Friday, 21 December 2012

Tis the Season and all that....

I didn't mean to take a week to post
but it would appear that the silly season is living up to its name
and time in the studio has been limited to grabbed moments here and there
it is about the only thing I don't like about this time of the year
If I am honest I also hate the cleaning the house part
especially as due to extra time in the studio
the house seems to morphed into some crazy person's lair
but all that aside there have been some note worthy moments this week
some wonderful and some a touch dubious in nature

On the wonderful side is all the awesome Christmas packaging
Phantom got a coffee at the shops the other day
and instead of the drab brown takeaway cup
or the eyeball splitting garish numbers
the shop had these lovely muted numbers
pretty isn't it... how could I not paint it ...

also on the plus side was Sinus and the parking garage incident
Sinus is the world's best parking spot getter
doesn't matter how many people are in the shops he will get one right outside the entrance
and the other night was no exception
Christmas crowds didn't challenge him in the least
and because he thought I wouldn't believe him he took a photo as evidence
as only a man could do... he also photographs his Christmas hams every year... weird I know
but as he was photographing the Christmas miracle park
some lady happened to walk into his shot
being the terminally nice guy that he is
he explained that he hadn't been taking photos of her, but his park
and she proceeded to chase him down
demand to see the photo he had taken of her and question him like a mad thing
he said he came home feeling like he was a creepy stalker guy
 hilarious from our end as we know he is the gentlest soul in the world
and I can't help thinking it serves him right for taking a photo of his parking space

another plus was that my great friend Tracey got me this perfect Mug for Christmas
it also had chocolates in it but they were demanding to be eaten so they aren't making an appearance
but that tea is my greatest achievement of the season so far
Sinus and Phantom got it for me for Christmas
but I decided I really really needed it early
so I badgered and annoyed them for a day and a bit straight until they coughed it up
at one point Phantom even suggested going in getting me a scoop
and then still putting it under the tree
but that would have been a cruel taunt, so I stepped up the harassment and had a win
it is now fuelling me into the last mad push of cleaning and cooking

one not so wonderful incident was the morning when
the dog threw up over our freshly cleaned couch
and not a little bit either
this thing was a torrent of disgustingness that managed to coat the arm and three cushions
and necessitated the purchase of a upholstery cleaner machine thingy
which is actually fantastic fun to use
once you get past the whole I have just cleaned up dog vomit thing
and so we now have our sofa back in its shining pristine condition
I am sure there were other disasters
but I am blocking them out in an attempt to be a happy Christmas pixie

So the studio has been cleaned and work put away
so that I won't be tempted to run away and avoid the cleaning and baking
not to mention the mountain of present wrapping and organising that is ahead
which is going to mean no work or blogging over the next week
I will get around to visit in grabbed moments over the next week or so
especially my friends at Paint Party Friday who I am still getting to from last week!!!

I want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and thanks you all for all your support and comments and fun this year
sharing my work and life on my blog
and finding so many incredible people has been a trip and a half
and you are all appreciated hugely... xx


my cup of tea said...

Merry Christmas Tracey! Totally LOVE my Christmas card! I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year and look forward to 2013~
Donna A~

Viola said...

Lovely drawing! :) and I had to smile when reading about the woman in the park.. ;)
You really have a lot of pencils! :) and so many lovely pieces of your work on the wall! =)

Merry Christmas
A Happy New year! :)

Jennifer McLean said...

ok I want an emailed photo of the christmas ham. LOL. I'm thinking you'll have to teach me the bugging/begging that got you an early christmas present trick though.
Much Love,

Bev said...

gorgeous coffee cup sketch and Poor Sinus can only imagine how he must have felt lol nasty giggle i know hehe ave a good one matey and hope u get lots of goodies ....
hugz and sparkle ....

Anonymous said...

hats a lovely cup! Much better than drab brown any day! Too bad about the dog being sick on the couch, yuk, I have enjoyed your blog so much, its been a great year, its snow ing and blowing so hard right now we are in a complete white out! I love it, its strange but comforting, schools are closed, highways are closed, stores too.We are in a Mother Nature lock down, lol,

35jupe said...

