Friday, 27 September 2013

Wiggy Tales ...

Sadly this Spring break is not quite living up to the madness of last year's hi jinx
but Matt isn't off until next week so maybe it isn't a total wipe in the mischief stakes yet
and it hasn't been without some bright moments...

we headed out to buy a wig to cover my rather baldy head
not that I am not starting to truly embrace the no hair thing with relish
showers take no time and the savings on buying shampoo and things are amazing
not to mention no visits to the hairdresser
no painty bits in my hair from my rather haphazard painting techniques
it is quite cool and liberating to feel the rush of breeze over this chromish dome of mine
scarves are a snap to cover it up if I feel the need
 but a wig is a good thing when you don't want it all to be as public I suppose

So instead of drawing up these gorgeous roses from my sister-in-law Kris
we headed out to the wig place thingy 
me rather reluctantly I have to say as I just couldn't see me in a wig
but on the way in I got a nice little lift when two head shaven paramedics
gave me the sup nod on the way through the car park
a nice touch of solidarity to a fellow baldy I like to think
not that I didn't have a scarf on in public
but they knew a fellow follicley challenged soul lurked under that scarf
and so I was feeling a bit more positive and before we knew it we were in the store
have to say it was a revelation... a whole row of mad wigs grabbed my eyes and imagination

Sadly Sinus and Phantom dragged my gleeful eyes from the blond dreadlocks
and they wouldn't let me even think about trying on the Elvis wig
they were party poopers of the first order
but perhaps they know me too well and know that the dreads would have been worn with relish
despite it being unseemly in someone who is turning 46 in just a few weeks
but their restraint worked out for the best I suppose
and I got a great little short blond number that looks crazy natural
it even has regrowth ... which was the clincher for me as I have perpetual regrowth
so now I just need to get used wearing the sucker
and keep remembering to leave it up high when I take it off
as the dog is eyeing it off at every opportunity
and if I don't watch it I can just see it ending up snaffled and buried in the garden

So other than the wiggy tale the week has consisted of yet more chemo
a bit of painting of my perpetual water bottle and the dreaded iv stand thingy
not painting up Kris's roses, but I will this week I hope
and doing a little postcard mixed media thing for a swap I am taking part in
I have just shown a snippet as I don't want to ruin the surprise for Amber

I have done little else this week I must admit
but I am going to try to squeeze in some studio time today
and get some paint on the hands
and maybe even get to some of the 5 squillions emails that I want to answer
before this round of chemo kicks in 
happy painting all... xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

The Plus Side Of The Ledger ...

It's not often that I sit down to write a blog post and don't have fun stuff to share
but it has been a bit of a fun free zone this week
not a complete horror fest though 
after all I haven't had fish dreams for over a week
and the weirdest dream I had involves old socks and salsa
which admittedly was quite weird
but all others were in the realm of the normal
and I am pleased that fish didn't feature so it is a plus

Also on the plus side of the ledger 
is a week free of dog snot as Mushu's doggy hayfever has been mercifully quiet
not quite on the plus side is that he has taken to waking me up by licking my baldy head
it is equal parts gross and oddly comforting at the same time
of course would be nice if it wasn't 6am when he did it
and there was some concern that the chemo might leach onto his tongue
but his tongue isn't glowing or anything so we are figuring he is fine

Another plus is that I got into the studio yesterday and finished off this pineapple
I enjoyed doing the one on the left a few months ago
 and we had this gorgeous fresh pine just sitting on the kitchen bench begging to be drawn up and I do love the shapes and spikes and textures
they are oddly satisfying to draw
And this morning I got in and did this little sketch of a lovely teapot I saw online the other day
which satisfied my urge to own it... sort of
well that is what I am telling myself anyway

Big plus side is  that Spring break is upon us and so two weeks of no school run
no uniforms, no lunch boxes and a slave on hand
these are my favourite school holidays usually 
so I have high hopes that some hilarity should return in force
this time last year these holidays were complete madness
Now that was a Spring break... lots to live up to this year...  
hoping I have lots more to add to the plus side of the ledger next week
other than a lack of fish dreams... that is just sad....xx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Some Odd Random Thoughts ...

