Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Public Apology ...

 It is quite the momentous occasion when I publicly admit I may have been wrong
and when it comes to toothbrushes I actually may have been a bit judgemental
because I have always thought that any sort of mechanized toothbrush is kind of silly
that they are one of those things dreamed up by savvy marketers
and as such were only to be used by the gullible or the terminally lazy
I mean how lazy do you have to be to not move your arm when you are brushing
but turns out I may have been a bit hasty in my assessment

We recently headed up to the coast for a week or so
and in the normal tried and true packing fashion that we have perfected
all packing was done an hour before we were due to leave
and I am talking all clothes, food, dog and dog necessities, the whole shebang
we don't even get out the bags until we are getting close to leaving time
As you can imagine this leads to some rather odd items being packed and forgotten at times
which is all part the fun of a break I think
and had led to us now owning about 20 packs of playing cards
 plus there was one memorable holiday where a certain member of the family
forgot to pack underwear ... seriously ... 
which has led to that holiday being referred to as the Commando holiday

This holiday the packing went smoothly until I realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush
no biggie, Sinus popped down to the shops to buy me one
and promptly came back complaining the cost of things in holiday towns
and that it is bad form to rip off tourists etc... a good old rant as he handed it over
$11 for a toothbrush... give me a break... is this thing gold plated or something

now this is the man whose underwear debacle set us back a whole lot more than that
especially as it turns out the Sinus is particularly choosy about his underthings

but it turned out not to be a gold plated toothbrush, but rather the dreaded battery one
which had been the subject of many rants by yours truly
though it does explain the $11... think it was actually a bit of a bargain
because it turns out this thing is amazing
my fangs have never gleamed so much or felt so clean
and so I am publicly apologizing for all prior aspersions cast upon their character
and I am a total convert

And while there is still some puzzlement as to Sinus not noticing
that the toothbrush weighed three time more than a normal toothbrush
or that it has the fact that it was battery powered plastered all over it
it all tuned out for the best
and with that I am off to brush my teeth until they gleam
then settle into some wonderful Sunday studio time ... xx

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Things To Worry About ...

It has started out as a surprisingly great day
well as great as any day can be when you are up at 5.30 am
but early start aside
I have finished the painting of Manon's tea tin which has been on my desk all week
and I didn't go mad painting the patterns on the red tin like I feared I might
I have a whole morning free and clear to paint to my heart's content
and I am snot free which means I am no longer thinking that I am dying
the only thing is that with that worry gone it seems to have opened the floodgates
and I spent about two hours lying in bed last night worrying about all sorts of other things

Now don't judge me because remember it was late and I was sleep deprived
but here are some of the things I was worrying about....

That I couldn't remember where the thing is that I need to send with the other thing
that I couldn't remember the other day, or was it last week

That if they keep breeding smaller and smaller mini horses that they might make one small enough to be classified a tea cup horse ... like a tea cup poodle
and then we might see celebrities carrying them around in carry bags

that perhaps one of those blanket things with sleeves isn't such a bad idea

What if the Kardashians are on tv forever

or if there was a world wide tea shortage and I only have a stockpile to last maybe a year

then I remembered the thing was behind the big box in the cupboard behind the doodad

and considered if the guy who played McGyver is looking old, does that mean that I am also

I then worried that the avocado painting that I did earlier was lacking in structure
which took hold so bad that I actually got out of bed and came down and checked on it
at which point I decided that I was going around the twist
and would go and read until I was sleepy

But that led to its own hassles as I just finished a book earlier
and should I start a new one at 1 am???

and which book do I start... do I just read the next one on the pile
or do I pick something quick because the next China Mielville book is due to arrive
which necessitated me sneaking around the study/library
with my phone acting as a torch to try to find a suitable book
which woke up the dog who came to see what I was up to
though when I asked him what book he thought I should start next he was no help

 which was a low point so I headed back to bed with a few books
though didn't read any
because I was busy wondering what the dog would sound like if he could actually speak
I kind of think Mushu would sound like yoda or a surfer dude
which is the last thought I can remember before being being woken by my alarm

the upshot of it all is that I woke up this morning with the imprint of two novels in my face
but managed to find the thing that needed to be sent with the other thing
and I finished Manon's tea painting
so maybe a bit of evening worry isn't a bad thing
though it did get me wondering what sort of things keep other people awake at night????

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Just Call me Gnat Girl ...

