Friday, 28 February 2014

Random Beach Conversations....

Sadly the time has come to re-enter the real world after an amazing holiday at the beach
it is quite a task to get my brain back in the game after the break
I am still firmly in the head space of beach, pool, sand, sun and painting
of course we also read books and had epic naps and all those other good things
so this post is full of some of my drawings and paintings
plus I included some summery beach pics to warm you up
but it wasn't all sun and sand
 there were an inordinate amount of random conversations
some of which are still doing my head in...

I like that my DVD player says hello when I turn it on, 
but it doesn't say goodbye when I turn it off
Phantom's, however, does say goodbye
 so does that make hers the polite DVD and mine the rude one???
and if you go to the trouble of programming it to say hello
wouldn't you program it to say goodbye?

Now that my hair is growing back lighter 
and has gone from deep brown to quite white with dalmatian like spots of grey!!!
can I tell blond jokes without offending???
we were divided on this one as technically I am not blond
maybe I should stick to dalmatian jokes...
are there dalmatian jokes???

My brilliantly stupid offspring, Phants, wanted to know why Bolivia is in South America
because it sounds like it should be near Bulgaria and that region...
which led to which other countries are out of place due to their name not matching their location
couldn't think of any mind you
but we tried...

Tied in with the whole country/ language type thing 
was why do we use gazuntite when people sneeze?
why does Germany have the monopoly on sneeze etiquette?
do other countries have cooler sayings if you sneeze?
and why don't we bless people when they cough?
are sneezes more special?
big questions I know...

also on the Phants conversation list... do spiders have tongues?
last year we found out that chickens have tongues, which was a weird goggle search
and was oddly hilarious, but spiders having tongues is disturbing
imagine them licking you before they bite you
makes me shudder just thinking about it...

The longest debate was about the Queen of England farting
and whether you would call her on it
now we all agreed correct protocol would be to ignore it
but it led to all sorts of questions and debate
as to what circumstances would have to exist for you to break protocol
eg... if it was really smelly??
or you were stuck in an small enclosed space??
then that led to what dignitaries or famous people you would call on it
it is like a rabbit hole when you start thinking about it

So I am closing by asking you our current conundrum
would you rather have to call the Queen on passing wind
or be licked by a spider???

Happy PPF and weekend all...xx


Moon Stumpp said...

Hi hope you had a fabulous time...the beach photos look amazing, as does your artwork (as always).

Kristin Dudish said...

What did the hungry dalmatian say after he had his meal?
That hit the spots.

What do you call a boring dog?
A dull-matian.

Well, your post was anything but dull & you know I am absolutely thrilled that it included fart talk ;)

(I am also equally horrified at the thought of spiders having tongues... The thought of them licking their chops before they have a bite is more than I can bear!)


Unknown said...

I am so calling the Queen out!!!!! Glad you had such a wonderful trip!
xx Christine

Jennifer McLean said...

"Hey lady with the crown, light a match, will ya??" "Gee, sorry to be so rude lady but I didn't want the spider to lick me!"

OKIE DOKIE, WE KNOW WHAT SIDE I"M ON. Oh, and the apology comes naturally, I am Canadian after all, eh? ;o)

GlorV1 said...

Hi Tracey. Good to see you and glad you had a great time. Love your work and also glad your hair is growing out, be it white or blonde, you'd still look great. I'm afraid of spiders and them having a tongue, yuck! As for the queen, I wouldn't bother asking if she lets out a little gas from time to time, as long as she stays her distance, hahaha.:) Take care and glad you posted. Happy PPF!

Lynn Cohen said...

Neither thank you very much! However, I only learned yesterday that Baja California is not in California but in Mexico. I felt rather stupid admitting this at my age. But then I don't think they taught geography when I was going to school. So there.
What else did you ask?, no, you can only make spotted hair jokes, but not about Dalmatians, as that would be considered unkind, and didn't they get enough bad press from that Cruella woman with the two toned hair?.
Love your art!
Love that your hair is growing back in!
Love that you had a restful time at the beach and some juicy conversations too! xox

Darnell said...

Welcome back, Trace! You sound refreshed and sassy and that's so good! I may Google Dalmatian jokes and etiquette re queenly farts.

