Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Calling All Mugs ...

I have had a bit of a brain wave in the last few hours
while thinking about the upcoming challenges
I have had a great idea for what I want to do for Summer of Colour for ages
so that one is sorted
but I wanted to do Index Card a Day as well
despite having a mild freak out about the whole 61 days thing
mainly because there were a million ideas scribbled in my sketchbooks
and I seem to add them quicker than I get to realising them as fininshed works
my issues are usually in editing rather than finding ideas I have to say
but I thought maybe ICAD would be a great way to tackle some of those million ideas
But then while I was flipping through the sketchbooks as a way of avoiding housework
I came across a page where I had scrawled a slightly legible message

I held it this way and that to try to read it
I squinted and wondered if I had perhaps written it in another language
not that I speak another language
but maybe I had a brain sneeze and it came out in Elvish or something
I asked Phantom and Sinus if they could read it
which led to multiple eye rolls and mutters about chicken scrawl
even the dog couldn't read it, but I had a feeling it was something good
scroll forward two days and I am in the studio drinking a cup of tea
and catching up on Aimee's blog
which made me pull out a scrap of card and start doing a bit of a sketch up of it
and suddenly all became clear and the cogs in my brain connected my chicken scrawl dots
I had written Paint tea cups/ mugs and bits and bevies from bloggers... maybe series???
genius right... 61 days of cards I am going to combine ICAD and chicken scrawled idea
and do 61 days of mugs and cups used by my blogging buds

So I promptly started painting up the photo from Aimee's blog
then emailed her and checked it was ok... which was back to front I know 
but happily it was as it was done by that stage
I am putting out a call for mug shots and tea cup shots
I have done a few lately from online friends
and even have one on the go on my desk as I type this
and it has been great fun so I am thinking I have hit on a rather brilliant project

Here is how I think it might work...
send me a photo of your mug or tea cup
or even send more than one if you so desire
and coffee cups are welcome of course... I will not discriminate against the caffeine lovers

and I am not precious or just looking for fancy schmancy
 I want all sorts... sometimes ugly and/or kitsch can be totally awesome

I will credit that it is your mug or cup and link to whatever source you prefer
blog or Flickr or Facebook... just send the details along with the photo or photos

I am going to print them out as I get them
and then paint or draw up whichever one takes my fancy on the day
so no guarantees yours will get painted up during the 61 days
just in case I happen to get heaps of photos
of course if I get just three sent then there is a bloody good chance I will draw yours up!!!!

I am setting a time limit so I don't go completely mad
I did this one in 20 mins and that is the maximum I will be spending... probably
some will turn out ok but I am also expecting some dodgy results
so you may not be pleased with what I create... sorry in advance if it is a dodgy one!!!

In keeping with the spirit of ICAD I will be using a variety of materials
maybe watercolour, or acrylics, or just pen and ink
or maybe a bit of collage like on this one today
it will all depend on how I am feeling on the day

So is it genius or madness???
only time will tell ... but if you want to be part of the prouject then get photographing
and please share this with others if you think they might be interested in being part of it
the more mugs the merrier

email me your photos at

I wrote up a page with all the info in response to some of your questions... it is at the top of the page
or here if you can't be assed to scroll up...xx


minnemie said...

Fantabulous idea! Mine'll hit your inbox tomorrow.

Rita said...

I already hit your inbox! ;) Looking forward to seeing all the cups. Great idea, Tracey!

Joy Murray said...

Ahh, I have learned in my old age to beware of brain waves, so I hope you ride this one out with pleasure and grace. I think it's an incredibly cool idea and your tea cups always look enchanting. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the results and also how you feel about cups 61 days from now.

Tam Hess said...

Sent you some pics...whew, big undertaking! Can't wait to see your progress :)

jdmunder@gmail.com said...

Good Luck! It is always interesting when I get a chance to stop by and visit your blog and see your artwork. I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely cups.

Jennifer McLean said...

spectacular idea Mee Lady!! I'zz will be photographing mugs anon. :o)

VonnyK said...

Check out mine in my last post, it's a cool mug.

Dianne said...

ha! I think it's a brilliant idea...and the beverage always tastes better in a beautiful or funky cup I always say!

Serena Lewis said...

Great sketch and a great idea! A pic of one of my favourite mugs will be on the way to your Inbox shortly. xx

WrightStuff said...

Ooh I have just the mug. It is my fave and I keep it only for drinking tea. Will send it over!!

Unknown said...

Genius! You are quite welcome to paint any of my tea cups. I can take better 'mug shots' if you like :)

Giggles said...

Great idea...this mug is awesome...I shall send cupcakes too...and beardos...just for variety!!

Hugs Giggles

soulbrush said...

Yes yes yes I am going to send you some today.

Snap said...

Genius!! You may use any on my blog -- just look under TEA! :D :D :D

And I may send you a few extras -- mug like!


janice smith said...

