Monday, 8 July 2013

I Need A Cuppa ...

Mug 32 from Connie Calderon

My Cuppa With Friends project is finally starting to get back on track
after a few weeks of the dreaded winter sinus infection attack
which has seen me doing my best impression of a pathetic needy sick person
I think I may have overplayed it though 
as there was a distinct lack of sympathy over the last few days
they haven't even been making me cups of tea
and I really need a cuppa I have to say

Day 31 ... tea cup from Rebecca Britt
Being unwell and needing a cuppa is bad enough
but combine that with the house being overrun with people on winter break
and in short, it has been a madhouse of noise, sneezing, snuffling,
 fighting over the remote and who ate the last of the chocolate
not to mention we have done some home improvements
so while the area down the side of the house is looking much improved
nerves are a touch frazzled
and the poor Cuppa project and ICAD have suffered mightily

That isn't to say I haven't been thinking about it
because I have been... in fact I spent a bit of time getting some stats together
so I have received 138 emails since the beginning of June
and they have included 208 photos
some emails had multiple cups and mugs for me to choose from
while others sent multiple views of the one mug or tea cup
but even taking them out multiples is a rather magnificent number of mugs and cups
and they have come from 9 different countries
very very cool when I see it like that

Day 29 ... mug from Melissa Dowling
Of course seeing those numbers it got me thinking
the challenge is supposed to end on July 31
and even when I catch up after this little mini break
then there will be soooo many that are going to be ignored
and well that just doesn't seem right
so I am thinking I will extend it as long as people keep sending me cups and mugs
and just do one post a week and update the board on Pinterest until they are done
or until you all get completely sick of them
what do you think... is it genius or madness to extend and attempt to keep it going
do you all think you will be mugged out by the end of this month????

I have to say I am loving this project 
and thanks to so many of you supporting it and being part of it
I can't express how much it means to me... seriously
now if one of you would pop over and make me a cuppa life would be much improved...xx


Unknown said...

I'd love to pop over and make you a cuppa! I love this project and eagerly await the next mug. Keep them coming I say! Hope you're on the mend!

earthen-magic said...


ann @ studiohyde said...

I have cup envy here!

Anonymous said...

Keep going, by all means, I love these cuppa's. Hope you are firmly on the mend, sounds dreadful. xox

Snap said...



Breesmimi said...

lovely cups~ so happy to hear you are feeling better. Keep them coming, I so enjoy seeing your cuppas.

Sandra Busby said...

I can't get enough of your mugs! So I say as long as you are enjoying it, keep doing it! Love the latest! It is amazing the response you had!
So glad you are feeling better now. I would LOVE to pop over and make you a cuppa, but it would probably cost me three months wages, lol! ;0)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Beautiful! This is truly an international affair, my friend. Blessings!

Giggles said...

I'm told by tea lovers I make the best tea...just sayin...secret is making sure the water is properly boiled and using enough bags if the tea is weak!!

Keep those cuppa coming as long as you can stand to do them!! I'll never be sick of anything you the piggy in a cup...just too all the colors on some of these and the background that looks like crumpled awesome!!

Hugs Giggles - glad you feel better!!

Linda Kunsman said...

I know I'll never tire of your mugs and cups. I delight in your illustrations Tracey! Love your piggy in the cup along with the others.
PS I have a British mug just like the one in your last photo WIP :)

Unknown said...

Spettacolari e bellissime tutte!!!

Terrie said...

You do such a great job on the cups, how could we ever get tired of them? And each is SO's really amazing to see. I say go for it as long as you still enjoy it -

Colleayn said...

Hi Tracey, You made my pig of the day! Since October 25th, I have been seeing so many pigs every day. I have no idea what all these pigs are trying to tell me, but you have the best one for me today. :) I woke up to a big smile. I'm glad you are enjoying this project so much.

Rita said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to keep doing the cups! I am loving them and not the least bit tired of them and won't be for some time. ;)

I'm glad you are finally feeling better. I'm surprised you have been able to shoulder on when you were feeling so awful. *hugs*

Patricia said...

Ah, if only I lived closer I would love to pop over & make you a cuppa ;). Absolutely ADORE this series!! Hope you keep going with it! Would love to see them published in a book or on display in a gallery! HUGS & feel better!!

sharon said...

Oh I do love that pig in a cup. They all are fantastic, carry on till you are sick of it,they are all awesome. Makes you wonder how may cup and mug designs there are in the world, trillions?

TwinkleToes2day said...

Carry on with the cups as long YOU're not sick of them cariad ;) I never get tired of looking at your work - whatever it is :D
Now, as for making you a cuppa - how am I supposed to do that when everytime that I do pop round you're not in?! But you do need to make sure you lock up securely when you go out cos I'm sure I keep hearing loud whispering - "Quick get behind the sofa!" - Or do you have a parrot for a pet and it just copies other people? Clever little buggers aren't they?
Well anyway, if you do let me know when you're actually going to be in, I will come put the kettle on in a jiffy. Meantime,
make your own bloody tea!! :p
TTFN xxx

Unknown said...

So sorry you are sickly.Day 31 is my fave of this cupboard full. I think you should keep going as long as you are delighted by doing it. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. You draw hands so well and they are so hard to do properly, maybe your next challenge should involve hands.

Watermarycolors said...

Your artwork is fantastic! i like it very much, congrats! :)

Ami said...

Yes, please continue. I so look forward to seeing each cup and wondering if mine will be next.

Michellem said...

LOVE the cup posts - I was thrilled to see your interpretation of my favorite cup and I'm sure others are enjoying that same thrill!

cathy said...

Adorable pig in a teacup. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Prairie Jill said...

Another great collection.

I love seeing the cups, so as long as you're still having fun doing them .. I'll keep looking!

(Wish I could pop in for a cuppa - that would be fun.)

Jez said...

The mug sequel is genius of course, go girl go.
I keep thinking about trying to drink out of that Piper mug. Bit difficult if that blasted pig won't get his trotters out of the way.

Faye said...

I love seeing your wonderful paintings of cups and mugs, Tracey. I don't have a favorite one so I won't be sending one. However, I enjoy seeing what others' faves are. Beautiful work. hope you are feeling better soon.

Deborah Weber said...

This is such a delightful project! I really enjoy your cuppa art.

Unknown said...

oh that's genius!