Friday, 11 October 2013

A Mixed Bag ...

It has been a bit of a mixed bag this week
the gecko has not put in an appearance so hasn't been painted
in fact we are thinking he may have succumbed to the curse of being named
or in his case of almost being named
years ago we had a Siamese fighting fish which remained unnamed for years
as we were sure he would go the way of our goldfish
but eventually we figured he was hardy enough to be named
and within days was belly up
so maybe the gecko is in protective mode
 or maybe he is just a wuss and is scared of the moth
or maybe the moth has taken him out

This is quite the moth mind you so maybe we can cut the gecko some slack
it freaked out poor Phantom by dive bombing her while she was brushing her teeth
which led to a comical moment of brushing teeth at kitchen sink while miming the attack
quite the performance it was
but she was still traumatized from a spider running down her arm earlier
so it may go somewhere to explain her nerves
though it doesn't explain why she randomly shed a safety pin on the floor yesterday
which she called a paper clip by the way... brilliantly stupid my child
but it was seriously random as we have no clue where it came from... bizarre

Also in the mixed bag category was getting my last round of the rubbish nightmare chemo
which is kicking my butt more with every round
but on the plus side it is kicking it so much I get two weeks off to get some strength back
before they move me onto the weekly doses which are much easier... apparently
I was bummed for a couple of days because I was totally focused on Jan 7 being my last dose of chemo and pushing it back two weeks seemed like it was going backwards 
and it means I am stuck at home longer which is starting to test my mental health big time
which also means you will be getting more drawings and sketches from around the house like this one of the chair by our front door
being stuck at home is feeling a tad restrictive and all a bit boring and I was grumping big time

but then I put on my big girl pants and started looking for the positives
after all these cute little tea cup themed snacks were waiting for us at chemo the other
hard to be down when you are faced with that fabulousness right
 plus I can start swimming again once this round is done
and I think the feel of water on my baldy head will be quite the thing
and of course the extra weeks off mean being stronger for the next type of chemo
which also means more time and energy to paint... I miss it more than I can tell you
though most of you understand exactly what I am saying
 it is like missing a limb not drawing and painting every day
so I promptly went and ordered more art supplies
in the brightest colours I could find and they are now tempting me with their lusciousness
can't wait to get into them and the studio looks like a happy place with them gracing the desk

Another mood lifter was receiving tea and elderflower flavoured vodka from my dear friends Jacket and Scarey and their gorgeous girls
who knew such a thing existed
seriously cool birthday present and  it came as part of a fab Bridget Jones themed hamper full of wonderfullness to get me through the next round
 and brighten the fact that I am going to feel like rubbish for my birthday tomorrow
I am so spoilt for fabulous friends, family and support it is impossible to be down for long

plus I had a lovely member from the golf club Keith, who made me a gorgeous pineapple and coconut slice to cheer me up and it is crazy delicious
and we are fighting over the last pieces
though I cleverly played the cancer card and am so getting the last of it... nice....

So despite the fact that the moth may have taken out the still nameless giant gecko
and that my daughter is about to graduate high school and doesn't know the difference
between a safety pin and a paper clip
and that I turn 46 tomorrow ... where did 46 come from???
There are lots of things to look forward to
I have so many fabulous online friends and supporters
 and your emails, cards, comments and notes make a difference to every day on this journey
the mixed bag this week hasn't turned out too bad when I sit and think about it
happy painting all ... xx


Moon Stumpp said...

I love all the drawings and sketches but I’m sorry that you are in the house for longer than you thought. The Golden hues look delish…

Paisley and Brown Paper said...

You have such a marvelous way with words Tracey! And as usual, your art is just lovely. I hope the gecko makes an appearance soon!

Netty said...

loving the fabulous colours of your new paints Trace, just what you need. Have a great birthday - I wish I was 46 this month instead of 68, its still a shock to see this old face looking back at me and everything dropping south, way down
Good to hear the intensive treatment is coming to an end. Hopefully the rest will not be so bad. Take care sweet lady, hugs Annette x

cjsrq said...

Happy Birthday dear Tracey!I'm sending lots of healing thoughts your way. Those little teacup cookies are just delightful. Hope you were able to enjoy a few. Enjoy your special day tomorrow. And, thank you for your entertaining post. xoxo

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Ah! A friend told me that she also just bought some golden acrylics because they were 50% off! Your porch bench looks so inviting! and I think ever so much better than a gecko! It is a sweet treat they give you at your chemo appointment. Did you ever think that when your hair grows back it might be a totally new color and be either curly or straight, the opposite of what you had before. What fun! I am sure it is so disappointing to have another delay of your freedom, but you can keep taking advantage and get more perks from your family! I toast to your good health for your very lovely 46th year!

