Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Syrup Season Part 2 ...

and had a bit of a crack up that I couldn't find the one that I loved which was in an awesome tin
well I found the tin and finally finished painting it up
and it was great fun
as much fun as I thought it would be actually and it was totally worth hunting down the tin
well except for the lion
I seriously think he looks like some weird mutant lion
but what the hey I have never said I could draw animals

In fact I happily admit that any drawing I do of an animal
will have absolutely no recognizable features
I recently tried to draw a cow that was on the front of a yogurt container
and it looked weirdly like a dog crossed with an elephant who had lost its trunk
and no I'm not sharing it because when I shared it with the family
they thought it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen
and I had endless jokes about what sort of fantasy mash up animal I was trying to draw next
and I have only just gotten them off that train of teasing and am not risking its return

So here are the two syrup containers side by side
and to me it is no contest whatsoever as to which I should use
I know they both taste delicious
but dipping a spoon into that wonderful tin adds a certain something extra
Yes a squeeze bottle is more practical
and levering that tin lid off necessitates a rather unlady like lunge
to catch the sucker before it shoots off the edge of the bench
but it is the syrup of my childhood and the tin is just too appealing to not use it

I painted this one into a sketchbook which has sort of morphed into a food theme
and now there are quite a few pages completed I sort of feel like I need to continue
which is a touch stressful because it is a bit too organised for me
and my other sketchbooks have a painting of some avocados happily next to shoes
and that haphazard approach has always worked for me
but maybe it is time to attempt to give it a shot

But the theme sketchbook issue aside I have been in a drawing frenzy this morning
and really want to get back to it, I love it when ideas are spillling onto the page
not to mention now I have finished and posted this I can crack the tin
and finally eat some of this luscious stuff
after all I am going to need the sugar high to get through the rest of the day in the studio
hope you are all having a fabulous creative day...xx

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Anonymous said...

yes yes , this is the tin I know and LUVVVVVVV, this is liquid gold, yummo! Beautiful sketch painting, I think the lion is beautiful!

Unknown said...

You crack me up every time Tracey! I love your posts. Enjoy your day in the studio. xx

Rita said...

You have such exotic foods down there...to match the exotic birds and bugs and plants, I guess. ;) If you're in a drawing frenzy--go for it--draw your little heart out!! And maybe you'll show us--even if there are weird animals. I simply cannot draw people or animals for the life of me, so I can understand. Yours look pretty darn good to me--so that gives you an idea. Mine belong on preschool walls. LOL! ;)

Michellem said...

I've never seen syrup in a tin but what a gorgeous tin it is!! Very fancy. . . Your "lion" is cool too! I want to see the cow - - pleeaasseee!!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Syrup in a tin is new to me but sounds like a spoon-dippingly fantastic idea! Beautiful job, even on the lion! xx

Dianne said...

um. yes, the tin... I agree it's lovely! well I had to laugh about your description of the morphed animal and so on...our families keep us humble don't they? at least mine does!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,
No contest, it's got to be the Lion. It's much prettier than the squeeze convient bottle. It's bit like Corner shops and Supermarkets. One is cosy and comforting and friendly, one is just quick and easy.
You can't beat the sound of that "pop" when you finally get the lid off the lion. Ohhh and the anticipation of catching the lid as it shoots across the kitchen to land sticky side down on the floor, just by the dogs nose... xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your syrup tin. I grew up with those tins, always good to sneak into the pantry and get a spoonful! Valerie

Jez said...

Oh how I remember that tin, truly part of my childhood, and even when my own kids were young. Makes lovely toffee .... And syrup cake. Thanks for the memory.
I am always knocked sideways by your lovely text in your drawings, so like the original. And as for the lion, as I remember there were always loads of flies by him in the picture on the tin, so he's bound to look past his best, especially with all that extra Australian heat.

sharon said...

I succumbed to buying a plastic bottle of syrup a few weeks ago, no contest the tin wins. It is thicker and yummier! Also you can't stick a big spoon in the plastic bottle and have a sneaky slurp. I suppose you could stand there and squeeze some into your upturned head? Nah not the same!

Giggles said...

I actually like your lion best and thought they should redesign the label to add yours!! It stands out more and is truly funkier in a good way of course!!

Thanks for always sharing a bit of your day with such panache!! Carry on creating!!

Hugs Giggles

WrightStuff said...

I am so with you on the tin thing. It takes me back to making flap jacks with my Mum when I was a nipper. I have a tin in the cupboard though it's a while since I did any sticky baking.

Funnily enough I painted a lion this week too. That one is very small, makes it extra tricky I think.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Brilliant drawing! These tins not only contain yummyness, they make great containers for things when empty.

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh I love your tin - and especially the step by step!! But we have to disagree on which is best, tin or bottle... I go for squeezy bottle every time when I buy it! I can always detect a distinct metallic taste in the one that comes in a tin from the tin itself, which I don't like at all. But the squeezy bottle tastes just purely yummy! I have even been known to squeeze it directly in to my mouth, lol! :0)

Catharina Engberg said...

I wish I could see the cow, because I do NOT think your lion looks like anything else than a lion -it is a lion isn´t it? ;) I think the sketch is gorgeous, I love your colours. I have also enjoyed your last post.The thea was lovely. You must have a very kind husband that goes out to take photos for your paintings and give you room for painting on a trip. Where do you find those??! I have given up trying now, and have settled with my kids and my interrest in watercolour and horses! Oh, I haven´t forgotten about sending you photos, I will as soon as I can. take care!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Yippee, you did it!! And it is really fab! I do hope you've enjoyed at least one dollop at the time of my visit and got all sticky icky :0) Mo x

Dee said...

That's a very cool can. I love how you make art from the everyday objects around you; after all, life is art.

Paper rainbow said...

MMMMmmm golden syrup makes great flapjacks :) Lovely detailed painting, lots of fun to read, I like your lion, he has character!

Joy Murray said...

Your lion has way more personality than the one on the tin, and the tin has way more personality than the squeeze bottle. Love your appreciation of the sweeter things in life -- we're so often chastised for loving sweets, it's nice to see syrup honored so beautifully. Keep drawing and thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

Neesie said...

I've heard some excuses in my time...but that takes the biscuit Trace! You NEEDED the tin to finish the project! Yeah right ;D
I was weened on that pure liquid gold and know just what a delicious sticky mess you'll get in...that is if you're lucky! :D
Brilliant painting but have to confess that I'd be feared to tackle something that difficult.
It sounds like you are in a happy place having a drawing frenzy!
Can't wait to see what you produce. xoxo

stefanie stark said...

Oh I like that luxury-looking-syrup-tin very much! Especially I like the color combination and of course: the lion :)

minnemie said...

OH. YUM!!! Nothing like it. The tin wins. The experience just is not quite as real unless it comes from the green tin. I still remember spreading it thickly on buttered white bread... and sneaking a tablespoon full for the mouth before returning the lid. I have found it here once, but they have replaced the sugar with high fructose corn syrup... just was not the same.:-/

Serena Lewis said...

I love thick, rich, and strong-flavoured golden syrup! I couldn't find anything like our golden syrup when we lived in the States. They had Karo which is a thicker syrup than maple syrup but pale and nothing like the rich, strong flavour of the golden syrup we have here. I love Golden Syrup on pancakes with cream. YUM! Another thing we grew up with was the Saunders Malt Extract...loved that stuff!

I usually buy the CSR Golden Syrup easy-pour for convenience but now you have me wanting to go back to the Lyle's in a tin!

Great sketch!

Unknown said...

This is one lovely tin can! I want one too!!! http://www.sugarshackvt.com/