Happy Christmas Tracey! I hope yours is lovely.

(And I just realized, from you blog, what to get my housemates!!! Mugs for tea!)

Sandi McLean said...

Tracey, I adore my Christmas Card!!! While I am not the most frequent visitor, I also adore your posts - the stories only slightly less so than your art LOL Have a lovely holiday, hugs Sandi

Lorinda.C.F said...

Wishing you the happiest of holidays Tracey! And thank you for the beautiful card!! The cool refreshing image is such a tease when we're hunkering down in windstorms and the occasional snow flake! See you in 2013! xoxo

Rita said...

That cup is so much better than the usual take out coffee cups. Just lovely, really.

Your studio looks wonderful and so organized--made me sigh with delight. I love your hanging colored pencil bins and all your creations on the walls. :)

Enjoy your tea. Merry Christmas! I LOVED your card. So NOT North Dakota--ROFL!! Made me smile. Best to you all!! :):)

Carin said...

Happy Christmas Tracey! Have a great one! Poor Sinus lol. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one though....

Serena Lewis said...

Your poor can get awkward nowadays with taking photographs in a public place. I LOVE your sketch and I want a studio just like yours!

Have a beautiful and Merry Christmas with your family. xx

Ginny said...

Love the cup. It is definitely much nicer than the normal coffee cup. Your husband's adventure made me laugh. It always happens to the nicest people.
I loved seeing your studio. It is always fun to see where people create.

Ginny said...

Happy Holidays Tracey. I love your cup. It is much prettier than the usual cups we get.

I laughed at your husband's story. I hope he thought it was funny.

Thank you for showing us your studio. It is fun to get to see where others create.

Helen Campbell said...

Merry Christmas! It will be, really! You've survived an impressive number of interesting and disgusting things this week, and of course, had me chuckling though your stories.
Seriously, I do hope you and your family have the most wonderful holiday season, and a blessed New Year.

Marji said...

That cup makes takeout so much more special. Especially your rendition. Your studio looks so tidy. The Holidays do bring out the best in us, except for the woman who was after poor Sinus for the photo. Happy Holidyas to you and your family and Happy PPF

Giggles said...

Love you Tracey!!! Thanks for entertaining me constantly with your amazing blog posts full a fantastic art and humour!! You're the best!!

I got a chuckle out of Sinus, that could happen to Beardo who is also the gentlest soul on the planet!! So funny, I should probably have a placard to park close because of my bad hip, but like Sinus I always get a good spot.Like me he has good Karma!!

Love the cup pretty!! And the studio....awesome!! I feel the same about housework...I love a clean house, but as I age it becomes more redundant!!

Merry Christmas dear lady, to you and yours!!

Love Giggless

Debbie said...

It is a crazy time of year, isn't it? Your coffee mug is so pretty, and your studio is looking great! Happy Holidays!!

Lynn Cohen said...

You have done that cup proud, and your studio shouts paint in me!
Happy holidays and hPPF!

Jez said...

You seem to get such lovely packaging in Oz, tea and now take-away coffee cups. Here in UK it seems to be 'why should we brighten your day with art'.

I've appreciated so much finding your blog when I started blogging earlier this year - your humour and your delicate artwork.

All best wishes for a Happy Christmas for you and yours, and for a peaceful, healthy and successful year in 2013. XX

Valerie-Jael said...

What a fun post! Have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you so much for the beautiful, sunny card which arrived yesterday! Hugs, Valerie

HollyM said...

Oh my, your pre Christmas season sounds just like the typical one! I keep trying to relax and not be overwhelmed or get caught up in all the materialistic things but there's still lots to do.
Have a great week with your family.

Laura said...

Fab cups and I wonder if they are full of Christmas Spirit too. :-)
Enjoy the season if you can even with all the hoards of people at the shops. Merry Christmas and New Year. xx

PaintingWrite said...

