Friday, 20 December 2013

Your Cards ... Aren't In The Post ... And Why I love Blogging ...

So here we have the painting I did for our Christmas card this year
I picked one of my favourite ornaments
and painted up the blues of the skies and water to warm those of you in freezing weather
It was going to be great and I was going to follow up last year's epic efforts
 I had grand plans to send them out to each and every one of the generous souls
who have made the last six months so much easier
and there have been a hugely humbling number of you
like truly heart achingly incredible support that brings me to tears on a regular basis
but did I get very far... nope
am I bloody hopeless ... yep
but does it mean I treasure any of you any less... not on your sweet nellies people
so this is in lieu of a card this year
you get a look at what I didn't send... bit ordinary when I have been so blessed.
but better than nothing I figure
and at the end of the day you all know I am slightly hopeless at a lot of these things
and even without the whole breast cancer crap
the chances of me getting cards out two years running was going to be slim...

So I am sending you all magic vibes for spectacular presents
not a slipper sock, ugly sweater or foot spa in sight for any of you
unless you like that sort of thing
 in which case I don't quite know what to say... slipper socks ... really????

I hope all your cleaning fairies turn up and your houses magically clean themselves
my bloody fairies are still on an epic bender getting trashed somewhere
but if you see them out and about tell them to get their lazy fairy butts back here!!!!

May all the feasts look like they belong on tv or in some mad cook book
and be completed with out a single need to cry quietly in the corner of the bomb zone that was previously your kitchen

but most importantly go into the mad festivities of Christmas week
knowing that you have made a difference in my life in ways you will never appreciate
and that I feel humbled and blessed to have you by our side
 helping Phantom Steve, Sinus Man, Mushu the wonder mutt and I though this crazy time
I have no clue how I would have got through it all without you
so thank you from the bottom of my overflowing heart
and have the safest and most spectacular holiday season ever!!!!

A few hours later after posting I now sit here
only just recovered from 20 bloody minutes of unrestrained sobbing at the sheer incredible and overwhelming generosity of my dear dear friends over at PPF
Kristin and Eva have hosted a surprise tea party for me and people have created the most extraordinary artworks and posts
so if you want to know why I blog... just pop over to PPF and you will get it totally
these people are the most generous, extraordinary , supportive community
coming home to this today has made me to cry to a point where I couldn't even bloody speak
 which caused both poor Phantom and Sinus have a small panic
at seeing me so awash... I adore my blogging family so much
thank you all so much... I honestly don't know how I would get through this without you all ... seriously... best Christmas ever!!!!

Friday, 13 December 2013

A Nod To The Nog ...

I try to stay away from the controversial here on the blog
so no politics, religion or the freakin Kardashians
but today I am veering into slightly risky territory
and discussing that most divisive of seasonal beverages
Egg Nog ...or The Nog as it is affectionately named around here 
and I know just the sight of it will have some of you rolling eyes and gagging slightly
while others will be licking lips and thinking nutmeg scented thoughts at the sight of it
I just hope you don't judge me too harshly for tipping my hat to the dreaded stuff

Don't worry that I have gone all Martha Stewart on you
and been in the kitchen whipping up jugs of the stuff
not on your Nelly ... oh no  we aren't talking lovely home made here people
we are talking the store bought , out of a carton, has the slight whiff of plastic about it stuff
and in the past I have never been a huge fan, not a hater but more of a take it or leave it deal
maybe one or two laced with some brandy over the course of Christmas and I am set
which is a good thing as I am quite the light weight when it comes to alcohol
does Glug, Glug, Woohoo ring a bell with some of you...

anyway this year it has all changed and I am in love with the bloody stuff
for some reason when all else is impossible to face to eat or drink
and my stomach is doing those delightful chemo somersaults that I loathe so much
the nog sorts it... just one little glass cold out of the fridge
and I am sighing like I have been sipping the nectar of the gods
and just to clarify in case you are thinking I am in permanent glug glug woohoo territory
we are talking unadulterated, virgin nog here
just thought I should clear that up in case you had visions of a lop sided, bald woman singing bad 80's pop tunes at 1 pm in the afternoon

