Friday, 6 December 2013

Just Call Me Patchy ...

Tea cup from Jana at Tangled Pen
It would appear that patchiness is the order of the day at the moment
because in yet another joy that comes with chemotherapy
 I have lost parts of my eyebrows, not all of them... just most of them
which is hilarious in some ways, and bloody awful in others
for a couple of weeks I had just lost half of one 
so I looked like I had been the victim of some mad practical joke
but then bit by bit most of the others went out in sympathy... 
Phantom keeps threatening to stick fake mustaches over my eyes while I sleep one day
so the first thing I do when ever I wake up now is madly clutch above my eyes
to check to see if she has done it
cheeky sod is doing my head in

tea cup from Pat at Artfully Ooglebloops
So while my eyebrows fell out bit by bit... and eyelashes people...
 did I mention that... those suckers fell out too
I am somehow getting some fuzz on my head... I have like a five o'clock shadow on my dome
now some weeks this shadow falls out after my weekly dose
and others it hangs around... no rhyme nor reason
and not all of it falls out... like the brows and lashes... I have crazy, stubborn patches
 while other patches seem to fling themselves out of my head with great abandon
one day I wake up and it looks like someone has been shaving on my pillow
and the next week it hangs in there... bizarre... but kind of exciting too
I never know what I am going to look like from week to week

Mug from Boo from Stamp, Laugh Play
Following on with the patchy theme is that I finally got back to my
I didn't abandon it intentionally or mean to take such a break
and while part of me would like to say that I was associating it with my breast cancer diagnosis
because I was in the midst of it all when it happening
I know that I am just not that deep ... nothing wrong with being a shallow pool
and distraction got the better of me over the last few months
but I got back to it and completed these three new ones over the last two weeks
hardly settling the project back on fire, but I have another two started 
and it feels good to be back at it
even though I am a bit rusty on the drawing of handles
the first two were conveniently chosen due to lack of handles to ease me back into it
If you haven't emailed me a mug or a cup yet then get to it
who knows when I will get distracted again

The desk is now beckoning me to move my patchy haired head away from the computer
and get stuck into the hydrangeas I have had drawn up for a week
not the cups I have started... did I mention I get distracted!!!
the blooms on the plant are looking a bit patchy and faded in the summer heat
 so I had better get to it before they go the way of the hairs on my head
and they drop their insanely pink blooms completely 
have a great painting week everyone... xx

PS  ... a totally non patchy happening this week was that I won a spot in Soul Food
courtesy of Kristin Powers ... which totally made the week a great one ... excited to get started ... check out the link over on Kristin's blog if you want some info ... 


Netty said...

Thank goodness the chemo hasn't caused bits of your brains to fall out, hair you can live without as you know it will grow back as soon as you are on the road to recovery which am sure will be soon.
Loving all the great drawings and congratulations on winning a spot on such a fab title as Soul Food. Yeaaaa. Happy PPF Tracey and have a great weekend, hugs Annette x

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning a spot in Soul Food. I'll be interested in what it's like.

As usual, you have the best attitude toward chemo. Patches... so you could be Patches, Phantom and Sinus now. The mustache idea is pretty funny. I would be checking each morning too.

Thank you so much for drawing my doggie mug. It looks wonderful.

Michellem said...

Tracey - so good to hear your blog voice! Congrats on winning a place in the Soul Food class - focusing on a class can help with the patchy brain - although it is part of your abundant charm. Our good friend Dave just finished up his chemo a little over 2 weeks ago and his hair is beginning to grow back now. Looks like it may be a different color now - time will tell.
Hugs to you!

Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations on winning a place in the class, Tracey! I love your sense of humour even in the face of chemo. Love your art too...great to see you back into your Cuppa with Friends project! :)

Helen Campbell said...

You paint an interesting word picture of your patchiness. Is it quicker to get ready in the morning without that pesky hair to fuss with? I was wondering if your dog is still affectionately licking your lovely patchy head?

I love your tea cups, handles or no, and can't wait to see what the hydrangeas look like completed.
Wishing you a creative and healthy week.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Tracey. Sure good to see you and your wonderful cups. Love that work space you have going there. Your sense of humor so inspires me. I wish nothing but the best for you and so glad you are doing your fav thing. Take care of yourself and keep up the good humor.:)

Heather Foust said...

Yay you won!!!
You humor is just so wonderful. If you would I would like to send you something in the mail. If you could send your address to me at I have a wonderful Painting that I donated to the Breast Cancer Society. I would love to send you a print of it. Hang in there Girly! No doubt with your strength and sense of humor you will get through this!

