Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Public Apology ...

 It is quite the momentous occasion when I publicly admit I may have been wrong
and when it comes to toothbrushes I actually may have been a bit judgemental
because I have always thought that any sort of mechanized toothbrush is kind of silly
that they are one of those things dreamed up by savvy marketers
and as such were only to be used by the gullible or the terminally lazy
I mean how lazy do you have to be to not move your arm when you are brushing
but turns out I may have been a bit hasty in my assessment

We recently headed up to the coast for a week or so
and in the normal tried and true packing fashion that we have perfected
all packing was done an hour before we were due to leave
and I am talking all clothes, food, dog and dog necessities, the whole shebang
we don't even get out the bags until we are getting close to leaving time
As you can imagine this leads to some rather odd items being packed and forgotten at times
which is all part the fun of a break I think
and had led to us now owning about 20 packs of playing cards
 plus there was one memorable holiday where a certain member of the family
forgot to pack underwear ... seriously ... 
which has led to that holiday being referred to as the Commando holiday

This holiday the packing went smoothly until I realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush
no biggie, Sinus popped down to the shops to buy me one
and promptly came back complaining the cost of things in holiday towns
and that it is bad form to rip off tourists etc... a good old rant as he handed it over
$11 for a toothbrush... give me a break... is this thing gold plated or something

now this is the man whose underwear debacle set us back a whole lot more than that
especially as it turns out the Sinus is particularly choosy about his underthings

but it turned out not to be a gold plated toothbrush, but rather the dreaded battery one
which had been the subject of many rants by yours truly
though it does explain the $11... think it was actually a bit of a bargain
because it turns out this thing is amazing
my fangs have never gleamed so much or felt so clean
and so I am publicly apologizing for all prior aspersions cast upon their character
and I am a total convert

And while there is still some puzzlement as to Sinus not noticing
that the toothbrush weighed three time more than a normal toothbrush
or that it has the fact that it was battery powered plastered all over it
it all tuned out for the best
and with that I am off to brush my teeth until they gleam
then settle into some wonderful Sunday studio time ... xx

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Rita said...

OMG! That is so funny! I know Dagan and Leah went to electric toothbrushes years ago and swear by them--and have tried to convince me to try at least a battery powered one. Now I will have to think on it. But your good old-fashioned toothbrushes look so nice and inviting! ;)

Serena Lewis said...

I've used the rechargeable toothbrushes but never a battery-operated one. Actually, this is the first I knew that battery-operated ones were even available. lol I've been using the traditional toothbrushes since the rechargeable unit died a year or so back.

Great sketch! :)

Marji said...

I got one of those Sonicare things for Christmas... Not last year but I guess the year before. It sits plugged in and ready to be used there by the sink. All charged and ready to fight plaque and fend off decay. Yet, I always reach for and use the old standby hand propelled one the Dentist gives me. Not sure why, really. Maybe it's because it has a two minute timer which seems lke an eternity for brushing teeth.

HeARTworks said...

Love that you make art about the most ordinary things! I've been using a battery powered toothbrush for some years now partly because my husband claims I brush TOO hard and I sometimes get mouth sores from it. So my husband came home with the battery toothbrush and I have been using it ever since. Patsy

jane said...

I've been reading each and every post of yours lately Tracey, but am sadly lacking in the social niceties & neglected to comment on any for probably about a fortnight.
When this latest one popped into my little inbox I thought it's now or never ;)

Your humour totally cracks me up, and with every post you brighten my day. Just thought you should know that. xx

sharon said...

Once again you have cracked me up, so love you sense of humour and art.

Anne Manda said...

Hah, so funny, love this post! Commando! I use electric toothbrush for like 5minutes at least at the time, so my arm cannot take it! :) I once bought one of those battery ones on a trip too, wasn't very impressed but it's better than basic... :) Never ever crossed my mind to draw it , but you sure did a nice job! :)

Valerie-Jael said...

You mean there are people out there who don't have electric toothbrushes? I didn't know you could still buy the other sort! Valerie

PaintingWrite said...

Hilarious!! I've used those battery disposable ones before and they are good. I do actually have an electric rechargeable toothbrush but more often than not the charge runs out and I can't be bothered so I just use an ordinary one. The charging cable got lost somewhere between Ireland and Scotland so it's not good at all now. You've made me want one of these now though. Great illustration and I love that Sinus forgot all his underwear!!

HollyM said...

So funny! I am now like a person who actually forgets their toothbrush if I don't have my electric one. I don't feel like I've brushed my teeth if I only have a regular one.

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Lol! I'm glad your fangs are shining. :) I'm really hard on my toothbrushes and find that the vibrating ones don't do it for me but I might be wrong and there are some improved ones on the market. :) Love your illustrations!

Debbie said...

lol, loving the commando holiday comment today! I'm glad your teeth are gleeming and now i'll be more tempted to try a battery toothbrush too! Your sketches are great! Happy SS!

Rochelle said...

Great eye for design in your works...and I love the story telling aspect...give me a good chuckle because I can definitely relate !

carol l mckenna said...

