Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Random Items Drawer ...

We all have a junk drawer
in fact some of us lucky souls have more than one
I personally am aiming for junk drawer quantity rather than quality

I have one in the kitchen
which is the black hole of junk drawers
one in the study which I think shares a lot of similarities with the Bermuda Triangle
and I have a drawer of mystery cosmetics in my bathroom
I have no clue how I came to have a drawer half full of lipsticks
I never wear them
like never ever, yet there they are
like some weird magical super girly ghost has thrown up lipsticks in the drawer
but lipstick conundrum aside, I do have a favourite

My studio junk drawer is hands down the best of them
the studio is the only room in the house that is organised
partly because it is teeny tiny
and I if it wasn't organised to death I wouldn't be able to fit in here to work
and also because it has 39 drawers
yep... 39
just counted them...
so there was always going to be a much tidier junk drawer here
and it therefore makes sense that it would be the place to find one that is drawable
some of those other suckers are so crammed with stuff
you take your life in your hands just opening them
let alone trying to draw the contents
but this one I can paint without having a breakdown

I actually think that junk drawer is a harsh title for this drawer
especially taking into account the epic nature of some of the others I could have chosen
but random item drawer doesn't have the same ring to it does it
and the prompt at List it Tuesday was 
what is in your junk drawer
no what is in your random items drawer

So in this junk draw you will find...

a glue bottle that always leaks
but it is acid free so that makes up for it sticking to the bottom of the drawer apparently

fifty different tubes of partly dried up glue sticks

the hard drive back up thingy that is a life saver
as my computer is becoming increasingly temperamental
or it would be a life saver if I remembered to use it

glasses cleaning stuff and cloth

lots of tape... and an empty tape spool

an emergency hand cream
which you will find in almost every drawer in the house
you can never have enough hand cream people

emergency paint wheel thing

hole punch

white sticky dots

and those weird bobble hair things
which I bought in some nostalgia haze one day
but have never used because I am waaaay too old for them
and I have never really mastered them without having them ping my fingers

It was quite fun painting this up
and I now feel quite virtuous in not having cleaned it up
as I wouldn't have had anything non life threatening to paint

If you feel like a bit of good old fashioned stick beaking
head over to Artsyville and check out the other participants
or even better join in and tell us what is in yours...xx

here are the links to my last few posts if you want to catch up...


bellefrogworks said...

I will admit - I love to look in my friend's junk drawers - of course, if they catch me they might not want to be my friend any longer. That being said - I am glad to have a look at your random item drawer with no fear of getting caught! Wonderful sketch

Marji said...

I love a good junk drawer. My favorite item is the random keys that open the unknown. They've been in there soooooooo long, that it is forgotten to what lock they belong. My studio unfortunately has very few drawers, so I have expanded beyond drawer and gone for the junk (or random item) closet. Its disgraceful, I know.... but it does hold alot more than a drawer! xo....M

aimee said...

I knew you'd show up to the junk drawer party with a sketch of brilliance and you did!!

Deborah said...

Now - you are speaking my language! I am so jealous of your 39 drawers.

Love this.

Anonymous said...

Your junk drawer is GORGEOUS!!! And...the girlie ghost that through up lipstick...very funny : )

Cindy Adkins said...

This is great, Tracey! I have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen...how can one live without one? I'm a very organized person, but there's always things that just don't fit anyplace else...so one has to have a junk drawer! You've inspired me to try sketching everyday things...this should be interesting :)

Giggles said...

Only you can make a junk drawer look clean and beautiful!! Great job...and always so full of humor...haven't mastered bobby pins at your age...shame on you!!! lol
Crappy things anyway!!

Hugs Giggles

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Why do you need so much glue? :)) I'm always out. I only have tape. I love your illustration of your junk.:)

Carin said...

39 drawers...makes an organisation junkie like me salivate. And yes, every house should have junk drawers! And love having a snoop into one of yours!

*jean* said...

fun fun fun! and i concur that you can never have enough hand cream in the house...lovely work, miss T

Unknown said...

