Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Book Confessions ....

I must admit to having a book problem
not quite as bad as Phantom's obsession
but it is up there
the New Year's Resolution to not buy any new books was broken in record time
and has been joyously ignored ever since
but in my defense I have been reading a lot of books from the shelves
and did do a clean out so I had gaps to fill

It is also time to come clean and admit to being a bit of a book slag
I am really not that fussy when it comes to what I read
two covers and pages covered with words and I will give it a run
except romance type novels, or the Jodi Picoult type ones
those I avoid like the plague, just not my thing really
I don't hold it against other people if they like them
after all I like shockingly bad sci fi books
I am talking Stargate novels and the like... embarrassing but true
and we all have our guilty pleasures don't we????

and I don't just like bad sci fi,
I  just don't mind a bit of cheese with my fantasy reads
 I also love literary sci fi, and fantasy books like the Game of Thrones series
 and a good dystopia is always welcomed
of course I do like art related books,biographies and art novels
and I collect and read cookbooks like crazy

The latest literary lists and prize winners are my happy place
not to mention a good serial killer or police procedural
a bit of mayhem and violence can make my whole day
especially British crime fiction...gore and violence with a side of humour is fabulous
and lets not foget the classics
these books are my forever friends
Gaskill, Hardy, Wilde, Maugham and about 20 other authors
can be read and re read and always bring me joy

Sinus, Phantom and I all have our reading spots
 and this painting of Phantom's and my reading chairs is a favourite from last year
Sinus tries to nab our chairs but mostly prefers reading while horizontal
and he swears he is able to read while his eyes are closed
though I tend to think the snoring makes tends to give away the game

Phantom is at that wonderful age where she is discovering the classics
and is devouring pretty much any book in her path
not to mention she recommended that I read Perks of Being a Wallflower
which was one of the highlights of my reading year in 2012

You may be thinking a post filled with paintings from last year is a touch random
but books and book related paintings were a bit of a theme last year
and I decided to re visit some of them as the topic over at APR was book related
actually I think it was bookmarks
so I am popping in this painting of bookmarks in case
and as to why I didn't get in and do a new painting
well the truth is I just started a cracking book and want to get back to it...xx

My last few posts have been ...


TwinkleToes2day said...

WONDERFUL pictures Tracey, no matter when they were painted. My favourite is the book stack :0) Mo x

Jennifer McLean said...

Hehehe, read on my friend, read on! I hope you have a gallon of tea and some chocolate biscuits to go with that great read, now I'm just a little jealous... Maybe I'll go read too. Now where did I put those chocolate biscuits? Oh ya, I ate them. :o(

alarmcat said...

i can totally relate to your book addiction!! I made a new rule last year---when i buy a book, i have to donate one. it helps to even things out :)

i enjoy your drawings very much.

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

I have not had nearly enough time to read lately. I miss it. Your art is amazing and now I need to read the Wallflower book... It was on my list.

Rita said...

I just put The Perks of Being a Wallflower on my reading list and it's my turn to pick the book club book...hhhmmm...

SandeeNC said...

I've been watching Game ofThrones on TV, I didn't even think about them being in book form...oh, heading to the library! I don't buy books space to keep them! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Unknown said...

Che meraviglia!

Unknown said... read read. Rachel Khoo, Little Paris Kitchen.. brilliant cookbook, complicated recipes made easy. If you like French cooking. I'm re-reading the Hobbit. Raymond Briggs, Ethel and Ernest is fun, quick and very English. This is just what I'm reading at the moment. Love reading, just don't get enough time. I'll stop boring you to death now... bye... :) x

Jez said...

Films are good, tv is ok, but there's nothing like a book to take you into a different world. As they say, books are best, the pictures are better than movies or tv.

Unknown said...

I love the book stack and the reading places photo! Your perspective on the books seems spot on to me!! :) Lovely!

I haven't read a book in a while... Probably since 2011... I am a terrible human. LOL.

HollyM said...

