Friday, 4 April 2014

mixing it up and paying it forward ...

I am being well and truly zapped by radiation therapy at the moment
Which is having some unexpected consequences
The weirdest being that Mushu the wonder mutt has become suspiciously affectionate
hanging around, licking and sniffing me when I get home from being cooked
I am starting to think I have the whiff of BBQ about me and smell delicious or something
Because he definitely licks his chops an unseemly amount for an hour or two after I get in
I am living in terror of the day Sinus forgets to feed him before going to work
As I am half expecting to wake up and find him attempting to gnaw on poor lefty out of hunger

I have also developed another fixation with mixers
Now I have no idea why I get fixated on certain kitchen gadgets
And my treasured blue kitchen aide has certainly not been getting much use lately
But it started with trying to remember different mixers I have known
As shown on the top page from my sketchbook
It shows the good old rotary beater, and various hand mixers
which I have blown up with scary regularity, plus my blue kitchen aide
and a rather dodgy drawing of my mother's old mixer
My memory may be getting slightly zapped as well if that sketch is anything to go by
It isn't quite right.... Anyway that led to some more sketches of hand mixers
Which I wished I owned because they are available in such gorgeous colours
And an outline which hasn't been touched yet
So yet another unfinished work to add to the list
Perhaps the one in the sketchbook needs to be a different colour
Getting a tad sick of the blue!

Also on the list of slightly unexpected consequences is need to consume vast quantities of chocolate
Well maybe vast is an exaggeration but lots
After a very long 7 months of chocolate tasting like the bottom of a bird cage
It is like nectar on my sore throat which is, in an ironic twist
Now itself feeling like the bottom of a bird cage due to it being thoroughly zapped

In celebration of the chocolates wonderful ness of my days
I also painted up a bit of a mash up of the ridiculously amazing Theo's chocolate
That Marji sent me.... It is seriously amazing
Like the crack of the chocolate world and it had me at that first delicious mouthful
And it has been wonderful training and is getting me into shape chocolate eating wise
In preparation for my favourite celebration of the year.... Easter.... 
Hello bunnies and eggs and maltesers... Of how I have missed you all 

while we are on the subject of Marji... she is having a pay it forward art giveaway on her blog
and I am on the list to receive something from her.... which makes me very excited
and as part of the deal I have to pay it forward as well
so ....

* Pay It Forward Art-making Project for 2014 *

I promise to make a small work of art for the first five people who comment on this post and say "YES, I want in". A 'like' alone is not enough of a commitment, nor is a comment about thinking Pay It Forward is a great idea.

You must in turn post this as your status update and make something for the first five who comment on your status.

The rules are simple:
– It has to be your work, made by you, and the recipient must receive it before 2014 ends.
РIt can be anything art-based: a drawing/illustration or a conceptual work of art, a photograph, a knitted item, cross-stitch, paper mach̩ Рor anything in between.

I'm paying this forward thanks to Marji Thompson.  Yes, you can be on each other's pay it forward lists.

First five, GO!

PS. It doesn't matter if you aren't an artist, try something out, google/ YouTube how to make stuff, step out of those boundaries. 


Lynn Cohen said...

Really? I'm the first to comment here? I'm looking forward to what you create in Sketchbook Skool and in fact hoping I'd find a hint here. Did Danny Gregory suggest you draw mixers perhaps? I still have my mothers' sunbeam mixer bowl, and she been gone 20 years this October ! Your mixers are wonderfully colorful! I'm sorry you still need zapping. If your dog wants to lick you it must just means he's happy you are healing!

PaintingWrite said...

I can't believe I'm second to comment-normally there's a heap in front of me so clearly it must be a sign that I am to say YES I WANT IN! I'd love to receive a little something from you and as soon as I get back from my holiday in Ireland next week I will set about putting the past it forward idea on my blog too.
I'm glad that chocolate tastes good again and I'm alp sending you reiki every Sunday night so hopefully it's having an effect somewhere. Xx

Freule van Oijen said...

