Friday, 28 February 2014

Random Beach Conversations....

Sadly the time has come to re-enter the real world after an amazing holiday at the beach
it is quite a task to get my brain back in the game after the break
I am still firmly in the head space of beach, pool, sand, sun and painting
of course we also read books and had epic naps and all those other good things
so this post is full of some of my drawings and paintings
plus I included some summery beach pics to warm you up
but it wasn't all sun and sand
 there were an inordinate amount of random conversations
some of which are still doing my head in...

I like that my DVD player says hello when I turn it on, 
but it doesn't say goodbye when I turn it off
Phantom's, however, does say goodbye
 so does that make hers the polite DVD and mine the rude one???
and if you go to the trouble of programming it to say hello
wouldn't you program it to say goodbye?

Now that my hair is growing back lighter 
and has gone from deep brown to quite white with dalmatian like spots of grey!!!
can I tell blond jokes without offending???
we were divided on this one as technically I am not blond
maybe I should stick to dalmatian jokes...
are there dalmatian jokes???

My brilliantly stupid offspring, Phants, wanted to know why Bolivia is in South America
because it sounds like it should be near Bulgaria and that region...
which led to which other countries are out of place due to their name not matching their location
couldn't think of any mind you
but we tried...

Tied in with the whole country/ language type thing 
was why do we use gazuntite when people sneeze?
why does Germany have the monopoly on sneeze etiquette?
do other countries have cooler sayings if you sneeze?
and why don't we bless people when they cough?
are sneezes more special?
big questions I know...

also on the Phants conversation list... do spiders have tongues?
last year we found out that chickens have tongues, which was a weird goggle search
and was oddly hilarious, but spiders having tongues is disturbing
imagine them licking you before they bite you
makes me shudder just thinking about it...

The longest debate was about the Queen of England farting
and whether you would call her on it
now we all agreed correct protocol would be to ignore it
but it led to all sorts of questions and debate
as to what circumstances would have to exist for you to break protocol
eg... if it was really smelly??
or you were stuck in an small enclosed space??
then that led to what dignitaries or famous people you would call on it
it is like a rabbit hole when you start thinking about it

So I am closing by asking you our current conundrum
would you rather have to call the Queen on passing wind
or be licked by a spider???

Happy PPF and weekend all...xx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Taking Time...

I am taking a bit of a blogging break
And am going to be busy not doing housework
Or trying to tame the jungle that the garden has become
Or tackling the dust bunnies who are trying to take over our floor
I won't even try to catch the tumble weeds that waft cross the dining room on every breeze
and I definitely won't be playing the part of domestic goddess
in any way, shape or form
But I will be indulging in a week or two of benign neglect of all family members

 I will be attempting to catch up...or more accurately... start
on The Documented Life Project
now that I have my diary thingy
and have the cover decorated and the extra pages added and all that

I may just head off and enjoy a bit of time at my favourite beach
where chocolate will be consumed in copious amounts
tea will be drunk and there may even be a bit of glug glug woohoo
And I will be teasing the poor mutt who had a little operation the other day 
and now has part of his snout shaved and part of around the opposite eye
It looks so fabulously mad that I really need the time to enjoy the full comedic possibilities
And I will draw and paint like crazy
Especially this new teapot and cups... They will be drawn over and over I think

Because how could I not draw and paint something so glorious
And I am going to sleep... All I do at the moment is sleep
Bloody chemo is still wreaking havoc so I am going to take time out to rest up and gather my energy for a full on onslaught of creative madness that is to come...
See you all soon and happy painting all...xx