I'm going to avoid that other thing you talked about altogether as the creeps go all the way down to the ends of my typing fingers when I even start to think about it. Really? Euew!!

Thankfully you included wonderful sketching and painting and photos of beaches and blues and waves which more than wiped out the euewiness!

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your walk with the radiotherapy. You're gettin' 'er done, girl, you're gettin' 'er done. Brave girl. Love and hugs, Darnell

Marji said...

Welcome back! Missed you. M.x

Helen Campbell said...

You make me laugh! Sounds like a fun silly relaxing holiday with scintillating conversations.
As to the questions, um... I'm thinking. Perhaps the spider licking, as I'm not sure the Queen could say "off with her head" and have it happen. Not that I'm fond of spiders, but I am fond of my head being attached to my body. :)
So glad your lovely hair is growing back. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jo Murray said...

Looks like the beach agrees with you. Spotty hair sounds quite cool...and those questions you are pondering. Earth=shattering stuff. Re the queen...depends if she had an armed 'minder' with her.

BrownPaperBunny said...

I always look forward to seeing what you've been up to, thanks for sharing and happy PPF!

froebelsternchen said...

I think I choose none of the two options ...
wonderful cups are this - love the sahding!!!
What great days must this have been!
Grey hair with spots in will be en vogue this summer didn't you hear about !!!???
In Austria we say "health" if somebody sneezes or "God may help you that this is true" LOL?!
But I often wish :"BEAUTY" instead of
"HELTH" when my hubby sneezes ---lol!
Take the "good manners app" for your DVD Player!

Happy PPF Tracey

PaintingWrite said...

If sounds like you had a fabulous holiday and the random nature of your conversations is very reassuring to me because Steve and I often have ridiculous conversations and then wonder if we spend too much time together alone and if at some point we'll be unable to have conversations with other people-now I know we can always have them with you and your family and they won't seem random at all! I wouldn't want to be in farting distance of the Queen so I'd rather be licked by a spider-i think that sounds quite cute actually. As for sneezes being more important than coughs-its to do with the bubonic plague when they made up that rhyme ring a ring of roses because a sneeze was a sign you had probably got the plague. Not sure why we all day it in German though! Glad you're all rested and it sounds like the holiday did you the world of good

Netty said...

Welcome back your utter rubbish stories they always make me laugh. Smashing sketches and beautiful photos of such a tranquil beach. Happy PPF, Annette x

ann @ studiohyde said...

Hilarious post! always make me laugh. Glad you had a great holiday, with good memories even if they are of conversations. The sneezing thing 'blessing' someone was from the plague (which started with sneezing not coughing) and hence people blessed each other in the hope the sneeze wasn't the start of them getting the plague.

Giggles said...

Spiders are the ENEMY...PERIOD! My name is not Giggles for nothing, I'm afraid my convulsing body as I held in the giggles while the Queen farted and tried to blame the barking spiders would be quite the same as pointing and yelling EWWW.....the queen Farted!! Which....blush blush....I am apt to say!! Shrugs shoulders!
Glad you had a fabulous much needed holiday! Love the cup you've done! Keep healing Dolly....Mation!!

Hugs Giggles

Jaz Higgins said...

I don't believe the Queen farts. So I'll have to go with the licking spider. Eww. Creepy. "Venom" from Spiderman springs to mind!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Great work as usual and your photographs make me want to go to the beach again. Your conversations during your holiday made me smile, which I needed in my current mood. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

LOL, um the queen, now i will never look at a spider in the same way again.....xox

HollyM said...

You definitely have the funniest conversations. It's great that you have time for then ads a family, that your kids have imagination and that their not stuck on their handhelds.
It's wonderful even if the talk was of farts and spiders. Neither one is a good choice for me!
Glad you had a good holiday!

Unknown said...

Love the pen drawings thanks for sharing!

Snap said...

glad to hear you had a wonderful break at the beach ... you and family sure deserved it. and, that it wasn't all fun and game ... some great philosophical questions were discussed and some even decided. LOL!