Freule van Oijen said...

Happy birthday Tracey, hope you will have a good year! Much health and strenght I wish you and courage to face your chemo! I love your new colors! And know about not being able to paint every day, like having to lay an egg and cannot... I had a cat, 12 years he was around and always outside... than I painted a watercolor of him for the first time and the next week he was in heaven.... hope your gekko will not... lots of love and good energy and thank you for your sharing! Love your daughter too!!xxx Anne Marie

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

Well now, I am trying to get over my excitement over those adorable PINK teacup treats!! Oh, my goodness, what fun!! :) I was thinking of you today and couldn't wait to pop over to see what you have been sketching this week! :) I'm so sorry you are having to stay inside, but know that you are adding a smile to my day as I enjoy this post full of your fun words/personality! Praying that your chemo goes well and that you gain loads of strength in between. And, now, do know that "40" is the new "20", right???? ~ so you are only "26"!! Woohoo!! Happy Birthday, sweet friend Tracey!! *Love all those cheery paints!

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey! I do hope you feel better than you think you will. Your post reads reads like a poem...not only gifted as a visual artist, you are, but a writer as well! That painting s stunning! Wishing you all the best, my friend, & sending out great big virtual HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Your new paints look yummy. Hey if you gotta have cancer, I say pull the cancer card when you want the last bit of something delicious.

As for Phantom...don't know what to do about the paper clip/safety pin things.. Is she one of those very, very intelligent people who don't have much common sense but can tell you how to build the space shuttle?

Happy Birthday, Tracey.

Joy Murray said...

Happy birthday! I love your new paints and the new painting. You delight all of your readers so much. I give all my friends a celebration day for every year old they are. And you can use them at will, instead of all in a row. So sometime when you're trying to justify buying a new cup or ton or paint, just say it's your birthday and all will be well with the world. Thanks for bringing so much spirit into the world.

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful sketch and lovely photos! Happy Birthday you fabulous girl! :)

Dion Dior said...

Love love love reading your updates. So glad you're keeping your humor and gulping that vodka..I can't wait to share a class with you sometime. Hugs xx

Unknown said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow.
My daughter was going on about how wonderful golden paints are.
Sorry your having a really rough time. Sending you lots of happy healing vibes. Xx

Lynn Cohen said...

So glad you are treating yourself with new paints. Enjoy the pineapple, but do forego the refined sugar! Only healthy whole foods to get your strength up!!! Just say in'

Your indoors painting is terrific. Hey, anything you draw is terrific! You are terrific.

Sorry the darn chemo is kicking your butt, just so it's kicking the cancers butt, right!

Hugs for a speedy recovery from all this Tracey ... Glad you are surrounded by friends and family! And

geckos where ever they are hiding!


Giggles said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you young thing you!! I'm wishing you only wonderful things after the chemo is over...wish I could drink the vodka with ya!! Something tells me you will be waiting to polish it off anyway!! Glad you are being treated like the Queen that you are!! So proud of your courage as an artist, a woman, a mom!! Love the wonderful bits you keep sharing.. the bench and pillows are fabulous as is your Phantom!! Hope you find some moments of laughter and joy tomorrow!!
Thanks for sharing so much of your beautiful soul!!

Big Hugs Giggles

PaintingWrite said...

I laughed at your description of poor Phantom freaking out over the giant moth - they tend to have the same effect on me and who can blame her for getting freaked at the spider on her arm - you do tend to have the deadly type over there! I love this painting of your bench outside your door - it looks gorgeous there. How bizarre that things tend to die when you give them a name - I can see why you held off on naming the fish for so long! It sucks that you are still going through this hideous chemo but you have such a wonderful attitude about it all that it seems you can't help but remain upbeat even when it's kicking your ass. I love that and I hope you are able to get back in that swimming pool soon. x

froebelsternchen said...

o.k. I will visit - take one of the yummies and will take seat on the bench - will look at your new watercolor painting and after all this I will try out this gorgeous colors!

am I allowed???

Happy PPF!

froebelsternchen said...

and we will celebrate your BIRTHDAY!!!


Neesie said...

