Friday, 18 January 2013

Holiday Hangover ....

You would think that I would have come back from my break at the beach
bursting with inspiration and creativity
but instead I find myself doing some half assed sketches
and sort of catching up with some emails and things
and kind of getting the studio in shape
and trying to ignore the fact that the house has little drifts of sand everywhere
coutesy of the mutt
but most of the time I find myself dreaming of being back at the beach
listening to the pound of the surf and smelling the sea air 

and looking at some of the photos I took you can understand
wanting to try to extend the delusion of being on holidays
it is a great beach and is insanely quiet
despite being right smack bang in the middle of summer break

we swam in ocean and pool
Mushu the wonder mutt doubled his body weight in sand every walk
and had a great time barking at those pesky waves
we lay around and read a squillion books
I lost all the card games except one I think
and I may have cheated to do that ... just a bit
we didn't finish any crosswords despite starting about 6
and being very creative with some spelling
and everyday we went for rambling walks on the beach and board walk

Phantom would get a quite a way ahead on the board walk
not because she is especially speedy
mainly because I was always falling behind while trying to get the sand off my feet
which necessitating me hopping on one foot while juggling flip flops, camera 
and bits of sea glass and pebbles and things that I had collected
and almost falling over and tipping over the handrail into the scrub
so she heartlessly used the opportunity to get some distance
from the possible embarrassment of her mother doing a half pike into the bush
but I got the last laugh and got a rare photo of her butt

But now I find myself sitting at the computer
sadly drawing a tube of Flow paint that I left out in the insane hope
that the flow would indeed start
and I have a few little sketches I did at the beach
but can't find the motivation to scan or photograph them to share with you
so you are getting this sketch of laptop, camera and paint tube
not exactly holiday inspiration is it
but the first one is always the toughest after a break
so crossing fingers and still slightly sandy toes that the paintings start to flow soon

happy Paint Party Friday ...xx


Anonymous said...

what beautiful photos, sounds perfect, you had drifts of sand and I,,,, drifts of snow,

Terrie said...

Welcome back - we missed you. Sounds like an utterly amazing vacation and I can see why you're reluctant to get back into the 'swing' of things....who wouldn't be? Even though my brain is willing, my energy and focus never are when I get back from a trip...creativity seems to need a chance to warm up. From the sound of it, you have plenty of warmth there!

Jennifer McLean said...

yup, totally feeling it too, that difficulty re-committing to the art. Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of it when we actually LIKE doing it when we are actually making art?? It confuses the hell out of me. But then I never was the brightest crayon in the box. ;o)
glad to have you back!

Unknown said...

Tracey those photos are amazing. Wow that beach is something else!I can see why you are just trying to extend that vacation:) Good luck making your way back to the every day. You'll get your artsy mojo back, I have every bit of faith in that:)FranTxo

Gloria j Zucaro said...

okay, how did you get this posted already?! Or is it just that I subscribe to your email? I just checked PPF and it wasn't the new one yet. I can see why you didn't want to return from your blissful holiday. And thank you for the joy you bring to us every time you post!

Kat Sloma said...

Ah... you're just in the input part of the creativity spiral. I have a whole theory on this. Sometimes you just need to be quiet and take new things in - like a trip to the beach - and later, after the new stuff has time to gel and all that, it comes out creatively. Enjoy the quiet! Happy PPF.

Marji said...

You are not alone in this after holiday creative funk. It seems to take a while for the bliss of holiday to wear off, reality to settle in again and then - once the routine is back in place - the creativity flows... may sputter at first, but it does flow again. Enjoy the bliss for now. Happy PPF

Anne Manda said...

Seems like you had an awesome holiday! You just need some adjustment time after vacation... The sketch is great anyway!

manomij said...

I always feel like that after a break, sometimes it takes me weeks to get back into creating but then when I do it is like I sucked ten tubes of flow. So my advice don't stare at it suck it :) Great to see you back! Manonxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Ooops, I'd love to see you paint some of the things you found at the beach.

Lynn Cohen said...

It is always fun to read you and see your wonderful illustrations that go with story! Life stories are my favorites!
Thanks so much for your critique of my drawings. Glad you see them growing stronger!

Rosie said...

Wonderful painting and photos from your holidays. Thank you for your lovely coment on my blog and to be a new follower. I am your new follower too.
Happy PPF

Greetings from Germany

Valerie-Jael said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday!Valerie

wednesday said...