Ilona Heimböckel said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with a lot of deep conversation :-)
The spider tongue really did it! Lol!
I am sure the Queen was brought up not to do what you indicated! So no chance of that!!! :D

I love the green of the cup very much and the drawing of the biros reminded me of my school-time long time ago!
Wonderful beach-photos! As for sending warmth - we had the warmest winter in a very long time! We had next to no snow and frost also just for a short period, so actually we need some real winter! :-)

Sending you all the best wishes

Jez said...

OK, let's skip the bit where I say how fabulous etc your artwork is, and how envious I am of the lovely beach, and cut to the really important stuff.
There is a story (I wasn't alive at the time, so I can't swear to it) about King Edward VII of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. They were riding in a carriage behind the hearse at Queen Victoria's funeral (Edward's Mum) in 1901. As they drove along in the open carriage one of the horses let go a really beauty. Edward was rather embarrassed and said to Wilhelm, "I'm so sorry, I do apologise for that". "That's quite alright" said Willy "I thought it was the horse".
Well, I thought that was a Tracey kind of joke.

Elle Zee said...

Hi Tracey, Glad you had a wonderful vacation and such stimulating conversation. I am intrigued by your hair color(s) I think you might start a new fad. I can see you with a purple or red scarf as a headband.
gloria z

DVArtist said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful time. Haaa when my hair grew back in it came back in in ringlets. I keep is short now. LOL
Your art is beautiful

Colleayn said...

I hope spiders don't have tongues. I seriously wonder if squirrels poop.

Your vacation sounds wonderful! Have fun back in your studio!

bellefrogworks said...

OK - here is my comment - my sense of humor has been redeemed. In my family - only my 8 yo grandson and myself really have those kinds of conversations. In response to not being able to solve the problems of the world - it is good to discuss situations which might never happen to you - but you will be prepared if they do!!! Glad you had some sun and fun - love your sketch.

Catharina Engberg said...

I am taking a bloging break, I know, but I got here through my mail, and read and wanted to anwer some of your wonders. :) In Sweden we say "prosit" when someone sneeze. But sometimes when I feel extra international I say "gesundheit" as you said. I don´t know why, I just do. And about famous people and farting. I don´t know what to choose of these two bad things. Telling the queen about it, or having a spider on me. I don´t think I would be that rude to talk with the queen about it, but I HATE spiders on me or near me, so I wouldn´t choose that either! Interresting conversations ;)

Linda Kunsman said...

Welcome back Tracey! Love your sketches-especially the cups with all that fabulous cross hatching in color! So glad you had such a nice holiday-I mean, really , who wouldn't at the beach. Funny thing about your ?- I was looking through a book catalogue just last eve and bust out laughing that they actually have a published book you can buy titled "The History Of Farting"- an amusing collection of jokes, riddles, cartoons and trivia :):) Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey, so good that you had nice time away. Thank you for lovely and such a positive post and fab illustrations as usual. Big, big hugs to you!

Sandra Busby said...

Uh-oh! I think all that Chemo might just have fried your brain a little bit!! And I think we are at a point where I can comfortably say that it was already a bit doolally!!!! Phantom on the other hand has no excuse! This all sounds very similar to some of Charlie's ramblings... The most recent being 'If you had to be a kitchen appliance, what one would you be???? I mean, really??? And if I had to choose one of those bazaar scenario's, then it's an impossible question because the Queen does not have any of the normal bodily functions - Does she?? Being licked by a spider... well that's just too creepy! Glad you had a good time on your break - and loving the drawing :0)

aimee said...

Glad to have you back with any color hair you happen to sport! xo

minnemie said...

Hahaha, wellll.... all I can say is that I am beginning to doubt that your surname is really King... could it be "Nut"? You certainly have a house full if nuts!;-) But I would love to be a spider on the wall to join in the laughter. Except that Mushu probably would sniff me out and de-tongue or behead me. I bet being a fly on the wall would give me no better chance;-) However, if I may jump into the nut bowl as well: had anyone consulted me, I would have put Pretoria (RSA) close to Victoria (CAN) or at least next to the Victoria Falls (ZIM), and thrown in Peoria (IL, USA) as a neighboring city too!

Little Wandering Wren said...

Well trust you Aussies to so beautifully lower the tone when it comes to our Queen... Gosh you'll be calling for a Republic soon - "if she farts again that's it, she's out!"
I love that your DVD player only says hello not goodbye, I hate goodbyes too!
Au revoir
Wren x

Victoria said...

