Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Sinus Blighted Cuppa ...

So June started in a flurry of motivation and inspiration
and ended in a mound of tissues and a truly disgusting sinus infection
which is kind of gross but there it is
it also means that I didn't quite make the planned 30 tea cups and mugs
for the first month of my Cuppa With Friends Project 
but to tell you the truth I am shocked I hung in there and completed this many
the only worrying thing is that people may come to expect such consistency and commitment from me in the future

Day 28 mug from Colleayn
I went close to the magic number but fell short on the last few days
mainly because I was buried somewhere under the mound of tissues
quietly moaning and feeling that there was a good chance that I was dying
and even though my nearest and dearest were telling me I probably wouldn't die
I think they were secretly deathly afraid of just how snotty and disgusting I was

Day 27 mug from Michelle
I spent feverish hours composing my last words
croaking out orders for tea and eating vegemite toast
and lamenting that I never got to learn to tap dance
which is an indicator as to just how deathly sick I was because I am not normally a fan
in fact tap dancing is up there with beach volleyball and synchronized swimming
 as hysterically funny pastimes in my book

Day 26 mug from Kristin's Grandmother, Effie

Other than the weird tap dancing moment and not getting my quota of mugs and cups done
the only other downside was that I haven't had any of those mad fever dreams
I love it when you wake up and you realize you have been dreaming of cows doing the hula
while being transported on a giant my little pony who speaks like a mad Irishman
 and fighting off bamboo men who are defeated by your mad manicure skills
those weird and crazy dreams are the fun part of being sick
but sadly this time my brain has been behaving itself
mind you I am not quite free of the dreaded lurgy so there is still a chance

Day 24 Mug from Teresa
I will come clean and admit I have never pretended to be a good patient
and I think a bit of self pity helps the healing process along
but even I am a touch embarrassed by my level of patheticness
not that I am going to be less annoying over the next few days while the magic drugs to do their thing after all I have a reputation to maintain
I will just continued to be a touch embarrassed about it

Day 25 Mug from Jez
Somewhere in there I did get some cards done though
and they were hugely fun, all very different but each one made me smile
and this morning I got to stick them all on the wall 
and see them as a huge group which was even more fabulous
and I feel totally renewed and motivated to get stuck back into it
whenever I am not busy being pathetic that is... xx


~*~Patty S said...

Love Love Love seeing your cup drawings all together on the wall...they are just brilliant...such a great project and you continue to delight and amaze dear Tracey!
Happy July!

Michellem said...

So sorry you've been sick - if the vegemite toast didn't kill you I think you will survive!!
So thrilled that my cup made it into your hall of fame!!

Ellen Porter said...

Your cups are amazing!

earthen-magic said...


Unknown said...

love all your cups! so fun! Surprised I haven't seen them on ICAD.

Jennifer McLean said...

freaking awesome cups Trace, only problem??? It's midnight and I now so totally want a cuppa tea!
hugs to the sicky. Plus from C-Granny

Unknown said...

I love these cups, am glad you managed to complete it even though you were sick. Have a lovely week!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Great collection of cups, so what if you didn't quite get through the number you wanted...the fact you did these is a pat on the back to you!

Jez said...

For such a fairly plain mug you have made Dev's 'Trust me I'm and Artist' mug look so good against that blue background. He thought it really good - is going to print it out and sends his admiration and thanks. Jez

alarmcat said...

glad to hear that you are alive and well !!!

these are great! love seeing them all together...wow!

Giggles said...

Oh my dear I'm a terrible friend....I should have known you were sick and asked! I hope you feel better soon. Cupcake is on day five of her sinus meds and it's a very bad infection in summer...so painful she couldn't sleep one night... Yours sound more like the flu, hope it clears quickly.Wish my darn tea would arrive... you'd so enjoy the orange with some honey right now.

Your cups are magnificent, of course I would scoop up Devs's if I saw it!! Beardo has a cup like that with a peace sign...

Take care my dear and thanks for sharing these treasures!!

Hugs Giggles

Snap said...

Get well! Love the cups on the wall.


Unknown said...

Wow, your dreams are way better than mine when sick....time to bring out the ol' sinus rinse. My heart goes out to you. Sinuses are very important I suppose, but when infected are the worst.
The cups are aMAZing and I love them all pinned on the wall together!
Feel better soon!