Hi Stacey... I am not yet having a blog but planning one. So glad to see you drawing, love the big mixer.. that is a dream here, I only have a small one, like your moms...and doing fine with it..
I hope you will do fine after radiation..and the stuff does its work. So we all can enjoy you and your happy stories and drawings for a long long time! xxxx

Netty said...

Will be honest here Trace have never seen so many mixers altogether other than in a shop......yep you have a fixation and such a fab drawing of them. Looking forward to seeing the many Easter bunnies, eggs etc you receive as am sure you will draw them. Love your PIF for Marji.
I hope you don't have too many zaps to go and that you will begin to feel a whole lot better Trace. Hugs and Love, Happy PPF, Annette x

Neesie said...

Hyperventilating here Trace,
YES...I WANT IN pleeeeeese ;D
Loving the mixers and my flashy red Kitchen Aid is in danger of overheating as it's used daily whilst the builders are in!
So happy to hear chocolate is back on your list of delish edibles.
And my heart wept when I heard about Mushu...he's trying his best to heal you. ^..^
That's it I'm in a panic that I might miss being in the first five whilst nattering on.
I'll write again soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Tracey, I really really love those mixer drawings!!! ...well, not to mention the chocolate ;)
Thanks for sharing your story - I is so good to read - really shows that you kept your humor. That's good for the soul!!!
Well, if you don't have 5 comitters yet, then I say: "Yes! I'm in" :)
Cheers from the North,
Jana the paper you used for those sketches the one you sent me?! I did send you a pm that I received your generous letter. Thanks again :)
all the best & hugs <3

Zana said...

So pleased that you you can eat chocolate again! Love your mixers, I have my grandmother's mixer, big clunky thing that it is. I know I could draw it let alone paint it.

VonnyK said...

Typical, I'm always too slow, dipped out on the art. Sooo super happy that chocolate is back on the menu, I couldn't imagine life with it. Know what you mean about the bright colours you get on mixers these days, mine's a boring silver one (ho hum). No wonder I don't cook! Love your paintings. Now go eat some chocolate, it has tremendous healing powers.
Luv Von

Giggles said...

So you have become the recipient of a licky lou have you! I love BBQ too, I so get it Mushu!

I have burned through so many mixmaster over the years. Both expensive and cheap! My mothers was a sunbeam that lasted 30 odd years! And it was very very well used....but nothing lasts like that anymore! Oh and my cheapest one lasted the longest...go figure...

Love the orange kitchenaid ones...but I know I'd regret it since style changes so rapidly!
I'd probably get stainless, or black.

Great post enjoy as much chocolate as you can get your hands on!

Hugs Giggles

Laila said...

Beautiful sketches and I love how you sketch everyday items. Your mixers are no exception. Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Tracey, thank you for sharing your beautiful illustrations. They are naturally and simply beautiful! Enjoy your chocolate! and big, big hugs to you and lots of love XX

Anonymous said...

Mixers and choclolate - I smell out for all that pup love. Hope it's all going well.....xox

soulbrush said...

Lousy to be cooked still, Fun to be licked all over and most fun of all- choccies. You stuff your mouth with them and enjoy. I love white choc, so love white maltesers yummy. Happy PPf to you honey bunny.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love how you always manage to find humor in every situation, as exemplified by your Mushu story. There is definitely beauty in many of the tools we use on a daily basis, so I enjoyed your mixer review. As to the Pay It Forward art making project, it sounds like such a marvelous idea. Congratulations on getting Marji's piece, because her work is beautiful. Blessings to you and your family, my friend!

Jez said...

Delicious sketches of the mixers, but you forgot one (or perhaps didn't even know people used them before the days of mixers!)
The fork. In the days of my youth, or perhaps I should say in the days of pre-history my mum and I would make loads of different kinds of cakes, and all we used was the humble table-fork (size of a table-spoon). But I was taught to beat and beat and beat with that fork until the butter and sugar were creamy and almost white. ….. And that reminds me that I would watch my Aunty Annie, who made wedding cakes, cream the butter and sugar with her hand, just round and round until it was a white cream.

Unknown said...

Maybe you're fascinated by mixers because of all the mixing going on with your cells right now? Whatever the reason, they are really terrific. Enjoy that chocolate! Happy PPF!

