Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Manon's Miracle Tea Cup ....

There have been two special arrivals this week in our household
no not puppies, or new cars or even George Clooney
this is better than all those things put together
well maybe it is better than cars and Clooney
as I have to admit that I love puppies an insane amount
but puppies aside it is a pretty awesome week
because this week two new tea cups have made an my studio their new home

The first one I have drawn first is from the lovely Manon
and it is from her Grandma's set
which is crazy amazing  and it will be treasuered, but is kind of freaking me out
and led to Phantom shaking her head that anyone would send me something so special
which makes sense given my track record with dropping, elbowing and knocking things
but I did spend yesterday very carefully drinking from this precious teacup
and having a bit of a sketch up

It has now been carefully washed and dried by Phantom as she didn't trust me to do it
and hey if it meant she got off her skinny butt and she actually got her hands wet
then it should be called Manon's Miracle Inducing Tea Cup
because Phantom is not a fan of any sort of domestic labours
and I am a bit gutted that I didn't get a photo with hands in sink for posterity
but I was simply so stunned by the sight that I didn't think to get the camera

Once Manon's miracle cup was suitably spotless
it was placed in my studio where is will be safe from my elbows and knocks
and while I may paint it again now that these sketches are done
and I have its shape and measure sorted

until I do tackle a more finished painting of it
it will spend its days on my studio shelves
reminding me not only of how generous the lovely Manon is
but also of the time that Phantom washed a tea cup ... xx

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Rita said...

That is a lovely, bright cup and a family treasure to boot--wow! I can see why you'd be afraid something might happen to it! Wow! What a wonderful, thoughtful, amazing gift! And you did a marvelous job of sketching and painting it, too. :):)

Anonymous said...

such a lovely gift, its a beautiful cup, it looks dutch flowers, I love the shape as well, looks like it would feel comfortable in one's hand, you did such a beautiful job, it would be awful to break it, best keep this one safe!

Lisa Graham said...

What? I didn't know Lottie drank tea. It is lovely. Your blog banner is the best!

Unknown said...

Lovely sketches and painting of the tea cup! It's a sweet cup.
Why is it our children astound us and do something when they don't trust us to do it??? It means we have actually taught them something that has stuck, but it only comes out when they think we are incapable. Ah, well. Better not ruin a fabulous moment!

Unknown said...

What a precious cup...filled with Manon magic....children can surprise us in so many ways...:) xx

PaintingWrite said...

Lovely tea cup and very lovely of Manon to gift you something so special. Love your painting of it -perhaps you could frame it in lieu of the photo of phantom washing it!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely cup and painting, and wonders never cease! Valerie

Melanie said...

This cup is a childhood memorie for me. My mom collected this boerenbontservies ( dutch name for it) so we had breakfast, lunch and diner with them. Love the drawing you made from it.
Liefs, Melanie

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning rendering of the cup..what a lovely surprise!

TwinkleToes2day said...

That is one seriously pretty cup and your amber brew looked luscious sitting in it. I think I may have a go at drawing my own favourite tea cup. Have a good day/evening/night :0) Mo x

Snap said...

Gorgeous teacup and a very special gift. Happy Day! said...

What a gorgous and special gift! So lovely And so glad Phantom saw the sentimental value and saved the cup from certain death!

Netty said...

Loving your gorgeous painting of the beautiful and special cup and saucer.
Hugs Annette x

Anne Manda said...

Woderful paintings, love the process shots, too!

Sandra Busby said...

It is a lovely teacup - worthy of being immortalized by Tracey Fletcher Teacup King herself! And you have done it justice! As for the teenager washing up... well I simply don't believe that one!!!!

Jez said...

Delicate, tender sketches and painting of the teacup and saucer. How lovely of Manon to send them to you.

It's quite a moment in life when you realise that your child has adopted the role of 'mother' and has re-classified you as 'child'. My status is now reduced to that of a two-year-old.

Marji said...

I love that design - I don't know the proper name of it, but I saw it when we lived in Amsterdam. Lovely of Manon to share with you. I'm sure her grandma would be thrilled to know that a little part of her is now living in OZ. Beautiful sketches too.

Marji said...

I love that design - I don't know the proper name of it, but I saw it when we lived in Amsterdam. Lovely of Manon to share with you. I'm sure her grandma would be thrilled to know that a little part of her is now living in OZ. Beautiful sketches too.

Joy Murray said...

Lovely work as delicate as your tea cup. Great line work and the colors are vivid. I the cup survives -- good to have you and the phantom looking after it. One of the predictions I read for the near future (50 years out) is that they'd breed a perma-puppy, a dog that would stay a puppy all it's life. It was a fiction writer who made the prediction, but I can see it happening. :)