Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Flatforming ...

I am kind of excited about spring shoes if these babies are going to be around
well not these actual ones as all the bling bits are not really my thing
and $695 for a pair of shoes does my head in
and yes it is Autumn here in Australia, not Spring
but all of that I aside I just like the idea of Flatforms
which is a genius name and I am sure it has been around for ages 
and people out there are shaking their heads in wonder
that I don't know such fashion terminology

Which is kind of odd because when I was a teacher I used to teach all day in heels
and not modest heels , I am talking the higher the better
partly this may have been necessary as I taught secondary school
which meant half my day was spent with smelly teenagers hovering over me
and if you were too short you ended up at armpit height
and anyone who has had the dubious pleasure of being in a class of 16 year old boys after a sports lesson will testify that you do not want to be in the armpit zone
So heels were a protective measure if nothing else
but more than anything I liked them

I liked them because my ass is a bit too close to the ground for my liking
I liked them because I am married to a man who is part giant
and we looked a touch odd standing together without a bit of a boost to my height
and I liked them because I was young and knew no better

Now I am not a really a fan as I discovered how gloriously fabulous your legs and back feel when you haven't been torturing them all day
years of trooping around golf courses, and after a child showed me the error of my thinking
and as I can avoid teenage armpits without too much effort then there has been no need
all of which means that I am a convert to more modest heels at most
and flat shoes like my studio shoes are my preferred footwear
in fact I love my studio shoes so much I have them in black as well as red

But these might be the answer to the best of both worlds
I can have a bit of a boost in height while not risking life and limb with heels
and I have to say they were quite fun to draw up
not as much fun as painting the black version of my red studio shoes would be
but I was thinking it might be a bit boring to put up a similar sketch in a different colour
remember these... I love these shoes... and the black ones are just as cool

so I am going to keep my eyes peeled and am thinking flatforms are in my future
though looking at that painting of my studio shoes I am thinking I will paint up the black ones
just for me
hope you are all having the most marvelous creative week...xx

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Viola said...

I must say your drawing shoe is exactly like the physical shoe! I admire your drawings! :)

Fun to think you having autumn now.. here spring is starting to sprout..

Serena Lewis said...

Lovely shoe sketch! I used to wear high-heels in my younger years but, for years now, it's been flats or thongs. Anything that's a higher heel than 1½" is too hard on my feet and back. I'm liking the idea of flatforms. :)

Rita said...

Comfy flat shoes are the best! These are quite fancy and you did a marvelous job sketching and painting them! I love you red studio shoes, BTW. ;)

Marji said...

Well, you certainly have good taste selecting the Christian Louboutin flatform :) I would definitely select them too with that signature red bottom. I'm tall enough that high heels make me taller than Hubs. I don't mind so much and he would never admit it, but he prefers to be the taller of us :) so, I tend towards more sensible heel heights plus I wobble less when I walk in them :)

Michellem said...

You did an amazing job with making your painting show the sparkles!! LOVE this - I have my own 16 year old smelly boy at home - don't know if heels would help -

morning prayer blog said...

Dearie, you do take my breath away! Just one period please. Just one. I'm not going to even go back and check to see if you had one. Your writing is such a racing style that I'm smiling and nodding and reading all at the same time. I'm a Birkenstock kind of person too.

Lisabella Russo said...

Your shoe painting is so lovely, I hadn't heard the term flatforms myself either, but now I admit, I too kind of want some (but a cheaper version, those ones are certainly out of my budget!). Although I probably already have more shoes then I can admit to!

Unknown said...

These are looking a lot like the shoes I wore in junior high. I felt so fashionable in them!
As a person who is not on the shorter side, FLATforms are perfect, as I tend to get dizzy in high heels.

Anne Manda said...

Flatforms look fabolous and so does your sketch, nice work on the reflections! I wonder if they are as comfortable to walk in as they look, I haven't yet tried them on... We stll do not have the weather for ballerinas or sandals!

Unknown said...

I'm just alittle bit old fashioned and will probably keep calling them Platforms I think about it, have I been mispronouncing it all these years? You've got my dyslexia in a complete whirl now. Smelly teenagers. Yuck. My bum is too low to the ground I'm still wearing my heals to tower above smelly 5year olds...and boy do some of them bonggggggggggg... :(
love your shoe paintings...and it's Spring here (not that you'd know it) so I could wear p/f latforms.. :D x

WrightStuff said...

Lurve the shoes... Have you seen the film the Croods? The young girl in that (a Cave girl) gets her first pair of shoes... priceless moment!

Shoes are sooo hard to draw right and you got them spot on. You are such a clever young lady!

Sandra Busby said...

I almost always wear flat shoes unless I'm going out somewhere nice. They're just so much more comfy! It's like big knickers isn't it? Not nearly so glam but you just can help but reach for them when hubby isn't looking, lol!
I love your painting and I must say - these flatties actually do look quite glam... I'm a tad envious - I think I want some! :0)

Catharina Engberg said...

Love the bling bling. Very realistic. Hope to see some more shoe sketches of yours!

storybeader said...

great paintings - I really like the red shoes better! {:-D

Unknown said...

My mom now wears nothing but burkenstocks!! lol

Terri Corona said...

You will always be the one who introduced me to the term Flatforms! And I intend to blame you after I go shoe shopping, because it IS Spring here...

Dianne said...

well $695 is way out of my league no matter what the shoes look like, and I did the heels too...even platforms in college! but your back has a way of making you see your shoe paintings...and especially how you use your red shoes for your avatar (or whatever it's called)! I recently noticed a lot of flats on the models in a recent Vogue issue. if I wait long enough maybe I'll eventually be back in style...

Giggles said...

A few days late I was trying to find these sandals made of gold...they must be at that price!! I never found them...but it was fun looking. I am a wedge girl the last 15 years...but I was once a high heel queen. I'm always surprised at my short little daughter who has huge collection of heels yet wears comfortable flats or boots daily!! Sometimes I even wonder if she's mine!!

Hugs Giggles

Jez said...

I'm trying to decide if those are real diamonds round the sole or bikers' jacket studs. Either way they look pretty fabulous. I think I would go for the biker version.
I've not heard of these, but they look interesting. I also used to wear sky-high heels and would run up and down 8 flights at speed in them several times a day.

Annabelle said...

Lovely art work on those red studio shoes. Flats are certainly a better choice.
I am partial to moccasins with rubber soles, a pleasure to do garage sails -),O

Thanks for sharing.
Annabelle O,O

Nordljus said...

I just gave away a whole bag of shoes the other week, shoes I've kept for years in some cases, because they were so pretty, but just a little bit too high for my liking nowadays. Now I definitely prefer them flat too. These look really cool, though, and I love your sketch!

Anonymous said...

Girl...I'm googling these Flatforms right now. I only wear flat shoes these days. Any raised heel causes hip pain for me because of the way it throws you forward out of alignment. Never heard of these before!

Zue said...

Lovely drawings of what look like very comfy shoes...must get some!
Have a great weeek, Tracey!
from Sue / Zue