What a fun project, Tracey. I will definitely try to remember to sent a photo to you. It will be so fun to see all those mugs and cups...a genius idea!

stefanie stark said...

Your idea to paint our mugs is so coooool!!! I love it!!! I was really thrilled when I read your lovely post this morning. You'll find my two beloved "office-mugs". One for my coffee and one for my pens in your mailbox. - Many thanks for always cheering me up with your lovely ideas :)

Cynthia Patterson said...

That is a super TEA-riffic idea Tracey....i will be emailing you some tea cups in a bit....

Such a clever girl!

Dion Dior said...

Count me in Fletch...in fact, if I remember correctly, you may already have a picture of my most precious tea-cup from my Great G'mother...will that do, or do you want something else?? LOVE YOUR ENERGY GIRL...hope to see you soon...wink wink! xx

Sandra Busby said...

Most definitely GENIUS of course! Your sketch is just gorgeous! and yes, I have the perfect *ahem* espresso cup for you to draw. i'm sure it'll be just your cup of tea... even though it is coffee... Anyway, will email it to you later :0)

aimee said...

you did such a good job on this that I don't even want to drink out of the original mug any longer. I want this one!

You know I'm chomping at the bit to see Artsyville mug #2 :)

Netty said...

terrific idea.....now have got to find a cup and saucer thats not chipped.........lol xx

cjsrq said...

So clever! Can't wait to see how this progresses. Will be on the lookout for a great cup/mug to photograph and send.

alarmcat said...

Great idea!! I sent you some pics just now. Can wait to see all your drawings!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, mug shot on it's way!!! LOL

Colleayn said...

I wish I had a cool tea cup to send you, but the ghost in the house takes my tea cups, so now I have a plain blue one. Apparently, blue isn't too cool with the ghost. So if you are in the mood to figure out what my ghost looks like, you could paint that instead. :) Maybe then I could find the missing stashes of mugs, CD's, pens, paints, glitter, etc.
P.S. This is actually a true story.

artfullycarin@gmail.com said...

Great idea! And love the picture of Aimee's mug. Fabulous! I will send you a pic tomorrow when it's light. xx

poppylocke said...

Such a cool idea!! I love the ones you've painted so far.. I'll snap and send one from me tomorrow :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Well I'm a mug - where do I sit? Can I keep my coat on?

Unknown said...

Thank you for including us coffee drinkers!!!!

PaintingWrite said...

Saw this when i was away for a 2 day yawn fest, er induction, for my ne job but my internet access was patchy at best plus i didn't have my mug with me. I'm home again so my mug us going land in your inbox any minute now! Love this idea!

Leigh said...

How creative!I am also in the Index Card Challenge! I am emailing you a photo of my favorite mug.

Ellen Porter said...

Intriguing idea you posted at Daisy Yellow's Facebook group I was just wondering if you are at all familiar with the blog http://oneyearartjournal.blogspot.com/

Its theme for all the challenges this year is at least indirectly related to mugs. I think I've only featured a mug one time on mine, but if I were doing the photography challenge instead of the art journal challenge there would be more. I will give you a link to my blog of how the Jan. 15 challenge there and my favorite coffee mug inspired a page of mine, and if I blogged it, I will in the same comment, show you the page where I actually drew the same mug.

This blog is publishing prompts the 15th and the 30th of each month, so there will be a new one tomorrow. There's already nine prompts where you will see work by the design team featuring lots of mugs and/or other beverages, and if you click on links in the comments, there are a few more. I think they have a Flickr group too.

Ellen Porter said...

Hi, if you scroll down on this link to the second art journal page, it's the one where I drew part of my favorite mug.

And this one is inspired by the original "mug-themed" challenge, so photographs of my mug too. http://portergandg.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-spiritual-dimension-of-being-content.html

Aloquin said...

This is a fantastic idea, and I will definitely participate!!! :)

Joni Nickrent said...

Awesome idea...I'm not much of a mug person, but I'll have to see what I can dig up!

Jez said...

An inspired idea - i bet you get about 700 mug-shots and will be still sketching them as a grey-haired old lady of 99.
Loved the post and the paintings.

Olivia Lovejoy said...

Ha! "Mug shots"! This is a cool project! Glad you're going for it!

HeARTworks said...

Likje you said, brilliant! I am going to look at my nephew's mug collection- he goes all over the world! and see if there's anything I think you'd like to paint! Lovely paintings, dear!!! patsy

GlorV1 said...

It's a great/fun idea Tracey. Soon as I get a chance I will email you my Grandmother's cup. You should do plates too.:) You changed your blog because I couldn't find where to go? Hope this is the right place for PPF. Take care.

Breesmimi said...

Tracey, that is a GENIUS idea! Your tea cup paints are FAB. I'm participating in ICAD too. Can't wait to see all the mugs, etc. I'll be sending a mug soon. So happy you stopped by my blog!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Such an amazing and wonderfully friendly idea! I love it!!!!! and your mugs so far and beautiful!!!!!