Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Little Forks and One Big ...

I did a sort of dangerous thing and signed up for this decorator sale site
which means that everyday I am sent these emails that have great sales on fabulous things
of course I don't have the fabulous designer type home to fit them in
it is more that slightly scruffy much loved type abode
not to mention the damage I could do to the bank balance
It is fun to dream and oohh and aahhh over all the loveliness
but not give in to the temptation to buy things I really don't need

Until the other day when this bone handled cutlery was up on the page
I started doing sums in my head and planning and plotting
how I could justify the purchase
but luckily for all concerned I was saved by my impressive degree of procrastination
and when it come time to hit that purchase button they were sold out
I was instantly plunged into a state of despair tinged with a glean of relief
and to help ease the pain/ guilt/ relief
I decided to source some pics and paint them up
which is a much cheaper alternative ...

I love how it turned out and it is almost as good as owning them
and because I have had some people ask about my process lately
this is how I got to the end result ...

I started with a line drawing using pen
realize that I have composed it a bit wonky and so added the extra fork and knife
have another look and curse that the last fork is bigger
pretend that the other forks are small on purpose
after all I have big forks and little forks in my set so I figure I can get away with it

Step 2 is to add some water colour... splotch it on in stronger colours
and try to just get the tones and shadows in
I always try to look to underlying colours and really see the variety of shades
so in these there were light bone coloured areas, but also darker golden brown
and even some yellowy highlights
as well as some bone and brownish reflections in the steel parts
so I try to get these in the right places
I also that I have had my hand on the left hand fork and smudged it
so go and make a cup of tea

This next stage is the stage that always does my head in just a littler bit
I strengthen up some colours and shadows
then knock them back with some gouache
it always looks a bit like a dog's breakfast at this stage
and there are all sorts of parts that freaked me out a bit
and I got a touch cranky thinking I was going to have a rubbish page in my sketchbook
so I went and had a piece of chocolate and contemplated how I was going to pull it together

I then went into procrastination mode and put on a load of washing
threw some toys for thew dog
even though he shows no interest in fetching them
which means I am just standing in the garden throwing dog toys
while he sits and watches me which is a new low in the avoidance stakes
so big girl pants go on and I get back to it
add some shadows to make the colours pop and strenthen the lines with pen
and I am thinking this is looking pretty good
the dog throwing obviously did the trick because I have pulled it together
so a few final touches and strengthening up and darkening some bits
and a fork is in it and she is done ...
I know it is hard to see the differences, but they are there
and it is always those last few lines and highlights that somehow finish it off
Of course I am now thinking I need to get some bone cutlery
because I really want to draw it some more times
so here is crossing fingers that I can find some soon ... xx

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Unknown said...

Maybe it's just a style thing, but what makes you add in those extra squigglies? I love those extra squigglies like I gave birth to them, but I am still curious!

Cynthia Patterson said...

Love the post Tracey...especially the play by play, and the admission to 'Oops-a-daisy's"....great for us rookies... :)

Love the picture of your teacup print again.... ♥


jane said...

I love the way you talk about your mistakes! Makes me feel much better about forever smudging the paint by accident.
To be honest, that's why I paint the way I do - I'm just not a neat person, so there's no way I could do clean lines & not muck it up!

Anonymous said...

when you write to us its like you are speaking to us, right now, right there with you, I ,love what you do and how you tell us each step, even the oops a daisies which are all brilliant!

~*~Patty S said...

ooo your cutlery is BRILLIANT
Love it so much!

Happy middle of the week to you dear Tracey

Unknown said...

So great to see your process photos!! Especially since I think this cutlery painting is one of my favorites.

Joy Murray said...

Your work never ever looks like the dogs breakfast. It's just the awkward phase :) I love drawing things I can't afford or find room for. Your watercolor style is energetic and wonderful.

Marji said...

You are much more calm than I am when it appears things are going in the wrong direction. I'm more apt to stomp and speak loudly which makes the dog take cover. I also take breaks, go on a walk and all that. I'm always glad when there is miraculous reserection. Yet, I'm not so lucky most of he time, which equates to lots more chocolate, which in itself is a good thing :)

Lorinda.C.F said...

Thanks so much for sharing your process Tracey. You make it all look so easy! xx

Lisabella Russo said...

