Sunday, 3 March 2013

Catharina's Mug...

Hope you didn't read the title and think I was drawing Catharina
because let me tell you that is not going to happen any time soon
because any face I draw does end up looking slightly like a mug shot
which tends to prove unpopular with the subjects
drawing faces is my achillies heel, my nemisis, the thing I just freak out about ok
and I do hope that faces are commonly called mugs everywhere
or else the last few sentences will make little sense!!!

I woke up thinking it would be quite the task to get motivated to draw and sketch
due to the endless day and night of bucketing rain yet again
I am talking serious flash flooding bucketing
which isn't my favourite part of late summer here in Queensland
but it is the price we pay for gorgeous and perfect weather for the rest of the year

So after a miserable grey and very wet day yesterday that continued most of the night
I woke up thinking that the only thing to paint would be actual buckets
but then both you and I were saved from this oh so boring fate
by my blogging buddy Catharina Engberg

A few weeks ago I commented on the gorgeous mug
and shamelessly hinted that it would be great to draw or paint
and this morning I woke to find some perfect photos in my inbox
just screaming to be painted
forget painting buckets I could continue my tea cup and mug obsession
so here is my initial sketch
of course within minutes I was quietly cursing all that detail
and needed about three cups of tea to get this down on paper
but it was so much more fun to paint than buckets
huge thanks to Catharina for the inspiration

 Inspiration has been also coming my way via the 10 day challenge
over on Facebook being run by Gritty Jane
and I have dished up pegs on a clothes line for Day 8
which is a touch lame, but hey its not like they were being used for clothes in this weather
and this amazing soap in tins were from my close friend Tracey Potter Grigic
and they smell as divine as their packaging looks
and they happily provided Day 9 of the challenge

Which all adds up to a whole lot of inspiration and motivation
that has come my way via the online art community
and that I can now share with the peeps over at Sunday Sketches
and people wonder why I love blogging so much
how could you not!!!!

My last two post links in case you want to catch up...


Joy Murray said...

Well, here in the US a mug can be a face, too, but in Portland,OR, it's a vehicle for getting coffee into the bloodstream. What a lovely mug. I have a special fondness for clothes lines and pins, so I was delighted by that painting and sweet soaps. We have rainy winters here too, not much time to hang out clothes to dry. You are so prolific!

Jennifer McLean said...

ooh, puurty mug, I'm thinking that the details almost did you in though. I wouldn't have been able to keep it all symmetrical and straight. I would have needed not only buckets of tea but chocolate too so I didn't rip my hair out!

SandeeNC said...

Sorry to hear about all that rain, we have had out fair share of it and flooding over here too. I love the clothes pins, so pretty and bright. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Christine said...

I love the details on your cup Tracey!

Jez said...

Forget faces, who else could make mugs and teacups and pegs look so detailed in your lovely style and so fascinating.
I believe you couled paint a sewing needle, just that, and make it look like a masterpiece.

Anne Manda said...

Wonderful mug shot :) - you may curse the detail, but you rendered it beautifully! Fresh and cheerful pegs and dreamy, pretty soap tins! <3

Unknown said...

Love the mug shots....sorry about the rain. I was in the supermarket and there was a packet of something...old lady brain...I can't remember what it was. Only that it look inviting till I read the label that said fluffy...after your last post. Well you can imagine, I didn't buy said item. Now I have to go back to the shop and remember what it was. xx

Unknown said...

Funny, Joy (first comment) mentioned she's in Portland, Oregon. I am totally from there. I am going to check out her blog now. HAha.

I love the mug sketch, it's fabulous and the perspective is spot on! Do you pile it up on something to get that perspective?? I always seem to have the big ol' opening perspective. O. lol.

I think I would use that soap just because of it's pretty packaging. Awesome!

I love blogging, and getting into it again. It's been pretty great making new bloggy friends. :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

All that bucketing rain must have travelled from here!! since we usually get rain ALL the time it seems, lol. Anyways, your mug is great (the cup I'm talking about)!!

Lorraine said...

excellent drawings

manomij said...

Hmmmmmm I was wondering if you could draw my mug hahaha. Love you Tracey you always make me smile. Stay with the mugs if that makes you happy but the other mugs I have seen you do are not as bad as you descibe them to be :)

Anonymous said...

Elegant cup illustration and love the clothespins too! ^_^

janice smith said...

Indeed, how could one not love blogging when it provides so much inspiration and long-distance friendship? Love the mug (you handled all that detail brilliantly), the clothespins, the soap inspire me without fail. xo, janice

Paper rainbow said...

I love your little pegs. There is something about clothes pegs which is very appealing, not sure what but this little painting is gorgeous. Hoping the rain will stop and you will be able to use the little pegs again.

Lynn Cohen said...

enamoured by the clothes pins as mom used to hang close outdoors using those ... the sheets smelled so good that way.

