Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Perils of Chicken Scrawl ...

I had grand plans to turn this page into a recipe page in my sketchbook
of course I hadn't planned on figs being quite such a task to paint
not to mention the packet of pine nuts
painting individual pine nuts is not conducive to sane thoughts it turns out
but a bit of a swirl of paint and a few squiggly lines and that was seen to
and in the end I quite liked how the page turned out

I was pleased with the figs in their lovely knobbly bowl
which did give me some moments
but I was happy with their figginess in general
and I do love fresh figs
we have been figging out big time while they are in season
fig slice, fig tarts, figs in salads
and my favourite which is figs baked with ginger infused honey
it is a perfect dessert
so I thought I would celebrate it's deliciousness
and write it into the page like all those gorgeous illustrated recipes I see

So I painted it up and was about to put pen to page
when it hit me that my penmanship is not that legible
in fact not legible at all to anyone else but me
it has been likened to chicken scrawl
but they were being kind
we are talking a chicken drunk out of its brain and trying to write with its toes scrawl
less kind was the comment made by a certain Phantom
that it could be used to confuse the enemy in time of war
as it would take a whole cryptography department months to decode
of course Phantom has perfect penmanship, which is one of her more annoying traits
though can I say that getting to fill in forms at the back of her school diary with my scrawl
and getting to watch her pale at the sight of my notes messing up her pristine book
is true parenting revenge delight!

There is merit in both of these descriptions of my scriobbles however
and I accept my limitations
so the page remains blank for now
and at the end of the day I was going to write that you drizzle the figs with honey
whack them in the oven, get them out when they go squidgy
then serve with yogurt and pine nuts
so hardly a recipe is it and I am figuring I can remember what to do
as I have done it many times before
which means the page can stay oddly blank in the middle for now

So I am sharing it as it is
blank middle and all rather than muck it up
I am sure at some stage I will scrawl the notes down
but for now I am enjoying just as it is
Hope you are all having a great Sunday ...xx

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Jennifer McLean said...

Hey bad hand writing friend, line forms to the left!! My penmanship in one word... sucks. I'm a southpaw so I can count on not being able to count on any kind of cohesive writing style at all. sometimes this way, sometimes that. I combine print and writing to try and correct truly horrendous penmanship and sometimes it actually works! Those are the days I kiss the pen and thank the heavens and hope it lasts. alas, it does not. ;o(

Anonymous said...

I think thats a great recipe, sounds and looks amazing, I follow those kind best, I have to tell you I have mastered the Tim Tam Slam, fully addicted at this end, oh yes,

Unknown said...

You certainly nailed those figs! I seem to be painting a lot of food this year. And putting on weight. Perhaps I should paint an exercise bike...
Linking up through Sunday Sketches.


Alexandra MacVean said...

You know, you crack me up when you mention or talk about how difficult it was to draw something. I'm like...girl, if I could only DRAW like YOU! :D

Thanks for all of your love and support.

Jane Lazenby ~ Artist said...

I love your sketches! I am sure your writing would be perfect on these... anyone who can draw like this, can certainly write pretty too!! looking forward to seeing more next week!

Unknown said...

I don't think I like figs, but your drawing is so appetizing, I'm starting to rethink my position!

Janis Cox said...

What great paintings. Are you using pencils? or watercolour? Thanks for commenting on He Cares for us.

WrightStuff said...

Errr.... why not get Phantom to write it out for you... Mother and daughter team work sounds like a plan - especially as it's Mother's Day (well, it is here in the UK, probably not down under - but grab any excuse for help that you can I say...)

Anyway, gorgeous illustration as ever. The pine nuts were perfect as we were all marvelling at the cute duck anyway...

Jez said...

It looks like an awful lot of decision making went on here. Sometimes a page is determined to wait until it is ready to be finished! Love your painting and funny post as always.

AM Zafaran said...

Love the bowl of figs in all their figginess! :-)

Zue said...

Your figs are fantastic and look really delicious.

Unknown said...

Le tue opere sono sempre fantastiche, deliziose, sorprendenti e bellissime!!

PaintingWrite said...

That recipe sounds lovely-although I'd have maple syrup instead of honey. Beautiful illustrations-a recipe book would look gorgeous full of your art for each recipe. Why not get Phantom with her beautiful writing to write out the recipe for you? Problem solved!

manomij said...

I tried to comment on my ipad earlier on but it didn@t let me post it. So just for you I went to my studio to comment from my pc. I forgot what I wrote before...gosh already losing my mind. Anyway it had something to do with the penmanship and how bad I am with that one too. Not much writing in my art journals. Love the recipe Tracey.

Unknown said...

Love your sketches, you did a great job on those figs :)
Enjoy your Sunday!

Christine said...

nice page! I was wondering what the blank space was for at first!

Victoria said...

So gorgeous Tracey...I love figs too.. and pine nuts..ha ha yes to draw each one would make one go batty! Your art is rich and decadent and colors are that gorgeous blue bowl...the color is magical! now i am craving figs ha ha!
Wishing you a blissful creative day..thanks for always making me smile..

Lynn Cohen said...

I love figs and am the happy owner of a humongous fig tree. In recent years we find our selves competing with birds and sometimes rats, yes, I have seen them running along the fence top, to get the ripened figs. Our cat sometimes gets the rats. But really there are so many figs, I guess there are enough for all of us on the food chain. I just have to get over my thinking that rats are yucky creatures. Disease carriers, etc, but if they are eating figs don't you think they are preteen healthy? Oh, BTW your art is Devine per usual. Mine are called turkey figs and yours look somewhat like them in color. But not in shape. HSS!

Anne Manda said...

Awesome composition, really love this! Figs are so decorative and picturesque, also yummy!

Sandra Busby said...

First of all - drawing every single pine nut is just the kind of thing I would find my self doing - which is why my sketches lose their character so often! I love the fact that you merely suggest and so your drawings seem so free :0) And having seen your 'Chicken Scrawl' for real - I think it would compliment your drawings perfectly! Again, my own writing lacks character and yours is lovely, loopy and not too pedantic!
Oh - and next time I'm passing your way, I am definitely coming for dinner!! ;0)

Gloria j Zucaro said...

OH! I love figs and we hardly have them for very long here in the summer and they are atrociously expensive! Your easy recipe sounds delightful, how can you go wrong with fresh figs and pinenuts! I recently took Carolyn Dube's "Use Your Words" on-line workshop. You could type out words in different fonts on the computer, cut them out and paste them on! Or all one script font and one piece pasted on? Oh well, your paintings are beautiful. Thank you for your comment on my "time" painting on my blog.

Alexiev said...

Cool water painting...

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wednesday said...

I love the illustration, and the idea of a recipe page. I say enlist Miss Perfect Penmanship to write in the recipe notes for you, and make it a collaboration.

Linda E. Pruitt said...

Awesome drawing/painting! I knew it was figs right off! Love that it is blank! Leaves something to the imagination! Fun!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Lol! I think most of us don't like our own handwriting. :) It's safe to say your Phantom can't forge your signature. Not that she ever would want to. :) Love your illustrations!

lenoracle said...

Aw it looks great! I love the colors and the painterly style. This is so precious it makes me want to cook haha.

Maria Medeiros said...

Beautiful! I have a thing for figs! I love figs! my grandmother had a fig tree in Greece. My mom and I would sit and eat until we couldn't eat no more! :D i love them so much! :D hehe