Your version of the cup is even nicer brighter more crisp colours - perhaps they should consider letting you design the cup for next year? Poor Sinus how embarrassing for him to have to try to explain he wasn't some weird photo taking stranger but was in fact taking a photo of a parking space (which, in fairness, doesn't sound any less weird unless it's put into context which you did so wonderfully for us!) Poor dog - ours have been going through the vomiting thing recently too which is worse because we are of course staying with my parents until the new year and even though there are plenty of wooden floors that could be wiped clean they always manage to do it on the rugs!! Happy holidays and thank you so much for my gorgeous Christmas Card - I'm totally getting it framed! I'm so sorry I was too disorganised to send you one this year as planned - I'll create a new address card in the new year and send you one of those instead!!

Sandra Busby said...

Oh dear! Your poor hubby! But it did make me laugh ;0)
I'm all ready now apart from cleaning and food shopping, but the wrapping is done. My back is killing me though and it so happens that someone gave me a wonderful tip of wrapping on the ironing board which is kind to the back - AFTER I had already finished both the wrapping and my poor back!
Have a wonderful Christmas! :0)

Ivy said...

LOVE your cup...double LOVE your studio! Merry Christmas and Happy PPF!

Anne Manda said...

Thank you for this great fun post and the beautiful Christmas mug drawing! Sorry about the dog vomit and parking incidents, but happy that the cleaning thingy is great and your studio looks nice and fresh! :)Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

Dion Dior said...

I can't believe how bright and beautiful your studio is...not to mention your coffee cup. Merry Christmas my sweet friend, stay cool, enjoy the celebrations, and save some for me. Hugs xx

carlarey said...

Love that coffee cup! Glad to see you are keeping your sense of humor about the holiday craziness. I have not been nearly as nice. Good thing I am not waiting on Santa.

Your new tea mug is perfect.

soulbrush said...

Seeing your life through your eyes has been a real treat these past months. Have a wonderfully festive season, and a happy, healthy and arty 2013.

Molly said...

what is it with men and parking??? i hear the same things here... but have not had to deal with pictures yet. the stalker bit is hysterical! :-)

that cup is really pretty! i love how you immediately think to paint it. i need to start looking at every day things more closely as sources of inspiration.

enjoy the holidays!

Unknown said...

great post merry x mas

K J D said...

You always make me smile!!!

Great mugs btw!

Poor Sinus.... I did giggle though :)

Love Karenx

Carolyn Dube said...

Minus the dog vomit- your house sounds like mine! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your post and art...and the photos of your studio!! So organized!
Happy PPF and Happy Holidays!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Unknown said...

love the story about the parking space and only wish you had shared the picture! Gorgeous watercolors as always, and I am having serious studio envy right now!!

Anonymous said...

Studio looks great! I love your art like always!

Alexandra MacVean said...

I just LOVE your workspace! I wish I had the funds/ways to make mine more usable. haha :) Brilliant sketch, as always. I'm always amazed at your talent. Crazy good!

Rita said...

Laughing at the parking incident! Lovely coffee cup and your rendition, too! Your studio looks wonderful...I feel like I should go clean up now!

Happy PPF and Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

Your work is beautiful! Happy PPF e Buon Natale!

JKW said...

OMGosh the whole couch. . .YIKES! OMGosh he was chased down the street b/c he took a picture of her. . . what in the world is she up to - hey, good story to illustrate like a graphic art story. . . The cups are much prettier than ordinary. I substituted Ginger Tea for prilosec (tummy pills) and it's working. Just FYI on the tea. I'm a Starbucks gal myself. Merry Christmas. Blessings, Janet PPF

Christina Minasian said...

Beautiful illustrations! And what an inspiring studio... love all the containers!
Happy PPF!

carol l mckenna said...

