Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Procrastination Stakes ...

For the next few days I am endeavoring to turn off the computer
and get some of these bloody half finished canvases worked on
about the only down side to my perfectly formed but tiny studio
is that you work either on watercolors or acrylics
there is just not enough room to have both going at once
so the time has come and I am getting out the acrylics and getting busy

First on the agenda is this canvas I started back in November
and while I can try to tell myself that it is unfinished due to the fact that it is way too big
that it barely fits on my desk and doesn't fit my table easel
truth is I got distracted and now I can't quite remember what I was going to do with it
but maybe it will all come rushing back once I get a brush in my hand.......

Then two weeks ago I got started on this one of my beloved blue Kitchenaide mixer
I even carried the flamin thing into the studio, which was quite the task
but after all that lugging and positioning and cursing, this is as far as I got
bit of an underlayer and then a grinding halt
the canvas isn't  even too big, in fact it fits a treat
and I haven't used the mixer so I can't blame that
just absolutely no follow through

And here we have the tipping point
today I drew up yet another one
the idea for it came to me while standing at the stove this morning
and as my gaze fell on the jug of mismatched utensils
all I could think was that it would make a fun painting
so I promptly turned off the stove, forgot what I was going to cook
and brought the jug in to be drawn up and that is as far as I got

These aren't the only unfinished, or barely started ones either
I am too embarrassed to show the still life of cutlery in a jar
 and the Maltesers canvas
and the prawns
and there is a tea cup one on the wall also
that makes a totally embarrassing total of 7 barely started canvases
which is quite the record even for me

So I did what all self respecting procrastinators do
and painted up my tubes of acrylic
didn't crack them open and get started
oh no people 
I just painted them which is a new high in the procrastination stakes
even for me!!!
See you all on Friday... hopefully with some canvases done
or maybe just a whole lot of watercolours of paint tubes and brushes...xx

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Belinda Basson said...

This really made me laugh! This is the best artistic procrastination I have ever seen and I thought I was a PRO!

Jennifer McLean said...

aaah, me lovely, join me in my self inflicted ostracization. We'll both immerse ourselves in paint and feel all the better for it. Hugs, and dont you DARE respond to this comment. hehehe.
That's what people have been telling me. It's quite refreshing how other artists understand.

Sandra Busby said...

Well, you have just made yourself accountable! So no excuses now! That said, I love your painting of your paints... But now you have dangled the carrot - I am really looking forward to seeing how the canvas's progress :0)

jane said...

I've been hitting myself over the head because I've hardly picked up a brush for the last week, but you beat me hands down!
I love how your kind of procrastination is still so creative and beautiful :)

Zue said...

Good idea to paint the acrylic tubes before they get too squashed:)
I also have many unfinished works. Wishing you a busy time completeing the works or just leave them for another time. :)

Susan said...

This is wonderful! Your loyal audience is reassured that there is more of your beautiful art "in the pipeline." Just keep on keeping on...we will wait.

Anonymous said...

you can't force creativity, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!They all sound amazing though,

Alexiev said...

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Jez said...

So good to know other people have a pile of UFO (UnFinishedObjects). I tell myself they are waiting until the perfect idea comes. Enjoyed the post, and the picture of the paint tubes. But I do like the sketch of the kitchen utensils - I look at my own jumble in my nice new vintage utensil holder and couldn't even made a start on such a sketch.

janice smith said...

Lugging that Kitchenaide mixer into your studio shows true grit and dedication. I still have you on a pedestal...not for relocating your mixer, but for your ability to make ordinary objects extraordinarily beautiful. Love those paint tubes.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see them finished! When I need to do household chores I procrastinate by painting. When I need to paint, I procrastinate by doing household chores. No wonder neither gets done very efficiently!!

PaintingWrite said...

Somehow this makes me feel better. I thought I was queen of procradtination but, nope, that crown goes to you! Great illustration of those paint tubes though!

Cynthia Patterson said...

I love it!!!!
I love the honesty in it,
I love the humor in it,
I love the REALITY in it.....
"A Creative mind is a terrible thing to waste"..... you definitely aren't wasting yours.... you go girl!

Looking forward to seeing what you did do this week.... LOL


Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,
Just imagine how wonderful you are going to feel when you get all those canvases painted. I'm now looking at all my half finished canvases...think I'll just go to bed...and look at them again tomorrow...xx

Jo Murray said...

Thanks Tracey...I feel better now.

Nigel said...

There are no limits to what can be accomplished when you're avoiding doing something else :)

I don't have the problem of unfinished projects lurking around the studio making me feel guilty. Mostly because I hide them in a cupboard :)

Lorinda.C.F said...

Oh Tracey, you sure do make a girl feel better about her own procrastination. Though, your starts and stops are still pretty darn amazing--can't wait to see them finished! xx

Joy Murray said...

I can't wait to see how you handle the acrylics. I love that you painted the tubes in watercolor. Enjoy the new adventures!

Anne Manda said...

Procrastinators of the World Unite ... tomorrow... Know all about that, in fact at this very moment I am procrastinating away... I read (Steven Pressfield: The War of Art) that it is very strong with artists, something called "resistance". Lovely WIPs!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Well at least your procrastination is 'in yer face' gorgeous :D Mine is hidden. It can be hidden because it is a pile of envelopes all partly painted, daubed upon, scratched, scraped & sprayed, with the intention of becoming art/junk journals. But the pile just grows with each incoming pile of cr@p from the postman. Wonder if I can buy a mantrap on ebay......
:0) Mo x

aimee said...

See? You were just meant to paint those tubes! But you might have never known that if you had not lugged all of that kitchen equipment into your studio and cursed the whole way. All necessary parts of the process.

aimee said...

See? You were just meant to paint those tubes! But you might have never known that if you had not lugged all of that kitchen equipment into your studio and cursed the whole way. All necessary parts of the process.

Colleayn said...

I love that you were able to turn off your computer. I can't even do that 1/2 the time. I've had pieces I started a long time ago that I couldn't even remember what I was going to do with them, so had to paint something new over them. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with so many unfinished great intention pieces of art. You do great procrastination art!

Clare said...

Those Golden Paints sketches......Sketchalicious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with the cups! I like it already. I've always wanted one of those kitchenaid mixers. I hate to cook (I do it, but I hate it) but they look so cool and come in such nice colors. But I don't have the counter space to leave it out and it is just too cool to hide.