Happy Sunday Sketching. I of course enjoyed the whole post, always do!

Susan said...

Love the clothes pins. I remember hanging sheets out so they would freeze dry in the winter (long before we moved to Florida). Your mug made me think of the assortment of mugs residing in my cabinet...sort of a reenactment of different stages of our lives. We have company mugs from previous employers, mugs from assorted trips, mugs with our grandkids on them, etc.
Thanks for the post! Stay dry.

Tammie Lee said...

that is a pretty pretty cup!

Catharina Engberg said...

Oh I didn´t think you would finish it so fast, with all the details on it! It looks gorgeous! Congrats! It´s nice to know I gave you something else than buckets to paint :)
Take care!

Nigel said...

You'd be a mug to give up drawing cups, you're rather good at it.


K J D said...

Beautiful mug and the pegs made me happy when I remembered soon I will be able to hang out the washing to dry outside!

Love the colours!

Hope it stops raining soon!

Karen x

Nicola said...

Hi Tracey,

I'm such a fan of your illustrations, you continue to make everyday items like mugs and pegs so bright beautiful and exciting! LOVED those pegs they are so cute (can pegs be cute? heheh) I feel for you with that rain in Queensland. I hope it stops soon as hubby and I are heading to Maloolaba for a kid free getaway very soon. Our very first trip without the kids to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. We are crossing fingers that we get good weather.

It's funny how you see faces as your challenge to draw. I struggle with everything else. I'm trying to work on other things besides faces now as I feel like I'm stuck in my comfort zone too much.......

Unknown said...

I saw your clothespins on Gritty Jane's fb page and knew right away they were yours! Love your style. The mug is awesome, those kind of details are scary!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

My thanks go out to the three gals who inspired you to do these drawings instead of They are wonderful. :)

lissa said...

it's a nice drawing. I like the details/decorative lines on the cup.

thanks for your visit. have a great day.

Bev said...

you paint everything so well but love your mugs best lol um u should do some mug shots lol oh and the solar queen well , what can i say lol
hugz bev

AM Zafaran said...

The rain led to those wonderful paintings, then the rain has to be thanked! ;-)
Love, love those cups ( I have a weakness for teapots and cups too!) and love, love even bit more, those clothes pegs on the line!
Tracy, You are right about my little classmates...such fun to watch and listen to!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Pretty sure you'd do a smashing job on any mug you tried to paint...this one sure turned out beautifully! And I can smell those lovely soaps from here. Stay dry! xx

Nordljus said...

What a gorgeous mug! But yes, that was the first thing I thought - I probably wouldn't have had the patience for all the details. Or rather, I wouldn't have managed to get them all so perfectly straight! Hope the weather will get better again soon!

Laura Leeder said...

The mug is gorgeous! Great blog!

Sandra Busby said...

What a feast full of creativeness you have for us today! I think I'd also be cursing that intricate pattern if I had drawn it! And i love those pegs. Only you could make such a mundane subject look so exiting! And the soap tins.... Three posts in one! Just lovely! :0)

Victoria said...

Wowness...such a beautifully stunning mug..gorgeous inspiring..and visually striking..I would love a cup like that...pretty! I always enjoy everything you share and are pure magic! All piece are fabulous!
Wishing you a sparkling day!

PaintingWrite said...

a beautiful mug and just perfect for you to illustrate!
sorry to hear about all the rubbish weather you've been getting. it's been strangely mild here - cold but clear blue skies which makes me fear we're in for another muggy, miserable and wet summer!

Laura said...

Great job on Catharina's mug.

Alexandra MacVean said...

hee hee love your humor and so need that today as I'm still sick and struggling to get over the bug here, let alone getting rid of this bad, ongoing, constant cough! No rest for me. :(

Love your mug, though. The detail is lovely - what an elegant tea cup/mug!

Neesie said...

I don't believe that you couldn't do faces...I think you can do anything! I mean who other than you could make clothes pegs look so colourful and cheery!
Catharina's mug (whoops that didn't come out as I would have wished...but you know what I mean) looks fantastic. I'm speechless and that's something that doesn't happen very often I can tell you!!!
Your writing gives me such's always a treat to check in with you :D

Giggles said...

Love this tea cup and have one a friend gifted me, that's very similar. Just wondering where it is now. I think it's hiding in the back of the cupboard..Lovely the black and white too!! Hope you're not having to slog around in the rain much longer!

Hugs Giggles

Kim said...

I love this black and white tea cup. Gorgeous. I also think it's pretty amazing how you see art in every day things. I have always gone from pictures I've seen but I think I may need to sit with my sketchbook and just look around at some of my stuff to see what inspires me.

Also wanted to mention that I absolutely love your topper picture with the tea and teabags. The colours and the real tea tags...It's just such a great work.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.