Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Solar Queen ...

I am betting some of you thought on seeing the title that maybe I had gone green
but no I am in fact talking about my solar Queen Elizabeth ...
she has a little solar panel in her handbag and that makes her wave
I kid you not
it is magnificent
 it sits on the window sill in the kitchen nook
waving regally to me all day
I wish they also made a solar Elvis and he had a knee that waved
how great would that look the Queen and the King hanging out and waving at me
seriously the greatest window sill decorations ever right...

Now before any of you worried that I have made her look a tad dodgy
and that the hand looks suspiciously like a clown hand
I would like to draw your attention to the real thing
on comparing the two, you will note I have been quite kind
the real thing gives her slightly alarming oompha loompah skin
and the dress a weird salmon colour which is quite unflattering
not to mention that her hair is downright scary

my father-in-law swears she is actually a waving Margaret Thatcher
which led to heated debate over the Christmas table
because of course the Queen had to preside over our Christmas dinner
it is quite the event after all
and if you have the chance to have the Queen along then you should take it
but all those faults and controversies are forgotten
the minute she waves me through my day

Her Solar Majesty isn't the only thing working for me at the moment though
I am also loving the 10 day challenge being run over on Facebook
which is great fun and getting me back into the swing of doing a little something every day
except for today when I have done two somethings
because I thought if I just put up Queeny here
that they might think it was a touch random
which is no problem on the blog as you are all so accepting of my randomness
but some of these folks don't know me
so I am submitting a painting of this amazing Darjeeling tea tin
not quite as awesome as a solar Queen, but I am still loving it

I have been drinking Darjeeling tea like crazy at the moment 
and is fueling the painting challenge perfectly so it it appropriate to submit it
though mine is a boring box and I am wishing like mad I had this container
but I do feel that my Republic of Tea collection
has reached that slightly embarrassing, taking over the shelf stage
so might just add this to my wish list instead

So here are my paintings from the first four days of the challenge
plus a bonus waving solar Queen thrown in for measure... xx

and my last few posts links are here...

P.S I wanted to quickly mention Featuring magazine to you all
it is a great mag for Mixed Media artists and it is starting a subscription service with the next issue... head on over to some of these links if you are interested in checking it out...
you can buy issue 3 here
or read what people have to say about it...


Cynthia Patterson said...

LOL..... that is just too funny.....I like your version of the Queen better then the Oompah Loompah one....haha.


Anonymous said...

well I never! Isn't that something!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I want one of those Thatcher, er Queen E waving solar dolls! How funny is that I suppose I could find something like that on Amazon. Your drawings are great, I love the really bright blue on that tea tin.

Lorraine said...

this post made me laugh..great drawings as ever

TwinkleToes2day said...

Absolutely hilarious! I would never have thought something like this existed, but then I guess that shows the limit of my imagination, haha. I guess if someone can think of it, it will most probably exist at some point in time.
Your tea tin is fab with the blues & greens and the 'shiny' black. have a great day :0) Mo

Unknown said...

I love that Queen Elizabeth is not wind-up or battery operated, but has a solar panel in her purse. How forward thinking she is! Plus she really can wave all the time! Hysterical post and super cute drawing!!

Sandra Busby said...

OMG - A Waving Solar Queen? That is just hilarious! I want one of those, lol! And I love the drawing you did of her. And I'm with you - It's def the Queen and not Margret Thatcher ;0)
The tea is of course just brilliant - though I imagine it tastes foul!
I'm not too good with teas. I must say since meeting you I have tried so many because you always make them sound so yum! I DO like the Lemon & Ginger, the Green Tea and Mango and anything in the pink packs. But so far, everything else I've tried is just plain wrong! :0)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I am SO impressed with how you are ROCKING this challenge! I am still having a hard time painting regularly, much less blogging about it.....I do love seeing what you and others have been up to tho!
LOVE your Margaret Thatcher...er queen and you are so right about the Oompa Loompa reference!
Thanks for the smile!

Jez said...

I always wondered what the Queen kept in her handbag. I see what you mean about the position of the hand, didn't notice it at first. I wonder if she reads blogs - just think she may be reading yours right at this moment and laughing, or perhaps putting your name down for the Tower.
One is amused, and thinks one would like one for one's palace window in Windsor.
Love it.

Michellem said...

That must be just about the coolest window ledge decoration ever!! LOVE it!

Neesie said...

Wow Tracey...you've moved up in the world having the Queen come to tea in your kitchen! But then we all know you're so special ;D

PaintingWrite said...

How funny - a waving solar powered queen! And, yes, she is hideously orange in real life (yours not the actual queen - in case my comment might be seen as treason!)
Love the tea tin - your tea madness does make me laugh - but we get some great illustrations as a result!

lkellner said...

Love your story and illustrations of Chris Collicott's Solar Queen! Can we post this on our blog at Kikkerland dot com?

Paper rainbow said...

This is fantastic! Wow I want one, Queen Liz complete with apricot coat and lovely smile :) I'm with you on the tea lOVe, some would say my tea love borders on addiction, my poison is Earl grey, but to be honest anything will do! Great post :)

stampernancy@hotmail.com said...

just came to your blog via pinterest and somehow to this post about the solar queen - I have one on my window ledge and love to she her waving to me every day! love you tea cup drawing - thanks Nancy LeB