Friday, 26 July 2013

What Was I Thinking ....

I have to say that I sometimes make some somewhat dodgy decisions
but this week there was a true what was I thinking moment...
We all know I have a patchy track record on the whole lunch making scenario
 there was a hot dog sushi roll debacle a few years back that is the stuff of family legend
and the cheeseburger tacos incident that only cemented my infamy in the lunchbox stakes
But somehow I managed to forget all of this
and in a rather uncharacteristic fit of lunch related optimism I thought I could make rice cubes

That optimistic delusion lasted all the way home
and I was happily thinking I was finally going to be super mum
until I opened the box... it is like a puzzle, or a lunch torture device
and I know it is probably crazy easy once you actually try it
but just the sight of these hinged little sushi compressing things
made me throw up my hands and shake my head at my own madness

Darcy Wilkinson from
It will be not be wasted though because I have a diabolical plan
I am off lunch box duty next week while I undergo the dreaded surgery
and for the first time in 12 years Sinus Man will be in charge of Phantom's lunches for school
the poor deluded sod is heading into it feeling quite capable
but I am looking forward to handing this over 
and telling him that rice cubes are her new favourite
and if he wants any sort of lunch box cred he is going have to make them for her

Tammy Garcia from
I see it as win win situation for me
because if he can't make them then I am not alone in my hopelessness
and if he can manage, then I am thinking I should acknowledge his brilliant skills and hand the task over to him for the rest of the year... can't lose I tell you
and the happy anticipation of putting the diabolical plan into play
spread positive vibes through my week 
and helped me get back into some painting of mugs and cups

Marji from
Over the next few days I am going to cram in as much painting as I can
because who knows whether losing lefty is going to throw my painting style off kilter
sort of worried I am going to start painting with a lean due to being so mightily lop sided
which would be oddly entertaining if nothing else... 
Thanks to you all for your ongoing support and emails and things
Sinus, Phantom, Lefty and I thank you all ...xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Soup and Heartfelt Thanks...

I need to send out the world's biggest thank you to all of you
who have sent me insane amounts of love, support and encouragement
Sinus, Phantom and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of wonderful 
that you have all sent our way
it has meant I have sailed through the last week of tests and other assorted rubbish with a smile
and that is saying something as it feels like at least a million people have squeezed, biopsied, scanned, poked and prodded poor lefty
I tell you if I charged them all for the feels they are copping I would be sitting here a rich woman
but it has been worth it to get the news that the prognosis is so good
I know there is a lot of crap ahead but feeling surprisingly ok about it all
and I know I wouldn't be feeling that way without the love and support of this amazing community

I have a week before surgery while they get assorted other rubbish sorted 
and I am going to fill ever spare moment with painting
I should be getting organised and meals into freezers and things
but bugger all that and Phantom and Sinus can manage
they are big enough and ugly enough to jump in and sort themselves

I must say they have both been very cool through it all
teasing me at just the right times, and telling boob jokes at every opportunity
and I am so grateful to have them there being so gloriously strong 
I may even feel guilty at times in the future when I am torturing them in the future
not likely, but there is a chance I might feel bad

I bought these cans of soup so they won't starve if things get desperate
actually I bought them to paint because how could you not want to paint them
and they look wonderful on the shelf in the studio... quite the Warhol-esque installation
and Phantom and Sinus aren't entirely hopeless in the kitchen
so they shouldn't have to resort to tinned soup
but then again you never know

 I am now going to get stuck into catching up some cup and mug painting
and please know that all of you have made my life immeasurably better this week
and managed to bring so much positivity and joy and made a huge difference at this time
you will never know how much it has meant to us....xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Unwelcome Cuppa ...

Day 32 of the Cuppa With Friends Project sees me using a mug that is now mine
I am very behind where I wanted to be that's for sure
but after a week of tests and general horribleness it turns out I have freakin breast cancer
which sucks hugely and it quite the unwelcome, scary addition to our lives here
but it is what it is and I am lucky to have access to great health care
and the prognosis is good so I am repeating that to myself at every opportunity
and it is easier to be positive when you are surrounded by the wonderfullness that is Phantom Steve and Sinus Man ... they have been scary amazing

so I am trying to think of the upsides, and while there aren't many, there are some
like having a great excuse for the house being a bombzone
the possibility of wearing a Cher inspired wig to the school pick up 
when the inevitable hair loss begins, plus I will finally find out what the natural colour is!!!
and I can have leaving my prosthetic boob in unsuspecting places around the house
which will drive Phantom and Sinus nuts

Of course there are downsides as well
I am scared witless half the time
and spend the rest maniacally making lists about what I need to get organised
I have cried like crazy and drunk gallons of tea, but I think the shock is wearing off
plus it has played havoc with painting time this week
and will do so over the next few weeks as I have the final few tests before surgery
but as painting is my sanity saver 
and the Cuppa project is something I am loving too much to not continue with it
so I am going to paint your cups and mugs when I can and post when I am able
and  while I will miss visiting as regularly as I do now
I look forward to catching up with you when I do 

I want to thank you in advance for your positive vibes and comments
and know they are all appreciated so much even if I can't always respond ...xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

I Need A Cuppa ...