So Why Gnat Girl you may ask 
well basically I have come to understand that I have the attention span of a gnat
of course this is assuming that gnats have a poor attention span
for all I know they may have super hero type focus powers
but I am assuming that the cliche is a cliche for a reason
and all this kind of reinforces what I am trying to say because
I obviously have a distraction issue

I had every intention of spending the early part of the week
happily getting the painting of Manon's amazing tea tin finished
after it had been so rudely interrupted by last week's snot attack
or maybe even complete a couple of the other million drawings I have on my desk
but then a Zeta sketchbook from Stillman and Birn arrived in my hands
courtesy of the uber wonderful Dion Dior which meant that I had to try it immediately
I was beyond excited to see Dion's painting on the front cover
and in the space of time it took me to get the wrapping off it
all my good intentions of finishing work I had started flew straight out of my head

I have been obsessing about the thought of smooth white heavy paper in sketchbook form
and was a touch worried that I had built it up in my head to be crazy perfect
and that it would fall short in reality... 
but I have to say this is one very cool paper and sketchbook
I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it
and the only reason I didn't throw the sink at it is because it is full of dishes
I used pen, ink, watercolour, and gouache in multiple washes
I even managed to leave a water well pen on the page and it leaked on the page
but there still no buckle, and the paper is gloriously and perfectly white
I think I have found a sketchbook that can stand up to my haphazard way of working

So now my Zeta obsession has been momentarily satisfied
I can put Gnat Girl to rest for a little while and get busy on my desk full of work ...xx

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Snot Face Sketches ...

Just call me Snot face... I deserve it and it is totally fitting at this time
 even though it has sort of slowed for me it has now spread to other members of the house
so it has become a snot festival of epic proportions around here
which is leading to a severe lack of studio time
but I have done a few little sketches in one of my sketchbooks
both of which were great fun to do
even if I completed them with tissues stuffed into my nose
which looked decidedly unglamorous but did the trick so well
that I considered repeating it while I went to pick up Phantom form school
lucky for her Sinus Man picked her up on Friday afternoon
but sort of disappointing for me as embarrassing her always lifts my spirits

The first sketch is this Swedish Easter drink that I got from IKEA the other week
Cute package and suitably and gloriously odd taste
to go with the odd rabbits on the package perhaps
but having it on the table added to the fun of Easter enormously
I can't quite describe what it tastes like
but sort of like root beer or sarsaparilla with a shot of bitters
not unpleasant at all, but different 
mind you not pleasant if you taste it just after washing your teeth
and I know nothing tastes good with that shot of minty freshness
but this stuff became decidedly wrong with a toothpastey mouth....

The other sketch of the last few days
is of a lovely surprise gift from a wonderful friend
Vonny K sent me this lovely dangle for my bag
and it has charms of all my favourite things
except for George Clooney, but I'm not so sure such a wonder exists
but all my other favourite things are represented
like painting, tea, books and cake
it is awesome isn't it and hangs in my studio
reminding me just how wonderful friends are ...

So armed with a box of tissues and a pot of tea
I am heading back into the studio to get painting on Manon's tea tin
which has not progressed one little bit in days and is totally driving me nuts
so my snot and I are going to get busy on it now
Happy Sunday Sketches all ... xx

P.S  I just found out that Manon's Paper Saturday is any work on paper
so am linking up with this new event as well...... xx

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Friday, 19 April 2013

A Few Things That Suck ...

 Now let me start by saying these Peerless paints don't suck
not one little bit, in fact they are the definition of the opposite of sucking
what does suck is that I have the flu, or mega hay fever, or some such snot filled monstrosity
and I am not getting to play with them
I am not the best person when I am sick, and do tend to think that I am possibly dying
at the first sign of a runny nose, but this time I was in danger of actually drowning in the stuff
so I haven't been exaggerating at all
and let me tell you that amount of snot does suck .... big time 

What also sucks is that it wasn't over in a day like I expected, or even in two
and the snot rages on in a very unattractive manner
so the paints are lying neglected and deserted
and my earlier in the week drawing frenzy sits neglected
which especially sucks as I started doing a painting for Manon
 based on a photo of her Dutch tea she posted on facebook and sent me
and I really want to get some paint on it ... the sketch is screaming for paint
but I don't want to risk ending up with snot in the paint, so it waits forlornly

Even bigger suck is that I made cupcakes yesterday afternoon
in teacup cup cake thingies no less
while I was being uncharacteristically optimistic about my speedy recovery
and I thought I would be catching up with my great friend Tracey Grigc Potter today
and Trace would hugely appreciate these little beauties
and I haven't seen her in weeks so that sucks as well
but alas I am still a bag of snot so a visit is being pushed back to next week
so the cakes are being scoffed by Sinus and Phantom and they totally don't appreciate them

And talking of Phantom
turns out she sucks as a hand model
just getting this photo took forever and then much cropping
I actually believe that the dog may have done a better job
despite the lack of opposable thumbs

So despite being on the mend sort of
 I am heading back to Blanket Bay to watch crappy daytime TV 
and feel thoroughly sorry for myself and the tea party that never was
and the painting that isn't getting done
Happy snot free paint party Friday to you all ...xx

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Syrup Season Part 2 ...

and had a bit of a crack up that I couldn't find the one that I loved which was in an awesome tin
well I found the tin and finally finished painting it up
and it was great fun
as much fun as I thought it would be actually and it was totally worth hunting down the tin
well except for the lion
I seriously think he looks like some weird mutant lion
but what the hey I have never said I could draw animals

