Sunday, 27 January 2013

An Unexpected Sunday ....

My plan for the day was to draw up this great pencil box
that I bought when I went and got Phantom's school supplies the other morning
the pencils are actually completely useless as they are HB
and I am a 3B girl at the minimum
but the box is fabulous isn't it...

anyway I drew it up and was excited to get into the studio and get it started
until I came down to the studio and found the paper curled up into a sodden ball
due to the crazy humidity thanks to the fact that is is bucketing down
and I mean huge buckets that could hold a whale
not piddly little kiddie buckets
we are talking biblical proportions

Thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Oswald
our normally sedate and lazy Moreton Bay is a churning mess
and there is water everywhere
and even the storm run off at the end of the street is looking pretty impressive

The rain is coming sideways on impressive wind gusts
which had unexpected upside
as it gave all the windows down the eastern side of the house a good blasting clean
and it also managed to travel across our covered entertaining area
come in through the dining room window 
and the table was getting a good washing before I realised
it is a testament to my style of cleaning 
that I actually considered leaving it open thinking the floor looked like it could do with a wash
but thankfully common sense has prevailed as we have had inches of rain since
and the floor wasn't dirty enough that it needed inches...

So I am reduced to sitting in the studio making notes on ideas
while I watch the pool turn into a water feature as it overflows

not the Sunday i had planned for the return to Sunday Sketches 
after such a long break
but I am crossing fingers and toes that it all slows down soon
and that everyone is staying dry and safe...xx

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Prawn Day ....

This weekend we have a double celebration
not only is it the last weekend before school heads back
but it is also Australia Day
and to celebrate our house will be eating loads and loads of prawns
which made it the perfect subject of my painting today
there is something about the gorgeous colours of the shells that I love
and I have been wanting to have a go at painting them for awhile
so sat down and got this sketch done as a tribute

I did think of doing a painting of a jar of Vegemite again
but it seems to spark the whole debate about the merits of Marmite and promite
which are both plain disgusting in my book
so I took the less controversial route and went with a couple of prawns...

you will note I said prawns .... not shrimp
bloody Paul Hogan and his throwing shrimps on the barbie
drove us nuts the whole time we were living in Florida
not because the joke got old very quickly... although it kind of did
but because we don't call them shrimp
shrimp are like little bait prawns... or really little kids
as in... check out how short he is... what a shrimp
so throwing shrimp on the barbie would be kind of dumb
because they would slip between the grill thingies
not much of a meal there

In fact we never even throw them on the barbie at all at our place
Sinus man would freak at the thought
he pretty much inhales them as fast as they can be peeled
and in a gross twist, he has been known to suck the heads
which makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit any time I see it

I like a perfectly peeled and cleaned prawn
and  a nice sauce to dip it in
or better yet in a spicy Thai noodle dish like a Pad Thai
and you will never , ever, see me suck a prawn head
I wouldn't even be tempted even if George Clooney turned up with a plate of prawn heads
and said he would snog me senseless if I would suck just one
no siree that is just pain disgusting
and quite frankly it is lucky that Sinus has so many great features
because sucking prawn heads could be a bit of a deal breaker

So Australia Day is about to dawn
and in true Queensland fashion it is bucketing with rain
and expected to continue in epic proportions all weekend
so it is just as well we aren't the throwing them on the barbie types

Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies
and a happy weekend to everyone else...xx

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Adjusting the Attitude... Sort of...

Have to say that the holiday hangover is persisting
no doubt helped along by the crushing realisation that in order to go back to the beach
we actually have to survive first term
and before that starts next week
I have to get uniforms, bags, stationery lists
and all the other sundry back to school rubbish sorted

But rather than letting all this get me down I am attempting to adjust my attitude
instead of focusing on the mountainous list of chores to be completed in the next week
I am focussing on this being the last back to school
let's all here it for Phantom being a Senior....

Attempting an attitude adjustment also means that
rather than focusing on not being here at Coolum
not walking on this glorious beach
and not feeling those cooling sea breezes

I am going to focus on not having to avoid stepping on these bitey buggers

every afternoon on the incoming tide the bluebottles invaded the waves
making the walk along the beach fraught with all sorts of danger and stress
due to me being someone who manages to combine the attention span of a gnat 
and the coordination of a stick
it is a miracle that I didn't stand on one
thank goodness for Phantom's eagle eyes
though she didn't have to push me out of the way of them 
with quite as much enthusiasm as she displayed

So my solution to the not being at the beach blues
was to draw up the blue bottles as a reminder
that not all is perfect up there at Coolum
and while it isn't quite the same taking a stroll out to the pool in the afternoons
it also doesn't have the perils of stingers hiding out to grab your feet

Not quite sure I am quite fooling myself yet
but thinking it is worth a shot....xx

P.S ... turns out that Blue Bottles is the Australian term
they are known as Portuguese Man O War in other places

when  I went and asked Phantom and Sinus if they knew the correct name
 they both said everyone knows that
turns out everyone except me!!!...xx

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Holiday Hangover ....