Sometimes, after the well is refilled, it still takes a bit for the water to start running. I'll bet we have paintings of sandy tea mugs and shells in no time at all!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Sounds and looks like a dream holiday...lucky you. Have a great weekend.

minnemie said...

Hahaha, every vacations has its unwanted souvenirs... thanks to the marvelous Mushu you will have sandy memories for a month. Do save some for a painting - I have never tried it, but they say sand and water color mixes well:-)

Unknown said...

loving how you "may have cheated!" -- that made me smile. And looking at your photos, I can understand your melancholy. But I'm sure you'll start seeing the beautiful in your every day surroundings in no time! Happy PPF!

Unknown said...

What an incredible trip, I'm happy that you had such a great time doing all my favorite things but have to wonder how you managed to leave me behind, Lol.
just having a little wc painting is better than I would have done on returning!
Missed you, my sistah!

Netty said...

The holiday sounds great Trace, thank you for sharing the photos. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

denthe said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday! The inspiration and desire to create will come back, don't worry ☺

Catherine Denton said...

I hope it does flow for you soon. Meanwhile, I love your sketch. Even your simple drawings are extraordinary.
Catherine Denton

Sandra Busby said...

Am so envious of sand drifts - we have snow drifts instead!
And I love the sketch, even if it's not what you had planned. I like the angle you've drawn it in!
There is no doubt your flow will come back - It's just hard to get back in to a routine after a break isn't it? :0)
Great photo of Phantom btw!

Debbie said...

What a gorgeous beach! It sounds like you needed a break in routine. I'm sure your flow will return, when you least expect it!

carol l mckenna said...

Transitions take time sometimes ~ Lovely photos and wonderful illustrations as always ~

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Jez said...

Oh, those photos make me wish I could just have ten minutes walking there instead of looking out at this miserable snow that gives us cabin fever after only one day but promises more to come.

I look forward to seeing your painting of the sea glass and pebbles, so I hope they're on your to-do-list.

Thanks for the Melvin comment - everyone feels sorry for him, so you have definitely made me regard helping him out as a challenge.

GlorV1 said...

Sounds and looks like it was a great holiday. Awesome! You'll get back into the swing of things in no time.

Faye said...

Tracey, it takes a while to get back into the swing of things. I like your painting of the Flow tube. You do such great work on just ordinary items, something that is so beyond me. Your vacation sounds splendid.

Linda Kunsman said...

What beautiful beach photos-oh how I'd love to be at a warm beach right now... I can undestand your lack of flow- I tend to be that way after beach'll come.What about an illustration of some of your beach findings?
Happy PPF!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Looks like a glorious vacation, Tracey!
You will get your painting momentum back very soon...I just know it!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Unknown said...

The flow will be back in now time. Wow, where did you go for your hols. That beach and board walk look fantastic. Wish I had sandy toes, I've got frozbit toes...brrrrrrr. Glad to have you back, even if you are still in beach coma mode...xx

sharon said...

I understand where you are coming from I have been back from the beach since beginning of Jan and sill dream of the waves washing over me. Heat saps your energy, I amsure that your loved ones will do something silly and all the creative juices will rush back. Love your drawing.

Alicia C said...

welcome back :D love the disorienting POV of the FLOW tube, sort of demonstrating the state of mind of the artist! pics of beach are stunning

Alexandra MacVean said...

I'd like a holiday hangover! lol I feel like my days just zoom by, barely getting any art projects completed and what-do-ya-know?! My next semester is already starting next week! Oy! :)

I'm glad you had a lovely time. Your photos of the beach are so wonderful and peaceful. I'd like to put my painted toes in some warm sand for awhile! hee

Denise Mulligan said...

Welcome back, even if it is only half way. It's nice to see your photos. Looks amazing! I don't think anyone can recover quickly from being surrounded by such beauty. Let it cling to you as long as possible.

Unknown said...

I'm glad for you that you have a holiday hangover. It's the best kind really .... Savor the slower pace for as long as possible!

Nigel said...

Welcome back (I thought it had been quiet).
It may be a half-hearted attempt to get back in the flow, but it's still excellent as always. x

Ginny said...

Welcome back. Look at how many people have been waiting for you. Your work and words are something we all look forward to each week.

I agree that it is sometimes hard to get back into the swing of things after a wonderful vacation. But the inspiration will appear soon. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

Kristin said...

