well actually three things cropped up but I dismissed them as being a bit random
even for me
but in the absence of anything else here they are

I think the lift and look feature on the toaster
is possibly the greatest invention of the last few years
I love being able to check on my toast because I am picky about toast
hate it under done,so it requires more than one cook
but even one tiny speck of black and these lips are clamped tight
one whiff of burnt and I am gagging and fanning the air
not that groundbreaking I know but there you have it

also in the slightly odd category is we discovered that the dog likes watermelon
thought it would be funny to watch his little face as he tasted it
but no he loves the stuff
and is hoovering it off unguarded plates left, right and centre
might try him on broccoli next
he has to make a funny doggy face at broccoli surely...

Final weird observation of the day
is that I started my day being woken by Phantom sharing a youtube video
that was a fart soundboard drinking game
yep woke up to a wide variety of fart noises
with great names like air biscuit and variety show
it was quite the way to start the day
happy painting all ...xx


Anonymous said...

LOL... too funny. Waking up to fart noises. You must be the best mother ever. I knew a dog once that loved carrots. This dog knew no tricks... but he could catch a carrot in the air every time. Try your pooch with carrots.

I've never heard of this test thing on a toaster. Great idea. What brand is it?

Michellem said...

LOL!! Our dog can ferret out any hint of fruit or veg and suck all around it and spit it out on the floor. Seriously is quite a trick to watch. So happy that Mushu will eat watermelon - she is a fancy dog!

PaintingWrite said...

Is your illustration for SOC week 2 or is it a coincidence that the colours are so close to the prompt for this week? I like the sounds of that toaster as ours either pops up too soon or not until it's burnt-like you I need mine to be just right and it had to be buttered the second it pops-i hate it when the margarine doesn't melt in! Glad you're back to 2 Blogs a week.x

TwinkleToes2day said...

LOVE that teacup! Where do you find all the loveliness Tracey? There's naff all around here, and I do like to feel a cup before I buy. It's mostly mugs, albeit china ones, buts I want a CUP! Not one with a thistle on it, or a map of the area, or an animal favourite breed cup. For goodness sake. I reckon they're all in Aus! Lol I'll have to make a trip to a 'big city' to get one I guess. Can you imagine it, 'Right wee man, our next adventure is to search for a teacup. Nope. No buses. Teacups!' I think hed 'divorce' me. LOl
I think you may have started the great toast/toaster debate here. I like my toat golden brown, to the edges, no black thank you very much and the butter needs to melt in. My toaster eject button gets a lot of use. So a 'lift and look, will be in my future too!
Enjoy your evening. I've worked out that you're 9 hours ahead of us. So at this point it's approximately 6pm with you. Whereas Boo, will be snoring away. From me, she is at 3am. Shhh
ttfn xx

Serena Lewis said...

Lovely sketch, Trace! Tropical green tea sounds delicious!

I miss my previous toaster that had one of those lift-and-check thingies...such a cool feature. The one I have now doesn't have it. :( I love toast when it's just starting to smoke so, yes, a tad on the well done side. Like Nic, I have to have it buttered immediately...I've never been a fan of cold toast.

Cody loves watermelon, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, etc...pretty much anything he sees me eating, he feels is his right to eat too.

I say it's better to wake up to the sounds of farts on a video, than to someone actually farting for real. lol

Anonymous said...

Love your orange cuppa and the tea looks good too. Our beagles eat watermelon right off the rind if we hold it....And one beagle eats everything except lettuce. He's definitely a veggieholic. xox

Laila said...

Lol, sounds like a rare morning. We once had a cat that loved grapes and chips. And a dog that "sang" each time my brother played the piano.
Your cup is lovely as always,and I'm sure that tea is good too. I prefer coffee myself but it never arrives in such colorful way.

Giggles said...

Tracey is that Toast OCD that you have? Sounds a bit like Cupcake with her toast. Love the cup...! I'm afraid you may wake up to the real thing around here, especially since we've all been eating so much quinoa with black beans, corn and feta!! lol

Thanks for always entertaining!

Hugs Giggles

Rita said...

I have had dogs and cats that would eat almost anything (unlike fastidious, discerning Miss Karma). Our dog when I was a kid loved corn on the cob. She'd hold it down on the ground with her paws and eat it delicately off the cob--and roll it to get all the kernels. She didn't like the cobs--LOL! :)

Linda Kunsman said...

fantastic illustration as usual Trace. Not so sure abou waking up to fart noises although it could be a humerous start to the day provided one's in the mood for it:) I LOVE that toaster feature too-for the same reasons you do!My dog has eaten everything from 1/2 an onion that slipped off my cutting board, to plucking and eating a little house finch when she was younger, to eating stink bugs-UGH! watermelon is much better...

Polly Birchall said...

You make the most mundane seems hilarious

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Lol! Your dog is so funny. My grandma had a cat that ate salad. :) How's that for weird. I love your illustration. Wonderful colors!

Darla said...

I'm so impressed with your drawing and painting skills. The colors in this piece are delicious.