You would think that I would have come back from my break at the beach
bursting with inspiration and creativity
but instead I find myself doing some half assed sketches
and sort of catching up with some emails and things
and kind of getting the studio in shape
and trying to ignore the fact that the house has little drifts of sand everywhere
coutesy of the mutt
but most of the time I find myself dreaming of being back at the beach
listening to the pound of the surf and smelling the sea air 

and looking at some of the photos I took you can understand
wanting to try to extend the delusion of being on holidays
it is a great beach and is insanely quiet
despite being right smack bang in the middle of summer break

we swam in ocean and pool
Mushu the wonder mutt doubled his body weight in sand every walk
and had a great time barking at those pesky waves
we lay around and read a squillion books
I lost all the card games except one I think
and I may have cheated to do that ... just a bit
we didn't finish any crosswords despite starting about 6
and being very creative with some spelling
and everyday we went for rambling walks on the beach and board walk

Phantom would get a quite a way ahead on the board walk
not because she is especially speedy
mainly because I was always falling behind while trying to get the sand off my feet
which necessitating me hopping on one foot while juggling flip flops, camera 
and bits of sea glass and pebbles and things that I had collected
and almost falling over and tipping over the handrail into the scrub
so she heartlessly used the opportunity to get some distance
from the possible embarrassment of her mother doing a half pike into the bush
but I got the last laugh and got a rare photo of her butt

But now I find myself sitting at the computer
sadly drawing a tube of Flow paint that I left out in the insane hope
that the flow would indeed start
and I have a few little sketches I did at the beach
but can't find the motivation to scan or photograph them to share with you
so you are getting this sketch of laptop, camera and paint tube
not exactly holiday inspiration is it
but the first one is always the toughest after a break
so crossing fingers and still slightly sandy toes that the paintings start to flow soon

happy Paint Party Friday ...xx

Friday, 11 January 2013

Holiday Haze...

This is a scheduled post
which means if you actually see it then a small miracle has occurred
and I didn't stuff it up as I usually do
which will be an achievement in itself
scheduling a post for when we go to the beach has always been a bit dodgy
but maybe 2013 will be the year I manage to organise it...

Apologies to all you snow bound and cold wintry Northern hemisphere folks
but payback is a cow
 last July while you were writing about summer fun
I was shivering and cursing you all
so feel free to hurl a few curses my way
I will be able to handle  it
because I will be in that salt water and sunscreeny haze
 that makes everything seem wonderful

You will note I didn't say sun and sand haze
because I hate sand
even the gorgeous looking powdery white stuff that we get here in Queensland
it gets everywhere and the bloody mutt seems to store the stuff in hidden pockets in his coat
I am actually considering weighing him before we leave home
and then again before we leave the holiday house
and if he weighs more than half a pound more than he did when we left 
he will need to be dunked in the pool again to try to shake the sand out of wherever he hides it
because at random times over the next two months
he will somehow manage to get it everywhere
most notably on my reading chair which drives me to distraction

but sand nightmares aside 
by the time you are reading this I will have had a glorious week
lying around reading books and trashy magazines, swimming, 
pretending to not hear Sinus and Phantom fighting like 4 yr olds
rather than the 45 and 16 year old that they are
we will have started 20 crosswords
and have finished none
taken the dog to the beach and laughed ourselves sick
at how he gets a shock every time a wave reaches his feet
seriously, every time a wave touches him
he jumps then runs in mad barky circles like it didn't just happen two minutes ago
we will have eaten our body weight in fruit and ice cream
and played about 20 games of three handed canasta
of which I will win
exactly none
and I will have been asked for to cast the deciding vote in what will be heated discussions
between Phantom and Sinus over earth shattering issues
like is it worse to have a pickle shoved up your nose or have an ant in your ear???

In short we will have had the same holiday we have every year
and in all that I will probably do the same amount of artwork that I did during our last visit
which I am going to throw in here just to rub it in a bit more...xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Resolute Tomatoes ...

I planned on my first post of 2013 being full of all that positive start of the year stuff
mainly because I did actually make a resolution this year
and not the resolution you would expect
I didn't take the cheat's road and choose things I achieve every day
like being terminally clumsy, eating chocolate or drinking too much tea
and I didn't go crazy hard either
I didn't plan on maybe cleaning out the pit that I call a handbag
I didn't resolve to take over the world
to stop laughing at the dog when he trips up the stairs
or stop pulling Sinus' finger when he asks me to
and I wasn't like Phantom who made the resolution to be less awesome
so the rest of us could  feel a bit better about ourselves
I kid you not that is what she said
no confidence issues there it would appear

My resolution was to buy no novels all year
I was going to read from the vast library that we have
and finally get to the many, many books that I have been wanting to read
now this is not a torturous resolution as we have an insane number of books
we have a six metre wall, which I think is about 20ft ish in non metric speak
which is full to the very high ceiling with bookcases
not to mention a wall of bookcases in Phantom's room
and two other bookcases which are full to the brim
and we said it would be okay for me to get books for presents
so I was figuring Mother's Day and Birthday were going to be about books
so should be easy right

I lasted exactly three and a bit freaking days
seriously ... couldn't even go a week
went to the shop this morning and lasted through Phantom buying two books
and walked out of the book store feeling like I was little miss resolution queen
and then in another store I saw it ... the perfect holiday read
 which is the next book in a series I have been reading
I swear to you I had sweaty palms and my breathing was instantly shallow
and I stood transfixed trying to work out how long it was until Mother's Day
when Phantom swoops in and gives me the
who do you think you are fooling eye roll and puts it in the cart
and with that the resolution was done baby
I didn't even protest ...I am a weak, weak soul

 and what does all this have to do with the tomatoes I have painted you might ask
well not much at all actually
they just happen to have survived despite being completely neglected
and were an awesome little surprise that I noticed while having a swim the other afternoon
and because they are obviously such independent hardy souls
I thought they would be a nice symbolic painting regarding being resolute and all that
probably should have drawn an empty chocolate wrapper
that might have been more fitting ...

Happy New Year to you all
especially my friends over at Paint Party Friday
and hope you are having better luck with your resolutions...xx

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