I love the book painting, have done them myself. I too dislike romance, especially Daniel Steel. I spent almost every minute of my life reading the whole series of Game of Thrones until it was done!
I don't like gore, but do love a good mystery. Light hearted is good.
You must try Louise Penny. She's Canadian. Not much gore but a good mystery with quirky characters.

Sandra Busby said...

Well I'm SO glad you posted them because I hadn't seen some of them! I LOVE the red tea-pot one in particular! But... Sci-Fi???? Really??? While I'm with you on the whole romantic novel thing (don't do those myself either), Sci-Fi would be the last thing I'd go for, lol! Actually, so would gore and violence (am big baby and v. squeamish).
I like comedy myself. Anything that makes me laugh is a winner! Hubby is the cookbook collector - I avoid those like the plague too ;0)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

And as is now becoming my usual, I am once again behind!
I LOVE reading too- have been on a HUGE fantasy-magical realism kick of late and am LOVING it!
Also loved visiting your old paintings. Old or new, they are always beautiful!

stefanie stark said...

Oh I love it how carefree you break the new year resolution. I wish I could be as easygoing as you are sometimes ;)
And your drawings are brilliant! I love the one with the red tea pot and I love the British crime fiction...with a side of the British humour too. These kind of books had always therapeutical effects on me when I was a teenager and literally ill from lovesickness.
And I also the love the one with the cozily couch and arm chair.

Dianne said...

A delightful post...I love those sci-fi books too, and fantasy...sure hope the last Game of Thrones book doesn't take 5 years to come out! Love your sketches and paintings, as always...those chairs look the perfect place to have a good read!

Serena Lewis said...

I loved this post because it covers my second favourite topic after art-related stuff...books! I adore them! I'm a sucker for Dean Koontz novels in particular. I used to love Native American romance novels in my younger years but now, I'm not interested in romance novels at all. I like a good, gripping tale from any genre. I haven't read the Game of Thrones books but I did get into the series.

I enjoyed seeing random pieces of your art from the past year...could never tire of it.

Enjoy your wet afternoon. Well, it's raining here anyways. xx

VonnyK said...

I love revisiting your gorgeous book paintings. I'm going green here, I would give anything to be left alone long enough to read a book these days. I used to love murder mysteries and Agatha Christie type books pre-children. Now, anything would do but not romance, I'm with you on that, no mushy stuff, just blood and guts all the way.
Enjoy a book for both of us, but I prefer coffee with mine :)
Von xx

WrightStuff said...

Nothing wrong with a guilty pleasure or two....


Darla said...

Enjoyed your book paintings. It seems I am never without a book. The librarians here know me by name.


Currie Silver said...

love this post and the paintings are wonderful!! the reading chairs really sing to me. I have a "chair-and-a-half" with a way oversize ottoman, which is a great place to read except Gracie has set up camp there, so...

I am loving my Kindle and my audiobooks. it's NOT the same, I know, but it's pretty special anyway. I love how I can shift to another book and always have an entire library of options when I am on the bus or waiting at an appointment.

so good to visit you again. you make me smile really big!!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Great to see your book drawing(s) old or new and to hear about your wonderful literary life, which for many in the states has disappeared in favor of being on-line on social networks! Thank you for your helpful recommendations on some books for our book club here in Illinois. We enjoyed "The Language of Flowers", some people more than others as is usual.

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Wow you are awesome! I love your paintings. The books are fabulous! I am following so I can see more!

pauline said...

What FABULOUS sketches!! The couches and chairs... omg. Beautiful work. And btw, i LOVED *the perks of being a wallflower*! Phantom has good taste. :-) xox

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Besides the Bible, I love reading mysteries. Agatha Christie, John Grisham, and Sue Grafton are my 3 favorites. I also love the fantastical worlds of C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Last, but not least, I love children's literature too. Blessings!

Alice said...

tracey, that first photo - well, it's making me hungry! haha! i love the pictures of your reading chairs, i can just feel the soft cushions and settling in to read a great book (or take a long nap). wonderful post - i'm smiling now :)