Mug 32 from Connie Calderon

My Cuppa With Friends project is finally starting to get back on track
after a few weeks of the dreaded winter sinus infection attack
which has seen me doing my best impression of a pathetic needy sick person
I think I may have overplayed it though 
as there was a distinct lack of sympathy over the last few days
they haven't even been making me cups of tea
and I really need a cuppa I have to say

Day 31 ... tea cup from Rebecca Britt
Being unwell and needing a cuppa is bad enough
but combine that with the house being overrun with people on winter break
and in short, it has been a madhouse of noise, sneezing, snuffling,
 fighting over the remote and who ate the last of the chocolate
not to mention we have done some home improvements
so while the area down the side of the house is looking much improved
nerves are a touch frazzled
and the poor Cuppa project and ICAD have suffered mightily

That isn't to say I haven't been thinking about it
because I have been... in fact I spent a bit of time getting some stats together
so I have received 138 emails since the beginning of June
and they have included 208 photos
some emails had multiple cups and mugs for me to choose from
while others sent multiple views of the one mug or tea cup
but even taking them out multiples is a rather magnificent number of mugs and cups
and they have come from 9 different countries
very very cool when I see it like that

Day 29 ... mug from Melissa Dowling
Of course seeing those numbers it got me thinking
the challenge is supposed to end on July 31
and even when I catch up after this little mini break
then there will be soooo many that are going to be ignored
and well that just doesn't seem right
so I am thinking I will extend it as long as people keep sending me cups and mugs
and just do one post a week and update the board on Pinterest until they are done
or until you all get completely sick of them
what do you think... is it genius or madness to extend and attempt to keep it going
do you all think you will be mugged out by the end of this month????

I have to say I am loving this project 
and thanks to so many of you supporting it and being part of it
I can't express how much it means to me... seriously
now if one of you would pop over and make me a cuppa life would be much improved...xx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Exploding Phantom ...

So let's talk about the best way to make your teenage daughter's head explode
I sort of feel it is our duty to make sure our beloved offspring
have something to discuss with a therapist down the track
so on a regular basis I like to see just how far I can push Phantom Steve
in order to achieve magnificent eye rolling and deep sighs
not to mention a bit of mumbling under her breath
all of which make me ridiculously happy and content in my role as mother

Over the years there have been so many little ways you could achieve this
a bit of food touching used to be enough to send her into fits of mumbles
and any attempt to discuss boys, music, movies or fashion
led to such a satisfying amount of eye rolling that she resembled a slot machine
but over the last few years not only has Phantom become immune to most torture
she has become eerily inscrutable 
and does a great statue impression in the face of most of my shenanigans
not to mention the scary development of her becoming alarmingly adept at retaliation
 which adds up to her having had a quiet time of it lately

That is until yesterday when I asked her to hold a couple of teapots
so I could take some reference photos for these paintings
which I wanted to do for this week's Summer of Colour prompt of grey and soft pink
little did I know that some light hand modelling would lead to such magnificent angst
at the two minute mark she was eye rolling, at five we had sighs
and with just one more measly minute we had not only had mumbling,
but also the introduction on foot tapping
she was so twitchy and gloriously annoyed that for a moment I was so nostalgic for the old days
when just a movement of just one stuffed animal could get me such a response
that I sort of teared up

So in honor of such a rare moment I decided to paint her head exploding
and I have to say this is exactly what I think she would have looked like
if I had of asked her to hold a pot for even five more seconds
As an added bonus it turns out that painting her head exploding was great fun
and even though I had planned the exploding head as my warm up painting
I ended up liking it more than the second one I did, though I really like them both
I am going to be exploring the whole black and white thing with touches of colour more

So I now am sleeping happily knowing that I have a new weapon in my parenting arsenal
which I must say was looking pretty depleted of late
and if any of you have any tips for torture of late teens then I would be grateful
I had sort of forgotten how much fun it can be

Happy Week 4 for SoC and also early PPF 
I apologize for the double link up but still sinus blighted 
so giving myself a bit of extra time to get around to everyone ...xx

My last post link is here for you... 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Sinus Blighted Cuppa ...

So June started in a flurry of motivation and inspiration
and ended in a mound of tissues and a truly disgusting sinus infection
which is kind of gross but there it is
it also means that I didn't quite make the planned 30 tea cups and mugs
for the first month of my Cuppa With Friends Project 
but to tell you the truth I am shocked I hung in there and completed this many
the only worrying thing is that people may come to expect such consistency and commitment from me in the future

Day 28 mug from Colleayn
I went close to the magic number but fell short on the last few days
mainly because I was buried somewhere under the mound of tissues
quietly moaning and feeling that there was a good chance that I was dying
and even though my nearest and dearest were telling me I probably wouldn't die
I think they were secretly deathly afraid of just how snotty and disgusting I was

Day 27 mug from Michelle
I spent feverish hours composing my last words
croaking out orders for tea and eating vegemite toast
and lamenting that I never got to learn to tap dance
which is an indicator as to just how deathly sick I was because I am not normally a fan
in fact tap dancing is up there with beach volleyball and synchronized swimming
 as hysterically funny pastimes in my book

Day 26 mug from Kristin's Grandmother, Effie

Other than the weird tap dancing moment and not getting my quota of mugs and cups done
the only other downside was that I haven't had any of those mad fever dreams
I love it when you wake up and you realize you have been dreaming of cows doing the hula
while being transported on a giant my little pony who speaks like a mad Irishman
 and fighting off bamboo men who are defeated by your mad manicure skills
those weird and crazy dreams are the fun part of being sick
but sadly this time my brain has been behaving itself
mind you I am not quite free of the dreaded lurgy so there is still a chance

Day 24 Mug from Teresa
I will come clean and admit I have never pretended to be a good patient
and I think a bit of self pity helps the healing process along
but even I am a touch embarrassed by my level of patheticness
not that I am going to be less annoying over the next few days while the magic drugs to do their thing after all I have a reputation to maintain
I will just continued to be a touch embarrassed about it

Day 25 Mug from Jez
Somewhere in there I did get some cards done though
and they were hugely fun, all very different but each one made me smile
and this morning I got to stick them all on the wall 
and see them as a huge group which was even more fabulous
and I feel totally renewed and motivated to get stuck back into it
whenever I am not busy being pathetic that is... xx