Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Just Call me Gnat Girl ...

So Why Gnat Girl you may ask 
well basically I have come to understand that I have the attention span of a gnat
of course this is assuming that gnats have a poor attention span
for all I know they may have super hero type focus powers
but I am assuming that the cliche is a cliche for a reason
and all this kind of reinforces what I am trying to say because
I obviously have a distraction issue

I had every intention of spending the early part of the week
happily getting the painting of Manon's amazing tea tin finished
after it had been so rudely interrupted by last week's snot attack
or maybe even complete a couple of the other million drawings I have on my desk
but then a Zeta sketchbook from Stillman and Birn arrived in my hands
courtesy of the uber wonderful Dion Dior which meant that I had to try it immediately
I was beyond excited to see Dion's painting on the front cover
and in the space of time it took me to get the wrapping off it
all my good intentions of finishing work I had started flew straight out of my head

I have been obsessing about the thought of smooth white heavy paper in sketchbook form
and was a touch worried that I had built it up in my head to be crazy perfect
and that it would fall short in reality... 
but I have to say this is one very cool paper and sketchbook
I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it
and the only reason I didn't throw the sink at it is because it is full of dishes
I used pen, ink, watercolour, and gouache in multiple washes
I even managed to leave a water well pen on the page and it leaked on the page
but there still no buckle, and the paper is gloriously and perfectly white
I think I have found a sketchbook that can stand up to my haphazard way of working

So now my Zeta obsession has been momentarily satisfied
I can put Gnat Girl to rest for a little while and get busy on my desk full of work ...xx

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Anonymous said...

beautiful peppers, you have the best materials to work with,

Unknown said...

those peppers are popping off the page! :)

Rita said...

Gosh! The colors look so vibrant they almost jump off the page! Well, yours always look vibrant, but these are even moreso. I can see why everyone is raving about the new Zeta sketchbooks. Another thing for my wish list. ;)

The gnats here are very focused--and annoying. They circle round and round--with endless patience--and energy. ;)

Neesie said...

I'm hyperventilating and I haven't even got a Zeta sketchbook! I think I'm going to have to remedy that as soon as possible. It sounds fantastic!
Your peppers/chillies look hot girl!!! In all respects ;D
Not only do I have the mind-set of a gnat, I also have the same tendancy to constantly flit all over the place plus I can become very annoying (lol)

storybeader said...

looks like a beautiful journal and your watercolors turned out great. Have lots of fun in it! {:-Deb

Unknown said...

Well I am glad you are loving the new sketch pad (would of been nice to see the cover) and as always you are marvellous loving your Gnat story I often also suffer with this problem lol Dxx

sharon said...

Oh Thank you Tracy, Just checked out my favourite online supplier they have them, Yah! Love the peppers. Glad you have your mojo back.

Sandra Busby said...

Well I LOVE your painting! Tell me - how long would this take you on average?
Anyway - the sketchbook... I have a Stilman & Birn Alpha. Also wonderful, but I should have got a bigger one. Still, I wonder what the difference between Alpha and Zeta is... Do you prefer this one than the Srathmore you spoke about the other day? Anyway - glad snotfest is over ;0)

Anne Manda said...

Delicious! Very inspiring, I'm going to eat so healthy today! :)

Unknown said...

this is really very nice these all

Dion Dior said...

I'm so glad you like the book! It's is by far my favorite as well. And your little chilli stash is amazing. Did you use Peerless? whatever you used is so vibrant and beautiful. It's a good combination. Hugs crazy girl. xx

Nordljus said...

Oh dear, a new sketchbook to try out, and one that sounds just perfect. Now of course I have to get one too, and of course they are not available here (it seems that sketchbooks suitable for mixed media or watercolours are nonexistent in Switzerland). But I found a supplier in England, and hopefully they'll have them back in stock in time for when I go there again in 3 weeks :). Absolutely love your peppers!!

Jez said...

Those peppers look so real, and the shine on them is perfect. One of the best things about peppers is their shiny skin and the light bouncing off them. I can never get paper white enough, so I'll have to check out that sketchbook.
I wonder how hard it would be to sketch a gnat? Need a microscope probably. Now there's a challenge!

pauline said...

ok, #1: i'm gonna have to look into that Zeta sketchbook.
#2: i LOVED those progress pics...
#3: you are an amazing artist.
And writer.
And person.

Unknown said...

Hope they do Zeta sketchbooks in France or I'm going to be spending mega buck on postage... :(
Your chillies are HOT.... ;) ps, you have inspired me to try my hand at drawing a lion's tin... xx

Unknown said...

It seems to be a wonderful sketchbook :) I should check it out.
Love the painting of chilly peppers! They look so fresh and bright!

Unknown said...

Bellissimi e vivacissimi i tuoi peperoncini!!

PiaRom said...

Immer wenn ich Deine genialen Sketche sehe, will ich das sofort auch machen, aber irgendwie bin ich wohl doch eher der spontane Chaoskünstler, der sketche lieber vermeidet ;) Ich liebe Deine hot peppers...sie sehen so frisch und lecker aus, aber auch super scharf ;) (heute mal in Deutsch...manchmal ist es mir so anstrengend alle meine Gedanken ins Englische zu übersetzen ;) ♥ Conny

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE it!!!
The colors are so vibrant. The composition, everything!!.. just amazing!

*jean* said...

now you have me convinced i NEED a zeta...i went to my awesome locally owned art supply store and they were completely out of that's fun to see all your supplies...and your peppers are muy caliente, si?

xo thanks for following me off the blog cliff :-}

PaintingWrite said...

i love this peppers illustration. it looks amazingly crisp and clean. it must surely be the amazing sketchbook paper of which you speak!

Raine said...

oh my! Look at that yummy table full of paintings and funzies! You need to do another tour of your studio ;) I had seen some pics of it on Pinterest *I think it was yours* and it seemed SO organized, nice and neat! :)

Joy Murray said...

Hey Tracey Fletcher King -- I just got a facebook link to this website from Stillman & Birn's page. Hope it warms you up after your freezing day today to know they just sent your review to 2,400 people. :)