I just adore you! So glad your vacation was fab - and you'll get back to it - see, you're already on your way! xoxo

Tammie Lee said...

you make me miss the beach, such lovely photos.

i am sure your flow will indeed return!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I hate that down feeling after coming back from a holiday with the family. Your photographs look gorgeous, so I'm sure the memories will eventually inspire you to create, my friend. Blessings!

Giggles said...

Sounds like a case of the doldrums!!! You shall recover and be as bright as new!! We love anything you share with us!!Wishing you a spot of magic this week!!

Hugs Giggles

Tam Hess said...

I get the same way when I go to the beach. One day my oldest son and I stayed on the beach walking and looking at shells for 8 hours. The rest of the family thought we were crazy. The ocean just speaks to us!

K J D said...

Oh gosh your photographs are beautiful..... I do love an empty beach!!!!

Great sketches too :)

Grab up some of that sand and put it on your desk and imagine you are on the beach drawing!

It's snowy here and very cold if that helps at all?

Karen x

SandeeNC said...

wow, I feel like it's been forever since I visited you! I love the thought of Mushu dragging his way through the sand and collecting it ever so thoughfully to bring back to the home to share. Wasn't that sweet? lol ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

ANNE said...

I haven't been motivated to paint in months and months, spring fever has me going again.

Enjoy your summer!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Tracy,
Your beach photos look sooo nice - especially since I'm freezing here in Ohio. We're suppose to have single digit temps this week! Tracy, I've been so busy with work, I haven't been doing much sketching lately, so I'm sort of glad to hear I'm not the only one who's lost my motivation. I've even taken a hiatus from my blog for a while. Hopefully, everyone will be back in the swing of things by spring!
Big hugs,

WrightStuff said...

Maybe it's the heat. Shall I email you a photo of what it looks like here to help cool you down?

Lorinda.C.F said...

Welcome back Tracey. Oh the hard return to reality is never easy... Hope the flow returns soon xx

Rita said...

LOL! Everyone seems to need a vacation to recuperate after the vacation. ;)

Elisa said...

what fun vacation tracey and your painting is awesome. Love the way you draw with all the lines cross hatch and colors:)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Our holidays pictures always include a looooot of my family´s backsides. Lol. :D

Nordljus said...

The less motivation after a holiday, the better the holiday! I'm still trying to recover my motivation and energy after my long christmas break. That beach looks wonderful! Not having any beaches here, walking along a beach is of course always something exotic and something I dream of doing. Until I'm actually there, and realise that it's made of tons of sand, that just gets everywhere. I've just booked a short trip to the English south coast in a few week's time - and the first thing I'm going to buy are a pair of wellies! Hope the flow sets in soon, I'm sure it will!

Neesie said...

I returned from holiday before you Trace and I'm still waiting for the creative juices to follow.
I think it shows that the holiday worked as it should...wiping the paint palette clean ready to start afresh. ;D
I can totally relate to what sounds like 'sandphobia'. I HATE it getting everywhere especially in between my toes and intimates!!! (enough said)
I would be thrilled if I'd produced this piece of art ~ with a hangover too. You're so talented.
Your photos are brilliant and make me want to go away again! :$
Don't worry Phantom you look great from the rear!!! ;D
Neesie ♥

Linda Richardson said...

hehe with you on the whole 'getting back from holiday's" vibe... xo L.

Unknown said...

Today I forced myself to write a blog post, then I visited other blogs and saw a pattern-- everyone is suffering from some sort of ennui. Gray days, lack of color, lack of inspiration. You are not alone, my friend!

When inspiration leaves, fall back on discipline until the sun shines again and the inspiration returns. I know it's tempting to stay on the beach-- you had a dreamy holiday!

JKW said...

Routine isn't easy to get back into. At least you did draw something. Welcome back to the art world. Great pictures, look forward to seeing more. Blessings, Janet PPF

Fallingladies said...

I amtrying to catch up on posts as i have missed so many, i didn't know what blue bottles were really called either, actually never seen them at all so wouldn't have known from the Sketches... This beach is incredible, beautiful empty and i don't think i could ever have left it if i were you..... Also wanted to sympathize about senior year.... Maybe it's not so bad there but here in NY, for me, senior year was one stress after another, money going out in droves as if i had it to throw round, and then the anxiety attacks, mine for some reason, not my daughters. I have to do it again come september with my son and i am already dreading it now.

Unknown said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to have a house full of sand!! Due to the fact that the beach wouldn't be too far away! I love the beach, and your posts are making me oh so envious!!