Sandra Busby said...

Oh pants!!! I Missed it! Chuh!!!
That said, I already have two lovely pieces of art of yours so it wouldn't seem fair on everyone else if I won this one! I'll be doing something arty for you at some point - not in your box of goodies which is on its way - but it will come! I LOVE your mixers. I love those Kitchen Aids. My Sister-in-Law has a red one. Paul says I don't bake nearly enough to warrant it, lol! Chocky's look yummy too - glad your taste-buds are back! :0)

Faye said...

Tracey, your mixer paintings are wonderful to me because I cannot for the life of me draw utensils and kitchen equipment. My hat's off to you. But then I don't cook much either so maybe there is a correlation. Honestly, chocolate covered peppers??? All the other chocolate covered things really appeal to me. (I gave up chocolate for Lent). I am so glad you can taste chocolate again. I think of you often and throw in a special prayer for healing.

GlorV1 said...

Love your mixer drawings Tracey. Your family pet member loves you, therefore he licks to let you know that he wants you we'll and so do we all. Take care.

Helen Campbell said...

Lovely mixers, Tracey. I have one hand rotary thing, and basically never use it. Unless a blender counts? Hmmm...
Chocolate is the nectar of the gods, so it is appropriate that your taste buds have rediscovered the lovely taste. Which is a sign that all will be well, once they cease cooking you and you can get back to your regular routine of being creative without such uncomfortable interruptions.
Continuing to send you healing energy, lovely lady.

Daisy Yellow said...

I'm entranced by your sketches of mixer after mixer and Very interesting lines. Lovely project!

DVArtist said...

Hi Tracey
Sending healing energy to you always. You are in my circle of people that get a candle. Your attitude is good and that is a huge part of going through this. Your art is so inspiring. OK so it is hand mixers but for me it is awesome. I love them all. And the chocolate....uuuhhh yeahhh.LOL
Wishing you a beautiful day

Linda Kunsman said...

That is such a lovely way to share art but there's no way I could have committed to that right now. LOVE all the mixer illustrations!! I'm always staring and trying to take in every little detail so I can learn something. I hope you're able to get through the rest of your treatments with little side effects. You have such a loving support team. Healing wishes and prayers to you! XO

Nigel said...

Dammit, too slow again. Story of my life......

Able to eat chocolate again? Definitely on the mend - congratulations :)

And that sketch with the chocolate is gorgeous x

Marji said...

Mixing it up seems to be my thing of the moment now - so your mixers have great appeal to me. Looks like you will be busy with the pay it forward project :) Should be fun when things get on their way around the world. Can't tell you what a relief it is that chocolate is tasting good to you again. Would have been a tragedy if that had been a lingering side effect.

Christine said...

lovely work in your unique style Tracey!

Jo Murray said...

It amazes me how you still have your sense of humour...and boy, can you ever draw! Bad luck I missed the giveaway, but who cares!'s a gift to get to read your blog.

kat said...

Such colorful bright mixers, I often get hungry coming here, with talks of chocolate and those lovely mixers making me think of tasty dishes...wonderful!
Best of wishes to you Tracey,

Abigail Davidson said...

I always enjoy how you take everyday objects and make them look so amazing as artwork! Wonderful creations!

Anonymous said...

I just finished a pay it forward and its a great way to share, eat all the chocolate you can Tracy, is well documented to be a cure for the evilness of dementors in the Harry Potter films so I would imagine it has the same effect on the evil radiation beasts, you are such a strong inspiration, you truly are, your mixers are fabulous an I would love a blue kitchen aide, but will not likely happen lol, take care sweet lady,

Unknown said...

So sorry the radiation is bringing consequences. It does NOT sound fun. A muzzle might be a good idea for the dog.....
Loving the paintings, as always!

Unknown said...

Well Tracey, I enjoy your fixations. Those blenders are cool! I really like collections of things. Speaks to my sense of order? Something...not sure. Yum, chocolate. Yes please! Thinking of you always! xoxo

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Anonymous said...

Love your mixer fixation. I usually read my mail early in the morning but today it's bed time and I'm just getting to it.