In fact I happily admit that any drawing I do of an animal
will have absolutely no recognizable features
I recently tried to draw a cow that was on the front of a yogurt container
and it looked weirdly like a dog crossed with an elephant who had lost its trunk
and no I'm not sharing it because when I shared it with the family
they thought it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen
and I had endless jokes about what sort of fantasy mash up animal I was trying to draw next
and I have only just gotten them off that train of teasing and am not risking its return

So here are the two syrup containers side by side
and to me it is no contest whatsoever as to which I should use
I know they both taste delicious
but dipping a spoon into that wonderful tin adds a certain something extra
Yes a squeeze bottle is more practical
and levering that tin lid off necessitates a rather unlady like lunge
to catch the sucker before it shoots off the edge of the bench
but it is the syrup of my childhood and the tin is just too appealing to not use it

I painted this one into a sketchbook which has sort of morphed into a food theme
and now there are quite a few pages completed I sort of feel like I need to continue
which is a touch stressful because it is a bit too organised for me
and my other sketchbooks have a painting of some avocados happily next to shoes
and that haphazard approach has always worked for me
but maybe it is time to attempt to give it a shot

But the theme sketchbook issue aside I have been in a drawing frenzy this morning
and really want to get back to it, I love it when ideas are spillling onto the page
not to mention now I have finished and posted this I can crack the tin
and finally eat some of this luscious stuff
after all I am going to need the sugar high to get through the rest of the day in the studio
hope you are all having a fabulous creative day...xx

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Friday, 12 April 2013

21 Years and 1 Day ....

I know that I said I was going to be absent online due to cleaning
but we headed up the coast to the beach
for a good old break away to get ourselves in the mental space needed
to attack the monumental reorganization that the house needs
and ended up staying a bit longer than we had originally planned
despite the fact that it absolutely bucketed with rain the whole time
in fact that was kind of nice
basically we sat around read books, chilled out, napped
drank tea and I even did a bit of painting of the amazing present I got for Easter
which was a wonderful Tea forte set from one of my favourite haunts, Susan's
and even though I couldn't bring it with me which meant the colours were a touch off
it was nice to fill in the line drawing I had done before leaving
and outside of that we did bugger all which was truly magnificent

I had had grand plans for doing a bit of sketching and painting at the beach
but it really was bloody awful weather
and I am not such a hardy soul that I would head out into rain to paint
so I did some little sketches in my sketchbook using a magazine as inspiration
and discovered there is such a thing as wine flavoured tea in the US of A
I am kind of becoming obsessed at the thought of it
though I am a tad worried it will turn out like the chocolate flavoured tea debacle
and be all sorts of wrong
but I am hoping someone out there has given it a try
and can tell me how it is and save me from obsessing about it

So here we have holiday highlights
spectacularly bleak skies
wet as a shag mutt
sandy flip flops
 and a rather cold pool
but on the plus side I sent Sinus off to take some shots of the beach for me
as I am too precious to get wet remember
 and he did a sterling job... like really freakin sterling
so it turns out that my wonderful husband of 21 years and 1 day has quite the artistic eye
and it is an awesome thing that after all this time he can still surprise me
and nice he took all of these on our anniversary... very cool way to remember it

Less fab is that he has started constructing cabinets as I type which means the pressure will be on for me to start culling and sorting
which is enough to make me wish I was back at the beach even if it is still raining

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sacking the Cleaning Fairies ....

The time has come to sack my lazy ass, unreliable cleaning fairies
they have not turned up time and again
and when they do finally turn up they seem to do a rubbish job
as evidenced by the house being not quite pristine before Easter
but also in the fact they are still off partying or sunning themselves somewhere
and I have been left with a house that is looking decidedly worse for wear
especially after the celebrations of the four day long weekend
 with its various visitors, million and one meals and the all important chocolate fest
so I am firing their no good fairy butts and getting in and doing a big Autumn clean

An Autumn clean is a perfect thing
the absence of  humidity means that I can no longer use the relentless heat as an excuse
added to that we have been slowly but surely ikea ing our lounge room
which upon removal of the old tv cabinet thingies, led to the rather concerning discovery
that we had been playing host to the randiest set of dust bunnies ever
they had obviously been procreating like mad
and had pretty much reached plague proportions under there
and once the shock of that subsides we will start on the guest room
so there is now, and will be, an abundance of cupboards and storage
and all this shuffling requires a clean anyway
so the time has come to pop on my big girl pants and clean this sucker

It is also Easter break so I have a not so willing slave in Phantom
and as Sinus is also taking a bit of a break I will be putting him to use
not just just as Ikea flat pack assembly god
but also as a heavy cleaning dude... he will shine in both roles I am sure
and it is not just the house that is getting the big Autumn clean
I am thinking it is time to clean the mind and try to sort through the 50 gazillion ideas
that are residing in my ever more cluttered brain
I am thinking ideas suffer from the same sort of procreation habits as dust bunnies
and as a consequence I will be rather absent from the blog
and online in general for the next week or so

Of course I have been off to a rather inauspicious start in all this
as I wasted the first few hours painting up the cleaning bottle
didn't use it , in fact didn't even think about using it
but I think it is best to ease into these things don't you ....xx