This week we have rushed headlong straight into Summer
and so maybe it is natural that I have been spending time drawing and painting fruit and veg
and I have been obsessing about a radish and cucumber pickle salad
which is a bit odd as I hadn't thought of it for years, but it has invaded my brain and won't let go
which has led to drawings of radishes of course... 
maybe I need Sinus to head to the market so I can make it up, cure the obsession and move on
and paint up the pineapple and peas waiting on my desk
but it has been a bit of a weird thinking week all round so maybe that won't cure it at all ...

For example I have been dreaming about fish almost every night this week
it started with grilled fish and coconut fish curry
then the next night I dreamt about Phantom's Fairy Godmother's Shelly's incredible Asian whole snapper in amazing detail
then moved onto dreams about goldfish, then goldfish in the freezer
which is a result of a disastrous summer in Florida where we seemed to kill a gold fish a week and Phantom wouldn't let us flush them so they ended up in the freezer
to this day I suspect she was taking them out of the bowl to have a play with them
but last night was the weirdest dream of all
and I dreamt about those little goldfish cookies from Pepperidge Farm that Phantom used to grind up into the car seats and into every orifice but never actually ate... she just liked crushing the little buggers... which maybe explains the high mortality goldfish summer right...
and I woke up with the theme Go Goldfishy from the ads going around in my head
I am almost scared to think where the fish odyssey will go next....

but at least fish dreams are better than the chocolate tragedy that has occurred
it seems that chemo has made all chocolate taste like sand
now I have tried almost every chocolate known to man to see if it is universal
and Cadbury's , Lindt, Purdey's, Hersheys, Maltesters, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, even baking chips are all completely and worryingly weird to eat... it is like the texture is all wrong
I am seriously concerned for mental wellbeing if chocolate is off the table

Add to that the dog is freaked out by my new look and keeps staring at my baldy head
but he is slowly being convinced that I am still me
and even managed to be close enough to sneeze on my head this morning
which was totally gross yet oddly comforting on two levels
one it made me stop humming that Goldfish theme for a moment
and two that it was easy to clean off rather than my normal mad rush to get in and wash my hair to clear it of possible dog snot flyers
mind you I would much prefer he sneezed on someone else for a time... it is still mightily gross

And with that overshare of doggy grossness
I will leave you to ponder your own weird random thoughts this week
I feel a bit of a sneeze coming on so I am off to find the mutt for some payback...xx

Linking up with Paint Party Friday ...xx

Friday, 6 September 2013

Bed Tales ...

Don't panic about the title I'm not taking a Fifty Shades type turn here
which is just as well because I found that book to be one of the funniest things
I have ever read in my life ...I am talking laughing out loud to the point of tears funny
what I am talking about is the fact that I spent most of the last week being half mattress
understandable as the chemo hit that is wasn't exactly fun and giggles
but after almost a week I am finally upright and feeling human
and even got this little painty sketch done in my little sketchbook this morning
so all is feeling pretty right with the world

The week wasn't without some bright spots
my dear Mother-in law Loretta fixed the fitted sheet in my favourite sheet set
so I no longer wake up to find myself somehow resembling an iris coloured burrito
I am a picky sleeper you see and need a perfectly flat sheet on the bottom
I am talking not a ripple because I need to swish my foot to go to sleep
don't judge... we all have our little quirks and foot swishing isn't that weird
Phoebe does it as well which used to drive Sinus nuts when she was little and used to climb into bed with us because we never used to coordinate our swishes
the elastic started to go and they kept pinging up and wrapping themselves around me
I couldn't swish so I would have to get out of bed and smooth it all back down
and then when I did get to sleep they would wrap themselves around me like a cocoon
which was also leading to some truly creative exits from the bed
and yes I could use other sheets, but these are my favourites
but Loretta has saved  the day and made the week quite a bit easier

Other highlights are that nothing was my fault all week
no one could blame me for not putting the lid on the milk properly
or eating the last Tim Tam
and I was in blissful ignorance of the state of the house
the weather is truly gorgeous 
and I have had  the smell of early jasmine wafting in on the afternoon breezes

So now that things are back to a bit of normality
the studio has been tidied and it is perfect painting weather
so I am going to cram in as much time as I can working
 before the next round starts next Tuesday
I am hoping to answer some of your many emails 
and try to get some notes and thank you cards in the mail
because I am so blessed by your support
thank you all as always... xx