Monday, 31 December 2012

Part 2.....

Today I have been drinking coconut water while I write
and I have to come clean and say I just don't get all the hoopla
it is kind of gross
but it is supposed to help me focus and all that so I am hanging in there
though I am using an old painting of the containers
because it is hard to paint when your face is all screwed up with every sip
Phantom loves this stuff but I am a much bigger fan of the container than the actual drink
but putting gross drinks aside it is time to glam up
and get ready for part 2 of the Blog Awards...

I sort of wanted this to be a fun way to sum up the best and worst of the blog for the year
and to go back and look at some of the work I have created this year
plus to provide links back to some posts you may have missed during the year
all you have to do is click on the winners and the posts will open in another window...
but a day later I am thinking it is looking a tad egotistical
but we have had such fun as a family reading back through what we have gotten up to this year
as well as coming up with the award names and things
and I can't exactly leave you all hanging, wondering what the others were can I
so to bugger how it looks and here we go...

The first award today could have been taken out by a great many posts
turns out our house is a bit more eventful than we would have thought

The OMG We Live In A Madhouse Award
goes to...

and an honourable mention to

mainly because it has been on my mind after it ate my fingers
and sprayed me in the face yesterday
I hate that thing...

The next award is a bit of a surprise category
but was obvious when we scrolled back through the mountains of posts
I hadn't been aware of how much madness happens at 5.30 am
then again I suppose it is no surprise as I am not exactly at my best at that time...

The Breakfast Shenanigans Award
goes to...

Though there were a few that could have gotten honourable mentions
we all agreed that the artwork for this one put it a touch above the others
so a mention to...

The Maybe I Should Use Some Of My Teaching Skills 
Again Award....
which is a nice way of saying that I actually stopped to reflect on how I work
which is sort of a miracle in its self
though on the plus side I am having an insane amount of fun writing the Zine on tips and tricks
for drawing and painting
I can't believe the freedom of not having to bow down to syllabi and programs
such fun...
so on to the big announcement
the winner is ...

With an honourable mention going to the following post
because I got more emails about this one than any other post I wrote all year...

next we have

The Bleeding Obvious Award
Now some of you may be thinking this would be the most crowded category of all
and you would be kind of right
but after much discussion with the selection panel comprising Sinus and Phantom
and Mushu, though his contribution was a touch pathetic
we decided the most obvious post of the year was...

followed closely by 

Next we have a category which is quite close to my heart
because it always gives me fun things to draw and paint

The What's On Your Plate Now Award

and an honourable mention to the following post
because it is still one of my favourite words and foods of all time

I could go on and on
and I kind of have
but I want one final category
My Favourite Post and Artwork 2012 Award

So there we have it
the awards for 2012 are done and dusted
unlike the house which hasn't been dusted since the crowds cleared last week
and I hope you had half as much fun looking back as we did

Have a fun filled and safe New Year everyone
and thanks so much for following along, commenting 
and being part of the general madness
it has been a great year...xx

here is a link for Part 1 in case you missed it...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Blog Awards 2012 Part 1

As the year comes to a close
my thoughts have turned to a bit of a look back and reflect
which is actually quite uncharacteristic for a shallow pool like myself
I have never been one to embrace my inner self or any of that other stuff
I am blaming the blog 
because from the time I decided to use it to record and explore my everyday life
I now have to be aware of my life
not just blissfully sail through without reflection or consideration

So I have made a large cup of Lady Grey tea
and am bringing you the first Annual Blog Awards for 2012
don't get excited that I will be giving you an award
but rather, it is all about sort of placating a family that has been laid bare
and celebrating the gross overshares that have made up the blog this year
So lets get this party started....

The first award of the year is
The Best Two Parter of the Year....
now this was not exactly hotly contested as there was only one
if you don't count this post and the next
but I wanted to start with one that was a bit easy...

If you want to revisit any of these little beauties they will all be linked... I hope
so just click on the winner to be taken to the post in a new page....

The next award is
The Best Parenting Moment of The Year ...
Again not very hotly contested as I pretty much embarrassed Phantom Steve
at every opportunity
but she is a teenager and so deserves all she gets
but I did write one nice thing...

The I May Need to Improve my Parenting Skills Award...
This has been given this name due to the fact 
that while Phantom nominated the winner 
and without hesitation called this as a parenting lowlight
in fact I feel this was parenting brilliance
and is one of my favourite family moments of the year....

The I Can't Believe I Did This to Myself Award
Such a clear winner in this category that no other posts even deserve an honourable mention...

Next we have 
The Favourite Blog Post Not Actually On My Blog

and I loved how this painting turned out
even if it did expose my shabby pantry skills to the world
Great fun being part of this and I am looking forward to it continuing next year...

Mushu the wonder dog shouldn't be ignored
as he had provided so much fodder for the blog this year
so the final two awards of part one are dedicated to all things mutt...