WOW wow wow...(screech of brakes here) There's vodka flavoured tea out there?!!?! :O
Sorry about'd think I was needy ;D
Fantastic painting Trace and I would just love to sit awhile with you sipping tea and it doesn't even have to be the vodka version!

You're positivity shines through once again. I hope the next round of chemo is manageable. All the gifts, goodies and gorgeous art supplies are well deserved ;D

Have a fabulous Birthday you spring chick! Enjoy xoxo

JoZart Designs said...

Another great post Tracey. You really lift me up so I hope it does the same for you as it seems to. I'm flying off to Germany to see my little grandee (4) who is through all her cancer treatment well and beautifully curly haired... finished March, and I will see her new little brother for the 1st time. DD was told she'd never have any more but miracles do happen. I'm smiling and I hope you are too.
love Jo x

Lori said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! When I am on that side of the world (some day it will happen) I plan to sit on that bench with you, my dear, and laugh. Enjoy that time at home, some how, and if you ever need/want to see a smiling face just let me know and we can do a google hangout and talk to one another across this computer that has brought us together. xoxo

Fiona D said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope that you can still enjoy it despite the Chemo. I have been off work for 5 weeks after an op and at first I found it hard but now I am just enjoying all the time to paint and journal. Buying new art supplies is a guaranteed way to cheer yourself up, go for it!

Unknown said...

You should drink your vodka, while painting + sitting on the bench you painted, sitting in the spring sun!! Glad that you are feeling so positive now xx

Snap said...

love those golden acrylics. lets move your chair from your front porch to my balcony! ;) Happy Happy Birthday to you. Chin up. March on. oxoxoxoxox

Breesmimi said...

A fab painting, pink tea cups, yummy new paint colors AND flavored vodka....sounds like a Birthday celebration to me! Happy Birthday Tracey!!!

Anonymous said...

certainly not the best way to celebrate your birthday but next year will be better, I hope the next round of chemo is not as hard on you and swimming again will be such a joy I'm sure, you deserve all the gifts and much much more, you are such an inspiration to us all,enjoy those new supplies love the colors, whooo hoo!

Marji said...

Happy Birthday! I'm really intrigued by the Vat Orange - looks killer. Can't wait to see what beauty you paint with it. Love that front porch scene. Am inspired by you every day

Ivy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! LOVE those cupcakes! HPPF!

K J D said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow

Hope your moth eating gecko soon returns.

Your bench looks like a lovely place to sit :)

Lots of love

Karen x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

The fact that you redecorated in your painting tickled my funny bone. :D

Polly Birchall said...

Your posts are like seasaws, ups and downs. Now you must look forward to more ups! And the paintings as they come, even if they are from your home. I recently did something from each room, and it's surprising what you may come up with. Just a thought! x

Helen Campbell said...

Your mixed bag week... I love how you look for the positives when you could pitty pot. Which by the way is well deserved. However if you focus on the positives, more positives find you! It's a rule.
Lovely porch, looks like a good place to sit and smile. Your new paints are cheerful and bright, and I can't wait to see what you create.
Healing hugs and Happy Birthday!

Niki said...

Happy birthday! 46 was long ago for me, the time just flies by. Your porch is beautiful, looks inviting to sit and chat and relax. Thanks for sharing your talent and a slice of your life. Love reading your blog. Sending prayers for strength and healing.

Linda Kunsman said...

I was pulled in immediately by your fantastic illustration-LOVE the blue and green!!! That sure is a bummer to be told it'll be an added two weeks-so- you allow yourself to rant and rave and feel it. Then you do just as you did! Those are some of my fave paints and colors!!!
A very happy,happy birthday to you dear Tracey!! My wish for you is continued strength and healing. Love and hugs!

Catharina Engberg said...

Gosh It must have been ages since I went inside "systembolaget" to by a drink. I haven´t seen that taste of Vodka before! Was it nice?

ann @ studiohyde said...

Happy Birthday Tracey. Love your painting of the chair, and it looks a great place to sit too.

GlorV1 said...

Happy Birthday Tracey. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed. You have such a positive attitude and that for sure is a good thing. We are here to listen to whatever you have to say and look at whatever you paint. Love that seating area and those paints....well I'm going to order some too. :) Take care of yourself.

GlorV1 said...

Happy Birthday Tracey. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed. You have such a positive attitude and that for sure is a good thing. We are here to listen to whatever you have to say and look at whatever you paint. Love that seating area and those paints....well I'm going to order some too. :) Take care of yourself.