Netty said...

Sorry to hear you have dreaded lurgy and hope you feel better soon Trace. Seeing all that great china together is wonderful......Are you going to put them all together when finished and frame them? Hugs and loads of tissues, Annette x

Linda Kunsman said...

how fabulous your cup collection looks on the wall!! Love your new additions too-you really amaze me! Sorry to hear you've been so sick-ugh!! Perhaps you need to add a little something to your tea besides sugar or milk :):)

Rita said...

I'm surprised you got so many done when you were feeling so miserable...and still are? I hope things are back on track soon. LOVE all the cups!!! I shall not expect such an outpouring in the future. ;) *hugs*

Dianne said...

oh dear, do hope you are feeling better soon! I am trying to get over a cough, so know how it is...beautiful mugs --what a great variety! Love your paintings ♥

sharon said...

Love the mugs all pinned to the wall. Sorry you are feeling so grotty, more kudos to you for getting these done. Look afer yourself.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ooh dear, your patheticness has reached new heights on the amusement richter scale :-D I'm sorry you have an infection, I can tOtally empathise (I was nearly hospitalised with one last year), bu-ut, if you don't groan loud enough we aren't going to be able to supply the drip bucket or giggle...SO come on Tracey! If you're gong to play the sympathy 'Woe is me' card, you need to get it right and GR-OA-oa-nn. Have a practice then come back k?
Aww, *hugs* I really DO hope you're feeling better today. I'm very impressed you got as many mugs done as you have but don't you dare apologise for taking a few sickies.
Now be a dear and wipe your nose before you appear again, it's really not nice to se ;)
Mo (with genuine sympathy) :0) xx
(glad I'm too far away for you to lob a mug at me, hehe)

stefanie stark said...

The wall with all the mugs you painted looks so great and so fantastic! I am so impressed of your work although you have been awful sick (but you are fortunately still alive what makes me so very happy!).
I wish speedy recovery to you! Get well soon!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you aren't doing well but your art has been divine.

Sandra Busby said...

I laughed at Michelle's comment 'If the Vegemite didn't kill you...' Yes - I agree, if that didn't kill you, I'm sure nothing will! Your cups look lovely all together like that. Such an explosion of colour! Hope you feel better soon and back you your usual self :0)

Alicia C said...

I love these mugs, sinuses and all! I must say you showed determined fortitude by doing as many as you did -- the montage is lovely... i don't personally remember a y fun fever dreams but i do recall moments of seemingly growing, shrinking, growing, a la Alice in Wonderland ...

Alicia C said...

Oh i forgot to say this collection would make a brilliant calendar or daybook /organizer or sthg like that... maybe if you did it 12 more times you'd have enough for every day of the year? (JOKING!)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh..you're even more hilarious when you're sick! I'm so sorry that you had to be sick though:( I love seeing the collection altogether..are they on Flickr? Hope you are all better and ...beware the Irish My Little Ponies!

Terrie said...

Oh you poor dear - it's awful being a snotty, nose-blowing mess I'm sure! Yet,look at all that lovely art to cheer you up...in spite of not quite reaching your goal, you accomplished a grand thing.

I owe you a newsy letter - watch for it...

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, poor you! I think wallowing in self-pity is the perfect thing to do at times like this. Bask in your patheticness. ... Seriously, I hope you get well soon!

Your cups and mugs are, as always wonderful. Apparently, clear sinuses (sini?) aren't necessary for making art. I think my favourite is Day 27 - beautiful mug, and beautiful sketch.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It's like having coffee or tea with your artsy friends. /:-)

soulbrush said...

LOVE them all- specially 'trust me I'm an artist' of course! ha ha. Hope the sinus clears up soooon.Happy PPF.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Running a bit behind here, too. Can't believe you fell behind. That's definitely not like you. But I sure love everything you have drawn. You are SO, SO talented.

Jehanne's doodles said...

You have done a fantastic job Tracy! Kudos!
I hope you are feeling much better now.

Martha said...

Tracey, what a FABULOUS photo of all your BEAUTIFUL icads. Your work is always SO...SO...lovely! You inspire me.

Hope you get to feeling better.