Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sacking the Cleaning Fairies ....

The time has come to sack my lazy ass, unreliable cleaning fairies
they have not turned up time and again
and when they do finally turn up they seem to do a rubbish job
as evidenced by the house being not quite pristine before Easter
but also in the fact they are still off partying or sunning themselves somewhere
and I have been left with a house that is looking decidedly worse for wear
especially after the celebrations of the four day long weekend
 with its various visitors, million and one meals and the all important chocolate fest
so I am firing their no good fairy butts and getting in and doing a big Autumn clean

An Autumn clean is a perfect thing
the absence of  humidity means that I can no longer use the relentless heat as an excuse
added to that we have been slowly but surely ikea ing our lounge room
which upon removal of the old tv cabinet thingies, led to the rather concerning discovery
that we had been playing host to the randiest set of dust bunnies ever
they had obviously been procreating like mad
and had pretty much reached plague proportions under there
and once the shock of that subsides we will start on the guest room
so there is now, and will be, an abundance of cupboards and storage
and all this shuffling requires a clean anyway
so the time has come to pop on my big girl pants and clean this sucker

It is also Easter break so I have a not so willing slave in Phantom
and as Sinus is also taking a bit of a break I will be putting him to use
not just just as Ikea flat pack assembly god
but also as a heavy cleaning dude... he will shine in both roles I am sure
and it is not just the house that is getting the big Autumn clean
I am thinking it is time to clean the mind and try to sort through the 50 gazillion ideas
that are residing in my ever more cluttered brain
I am thinking ideas suffer from the same sort of procreation habits as dust bunnies
and as a consequence I will be rather absent from the blog
and online in general for the next week or so

Of course I have been off to a rather inauspicious start in all this
as I wasted the first few hours painting up the cleaning bottle
didn't use it , in fact didn't even think about using it
but I think it is best to ease into these things don't you ....xx


Bev said...

hehe keep painting and get the whip out and get those two into the swing of things lol u deserve to be spoiled and yes sack the fae ... my dust bunnies have names they are so big
hugz bev

Anonymous said...

beautiful bottle, sack the the little slackers,

Cynthia Schelzig said...

yes,,,,just ease into it. Sweeeping the room with one glance is about as far as I got with the cleaning after Easter...I do love your rendering of the spray motivates me to use mine....maybe....

ann @ studiohyde said...

I've been waiting for that fairy to arrive here! Love how you can paint everyday objects and make them look so good.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cleaning stuff! Quite dear to my heart these days. :D

aimee said...

you make EVERYTHING look beautiful! even cleaning bottles!

Colleayn said...

Put some candy and chocolate out and maybe your faeries will sort out the dust bunnies. I love your posts. :)

Unknown said...

oh I love the blue in that bottle!
Great color choices!

Anne Manda said...

Beautiful bottle! May the Cleaning Force be with you! :)

Unknown said...

only you could make that cleaning bottle look so charming!! Gosh, I didn't even know there were cleaning fairies. I wish they would come here!!

Serena Lewis said...

Lovely sketch, Trace! I hear ya on those randy dust bunnies as we have also been updating our lounge-room with new furniture. Aaron has been worth his weight in gold working his fingers to the bone. My poor hands have been paining terribly with arthritis after assembling numerous flat packs...more on the way. That said, isn't it wonderful to have a new look?!!! I'm loving it!!!

Belinda Basson said...

I pay a lady to come clean so I don't have procreating dust bunnies! Luckily where I live, home help is not too expensive and so I can get on and do what I need to do without the guilt of not keeping house...I feel for you.

Nigel said...

Good luck with the bunnies.

How long do we wait to hear from you until we call Search & rescue? :)

Linda Richardson said...


Sandra Busby said...

Hehe! I pulled my bed out for the first time in ages a few weeks ago - and there was tumble weed - yes - TUMBLE WEED drifting all over the place under there! I was just glad that nobody was there to see it!
I haven't Spring cleaned anything yet. Well, it's very hard to get motivated to Spring clean, while it's still SNOWING! Ugh! I am getting so desperate for some warmth... Anyway - enough of my whining... Your spray bottle is brilliant! But I do hope you won't find any of those big old nasty spiders while you're having a sort out! :0)

Rita said...

Best of luck with the randy dust bunnies--LOL! We've got snow predicted for the next couple days. Not time for spring cleaning until we can fling open the windows and not turn to icicles! Soon, though. Usually by May. ;)

Love your spray bottle. I procrastinate on big projects like crazy--and also have ideas multiplying in my head all the time, too. I need to make another list.....

Jez said...

I shall miss your funny and cheering blogposts and look forward to your return when you have bullied that place into submission and filled a notebook with all those ideas, and a sketchbook full of lovely pics like the spray bottle. You can even make a spray bottle look desirable - well perhaps to another spray bottle with a pink nozzle it really is.
I shall sink back into the sofa revelling in the joy of moving to a smallish apartment after a large house, and the pleasure of having so little cleaning to do, even if it is from health necessity. Enjoy your cleaning vacation.

Jo Murray said...

Take your time.... those dust bunnies are happy to wait.

PaintingWrite said...

ha, there must be something in the air worldwide with those pesky cleaning fairies as my house is also looking slightly neglected in favour of any number of other things I can procrastinate with instead! happy autumn cleaning and i'll look forward to seeing those ideas appear on paper some time soon!

Dianne said...

I'd much rather draw the cleaner bottle than actually clean! why can't the house magically clean itself? oh right...those pesky elves that didn't show up. none at my house either! enjoyed my visit--always love your paintings!

Unknown said...

I personally vote for painting the cleaning bottle over actually using it.
Much better use of your time.
Let us know how the de-cluttering of your brain goes. I for one would appreciate some suggestions.

Laura said...

Extremely commendable and inspirational on all fronts but I still think I'll stick to painting today. ;-)

janice smith said...

Very ambitious...hope the Autumn cleaning goes well. I am doing a bit of spring cleaning here but at this point I refuse to look under the furniture in my living room. Denial is a happy place. I love that you took time to paint the cleaning bottle. Only you could make a plain bottle look that fab.

Lorinda.C.F said...

Good luck with the clean. Way to drag in helpers! I'm sure it will be highly rewarding family bonding time--ha! xx

pauline said...

ok, this line jumped out at me:
** I am thinking ideas suffer from the same sort of procreation habits as dust bunnies **

i so agree with you. i sense a major clean up in store here too. And i'm NOT talking the house. :-) Love the looseness of your work. xox

wednesday said...

The only effective dust bunny birth control is the Hoover. And just parking it near them doesn't help at matter how many times I have tried it, even trying to dress it up as a Dust Bunny Disco won't lure them inside. You have to turn it on and chase them under the blasted furniture.

I love your cleaning bottle, in the close up, it looks like a streamlined, deco chicken head.

WrightStuff said...

You do tackle the hardest subjects - and yes I'm talking about cleaning and drawing tricky spray bottles!!

stefanie stark said...

In Germany we call the cleaning fairies DIE HEINZELMAENNCHEN. (They look a little bit like a garden gnome). I will ask them to go on excursion to you. I think they will like your lovely spray bottle very much!