Love the realism to your illustrations ^_^ Enjoy.

You can now comment on my blog without G+

Unknown said...

I am one of those people your mum warned you about - like Pam Ayres, 'I wish I'd looked after my teeth" that I have just a few left, and today one is hurting badly (prospect of a nasty dentists visit tomorrow), my message is - keep scrubbing, electric or not!
I have chosen NOT to include a sketch of my teeth - it might prove too much for those of a more sensitive disposition!!!

Unknown said...

I am one of those people your mum warned you about - like Pam Ayres, 'I wish I'd looked after my teeth" that I have just a few left, and today one is hurting badly (prospect of a nasty dentists visit tomorrow), my message is - keep scrubbing, electric or not!
I have chosen NOT to include a sketch of my teeth - it might prove too much for those of a more sensitive disposition!!!

Carola Bartz said...

OMG, how funny!!! You always crack me up.
Hope the Sunday in the studio turned out nicely and productive!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hope you've had a wonderfully creative day and weren't too distracted by any need to keep cleaning your teeth, lol. I've used this type of brush for a couple of years now and agree they're very good :D Love your painting of them btw :0) Mo x

Christine said...

beautiful toothbrushes, and a funny story of how you've converted over to mechanized! lol. I forgot my toothbrush on my last vaca but the hotel kindly had extras. I've even also forgotten my underwear!

GalleryJuana said...

My husband and I have funny vacation stories too and some that match yours, lol.

I bought one of these mechanized toothbrushes mostly because the dentist noted I'm brushing to enthusiastically which is causing other problems.

Enjoy your sunday studio time.

Unknown said...

I love my electric toothbrush and so does my dentist!!! My husband has yet to get on the bandwagon, all thought the dentist would like him to. How funny that this turned into such a great post for you.
p.s. underwear vs. toothbush....toothbrush ALWAYS wins :)

VonnyK said...

I've used an electric toothbrush for as long as I can remember. As you know I have teeth that are twisted all over the place and the small heads on the little suckers can get in where a regular brush can't. I still use a brushing motion except when I'm tired, I tend to just stand there and move my head :)

Abigail Davidson said...

I love your narration along with the toothbrush illustrations! Such fun to read and the illustrations make toothbrushes look so interesting!

Raine said...

That is so funny! I now want to try one :D

Jez said...

I enjoyedvsll your grovelling and ranting, but the star turn is the illustration of the toothbrushes.
Only you can make toothbrushes look desirable. Colgate should snap up that sketch right away.

Melanie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leave sucha sweet comment. I tealy like your ilustration of the toothbrushes. And I'm going to follow you so I can enjoy al your work. Have a great day, greatings from holland.
Liefs, Melanie

Sandra Busby said...

Haha! Great painting!
I brought Paul an electric toothbrush as a Christmas stocking filler last year (along with a nose hair trimmer) and he looked at me sideways! It just happened that it was on offer at half price, so I picked one up for him, even though I've never had one myself. Anyway - a few days later he confessed that he could never go back to using an ordinary toothbrush again! I've been promising myself one and have yet to get around to it. He just better not buy me one for my birthday, lol ;0)

Giggles said...

Commando eh? Hmm ...nope I'm not gonna say it!! Polite Canadian that I am!!

Humble pie is pretty tasty when it's a win win!! Very cute story!! Love the illustrations too!!

Hugs Giggles

Unknown said...

Jez posted exactly what I was going to say! Only you could make toothbrushes so appealing and Colgate should snap that illustration up!!

kat said...

Hello Tracey, great paintings as always here! Electric toothbrushes are the best really, our dentist hounded us to get one, and they do make a difference!

aimee said...

Tracey and her shiny choppers!!!

Tam Hess said...

Hahaha....I'm like you always thought those electronic ones were silly and lazy. Hmmmm, maybe I should stop teasing my MIL and try one! Love your toothbrush paintings. Really nice work!

Kristin said...

Haha!!! SO funny! (And btw, I LOVED your peeling paint fingers / bank robbery idea :) AND such a lovely painting of said expensive but so worth it brush. Hope your holiday was great despite the packing slip ;) xoxo

Ariel said...

Great sketch Tracey and enjoyed reading the post too. I think I should also give battery charged toothbrushes a try.

minnemie said...

Haha, I broke the bank on some of those a few years ago, thinking that it would motivate my army to brush their teeth more regularly. Well, it did motivate them to TURN the toothbrushes ON, but I am not sure much brushing was done, for the batteries were dead looong before the bristles were worn out. And I am DONE INVESTING IN BATTERIES! For anything. Even for toothbrushes. We are back to arm-power... and less-than-gleamy teeth. But your sketches are marvelous. They are probably too great for an ad, but should Colgate be smart and pay you mega bucks to use these, they will sell their battery brushes exceptionally well.

Viola said...

Aaaah! you just reminded me that I should brush my teeth and go to bed! ;D

Lovely drawings! but quite expensive toothbrushes! :O