Happy Holidays to you ~ another lovely post and creation ~ ^_^

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

ps. I am procrastinating on 'house cleaning' ~ rather be painting or photographing or writing haiku ^_^

Linda Kunsman said...

wow tracey-your sketch is so much better than the cup itself-fantastic!! I'm so with you on the cleaning the house thing-not where I want to be spending time! Your studio looks so pretty and very organized. Sorry about Sinus and your ill pup-ich.Thanks for so much inspiration thru PPF! Merry Christmas!

Dianne said...

just found your blog recently and love your style! (both artwork and funny commentary!)you brighten a person's day, for sure. merry merry Christmas to you too!

denthe said...

That's a lovely take-away cup, and I'm jealous of your studio-table! So much room to make art! I still have to start cleaning up .... Hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas, and a great start to a new year full of creativity and fun! ♥ denthe

EVA said...

Have a super Christmas, Tracey!! That mug is indeed enchanting and you did a beautiful painting of it! enjoy your tea and holidays!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Love the berries Tracey, and your perfect drawn cup. Your studio is wonderful. I didn't actually picture you in the studio before!? I pictured you in the kitchen where all the things you apint must be living! Also I was sure I signed up to get your posts but have not been getting them. So I will sign up again. I enjoyed your email.:)

WrightStuff said...

I used to think it was a man thing - my Dad and my boyfriend never have trouble parking. But now I discover it's a visualisation trick.

It was raining. I was driving a car load of women for a night out in a busy area of town. My friend visualised a parking space and hey presto - there was one practically right outside the restaurant. Other people turned up late because they couldn't find anywhere to park... go figure!

Another visualisation technique I have failed to learn is someone else clearing up the pet vomit...

On that note, I shall wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I can relate to the lack of Studio time during the holidays. However, we are blessed to have loving families to help us get through it. Merry Christmas, my friend.

Kristin said...

Okay, so I LOVE your posts so much! You always crack me up - and inspire me with your beautiful art. MUCH love to you and the gang and much luck with the dog and the couch :)

Clare Lloyd said...

wonderful work, love your studio. happy xmas. x

Unknown said...

Love your studio! I wish I had one. :)
Happy holidays!

Lady Fishbone said...

I love those cups, so lovely.

I'm starting following you now ^^

Unknown said...

Hello Tracey!!!!! Wonderful to finally get a chance to pop in!!! love your Studio space!!! looks so amazing and inviting and inspiring!!!! love your new work too!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Neesie said...

Merry Christmas Trace,
Loved catching up with your antics again this's never a dull moment eh?
I'M IN LOVE THE MUG! and your studio and your art of course ♥
Can't help thinking about what those carpet cleaners will have to deal with over the festive season.
Funny cos I suddenly don't feel like my brekkie now :-$

Neesie said...

Merry Christmas Trace,
Loved catching up with your antics again this's never a dull moment eh?
I'M IN LOVE THE MUG! and your studio and your art of course ♥
Can't help thinking about what those carpet cleaners will have to deal with over the festive season.
Funny cos I suddenly don't feel like my brekkie now :-$

giddy up said...

Love your art work and nice "organized" studio space.

Quilt knit said...

I Hope you had a Grand Celebration of Christmas. Oh, about being chased when taking photos, I was posing my Cat in my Apartment on the Ironing Board. It was night, The apartment across the way and been emptied forever. Well, I snapped that picture, and the next day, someone asked me why I was spying on people. Wierd.

Unknown said...

At first read I thought you said your house looked like a crazy person's HAIR .... But you said lair .... MY house has looked like a crazy person's hair ... Tomorrow everyone goes back to their respective places and I will be alone with the dusty Christmas tree. He/she is not long for this world! I love your post on the silly season and wish I had stopped by sooner. Your husband's car park photo tradition is fantastic - why not take a photo of your prize catch of the day? Every man can relate :)

Wishing you a happy new year and a glorious stretch of productivity in your beautiful studio ... 45 weeks or so until the silly season begins again and we all look like crazy people with crazy hair living in crazy lairs

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow...Tracey, I love the design on that coffee cup AND your art studio! I'm swooning over all your pens and colored pencils!! lol I somehow missed this post last month, so just catching up!