The How Can He Be That Thick Award...
Quite a few to consider in this category
but after much heated debate around the breakfast table this morning
we settled on

And last but not least for part one we have
the most hotly contested category in the awards
we could have handed this one out to many posts and had a million honourable mentions
but we finally settled on
The I Rule The House and Don't You Forget It Award
and the winner is....

which also features one of my favourite paintings of the year 
and in no way reflects the content of the post
but I think we are all quite used to that by now...

So that brings us to the end of Part One
I hope you all join me tomorrow for part two ... xx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Tis the Season and all that....

I didn't mean to take a week to post
but it would appear that the silly season is living up to its name
and time in the studio has been limited to grabbed moments here and there
it is about the only thing I don't like about this time of the year
If I am honest I also hate the cleaning the house part
especially as due to extra time in the studio
the house seems to morphed into some crazy person's lair
but all that aside there have been some note worthy moments this week
some wonderful and some a touch dubious in nature

On the wonderful side is all the awesome Christmas packaging
Phantom got a coffee at the shops the other day
and instead of the drab brown takeaway cup
or the eyeball splitting garish numbers
the shop had these lovely muted numbers
pretty isn't it... how could I not paint it ...

also on the plus side was Sinus and the parking garage incident
Sinus is the world's best parking spot getter
doesn't matter how many people are in the shops he will get one right outside the entrance
and the other night was no exception
Christmas crowds didn't challenge him in the least
and because he thought I wouldn't believe him he took a photo as evidence
as only a man could do... he also photographs his Christmas hams every year... weird I know
but as he was photographing the Christmas miracle park
some lady happened to walk into his shot
being the terminally nice guy that he is
he explained that he hadn't been taking photos of her, but his park
and she proceeded to chase him down
demand to see the photo he had taken of her and question him like a mad thing
he said he came home feeling like he was a creepy stalker guy
 hilarious from our end as we know he is the gentlest soul in the world
and I can't help thinking it serves him right for taking a photo of his parking space

another plus was that my great friend Tracey got me this perfect Mug for Christmas
it also had chocolates in it but they were demanding to be eaten so they aren't making an appearance
but that tea is my greatest achievement of the season so far
Sinus and Phantom got it for me for Christmas
but I decided I really really needed it early
so I badgered and annoyed them for a day and a bit straight until they coughed it up
at one point Phantom even suggested going in getting me a scoop
and then still putting it under the tree
but that would have been a cruel taunt, so I stepped up the harassment and had a win
it is now fuelling me into the last mad push of cleaning and cooking

one not so wonderful incident was the morning when
the dog threw up over our freshly cleaned couch
and not a little bit either
this thing was a torrent of disgustingness that managed to coat the arm and three cushions
and necessitated the purchase of a upholstery cleaner machine thingy
which is actually fantastic fun to use
once you get past the whole I have just cleaned up dog vomit thing
and so we now have our sofa back in its shining pristine condition
I am sure there were other disasters
but I am blocking them out in an attempt to be a happy Christmas pixie

So the studio has been cleaned and work put away
so that I won't be tempted to run away and avoid the cleaning and baking
not to mention the mountain of present wrapping and organising that is ahead
which is going to mean no work or blogging over the next week
I will get around to visit in grabbed moments over the next week or so
especially my friends at Paint Party Friday who I am still getting to from last week!!!

I want to take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and thanks you all for all your support and comments and fun this year
sharing my work and life on my blog
and finding so many incredible people has been a trip and a half
and you are all appreciated hugely... xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Sanity Saving Tea Robot....

How cute is this little guy
he is saving my sanity this Summer break
 and the crowds of people at the shops
most of whom seem to be suffering from grumpy bugger syndrome
not to mention the mountains of wrapping, baking and cleaning that awaits me

I was considering just strewing bits of ribbon and wrapping paper
and a couple of empty wine glasses and destroyed Christmas crackers around
and pleading the house is in a state of post seasonal get together mess
in an attempt to avoid the cleaning
but I figure that would not really fly as most people coming to visit
know me well and so would see right through that one
which means I will be having to pick up the slack
for the lazy ass cleaning fairies who have gone on a good long vacation
I swear I need to find new fairies and if they think they are getting a Christmas bonus
then they are delusional!!!

Luckily this little tea robot is picking up slack left, right and centre
he has been making me lovely mango infused tea
and making me smile amongst the madness
it has been quite mild compared to the last holidays but it has had its moments

moments like Phantom deciding to make a hat from duct tape
she got her glass head and all the supplies and attacked it with maniacal enthusiasm
but lost interest after constructing the top part
which means it looks like a cross between a wonky fez and a talllish kufi
or maybe it could be a weird silver fruit bowl
and on the plus side it is very strong
and she checked that it was waterproof
which is obviously important for a duct tape hat
and I have been assured that a brim will be constructed at some stage
not the average project for a 16 year old girl
but hey, she is a magnificent weirdo

we also had this awesome idea to fill the ceiling of the dining room with fairy lights
but boy did that turn out to be life crazy stressful and life threatening
not to mention time consuming in the extreme
but it looks amazing and we lived through it... just
but after it was done Phantom pointed out that we are mainly having people in for lunches
wish we had thought of that before we started!!!!