Gillena Cox said...

luv the first teacup panel; be blessed; have a nice Friday

much love...

sharon said...

Love the teacups and the flowers look promising, pleased to see your wonderful sense of humour is still in force. Sending healing thoughts your way.

K J D said...

It was lovely to see all the projects on your desk.

You found and shared some humour in your 'patchy' phase.... you will have new hair in the new year and I look forward to hearing all about it! :)

Karen x

Unknown said...

Beautiful, it's wonderful to see such a packed desk full of beautiful art at different stages. Have a wonderful weekend Tracey. xxx

Unknown said...

Oh do i love the look of your desktop!!! ...and the paintings - they're awesome. I really enjoy those vibrant colors.
I'm thinking of you almost daily - wondering how you're doing. This chemo is awful. But I know that you know that it's over eventually. And THEN I can't wait to read all about your hair growing back!!! Oh this will be wonderful. Big hugs to you - all the way from the Northern hemisphere.
Oh - yes - and thanks so much for linking to my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome work patchy! As I am in the same situation I very well know that a good sense of humor is the only way to make the day worth living. Keep the good spirits up and keep on going :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome work patchy! As I am in the same situation I very well know that a good sense of humor is the only way to make the day worth living. Keep the good spirits up and keep on going :-)

Anonymous said...

You truly amaze me with your humor at all your patches. You are on especial lady with all that is going on in your life! Great cuppa posts and a nice peak at the work desk. You will have so much fun in Soul Food I think. I am going to join in too I think, love the teacher line up. AT least Phantom is not threatening permanent marker brows...xox

denthe said...

It's truly admirable Tracy how you deal with the consequences of your treatment. I'm not sure I could be as strong.... So great you won that spot in Soul Food! It'll be fun!

HollyM said...

I really admire you're humour in the face of such trials and I'm glad to see you painting.
Congrats on your win. The timing seems serendipitous.

Snap said...

So good to *hear* you and see you busy doing things you love. You also make us laugh. Gosh, girl -- I love you! ;) Peace!

froebelsternchen said...

amazing artwork as always! ADORABLE!

Happy to see you at soul food ..
I also won a free place.. I am so happy about many cool teachers there awaiting us!


Studio Kaufmann said...

Tracey so glad to see you and so glad you are bringing back the Cuppa with Friends project. I will get on this! I am a British girl in the USA and find it very hard to find good tea. I end up having to put two 'tetley British Blend' bags in a cup and it still doesn't hit the spot!

Linda Kunsman said...

how wonderful you won a spot at Soul Food Tracey! Handles or not your mugs are always fabulous and I love seeing your illustrations of them again. Keep up the good humor and spirit-you'll be just fine in no time. XO

Carmen said...

I can't wait to do Soul Food and was so happy when you won a place! It looks a whole load of fun!

I love your cups - one day, when my printer plays nice I may just print my Marmite one out (if you don't mind of course) OR when you feel better, if you sell prints - I could buy my cup off you :)

Sorry. Sorry. But actually snort laughed at the thought of moustache eyebrows. Did she have a style in mind?

Big hugs Tracey x x x

soulbrush said...

So happy that the chemo hasn't caused your artistic talents to fall out, nor your humour, nor your fabulous style and colour!
Didn't you know that 'ptachy' is the latest fashion here in London?? tee hee. Happy PPF.

Giggles said...

So sorry about your patchy spots...but at least you can draw them in, the latest study says fat people have less brains cells so that almost always make me the dumbest person in the room....try that on for size...aren't you glad you have a brain!! Once again I too am the brunt of my families jokes...I feel like we're kindred spirits!! Only wish I could draw like you!! Wow those cups look amazing!! Glad you won that Soul food class!! At least there are no calories in that food!!

Hugs Giggles

Rita said...

Congrats on winning the Soul Food classes!! Whoohoo!! And I am so glad to see you are sketching and painting again. Your art table is so inviting. I do love using white plates for palettes, too.
Hugs, prayers, love, and smiles!! :):)

Darnell said...

You sound so good, Patchy Parts!! It's fabulous to see you back at painting and really whipping the stuff out in your brilliant fashion!! Enjoy the Soul Food class and do post pictures of the trendy mustache eyebrows!! Big love and hugs, Darnell

Ayala Art said...

Girl, your sense of humor is wicked! I want to laugh but then I think I shouldn't, but all along I admire you, your art and your sense of humor.
Hugs for you, and it will be awesome to see you in the Soul Food class! ♥ said...