Unknown said...

All the best on your birthday, Tracey! Sending you hugs and patience and most of all: Health and Strength!!!
It's amazing to read your posts - you're full of humor, I really think this a so good for your soul right now. (I just remember not being very cheerful during my treatment, so: Respect!!!)
Thanks for a very enjoyable read and great pics.
I'll be back, whenever you have something new to write about (I'm very curious about that gecko!!!)
Here's to you - Cheers!

Unknown said...

Well happy birthday Tracey, have missed your comments the last week or so. Be well! We have a gecko standing over a spider at present, I did notice the spider down a leg yesterday. Spring has sprung. Cheers, Fiona

Unknown said...

Well, sweet blog friend, what a way to celebrate know it just means you get to celebrate for two months or more-right?!!!
I love your paintings and I know it is awful to not be able to paint whenever you want. I am going to wait for the one of the vodka bottle. It will be fabulous, that's for certain.

Serena Lewis said...

Happy Birthday, Trace!!! Have an awesome day!! You are so inspiring, not only through your art, but also your positive mindset and wonderful sense of humour in light of all you're dealing with.

Thinking of you!! xo

Btw, LOVE your art always!!

Darnell said...

Oh, yum, vodka is my fave!! Happy, happy birthday, Trace, and MANY, MANY more!! Your bench area looks so lush and inviting and your painting captured it purefectly!!

Keep hanging in there, honey child. I guess you shouldn't focus on a date certain, but more generally "next year" so these medical blips don't disappoint you. I'm curious if you ever received The Blue Day book I sent for just these days, although your positive attitude doesn't allow for too many of them, bless you. You are such an endearing inspiration to all of us. I'm so grateful to know you.

I'm glad you engaged in retail therapy and I hope you get out soon! And I hope you find Geronimo the gecko, too. (There, maybe if I name him, he won't have the curse ... if it's not too late!)

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Hugs and hugs, Darnell

Fallingladies said...

So many yummy things here today... Yummy looking paint colors and those tea treats are just so cool! Love your bench, you have a way of making such simple pieces just pop! Happy birthday and hoping the best for getting thru this round of chemo!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your strength and courage are an inspiration to me. I love you bench painting and hope you have a blast with all your new paints. Blessings, my friend!

Sheila said...

Late but, HapPy bIrThDay! Your posts are such a hoot, and I am taking that as a good sign... you are hanging in there and not letting the chemo kick your &$$, um, butt. Oh and this might help you feel better.... I am a few months ahead of you.. Jan 5th... the big four seven! AUUUGGHHH! I thought 43 would kill me. This just is not possible. So have a nip for all those older than you are, and laugh yourself silly :)

Beverley Baird said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday!
Your posts and art are always a delight and read and see. Thanks for uplifting us with your words and spirit.

Karen said...

That chair looks like a very nice place to sit and relax... I wonder if the view from that chair is nice and relaxing too.. ;). I enjoyed reading your blog again, you seem to have a very positive attitude, love it!

Sue McGettigan said...

46 is good, 47 is better, every year spent walking the earth is a blessing - I'm at 49 and counting. Happy Birthday, keep your chin up and count off the weeks 'til the end of chemo. I love to see your painting and hear your news :)

Sue McGettigan said...

46 is good, 47 is better, every year spent walking the earth is a blessing - I'm at 49 and counting. Happy Birthday, keep your chin up and count off the weeks 'til the end of chemo. I love to see your painting and hear your news :)

Sandra Busby said...

Well I am very glad to see that you are milking it to your advantage when you can! I would be the same, lol! I love those yummy looking little teacup thingys - The perfect treat for a mad tea lady like you! And bring on the sketches around the house! It's about time you showed us around! And this one is just LOVELY! ;0)

Artist In Bloom said...

Happy Birthday Tracey, I hope you your day was wonderful. I love you work and I hope the chemo ends soon and you feel better! ♥

Unknown said...

Sending you love and Zofran wishes! My son is getting his port taken out Thursday- no more chemo for him:) His tests came back fine so we are enjoying every day:) Praying for you each and every day my friend. The Lord will carry you when you can't walk...He did it for us:)

Faye said...

Happy Birthday, Tracey. I wish you the best. I have dropped out of blogging for a while due to my dh's dire health issues. However, I had to see what you are up to and what you are painting these days. Love and hugs, Faye

Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you were to enjoy it and that you are regaining that strength . Love your paintings and the little peaks into your home.