It took me a bit to figure out what you meant by bobble hair thing. I could never get those to work for me I was not coordinated above my own head for some reason. They're easy to put into my daughters hair and look cute for the 20 seconds before she pulls them back out.

35jupe said...

Your drunk drawer is awesome! The girly ghost made me hysterical. Sooo funny.

As always, I love your paintings. So much fun!

Rita said...

I have a kitchen junk drawer and a junk box in the closet (for things like cords and hardware store stuff). Sadly, even my make-up (which I haven't worn for years and you are reminding me I should go through and toss a lot of it) is organized. I love your studio junk drawer!

I could never wear those hair thingies. My hair is so straight and fine that I have always had to use little girl clips, barrettes, and bands for my hair because anything else slips right out...and even some of those do--LOL! Be brave! Wear them in your hair! ;)

storybeader said...

I have one of those bathroom drawers full of cosmetics, and I don't wear make-up either. I guess that's why they've landed in that drawer! And those dots! Everyone has them. Guess they don't get used much... {:-Deb

Kristin said...

Ohhhh! I love your new alarm clock - AND your junk drawer - which, apparently has no real junk - 'cept for the broken glue sticks - which only helped in making a beautiful composition :) Bravo Mama, xoxo!

Molly said...

my drawers are sort of a mix of random and junk stuff. and while I have them in every room (often more than one) the contents in each room are really quite random. for instance, i might find a never used lipstick in the kitchen drawer and a roll of scotch tape in bathroom drawer... i like to remember to be wonderfully surprised every time i open a drawer in my house rather than terribly depressed! :-)

nicole : three by sea said...

The bright, colorfulness of this makes me want to dig through your junk drawer, and the line quality really adds to the unorganized, randomness of your drawer- LOVE!!

Terrie said...

Great list and a totally rockin' junk drawer filled with random stuff sorta, but mostly cool arty things - fun!

Textile Recycler said...

I Love your list and your art accompaniment is fantastic!

Katie R. said...

Love the painting. I have more than one junk drawer. Curious have you figured out where the extra makeup comes from? I have one of those drawers too and it keeps getting fuller... I wish makeup I like appeared in that drawer!

Sandra Busby said...

Oh yes - we have one of those! Hmm... But only one - not as many as you! And I couldn't possibly draw it, it is far too jumbled!
In our house, we call it 'The Man Drawer'. I don't know how it became the man Drawer - only that it seems to be full of bit's of odd shaped metal, which only a man would be able to identify! And of course there are dead batteries, old mobile phones, foreign coins, pieces of scrap paper with numbers on that not one of us knows what they mean... Pens that don't work, oh...and.... yuk! A dried up pea???

Unknown said...

I actually love junk drawers and have to overcome the urge to ask friends if I can rifle through theirs - I'm always on the lookout for tiny treasures to fill matchboxes with and junk drawers are a gold mine :)

I wonder if after listing everything you threw out the empty tape spool and dried up glue sticks? just curious :)

Introverted Art said...

Tracey this is amazing.

Cheryl Gee said...

Tracey, I'm blown away with your painting ability.

I painted and sketched a yellow cabinet of drawers with a paper collaged drawer handle. It took two sittings at my art table to get the concept, paint, sketch and to create my fantasy junk drawer list.

I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to create those awesome paintings of your "junk" drawers. Just beautiful.


Gloria j Zucaro said...

Love your junk drawer paintings, what we do without them--Junk drawers...and your paintings & comments!? I have been missing you Tracey. Is it best to "follow" or to sign up for email to get your posts?

Anonymous said...

Great random/junky drawer!!! I'm scared to open mine, much less try to paint them ;)

Unknown said...

I had this post up on my 'puter all day, the day you wrote it meaning to leave a comment.....alas, it never happened! But here I am once more- I had to leave a comment because junk drawers are so near an dear to my heart. And just baskets and boxes....it's always fun (if a little scary) to go through them. I rarely find what I'm looking for, but I usually find something I'd forgotten about or someone else had been looking for- junk drawers are a little like a treasure box really!

Duaa said...

Nice idea…painting junk droors…Love your sketch!