Great to see you're getting 'back on track' and I look forward to seeing more of your cups. Your desk looks so organised and tidy compared to mine! :)

Lynn Cohen said...

I love it when you seem to be wearing your sociologist hat studing this crazy process chemo is sending your body through! You the observer checking yourself out all over, making note of what's still there or not on a given day! With enough humor mixed in to get you and us through it.
It's not easy for me, so I can't imagine what it's like for you! It's summer there, so do you wear hats or scarves or just let your beautiful bald dome enjoy the warmth of sun ATop it? Glad you feel like drawing and painting . I know if it were me I'd be drawing the hair on the pillow and myself in the mirror. But your tea cups are smile makers so stay the course! Hugs from here, Tracy! said...

Congrats on winning a place on the course! How fun! And I have to second Netty- I'm glad it's just your hair falling out and not your brains. The mugs are gorgeous. Nice to seeing you back doing them again!

DVArtist said...

Eyebrows or no eyebrows you are as beautiful as your art. Blessing and healing energy to you

kat said...

Your art is always great Tracey, no patches there! You are such a rock, best of wishes to you and your recovery, keep up the good humor!

Neesie said...

Whoohoo...Trace is back (Hair patches and browless perhaps but she's back)!!! ;D
I wonder where Phantom gets her wicked sense of humour from eh? I think the 'moostaches' are a great idea hehe
I love the fact you're back to your Cuppa with Friends project. It's all very reassuring. Your mugs look great and I am just drooling over your desk...sorry but I just can't help myself.
It looks divine and somewhere I'd love to sit and watch awhile.
Congrats on winning a spot in Soul Food too. You deserve it! :D
♥♥♥Hugs to you♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Thank goodness the chemo hasn't affected your funny bone T! Or your family 's! I love the visual of mustaches being applied while you sleep :)

Let me know your e- mail and I 'll send you a pic of my squirrel mug :)

Carola Bartz said...

Oh Trace... I haven't been to your place in such a long time that I had no idea about your beast cancer diagnosis. I am speechless - and the more amazed about the humor you have kept. You are so inspiring! I keep my fingers and toes and whatever else crossed for your recovery!!!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Your teacups are magnificent!! I especially love the complex blue and white one! You are truly an inspiration with your wonderful sense of humor and the way you are fighting your way back to healthy! You go girl!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Gee, sounds like chemo is just one fun adventure after another. So glad you can see the humour in it all! Of course you can, you're Tracey... Love those cups. Are you really looking for more?? Would a coffee mug count? I better go read your 'rules'. Keep on smiling (and checking for mustaches) xx

Unknown said...

I am amazed at your upbeat attitude. I wish you wellness as soon as possible. you are insppiring others with your blog posts I know. as I have a sister that is about to start in with chemo but for a different cancer. She will not communicate much to any of the family about it much and she is very far away form us all in California. Your hydrangea look interesting please let it lift your heart up as it develops in its colors and progresses along.
love and good thoughts and prayer for you

Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

welcome back Tracey! love your spirit to fight cancer! and love your sketching and paintings too! waiting to see some more amazing pieces! hugs... Shilpa

Sandra Busby said...

Oh Yay! The mad tea lady is back! That means I get a dose of chuckle to start my day - and though all manner of wrong, the vision of you with half an eyebrow and a fake mustache, I can't help but find most amusing - probably because it's not me... I mean if I woke up with half an eyebrow I'm sure I would be horrified!!! Crikey - a new look every week? That must be bazaar! Still, it must be a positive reminder that your locks will grow back once this whole thing is over... Anyway - I LOVE your tea-cups! Kind of liking that orange, flowery bowl thingy on your desk too... I can see you painting that too... :0)

minnemie said...

I'm late, yip. Again. But it is because I've been so occupied with my new tea cup. Tea glass, really. That's what they called it. I may just torture you and send it for you to paint...with a viking face behind...did I say torture? I meant challenge... or delight. Painting clear glass is a delight, yes?;-)

August said...

Love your colors and drawings, they are all so beautiful...

Catharina Engberg said...

I would love to see your fake eyebrows if ever Phantom is gluing them on! ;) You will promise to take a photo woun´t you? YES! I knew you would! Trace, it´s so good to still read all you humoristic tales about your daily life. It do me good for sure, and I can´t think of it not to be for you too. So keep up that funny side of you, that is you. It do you only good. Take care my friend and see you soon! A big christmas hug from Sweden.

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful drawings and your desk looks great!

JKW said...

The blue cup is my fave. I love birds and this encompasses all of nature. Blessings, Janet PPF