Monday, 31 December 2012

Part 2.....

Today I have been drinking coconut water while I write
and I have to come clean and say I just don't get all the hoopla
it is kind of gross
but it is supposed to help me focus and all that so I am hanging in there
though I am using an old painting of the containers
because it is hard to paint when your face is all screwed up with every sip
Phantom loves this stuff but I am a much bigger fan of the container than the actual drink
but putting gross drinks aside it is time to glam up
and get ready for part 2 of the Blog Awards...

I sort of wanted this to be a fun way to sum up the best and worst of the blog for the year
and to go back and look at some of the work I have created this year
plus to provide links back to some posts you may have missed during the year
all you have to do is click on the winners and the posts will open in another window...
but a day later I am thinking it is looking a tad egotistical
but we have had such fun as a family reading back through what we have gotten up to this year
as well as coming up with the award names and things
and I can't exactly leave you all hanging, wondering what the others were can I
so to bugger how it looks and here we go...

The first award today could have been taken out by a great many posts
turns out our house is a bit more eventful than we would have thought

The OMG We Live In A Madhouse Award
goes to...

and an honourable mention to

mainly because it has been on my mind after it ate my fingers
and sprayed me in the face yesterday
I hate that thing...

The next award is a bit of a surprise category
but was obvious when we scrolled back through the mountains of posts
I hadn't been aware of how much madness happens at 5.30 am
then again I suppose it is no surprise as I am not exactly at my best at that time...

The Breakfast Shenanigans Award
goes to...

Though there were a few that could have gotten honourable mentions
we all agreed that the artwork for this one put it a touch above the others
so a mention to...

The Maybe I Should Use Some Of My Teaching Skills 
Again Award....
which is a nice way of saying that I actually stopped to reflect on how I work
which is sort of a miracle in its self
though on the plus side I am having an insane amount of fun writing the Zine on tips and tricks
for drawing and painting
I can't believe the freedom of not having to bow down to syllabi and programs
such fun...
so on to the big announcement
the winner is ...

With an honourable mention going to the following post
because I got more emails about this one than any other post I wrote all year...

next we have

The Bleeding Obvious Award
Now some of you may be thinking this would be the most crowded category of all
and you would be kind of right
but after much discussion with the selection panel comprising Sinus and Phantom
and Mushu, though his contribution was a touch pathetic
we decided the most obvious post of the year was...

followed closely by 

Next we have a category which is quite close to my heart
because it always gives me fun things to draw and paint

The What's On Your Plate Now Award

and an honourable mention to the following post
because it is still one of my favourite words and foods of all time

I could go on and on
and I kind of have
but I want one final category
My Favourite Post and Artwork 2012 Award

So there we have it
the awards for 2012 are done and dusted
unlike the house which hasn't been dusted since the crowds cleared last week
and I hope you had half as much fun looking back as we did

Have a fun filled and safe New Year everyone
and thanks so much for following along, commenting 
and being part of the general madness
it has been a great year...xx

here is a link for Part 1 in case you missed it...


Alexandra MacVean said...

I just love this. Tee hee. I especially love the evil hose thingy. hahaha :D Love all of your sketches. Well done.

P.S. Got your card! Thank you! :)

WrightStuff said...

What's dusting?

Nigel said...

Dust is a protective coating for furniture.

Wonderfully funny post as always. If I don't get chance to visit tomorrow and leave a proper comment, have a good new year and see you in 2013 for more mayhem.


Anonymous said...

my gosh you are so talented, all I can say is wow, whenits all lined up like this it is a amazing tribute to you skill, I won't tell you what my husband says coconut water tastes like but it involves monkeys and bodily functions and I asked him how he knows what monkey @#$$ tastes like, ahemm, just sayin',I have never tried it, Garry kind of put me off it a bit,

Jennifer McLean said...

I think you did a spectacular job here, picking your best of the best. And I'm not surprised that you got so many comments on the "lean" post, one of my personal faves. Hi to P.Steve, Mushu and Sinus.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Most people journal their life in photos and you do it all with your art which to me is absolutely incredibly amazing! Wishes for a wonderful new year, Tammy

Jez said...

Apart from two or three that were before my 'blogging experience' started, I remember them all - and I would be hard put to pick out any one favourite.
Look forward to 2013s posts.

Cindy Adkins said...

Tracey, I agree with you...I'm not a fan of coconut water either!! Love, love all your sketches! I feel behind in my own sketching the past week...but look forward to doing more in the new year. Happy New Year to you and your family!!
Hugs, Cindy

Cheryl Gee said...

Tracey, Sorry to hear about the spam. That stinks.

Just wanted to say you're such a talented artist. Your sketches blow me away.


Lori said...

Love your awards - they made me smile. By the way, I haven't shipped your photo yet (I just didn't want you to think that it was lost in the ocean some where). I have something special (not made by me) coming your way and I have to wait for it to arrive at my place before adding it to your package. Happy New Year!

Anne Manda said...

Great awards, awesome sketches! Yeah, coconut water sound better than what it actually tastes... :) Happy New Year!

Rita said...

Oh this was such fun! I enjoyed revisiting every one. Your artwork is always stunning to me. What a great year!! :):)

Michellem said...

This is the BEST awards show ever!!

Neesie said...

What a brilliant year Trace. It's such a treat to be able to walk down memory lane with you.
You have provided such amusement, talent and inspiration to us all...and I personally thank you.
See you in 2103! ♥x♥x

Netty said...

coconut water......yuck.....but the paintings are delicious. Happy New Year, Annette x

Unknown said...

Have never tried coconut water .... But it sounds like it might be good mixed into a fruity shake of some kind
Love your blog awards and I am very happy to say that I am familiar with most of them - especially the hose thingy - which still makes me chuckle just to remember it! It's been a fun year dropping in on your antics ... I look forward to more comic relief in 2013 :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! (about the coconut water). Yes, too sweet for me! I don't drink it straight. I use it in smoothies instead of water and it's nice that way. Oh, I just read the last comment. Yep, Kimmie, it is good in fruity smoothies :) Happy New Year!

Bev said...

hehe love this and still havent tried the Jet puff stuff and is coconut drink fattening ummm oh and my dust bunnies have names i think i may try to train them lol
hugz bev

Serena Lewis said...

Hi Trace!

Just dropping by to wish you and your whacky (meant in the nicest possible way) family a very Happy New Year!! I am so glad we crossed paths in Blogland. Your posts always make me laugh and are full of inspiration. I adore your art and I look forward to following your blog for another year.

All the best for 2013! xx

Sandra Busby said...

Oops! Almost missed part one!
These posts are great because I have seen some posts I missed.
But - coconut water sounds utterly disgusting, lol!
I had to chuckle at the thought of you glamming up for your awards!
I've SO enjoyed your blog. can't wait to see what 2013 holds.
Happy New-Year!!! :0)

Giggles said...

Quite an amazing body of work my friend and many laughs too!! Collect them for a coffee table book....or one for the lu...pretty sure that's not the right spelling but you get the gist!!

Love the colorful illustration for the yucky coconut water!!You rock the blog world my friend!!

Hugs Giggles