Even better is the combination of the nog with this little gem
it is a Zoku slushy maker and it is crazy marvelous
so in the heat of our Summer days and when the flush of chemo hits I just fill her up with nog
and presto I have a nog slushy... well as long as you don't sneak icy sips
and give it time to actually slushify... which is a great new word right
it is truly a wondrous thing

So I have crossed the divide and it is nog all the way through to Christmas baby
I am trying to not think about what will happen when the season passes
and it disappears from the shelves
I will be nog less ... which isn't going to be pretty
or may force me to actually make the stuff from scratch.... or to play the cancer card and make Phantom be the dutiful daughter and make it for me
either way I think this might be just the thing to see me through to the end of chemo
weird I know
but better than the 10 weeks of not being able to stomach chocolate
that was just cruel

So as you read this I will probably be lying around
and scooping my slushy nog with a smile on my face
or maybe at my desk contemplating just what happened to this Cuppa with Friends piece
which was a fab mug emailed in from Lori 
It just didn't quite work the way I wanted it to
it might have to be revisited when I am not on such a sugar high from all the nog 
and when I don't have a brain freeze from the said stuff being slushified
or whatever other lame excuse I can come up with
So I leave you with my nod to the nog
and wish you all a great week...xx

Mug for the Cuppa With Friends Project from Lori over at The Paisley Turtle

Friday, 6 December 2013

Just Call Me Patchy ...

Tea cup from Jana at Tangled Pen
It would appear that patchiness is the order of the day at the moment
because in yet another joy that comes with chemotherapy
 I have lost parts of my eyebrows, not all of them... just most of them
which is hilarious in some ways, and bloody awful in others
for a couple of weeks I had just lost half of one 
so I looked like I had been the victim of some mad practical joke
but then bit by bit most of the others went out in sympathy... 
Phantom keeps threatening to stick fake mustaches over my eyes while I sleep one day
so the first thing I do when ever I wake up now is madly clutch above my eyes
to check to see if she has done it
cheeky sod is doing my head in

tea cup from Pat at Artfully Ooglebloops
So while my eyebrows fell out bit by bit... and eyelashes people...
 did I mention that... those suckers fell out too
I am somehow getting some fuzz on my head... I have like a five o'clock shadow on my dome
now some weeks this shadow falls out after my weekly dose
and others it hangs around... no rhyme nor reason
and not all of it falls out... like the brows and lashes... I have crazy, stubborn patches
 while other patches seem to fling themselves out of my head with great abandon
one day I wake up and it looks like someone has been shaving on my pillow
and the next week it hangs in there... bizarre... but kind of exciting too
I never know what I am going to look like from week to week

Mug from Boo from Stamp, Laugh Play
Following on with the patchy theme is that I finally got back to my
I didn't abandon it intentionally or mean to take such a break
and while part of me would like to say that I was associating it with my breast cancer diagnosis
because I was in the midst of it all when it happening
I know that I am just not that deep ... nothing wrong with being a shallow pool
and distraction got the better of me over the last few months
but I got back to it and completed these three new ones over the last two weeks
hardly settling the project back on fire, but I have another two started 
and it feels good to be back at it
even though I am a bit rusty on the drawing of handles
the first two were conveniently chosen due to lack of handles to ease me back into it
If you haven't emailed me a mug or a cup yet then get to it
who knows when I will get distracted again

The desk is now beckoning me to move my patchy haired head away from the computer
and get stuck into the hydrangeas I have had drawn up for a week
not the cups I have started... did I mention I get distracted!!!
the blooms on the plant are looking a bit patchy and faded in the summer heat
 so I had better get to it before they go the way of the hairs on my head
and they drop their insanely pink blooms completely 
have a great painting week everyone... xx

PS  ... a totally non patchy happening this week was that I won a spot in Soul Food
courtesy of Kristin Powers ... which totally made the week a great one ... excited to get started ... check out the link over on Kristin's blog if you want some info ...