Friday, 30 May 2014

Carrot Onesie Meets Miss Dior ...

The blog break is over and you may be wondering what I got up to so here is a recap
slept, drank tea, drew a little, watched crap tv, got out of the house as much as possible,
caught epic flu, slept, contemplated my half eyebrow, 
and my badger hair, read rubbish books, and trashy magazines, went skylarking
flu came back, did an impression of being the physical embodiment of a bed for a few days, delighted in having enough hair that I got bed head, drew a little,
watched a ridiculous number of youtube videos with Phantom
was sneezed on, slept on and licked a scary number of times by Mushu aka Blog Dude
had my frozen yogurt hoovered by said mutt when I wasn't looking
was force fed superfoods by Phants and Sinus
to the point that if I sneeze I am getting chia seeds shoot out my nostrils
and if all that wasn't enough we ran headlong into Phantom Steve's 18th birthday!

Somewhere along the line our gloriously mad little girl grew up
and this birthday has brought a flood of memories, 
like the fact that she spent two years having to be bribed to put on clothes
 there was a memorable four months that she was a cat
and this was serious method acting, meows only, meals on the floor...the whole shebang
she has changed her name too many times to count
 was a scary perfectionist about her hair braids all through school
she spent months wearing only tap shoes because they made such a great noise
but these days manages to walk with the stealth of a cat burglar
scaring the bejeezus out of me at least twice a day
she has never failed to laugh at a good fart joke or whoopee cushion
not to mention that to this day won't mix foods on a single fork of food
well that wonderful daughter
has become an adult and is now able to vote and drink and all that good stuff
plus her grandparents got her some Miss Dior Perfume
which provided me with a fabulous subject for the painting for this post
and yes the colours are a way too bright, but I can't help but give them a tweak

Her card this year was a slightly slap dash number dedicated to Hannah Hart's Carrot Onesie
which is a madly addictive part from the video below
It is the constant stream in my head at the moment
and will forever be the soundtrack that I associate with this birthday
I make no apologies if you find yourself muttering carrot onesie, carrot, carrot onesie for the rest of the day because it is so wonderfully, gloriously mad that it will make you smile every time

if you are reading on a mobile device then the video isn't playing
no clue why... and it is hurting my brain trying to re do it
but I don't want you to miss out... so click on this link
and you too can have it running through your head endlessly

So happy 18th to Phantom Steve
she is an oldie but a goodie and we love her to bits
I am now off to try to finish my homework from the last lesson of Sketchbook Skool
happy painting all ... xx

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Blog Dude ....

I am Mushu... Blog dude while the lopsided, baldy one takes a little break
I have no clue what she needs a break from as all she seems to does drink tea, eat chocolate, sleep and mourn that Clooney fella's engagement
I hear her mumbling about projects, unfinished work and emails, the size of the dust bunnies
and the reemergence of the Great Wall of Washing
She also goes on and on about not having painty hands
Not sure how that is a bad thing as I haven't missed the paint drips on my glorious white fur
especially as she always seems to drop permanent rose on me
which causes much hilarity for the upitty beagle down the street
I'd like to permanent rose him one of these days
but apparently for baldy non painty hands is a tragedy of monumental proportions
I have no clue why she doesn't just chew on a pig's ear or smell some butts
that always makes me feel better
most unsettling of all is the talk of hair clipping and long toe nails
I sure hope it is Sinus they are talking about
later dudes... bunny and I have some nappage to catch up on ...xx

Friday, 2 May 2014

Doolally Narcolepsy.....

I have a problem
and it isn't that people don't use the term doolally enough
although I truly believe with all my heart that it should be used more
I mean come on.... it is a doozy of a word is it not....
as is doozy... doozy is a bobby dazzler of a word....
ok... bobby dazzler has been used way too much
Sinus has been using that one for twenty years and it has never been a favourite

the problem is also NOT that I have had a week of falling asleep constantly
we are talking in like a second
one minute eyes open and conversing
next snoring like a trucker and drooling with abandon
in fact there was a rather unfortunate moment for poor Phantom 
arriving at the car when I had gone to collect her at the train station
and she found me passed out like a light with the dog eyeing off my drool
I swear I had seen her get off the train because I had pointed her out to the mutt
but by the time she had crossed the overpass and made her way to the car... snoring
she said if it wasnt for the god awful din she might have thought the worst
so why is this not a problem....
well just picture being asked to watch the football with Sinus, or discuss the satirical underpinnings of Swift, or even make dinner... a few well placed snores and it all goes away
I am milking this temporary narcolepsy for all I can

The problem may, in fact, be that bloody Anthropologie now ships to Australia
not a problem you may think
but consider how much I like tea cups, and mugs
especially cool patterned ones like these I have painted
and don't get me started on how hard it is to get great table linens in Australia
places like that are my crack... I go all doolally at the mere thought
and I don't have to consider selling a lung to pay shipping
I may have placed an order already....and it may already be on its way
just a small test order
you know to see that it arrives in a timely manner and things like tea cups can arrive intact
poor poor credit card.... I sense a busy time ahead for it

So I am admitting a problem up front in an attempt to shame myself
also to stop myself going looking for other fabulous places that will now ship down under
and am distracting myself with some vegetable paintings
looking a bit rough at this stage
but they all start out this way
happy painting all...xx