So this Friday finds me making lists and madly trying to plan
and starting to feel that mild panic that comes with this time of the year
I think this poor robot is not going to look as nice and shiny
by the time Christmas finally gets here

Happy Paint Party Friday all...xx

The last few posts have been ...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Random Items Drawer ...

We all have a junk drawer
in fact some of us lucky souls have more than one
I personally am aiming for junk drawer quantity rather than quality

I have one in the kitchen
which is the black hole of junk drawers
one in the study which I think shares a lot of similarities with the Bermuda Triangle
and I have a drawer of mystery cosmetics in my bathroom
I have no clue how I came to have a drawer half full of lipsticks
I never wear them
like never ever, yet there they are
like some weird magical super girly ghost has thrown up lipsticks in the drawer
but lipstick conundrum aside, I do have a favourite

My studio junk drawer is hands down the best of them
the studio is the only room in the house that is organised
partly because it is teeny tiny
and I if it wasn't organised to death I wouldn't be able to fit in here to work
and also because it has 39 drawers
yep... 39
just counted them...
so there was always going to be a much tidier junk drawer here
and it therefore makes sense that it would be the place to find one that is drawable
some of those other suckers are so crammed with stuff
you take your life in your hands just opening them
let alone trying to draw the contents
but this one I can paint without having a breakdown

I actually think that junk drawer is a harsh title for this drawer
especially taking into account the epic nature of some of the others I could have chosen
but random item drawer doesn't have the same ring to it does it
and the prompt at List it Tuesday was 
what is in your junk drawer
no what is in your random items drawer

So in this junk draw you will find...

a glue bottle that always leaks
but it is acid free so that makes up for it sticking to the bottom of the drawer apparently

fifty different tubes of partly dried up glue sticks

the hard drive back up thingy that is a life saver
as my computer is becoming increasingly temperamental
or it would be a life saver if I remembered to use it

glasses cleaning stuff and cloth

lots of tape... and an empty tape spool

an emergency hand cream
which you will find in almost every drawer in the house
you can never have enough hand cream people

emergency paint wheel thing

hole punch

white sticky dots

and those weird bobble hair things
which I bought in some nostalgia haze one day
but have never used because I am waaaay too old for them
and I have never really mastered them without having them ping my fingers

It was quite fun painting this up
and I now feel quite virtuous in not having cleaned it up
as I wouldn't have had anything non life threatening to paint

If you feel like a bit of good old fashioned stick beaking
head over to Artsyville and check out the other participants
or even better join in and tell us what is in yours...xx

here are the links to my last few posts if you want to catch up...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The New Alarm Clock....

I had grand plans for my week long blog break
Summer is finally here and school is done for the year
so I had envisaged sleep ins and abandoning any pretence of organisation
I had plans to alternate swims with studio time
and all round have a relaxing week
but it would appear this stupid squeaky duck toy had other ideas

This duck
aided by his partner in crime known to many of you as 
Mushu the wonder mutt
decided that there was indeed something amiss with a world
that had me still in bed at 5.30 am
so Mushu took to flinging this insanely squeaky toy up on to the bed
at ungodly hours as a way to remind me that there are no sleep ins allowed
putting my desire to throttle him aside for a moment
I must say that I admire his ability to fling the toy that far
I mean we have one of those really high beds
and he is a little mutt
so it takes quite the effort to get it up onto the bed
not to mention his uncanny ability to get it to hit me in the face

So back to the wake up call
did I mention he hit me in the face with this thing
it didn't land just near my head
or in the general vicinity of my body
oh no he managed to get it on my face every single morning
and he then followed this mighty, freakily accurate throw by jumping up onto the bed
prancing all over me
and proceeding to squeak the bejeesus out of it 
until I gave in and got out of bed
the joy
I was just so thrilled to spend every morning of the first week of the summer break
being hit in the face with a squeaky, manky toy
that always had that disgusting sheen of dog saliva
it almost made me miss the school routine
or maybe the Kookaburra alarm clock from a few weeks ago
okay maybe both those things are taking it a bit far
but it is not my favourite way to start the day

So instead of this relaxing yet productive time
I spent half the week being grumpy from the early wake up
half the time maniacally scrubbing my face to remove all possible traces
of dog saliva
and the other half chasing my tail trying to catch up all the things I had thought I would do
and yes I know it is three halves
but I woke up being hit in the head with a saliva coated squeaky toy
so just back off okay!!!!!!!!

I have decided dog and duck win and have given up all thoughts of sleeping in
and so I am expecting a wonderfully productive week ahead
I can't be grumpy if I didn't think I would get a sleep in anyway right????

Linking up with Sunday Sketches...xx

before this new alarm clock started I had been on a blogging break
but here are the two previous posts in case you missed them...