So and wonderful visiting your realm..always uplifting!

Faye said...

A fun post, Tracey! Your trip to the beach and sun and sand sounds so warm and wonderful to us who are stuck in the "another snow is on the way" weather. Your drawings as usual are super. Glad the hair is coming back, even if it is a different color. I think that happens often. My mother had gorgeous snow white hair when hers fell out. It came back in a dull gray. But at least it did come back.

Debbie said...

well this is an easy one for me, since I'm an terrified of spiders, I would choose calling out the queen! fun post as always, and loved your sketches too. I'm so glad you had a fun relaxing time at the beach! family time is what it's all about...! xo

Alicia C said...

I have to say I'd prob. prefer to have to call the QUeen on a fart bc then at least it meant that I'd been lucky enough to be in England, or in Buckingham Palace, or before the Queen in the first place, and methinks those would be pretty cool new experiences in their own right. Lucky going to the beach!!!! Our closest beach is 7 hours away. Have a great week!

Jo said...

Your art is wonderful and your sense of humor is riveting. I am glad to know that the topic of farts or farting has been a ribald of conversation in someone else's family other than my own.

Kristin said...

Oooooh, you have such a talent in making us all laugh! You totally cracked me up - especially about the Queen. Very good question indeed :) Your hair sounds beautiful, and your pieces are, as always, amazing! xoxo

Creatively yours Fi said...

ahhh classic...definitely telling the queen :) so many gifts that you have Tracey xX Thanks for the giggle xX

Ritu Dua said...

Your art pieces are brilliant...I totally lurve those pen illustrations !! The post made me smile :) Wishing you good health and cheer always !!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Hope you had an amazing time at the beach! The photos were wonderful - LOVE that winding path down tot he beach! Beautiful work this week - love the richly colored cup the best! I would personally rather be licked by a spider :)

Tam Hess said...

Ha ha cute! The one thing I know is that when you sneeze your heart stops for a sec and demons can creep in so you bless the person real quick to stop them...creepy!

Love your mocha cup.

Happy Paint Party Friday!
I'm late...Happy Saturday!

Quilt knit said...

Welcome Back! Hope you feel better and rested! Not so much like a Pin Cushion.

Wonderful cup!

Rita said...

I absolutely LOVE the discussions you guys have!!
Naps, sun, and sand sound scrumptious. Love your sketches.

Dalmatian hair would be totally unique! I'd wait and see what it looks like as it really grows out before I did anything to change it. ;)

Annabelle said...

Hi Trace, so happy to hear your hair is growing back and your feeling better. The sea has a way to rejuvenate the soul and from the pictures I think it did wonders for you.Take care and rest up. Love all of your drawings.

Annabelle : )

Nigel said...

Just getting back to normality here, and starting to blog hop again.

Good to see that the TFK household is back on form again. It sounds like the kind of conversation I get from my youngest.

Shroo said...

There's an old British joke that goes something like..: The royal family and heads of state were enjoying a banquet when the queen farted so loudly that it echoed round the room. To cover her embarassment and social faux pas, she turned to the butler saying, "Jeeves! Stop that this instant!" to which he replied, "certainly, Madam...which way did it go?" nan was still telling that (and other WAY more obscene jokes) when she was in her nineties!

Loving your blog, your sketches and all the bright, vibrant colours. A joy to visit you! Although - can we never, ever, EVER mention the tongue-spider thing EVER again? Hugs from Shroo:)x

Anonymous said...

I hate spiders so the Queen is in trouble, lol, its me laurie, I thought I was finished with blogging when my eyes became worse but a new program for the visually impaired has allowed me back, slowly slowly, I had to start new, I kept my old blog name with a bit of a change but its all new a fresh start, my
computer now speaks to me, its amazing, strange but amazing, I hope you are well, gosh I missed you, your hair sounds beautiful, no one else would have that,

Melisa said...

Hi Tracey! I'm happy that you had some good beach time. I was wondering what kind of sketchbook you've been using for the watercolor sketches? The one with the white paper? I don't like sketching on actual watercolor paper and am on a quest to find the perfect sketchbook.