Sunday, 30 December 2012

Blog Awards 2012 Part 1

As the year comes to a close
my thoughts have turned to a bit of a look back and reflect
which is actually quite uncharacteristic for a shallow pool like myself
I have never been one to embrace my inner self or any of that other stuff
I am blaming the blog 
because from the time I decided to use it to record and explore my everyday life
I now have to be aware of my life
not just blissfully sail through without reflection or consideration

So I have made a large cup of Lady Grey tea
and am bringing you the first Annual Blog Awards for 2012
don't get excited that I will be giving you an award
but rather, it is all about sort of placating a family that has been laid bare
and celebrating the gross overshares that have made up the blog this year
So lets get this party started....

The first award of the year is
The Best Two Parter of the Year....
now this was not exactly hotly contested as there was only one
if you don't count this post and the next
but I wanted to start with one that was a bit easy...

If you want to revisit any of these little beauties they will all be linked... I hope
so just click on the winner to be taken to the post in a new page....

The next award is
The Best Parenting Moment of The Year ...
Again not very hotly contested as I pretty much embarrassed Phantom Steve
at every opportunity
but she is a teenager and so deserves all she gets
but I did write one nice thing...

The I May Need to Improve my Parenting Skills Award...
This has been given this name due to the fact 
that while Phantom nominated the winner 
and without hesitation called this as a parenting lowlight
in fact I feel this was parenting brilliance
and is one of my favourite family moments of the year....

The I Can't Believe I Did This to Myself Award
Such a clear winner in this category that no other posts even deserve an honourable mention...

Next we have 
The Favourite Blog Post Not Actually On My Blog

and I loved how this painting turned out
even if it did expose my shabby pantry skills to the world
Great fun being part of this and I am looking forward to it continuing next year...

Mushu the wonder dog shouldn't be ignored
as he had provided so much fodder for the blog this year
so the final two awards of part one are dedicated to all things mutt...

The How Can He Be That Thick Award...
Quite a few to consider in this category
but after much heated debate around the breakfast table this morning
we settled on

And last but not least for part one we have
the most hotly contested category in the awards
we could have handed this one out to many posts and had a million honourable mentions
but we finally settled on
The I Rule The House and Don't You Forget It Award
and the winner is....

which also features one of my favourite paintings of the year 
and in no way reflects the content of the post
but I think we are all quite used to that by now...

So that brings us to the end of Part One
I hope you all join me tomorrow for part two ... xx


Anonymous said...

well I enjoy a trip down memory lane, don't be too hard on yourself, you obviously are not the type of person to award yourself with awards for your incredible artistic talent and exceptional writing skills or your absolutely insane (in a good way) sense of humor, I will be back, wouldn't miss it!

Rita said...

This was great fun going back and re-reading all those posts! You are just a delight, my friend! Can hardly wait for part two. :) Happy New Year!

Anna said...

Oh how I love a cup of Lady Grey.

Unknown said...

fantastic post! I am delighted to know that I have a print of your favorite painting!! Happy New Year lady! Fran T xo

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Excellent! Congratulations! Heehee

Bev said...

love awards and u deserve them your blog is so entertaining and it was my treasure find of 2012 thanks for sharing snot and all lol

hugz bev

Anne Manda said...

Great post, love how you always make me laugh and of course your fabulous art! Happy New Year 2013! <3

Jez said...

Great idea. And you definitely deserve all those awards.
The butterfly painting is unbelievably beautiful.
Happy New Year.

WrightStuff said...

Huzzar! Richly deserved old bean.

HollyM said...

You combine eye candy with the comical. It's so wonderful to have the ability to laugh at yourself and to write about it in such an entertaining way.

Tammie Lee said...

oh you are so much fun
and your art supports you fabulously!

Dion Dior said...

Love love love it's the Oscars of blog land. Hugs xx

Neesie said...

Congratulations Sweetie...
What a brilliant review of the blog year and the award rightly goes to TFK! Yay!
A fantastic year in a nutshell.
Can't wait for the next one ;D
Hugs X

K J D said...

The best award show I've watched!!!!

Karen x