Fantastic! I love the art and I so very much appreciated your tale of creation. I am very much a procrastinator and if that procrastination results in less purchases, other people around here applaud... I hope you are able to acquire some of these for yourself at some point! You did a lovely job with them.

Kaz said...

Hi Trace, I love reading your posts, I know that I'm guaranteed a good laugh each time. Thanks for sharing your process with us.

Unknown said...

Loving your new set of cutlery. You won't like owning a real can't put them in the dishwasher. Funny how paintings all go through the dog dinner stage... xxx

Paper rainbow said...

Ha Ha, Think I'm signed up to the same site! Every morning greeted by e-mails of beautiful things up until that morning did'nt know I needed, but now I want!! Love your little rows of cutlery. You make everyday objects so beautiful :)

Jez said...

By golly, I bet Sinus is glad you don't have this longing to draw/paint a Porsche!
Your cutlery is so lifelike - reminds me of the bone-handled knives and forks we had when I was a kid, which were probably second-hand because they had gone quite brownish.
Thank you for the blow-by-blow account which inspires me, and then I remember that I don't have your patience (or a dog to throw for).
And that little squiggle at the top of the right-hand knife is just that magic touch.

Sandra Busby said...

My Nan used to have a set exactly like this! So, it brought back some memories... I LOVE it! And nobody would ever guess you'd have a problem because most sets have little and large forks don't they? And I love that you shared the whole step by step bit too... Please do lots more! :0)

bellefrogworks said...

Ok - not only do you always make me laugh - I love when you share your process. I always have some trouble with the dog breakfast stage - and have to force myself to keep on going! Great sketch!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Gorgeous cutlery! (I want!), and a fascinating peek into your process.
Are you a dishwasher kinda gal or a stand at the sink type? I ask cos I know you can't put bone cutlery into the dishwasher as it will eventually crack the bone and the handles will fall off....I know :(
Have a great week :0) Mo x

Lorraine said...

love the drawings of the knives..sure my mum had some of these when I was little. thanks for explaining the bit about throwing things at the dog

minnemie said...

Love to read about your process - especially the chocolate and toy throwing part;-)

Terrie said...

We all have our own little avoidance techniques and yours seemed to work beautifully this time. And it was really nice to see your process and how you get to the end. I like that your style is sketchy and loose. It makes me think I might successfully try drawing something, someday. Or not. But that's why I love coming to see what you've drawn - then I don't have to! :)

Anne Manda said...

LOVE this drawing and thank you for sharing the process, procrastination and all! :)

Giggles said...

I KNEW it!! Those chocolate eggs were at your desk!!! lol Thanks for not only sharing your wonderful process...but sharing your emotional process too!! Makes the rest of us feel more normal when thing aren't turning out as we'd hoped!! Tenacity...that is the key....and chocolate....wink!

Hugs Giggles

Rosie said...

Ha, ha, I love the description of your brain working while drawing.

aimee said...

now there is a genius idea -- paint everything you covet! it's free, keeps your hands off the add to cart button, and you still get to keep it forever. just put a painting wherever you'd put the object and your house will be outfitted in no time at all.

and your forks... i love how they turned out like a modern family! two daddy knives, a mama fork, and five little baby forks :)

Neesie said...

It's a win win situation here Trace don't you see? You have the cutlery, but won't ever have to wash and dry them! Yay!
Plus we get to see you work step by we win too :D

Hey if your free...I could do with you here...Zac and Muffy are keeping me well organised on the toy throwing. I have to throw in synchronization just to keep the peace! ^..^
It's a dogs life! xoxo

pauline said...

i love this one Tracey... i love everything you do, but when i look at this one on the page (of your journal), it makes me wanna say "aaaaaaaah"... beautiful. xox

pauline said...

i love this one Tracey... i love everything you do, but when i look at this one on the page (of your journal), it makes me wanna say "aaaaaaaah"... beautiful. xox

pauline said...

i love this one Tracey... i love everything you do, but when i look at this one on the page (of your journal), it makes me wanna say "aaaaaaaah"... beautiful. xox

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey, I like seeing your process and I also like the fact you drew the cutlery rather than purchased it! great thinking. terrific post:)

Ana M.F. said...

great work!!!