Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Pantry Pineapple

There is a pineapple in my pantry
well there is a tin of pineapple
several in fact
and this pineapple is actually sitting on the bowl on my table
but the challenge over at APR is In Your Pantry
so for the sake of this post let's pretend that the pineapple is in my pantry
because it is more fun to paint a pineapple than a tin

And it is fresh pineapple sort of weather
late summer is upon us and we have been making smoothies
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
my favourite at the moment is pineapple, mint and yoghurt
I was going to draw up the yoghurt container
and no I don't keep it in the pantry
the yogurt brand is Roaming Cow
and it has this great cow image on its label
Sadly my effort at drawing the cow had a head that looked like a dog
and the second attempt inexplicably looked like a bat
so rather than painting up dog/bat/cow
I stuck with the pineapple

I have to come clean and tell you I have attempted a drawing of a pineapple
when I was in my botanical phase
but I never got past doing the top spiky bit
because it was taking forever and I ended up eating the bottom part
so all I have to show for it is spiky bit
but in the spirit of not wasting old drawings
here it is adorning the smoothie 
which I made after I painted up the pineapple used in this post
see I am learning not to eat my subjects before I am finished painting them
the old drawing sort of looks like it was meant to be used for this
because it is the right size for the glass

Painting up the pineapple also gave me the chance
and can I say I ordered these on Friday and had them in my hand on Tuesday
how great is that
 there is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for an art supply order is there

the paints were pretty great
good clear colours and easy to use
you can see the palette I made up in the photo below
and the journal was nice... I would still like a smoother paper
and crisper white would be just perfect
but it stood up to the assault of buckets of water well
and it does open nice and flat so that is always a bonus
I am looking forward to getting back to working it again today
and all in all I am very happy with the new toys

So happy in fact that I am off to play with them some more
hope you all have a wonderful creative day...xx

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Jennifer McLean said...

First, that is one bloody gorgeous pineapple. It makes me want to get a knife and a napkin to sop up all the juice that would run down my chin.

Second, holy cow, those new watercolors are so darn cool!! How to make a great and easy to use travel kit, or what. wow, now I have a new want on my art supplies list, hehhe.

sending love,

Dion Dior said...

Gorgeous T...don't you just love those Peerless..arts best kept secret...I'm not that keen in the swatch cards, i find they run out pretty quick, but the colors are wonderful. LOVE your pineapple. xx

Netty said...

wow, oooh I could eat it Trace. x

Anonymous said...

Your painting is lovely and your blog is even better. I laughed out loud in my living room when you talked about the cow/dog/bat. Then I started up again when you said you ate your subject before you finished painting it.

You are too funny. I can't wait to see and hear what you do next. I love the Tea Set at the top of your blog.

Michellem said...

I've been very curious about the Peerless paints - Jane Davenport raves about them!

Your pineapple is gorgeous - that is my, hands down, most favorite fruit. I've been known to eat pineapple until my mouth hurts (too much citric acid?) - anyhoo your painted spikey bit over your smoothie made me laugh!!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Oooh, that looks so fresh and delicious! Beautiful job Tracey!

Anne Manda said...

Luscious pineapple! Love the one with the smoothie, too, looks cool and the drink looks yummy! <3

Quilt knit said...

Well, Blow me down! I have the last pieces of Fresh Pineapple for tomorrow. They are so beautiful and delicious. My Blender died, so no blending. Have never tried the peerless water color swatches.
I love my tubes.
Glad the Tsunami did not make it to Australia.
I know there is much Freight being shipped to Australia and New Zealand. I hope some gets to the all people who really need the goods.
Going to have piece of Pineapple and head to Bed.

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,Love the pineapple. Is that a pineapple smoothie?

Agree, Peerless paints are fabulous and Jane's handy dandy homemade Peerless holder folder for them is super duper. ooooo think I need more tea.. :) x

Valerie-Jael said...

Your pineapple looks good enough to eat! Valerie

Unknown said...

I am totally in love with your pineapple painting! I would totally hang that anywhere in my house, but maybe the dining area or kitchen specifically. It's awesome, and the colors are totally vibrant. I have not learned the patience to work with watercolors... or patience for much of anything, really... :/ haha. But, I will live vicariously through your amazing works!

Still dying to see the cow/bat/dog.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I LOVE your pineapple- what a GREAT subject! So glad you didn't eat him before you were done! Also, I really like that you showed the other pineapple done in your old style- so cool to see the contrast between the two!

Sandra Busby said...

Crikey - I'm not sure I'd have the patience to draw a pineapple! Yours is fabulous! Must have taken you ages!
Loving the way you photographed the old drawing, lol!
I have gone straight on to Amazon and put the Strathmore book on my wish list! I definitely want one of those! :0)

Unknown said...

This looks pretty less so that I think of eating it but more plant like

Anonymous said...

I like the look of those watercolors, luscious comes to mind!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

A very well done drawing and watercolor of a pineapple not in your pantry! I have enjoyed all your recent posts and commentary. I am hoping your bad weather damage and clean-up is resolved and that Phantom is able to get to classes easily.

Catharina Engberg said...

My God you are so funny to read! I´m laying down double with laughter reading this post! My youngest daughter and her friend are looking at me. This pineapple is lovely. It seems very hard to paint. Glad you finaly made a whole pineapple for us to see! Take care and see you soon my friend! said...

Oooh, love the pineapple! And I always say...if it's edible then it's likely to become a study in half-eaten produce! Have never tried the Peerless paints, but want to now!

WrightStuff said...

OK, so now I fancy pineapple sprinkled with mint sugar (which tastes amazing) and some of the truly delicious Russian Fudge organic live yogurt I have in the fridge downstairs. Not together I hasten to add... Mmmm... delicious. That pineapple looks so juicy. Clever lady!

Terrie said...

A most excellent drawing - I can just about smell the pineapple and it's making my mouth water. This is one of your biggest stretches to make your drawing fit APR; you should get bonus points for thinking outside the pantry :) or points deducted for breaking the rules :) or bonus points for drawing something so yummy :) Enjoy your end-of-summer days....soon we'll be headed into the warmer weather and you'll be bundled up under a blanket to draw!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Mmmm, yummylicious pineapple! :0) Mo

alarmcat said...

the colors on your pineapple look positively juicy!! so bright and bold...perfect for this painting.

Colleayn said...

This looks so good! I can see where it would be tempting to eat it as you paint. :) I love the great colors from the Peerless. I can smell the pineapple from here.

aimee said...

You are the goddess at rendering all things botanical and fruity! Well worth going after the bottom half this time-- it looks awesome!

(I don't even want to think about what my attempt at a pineapple would look like)

Alice said...

ooh! lovely! your pineapple is perfection - and quite yummy looking!

Serena Lewis said...

OH, what a beautiful pineapple, Trace!! Awesome job and I love the glass topper one too. :)

The Peerless paints look like they have fabulously rich colours, however, I'd be concerned as to how long they would last being that they appear to be large swatches?? They sure look easy to use though and I love the idea of the compact travel palette Jane shows in her video.

Anywhoo, have a great weekend!

Aranthe said...

Gorgeous colors! I especially like that little tinge of pinkish along the edges.

Paper rainbow said...

Just love it, fantastic colours beautifully done. :)

VonnyK said...

That's one scrumptious looking pineapple, just love those juicy little devils. I agree, it's much better that a tin, both for painting and eating :) I had a look at those paints and they are fabulous, putting them on my most wanted list!