I think your pay it forward is a wonderful idea. I may do that on my blog soon. Thanks for the great idea.

Kristin said...

I thought I only saw 4 "Yes I want in!"s but I may have miscounted. Just in case though, YES I WANT IN!! I love how you always make such ordinary items come to life, I never think about sketching these things but you do and I love it! :)

Michellem said...

My dad just bought a Kitchenaid mixer for me last month! Apparently, mom had said that she wishes she'd had one when we were younger so dad made my wish come true! I cried, he cried and now I feel like my kitchen has won an Oscar to have such a gorgeous piece of equipment on the counter. I've been through my share of handmixers too!
Hope your radiation is over soon - The sheer drudgery of having to go every day for weeks on end can wear on a girl!
Hugs to you!

denthe said...

I am always fascinated by the things you find to paint :-) Mixers .... Never would've thought of that! Glad to hear that you're enjoying chocolate again, and so good that Easter is coming up, with all the chocolate goodies ....

Cindy D. said...

I love the mixers, especially the brightly colored trio of colorful ones! (And I think kitchen appliances are a perfectly reasonable thing to be fixated on.)

The wonder mutt sounds like charming and goofy fellow!

Irene Rafael said...

Hi Tracey, When i get here to your blog, I sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy my few minutes of being with you. I never know what to get but BBQ you just cracked me up. I adore your drawings. And I know what I am thirty something on the list but just in case so others bag out or you decide on a 6th, "YES, I want in". Have a lovely week. xo

pauline said...

oh Tracey, i love your spirit, love your art, your life philosophy, your big questions (like do spiders have tongues and why bless someone when they sneeze?), and of course - i love that you love chocolate. ;-) Had a wonderful visit here - as always. xx

Anonymous said...

As I too live in Seattle, I see and eat a lot of Theo chocolate.....and I love the drawing you made of the label! You are so clever and can draw what I only see in my minds eye - thanks for sharing!!!

Best of luck on your treatment = I had radiation a while ago for thyroid cancer, but not to the level sounds like you are having to endure - so sorry you're in that boat! But I do remember the losing my taste part - and it was awful, so welcome back to enjoying chocolate part!!! Kristin (one of the other ones)

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear a outer the horrible radiation you are goug thru. Saying prayers now. Love the bright fun mixers this week, and I truly believe chocolate fixes everything so go for it! Happy Ppf!

Tammie Lee said...


wow, radiation sucks except for the chocolate part which might be a healing thing for you at this time. please do feed your dog ;-)

loved your mixing theme, they are all a joy to see. such handy tools.

Nadya said...

How fun to see what you do with "ordinary" kitchen objects! Love the sketch as is.
Your pup is a healer! I've meet several service dogs, including one mentoring a diabetic girl; the dog would approach and alert her when her blood sugars dropped!
Glad you're enjoying chocolate again... also wanted to remind you that crabbing chocolate often signals a need for more magnesium!! We need about 3X what most of us get these days, especiall folks taking extra calcium! ... & enjoy the chocolate!

Nadya said...

(sorry for the autocorrect typos!! that should be "craving chocolate!)

Lisa Graham said...

I never get tired of looking at your illustrations Tracey! Mixers! Who would have thought they could be so charming.

Keep on keeping on! xo

Marianne said...

Haha - these are SO fun and unique!
I absolutely love this style of yours...

minnemie said...

Hahaha, OK, that Mushu hit is especially hilarious:-) And the return of choc-worthy tastebuds welcome news!! So sorry though that radiation has been hard on you... a sore throat is such a pesky thing for it stays with you every swallow of the day:-( You must therefore swallow more chocolate!;-)

Rita said...

I thought I commented on this post already--duh! So glad you are done (by now) with the radiation!! And doubly glad you can eat chocolate again!! How do you make such glorious art work as sick as you are. You are a wonder! :)

Irene Rafael said...

hi tracey, i am not the best instruction reader...i posted the pay it forward today instead of the next day. hope that doesn't put a wrench in the whole works. thanks again. xo ~~irene

TwinkleToes2day said...

I have finally got around to blogging about this :D
Dinna faint now ;) xx